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Most Popular Names USA 1990-1999

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA in the 90's (1990 to 1999), based on the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA decades
Following list:2000-2009
Previous list:1980-1989
Highest new entries:Madison (new at 37),  Mariah (new at 78),  Cheyenne (new at 105),  Mackenzie (new at 106),  Bailey (new at 110)
Largest rises:Sydney +419 (now at 67),  Alexa +349 (now at 116),  Michaela +343 (now at 145),  Caitlyn +329 (now at 151),  Mercedes +305 (now at 187)
Largest falls:Misty -368 (now at 471),  Lori -348 (now at 488),  Kristy -307 (now at 436),  Christy -295 (now at 444),  Tracy -289 (now at 391)

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RankName+/- USA 1980-1989Graph
1Ashleyup 3Graph
2Jessica    down 1Graph
3Emilyup 21Graph
4Sarahup 1Graph
5Samanthaup 21Graph
6Brittanyup 14Graph
7Amanda    down 4Graph
8Elizabethup 1Graph
9Taylorup 188Graph
10Meganup 4Graph
11Stephanie    down 5Graph
12Kaylaup 43Graph
13Laurenup 4Graph
14Jennifer    down 12Graph
15Rachel Graph
16Hannahup 75Graph
17Nicole    down 9Graph
18Amber    down 5Graph
19Alexisup 93Graph
20Courtneyup 17Graph
21Victoriaup 35Graph
22Danielleup 3Graph
23Alyssaup 66Graph
24Rebecca    down 2Graph
25Jasmineup 62Graph
26Katherineup 6Graph
27Melissa    down 20Graph
28Alexandraup 57Graph
29Briannaup 144Graph
30Chelseaup 37Graph
31Michelle    down 19Graph
32Morganup 87Graph
33Kelseyup 71Graph
34Tiffany    down 23Graph
35Kimberly    down 17Graph
36Christina    down 17Graph
37Madisonnew Graph
38Heather    down 28Graph
39Shelbyup 271Graph
40Annaup 13Graph
41Mary    down 7Graph
42Maria    down 1Graph
43Allisonup 6Graph
44Sara    down 14Graph
45Laura    down 22Graph
46Andrea    down 13Graph
47Oliviaup 146Graph
48Erin    down 20Graph
49Haleyup 163Graph
50Abigailup 100Graph
51Kaitlynup 182Graph
52Jordanup 146Graph
53Natalieup 1Graph
54Vanessa    down 8Graph
55Kelly    down 26Graph
56Brookeup 30Graph
57Erica    down 21Graph
58Kristen    down 20Graph
59Juliaup 29Graph
60Crystal    down 39Graph
61Amy    down 45Graph
62Katelynup 132Graph
62Marissaup 84Graph
64Lindsey    down 20Graph
65Paigeup 189Graph
66Cassandra    down 6Graph
67Sydneyup 419Graph
68Katie    down 25Graph
69Caitlinup 21Graph
70Kathryn    down 20Graph
71Emmaup 199Graph
72Shannon    down 33Graph
73Angela    down 46Graph
74Gabrielleup 164Graph
75Jacqueline    down 18Graph
76Jennaup 5Graph
77Jamie    down 42Graph
78Mariahnew Graph
79Alicia    down 34Graph
80Brianaup 157Graph
81Alexandriaup 150Graph
82Destinyup 289Graph
83Mirandaup 43Graph
84Monica    down 26Graph
85Brittneyup 7Graph
86Catherine    down 23Graph
87Savannahup 209Graph
88Sierraup 209Graph
89Sabrinaup 36Graph
90Breannaup 239Graph
91Whitney    down 25Graph
92Carolineup 63Graph
93Mollyup 15Graph
94Madelineup 288Graph
95Erika    down 21Graph
96Graceup 130Graph
97Diana    down 24Graph
98Leah    down 16Graph
99Angelicaup 52Graph
100Lindsay    down 53Graph
101Christine    down 53Graph
102Kaitlinup 125Graph
103Cynthia    down 39Graph
104Meghan    down 28Graph
105Cheyennenew Graph
106Mackenzienew Graph
107Margaret    down 12Graph
108Veronica    down 40Graph
109Melanie    down 26Graph
110Baileynew Graph
111Kristin    down 69Graph
112Biancaup 95Graph
113Lisa    down 82Graph
114Holly    down 55Graph
115Kristina    down 53Graph
116Alexaup 349Graph
117Arielup 270Graph
118Bethany    down 20Graph
119Haileynew Graph
120Leslie    down 50Graph
121April    down 81Graph
122Casey    down 23Graph
123Brenda    down 9Graph
124Kathleen    down 53Graph
125Julie    down 74Graph
126Patricia    down 65Graph
127Autumnup 78Graph
128Karen    down 48Graph
129Gabrielaup 172Graph
130Brandi    down 61Graph
131Anaup 33Graph
132Rachael    down 15Graph
133Kendra    down 10Graph
134Karinaup 172Graph
135Dominiqueup 49Graph
136Valerie    down 52Graph
137Desiree    down 3Graph
138Kara    down 33Graph
139Carlyup 75Graph
140Claireup 122Graph
141Tara    down 89Graph
142Adrianaup 83Graph
142Kayleenew Graph
144Natasha    down 69Graph
145Michaelaup 343Graph
146Chloenew Graph
147Jocelynup 130Graph
148Kylieup 273Graph
149Krystal    down 70Graph
150Hayleyup 264Graph
151Caitlynup 329Graph
152Alison    down 45Graph
153Nancy    down 37Graph
154Sophiaup 94Graph
155Daisyup 94Graph
156Rebekahup 5Graph
157Dana    down 80Graph
157Jillian    down 44Graph
159Cassidynew Graph
160Alejandraup 252Graph
161Ravennew Graph
162Jadeup 198Graph
163Angelup 4Graph
164Summerup 59Graph
165Audreyup 26Graph
166Gabriellanew Graph
167Chelseyup 125Graph
168Sandra    down 74Graph
169Arianaup 263Graph
170Katrina    down 70Graph
171Claudiaup 33Graph
172Monique    down 40Graph
173Meaganup 6Graph
174Joanna    down 37Graph
175Kirstenup 111Graph
176Faithup 179Graph
177Mikaylanew Graph
178Brandy    down 113Graph
178Kiaranew Graph
180Makaylanew Graph
181Malloryup 9Graph
182Krista    down 55Graph
183Deanna    down 23Graph
184Yeseniaup 83Graph
185Ashlee    down 8Graph
185Cindy    down 4Graph
187Mercedesup 305Graph
188Alisha    down 45Graph
188Gina    down 67Graph
190Lydiaup 42Graph
191Felicia    down 63Graph
192Mckenzienew Graph
192Zoenew Graph
194Bridget    down 25Graph
195Marisaup 76Graph
196Priscilla    down 22Graph
197Karlaup 22Graph
198Kassandranew Graph
199Denise    down 89Graph
200Jasminup 196Graph
201Torinew Graph
202Isabellanew Graph
203Selenanew Graph
204Diamondnew Graph
205Evelynup 19Graph
206Anne    down 76Graph
207Ameliaup 47Graph
208Cristina    down 36Graph
209Allysonup 134Graph
210Tabitha    down 56Graph
211Abbyup 22Graph
212Ashleighup 57Graph
213Lacey    down 65Graph
214Jazminnew Graph
215Isabelup 245Graph
216Asianew Graph
217Candace    down 102Graph
217Ciaraup 271Graph
219Cierranew Graph
220Colleen    down 74Graph
221Jaclyn    down 80Graph
222Carolyn    down 60Graph
223Hopeup 132Graph
224Linda    down 91Graph
225Naomiup 21Graph
226Ellenup 38Graph
227Miaup 176Graph
228Teresa    down 104Graph
229Meredith    down 73Graph
230Guadalupeup 160Graph
231Hannanew Graph
232Renee    down 112Graph
233Nichole    down 127Graph
234Kendallnew Graph
235Jazminenew Graph
236Tamara    down 94Graph
237Britneyup 45Graph
238Justineup 42Graph
239Tessaup 139Graph
240Susan    down 145Graph
240Tatianaup 191Graph
240Tiaraup 173Graph
243Danielaup 253Graph
243Mayanew Graph
245Adriannanew Graph
246Genesisnew Graph
246Rosa    down 37Graph
248Mayra    down 18Graph
249Kelli    down 105Graph
250Kaseyup 10Graph
251Candice    down 154Graph
251Clarissaup 116Graph
253Aubreyup 89Graph
254Ariannanew Graph
254Nina    down 41Graph
256Theresa    down 122Graph
257Carrie    down 179Graph
257Wendy    down 121Graph
259Raquel    down 9Graph
260Marinanew Graph
261Carmen    down 83Graph
261Katelynnnew Graph
263Maggieup 65Graph
264Rubyup 114Graph
265Heidi    down 154Graph
266Jenny    down 114Graph
267Jessie    down 20Graph
268Katlynnew Graph
269Angelinaup 29Graph
269Carolinaup 169Graph
271Jacquelyn    down 70Graph
272Camilleup 58Graph
273Gloria    down 29Graph
274Virginia    down 88Graph
275Kiananew Graph
276Jordynnew Graph
277Ceciliaup 69Graph
277Ebony    down 118Graph
279Alexusnew Graph
280Cara    down 73Graph
280Kelsienew Graph
282Alissaup 32Graph
282Janet    down 83Graph
284Charlotteup 10Graph
285Ashlynnew Graph
286Esmeraldaup 169Graph
286Miriamup 35Graph
288Eliseup 32Graph
289Martha    down 80Graph
290Hillary    down 25Graph
290Tiaup 24Graph
292Melinda    down 153Graph
293Jadanew Graph
293Marie    down 130Graph
295Carla    down 110Graph
296Barbara    down 143Graph
297Esther    down 4Graph
298Stacey    down 205Graph
299Kate    down 83Graph
300Nataliaup 145Graph
301Sharon    down 133Graph
302Carissaup 8Graph
303Toni    down 75Graph
304Alanaup 54Graph
305Pamela    down 187Graph
306Ruth    down 78Graph
307Valerianew Graph
308Robin    down 177Graph
308Rose    down 57Graph
310Cassie    down 134Graph
310Shaylaup 116Graph
312Lillianup 92Graph
312Paolanew Graph
312Rileynew Graph
315Ariellenew Graph
315Celesteup 133Graph
315Helenup 9Graph
318Alondranew Graph
319Brennaup 157Graph
320Sasha    down 55Graph
321Alexianew Graph
321Logannew Graph
323Janelle    down 88Graph
323Savannanew Graph
325Ann    down 145Graph
325Lilynew Graph
325Tanya    down 187Graph
328Stacy    down 256Graph
329Elenaup 31Graph
329Vivianup 159Graph
331Kyranew Graph
332Tiananew Graph
332Tina    down 223Graph
334Nikki    down 72Graph
335Adrienne    down 146Graph
335Ashtonnew Graph
337Anastasiaup 118Graph
337Dakotanew Graph
337Madeleinenew Graph
340Tylernew Graph
341Callieup 127Graph
342Kyleenew Graph
343Serenaup 83Graph
344Devinnew Graph
345Chelsienew Graph
346Kellie    down 103Graph
346Sadienew Graph
348Annie    down 41Graph
348Eva    down 38Graph
348Imaninew Graph
351Mckennanew Graph
351Tierranew Graph
353Marisolup 38Graph
354Christianup 72Graph
354Frances    down 93Graph
356Elisabeth    down 34Graph
357Aimee    down 154Graph
357Devonup 69Graph
359Kylanew Graph
360Deborah    down 185Graph
361Lilianaup 115Graph
362Nadiaup 60Graph
362Sonia    down 105Graph
364Dejanew Graph
365Jane    down 31Graph
365Kennedynew Graph
365Paula    down 124Graph
365Shawna    down 146Graph
369Brooklynnew Graph
369Sophienew Graph
371Kiraup 49Graph
372Karissanew Graph
372Kierranew Graph
374Madelynnew Graph
375Kristine    down 175Graph
375Peytonnew Graph
375Regina    down 188Graph
378Sylvia    down 101Graph
379Skylarnew Graph
380Aaliyahnew Graph
380Melody    down 135Graph
382Alice    down 63Graph
382Brittaniup 77Graph
384Kalinew Graph
385Lorena    down 30Graph
386Brianew Graph
386Nicolettenew Graph
388Francescaup 104Graph
388Sofianew Graph
390Larissaup 90Graph
391Alainanew Graph
391Tracy    down 289Graph
393Delaneynew Graph
393Kari    down 237Graph
395Brianne    down 97Graph
396Cortney    down 30Graph
396Macynew Graph
398Leticia    down 67Graph
398Shaynanew Graph
398Tarynup 11Graph
401Jeanette    down 133Graph
401Robyn    down 166Graph
403Joy    down 164Graph
403Taniaup 34Graph
405Chasity    down 52Graph
405Mikaelanew Graph
405Stefanie    down 223Graph
408Shanicenew Graph
408Sidneynew Graph
408Taylernew Graph
411Julianaup 85Graph
412Kaileynew Graph
412Makenzienew Graph
414Kaitlynnnew Graph
415Bryannanew Graph
416Kristi    down 258Graph
417Carol    down 137Graph
417Randi    down 159Graph
419Breananew Graph
419Tasha    down 249Graph
421Indianew Graph
421Irene    down 72Graph
421Kayleighnew Graph
424Emileenew Graph
425Elisa    down 81Graph
425Josephineup 15Graph
427Corinneup 16Graph
428Mariananew Graph
429Paytonnew Graph
430Alma    down 36Graph
430Maribel    down 65Graph
430Simonenew Graph
433Claranew Graph
433Cristalnew Graph
433Yvonne    down 147Graph
436Johanna    down 177Graph
436Katharine    down 98Graph
436Kristy    down 307Graph
439Alyson    down 43Graph
440Isabellenew Graph
440Juliannanew Graph
440Kailanew Graph
443Yvette    down 120Graph
444Christy    down 295Graph
444Cieranew Graph
446Kourtneynew Graph
447Christa    down 158Graph
447Harleynew Graph
447Rachelle    down 164Graph
450Meaghan    down 59Graph
451Abbeynew Graph
451Destineenew Graph
451Tanisha    down 77Graph
454Elaine    down 105Graph
454Michele    down 289Graph
456Kenyanew Graph
456Perlanew Graph
456Preciousnew Graph
459Blanca    down 24Graph
460Jaime    down 272Graph
461Donna    down 244Graph
461Marilyn    down 103Graph
463Marlene    down 31Graph
463Nora    down 63Graph
465Hayleenew Graph
465Josienew Graph
467Cheyannenew Graph
468Angeliquenew Graph
468Ericka    down 90Graph
470Gisellenew Graph
471Misty    down 368Graph
471Noelle    down 4Graph
473Lucyup 10Graph
474Carleynew Graph
475Iris    down 49Graph
475Lyndsey    down 64Graph
477Tiffani    down 6Graph
478Cameronnew Graph
478Kelley    down 199Graph
480Daniellanew Graph
480Judith    down 86Graph
480Maritzanew Graph
480Talianew Graph
484Sandy    down 148Graph
485Diane    down 243Graph
485Shana    down 212Graph
485Trisha    down 279Graph
488Anita    down 193Graph
488Kelsinew Graph
488Lori    down 348Graph
491Carinanew Graph
492Allienew Graph
492Chantel    down 24Graph
494Charity    down 210Graph
494Giannanew Graph
494Julianne    down 6Graph
494Shanianew Graph
498Averynew Graph
498Chanelnew Graph
498Kaleynew Graph
501Aliyahnew Graph
502Luz    down 102Graph
503Hunternew Graph
504Hilary    down 167Graph
504Stephanynew Graph
506Leannanew Graph
506Nianew Graph
508Mollienew Graph
509Bonnie    down 287Graph
509Parisnew Graph
509Yasminnew Graph
509Yolanda    down 288Graph
513Margarita    down 40Graph
513Yasminenew Graph
515Alexandreanew Graph
515Janaenew Graph
517Janice    down 199Graph
518Alannanew Graph
518Alyshanew Graph
518Julissanew Graph
518Kaleighnew Graph
518Shainanew Graph
523Casandranew Graph
523Dariannew Graph
523Ieshanew Graph
526Ivynew Graph
526Jill    down 404Graph
526Kierstennew Graph
526Moriahnew Graph
526Sheila    down 286Graph
531Dawn    down 386Graph
532Norma    down 155Graph
532Skylernew Graph
534Kieranew Graph
534Paulinanew Graph
534Thalianew Graph
534Viviananew Graph
538Antoinette    down 192Graph
538Genevieve    down 121Graph
538Keisha    down 198Graph
538Tatyananew Graph
542Lizbethnew Graph
542Roxanne    down 266Graph
544Alisa    down 93Graph
544Desiraenew Graph
546Beatriznew Graph
546Kacienew Graph
546Marandanew Graph
549Emilienew Graph
550Bridgette    down 52Graph
550Edithnew Graph
550Kassidynew Graph
550Suzanne    down 339Graph
554Susananew Graph
555Tiannanew Graph
556Chandlernew Graph
556Rochelle    down 215Graph
556Ryan    down 171Graph
559Hallienew Graph
559Lucianew Graph
561Aishanew Graph
561Caylanew Graph
561Tyranew Graph
564Laurel    down 94Graph
565Dorothy    down 211Graph
565Keri    down 281Graph
567Antonianew Graph
567Eileen    down 182Graph
567Rocionew Graph
570Elizanew Graph
570Kaylinnew Graph
572Bayleenew Graph
572Haleighnew Graph
572Karlynew Graph
572Tonya    down 406Graph
576Kaylienew Graph
576Kelseanew Graph
576Mckaylanew Graph
579Kaylynnew Graph
580Breannenew Graph
580Gretchen    down 166Graph
580Micaelanew Graph
583Alinanew Graph
583Lacy    down 270Graph
585Fabiolanew Graph
585Rosemary    down 150Graph
587Annette    down 255Graph
587Kathy    down 225Graph
589Keelynew Graph
590Justicenew Graph
590Lena    down 149Graph
590Sally    down 218Graph
590Shaniquanew Graph
594Shakiranew Graph
595Latoya    down 494Graph
595Selinanew Graph
595Shauna    down 305Graph
598Ashlie    down 112Graph
598Eleanornew Graph
598Maranew Graph
598Shirley    down 202Graph
602Jacklynnew Graph
602Jodi    down 384Graph
604Carlienew Graph
605Katelinnew Graph
605Noeminew Graph
605Reagannew Graph
608Brittninew Graph
608Joyce    down 185Graph
610Charlene    down 337Graph
610Khadijahnew Graph
610Shantelnew Graph
613Dallasnew Graph
613Katarinanew Graph
615Heavennew Graph
615Jenanew Graph
615Madalynnew Graph
618Aracelinew Graph
618Fatimanew Graph
618Kerri    down 309Graph
621Blair    down 170Graph
621Reynanew Graph
621Tessnew Graph
624Angie    down 237Graph
624Katy    down 246Graph
624Leanne    down 235Graph
624Tammy    down 441Graph
628Darlene    down 162Graph
628Maegannew Graph
630Celinanew Graph
630Christie    down 379Graph
630Shanna    down 376Graph
633Clarenew Graph
633Justinanew Graph
633Nathalienew Graph
636Karleenew Graph
636Yadiranew Graph
638Haileenew Graph
638Kristie    down 331Graph
638Lexusnew Graph
641Baileenew Graph
641Jalisanew Graph
641Rhiannonnew Graph
644Abbienew Graph
644Georgianew Graph
644Korinew Graph
644Leanew Graph
644Mindy    down 429Graph
644Shelbinew Graph
644Skyenew Graph
651Alexnew Graph
651Corinanew Graph
651Katlinnew Graph
651Sonya    down 360Graph
655Beverly    down 249Graph
655Marielanew Graph
655Regannew Graph
658Celianew Graph
658Dulcenew Graph
658Juanita    down 288Graph
658Kasandranew Graph
662Ellanew Graph
662Lesley    down 317Graph
664Stacie    down 361Graph
665Connie    down 260Graph
665Karlinew Graph
665Savanahnew Graph
668Ashlynnnew Graph
668Sadenew Graph
668Sheanew Graph
671Cheryl    down 475Graph
671Ryleenew Graph
673Essencenew Graph
673Kaelanew Graph
673Kileynew Graph
673Tabatha    down 334Graph
677Auroranew Graph
677Karlienew Graph
677Latasha    down 482Graph
680Alinew Graph
680Anissanew Graph
680Gwendolynnew Graph
680Jennie    down 297Graph
680Kaceynew Graph
680Laurynnew Graph
686Brooknew Graph
687Brandie    down 325Graph
687Elainanew Graph
687Kalanew Graph
687Kalynnew Graph
687Kiannanew Graph
687Kirstinnew Graph
687Octavianew Graph
694Aileennew Graph
694Alycianew Graph
694Jana    down 342Graph
694Jessenew Graph
694Jessikanew Graph
694Lizettenew Graph
694Mandy    down 492Graph
701Carlinew Graph
701Deminew Graph
701Ellienew Graph
701Leigh    down 399Graph
705Beth    down 513Graph
705Joanne    down 282Graph
705Lara    down 280Graph
705Lorennew Graph
709Ayannanew Graph
709Phoebenew Graph
709Silvianew Graph
712Bobbie    down 350Graph
712Debra    down 424Graph
712Halienew Graph
712Jami    down 338Graph
712Janessanew Graph
717Jaimienew Graph
717Latisha    down 391Graph
717Melinanew Graph
717Rita    down 350Graph
717Shelbienew Graph
722Ashlynew Graph
722Devannew Graph
722Edennew Graph
722Jayme    down 258Graph
726Breannnew Graph
726Kacinew Graph
728Christen    down 257Graph
728Kirstienew Graph
730Athenanew Graph
730Fionanew Graph
730Jaquelinenew Graph
730Jenifer    down 328Graph
730Kaileenew Graph
730Luceronew Graph
730Patrice    down 323Graph
730Staci    down 381Graph
738Alysianew Graph
738Christiananew Graph
738Coreynew Graph
738Sheena    down 567Graph
742Briellenew Graph
742Constance    down 335Graph
744Arlenenew Graph
744Avanew Graph
744Elyse    down 291Graph
744Makennanew Graph
748Adriannew Graph
748Gilliannew Graph
748Kerry    down 443Graph
748Kortneynew Graph
748Kristynnew Graph
753Elissanew Graph
753Janettenew Graph
753Traci    down 481Graph
756Cecelianew Graph
756Celinenew Graph
756Elisha    down 296Graph
756Joselynnew Graph
756Maureen    down 422Graph
756Nadinenew Graph
756Roxananew Graph
763Allyssanew Graph
763Corinew Graph
763Maceynew Graph
763Mauranew Graph
763Rachealnew Graph
763Rikkinew Graph
763Sarainew Graph
770Brittanienew Graph
770Dianna    down 278Graph
770Gracielanew Graph
770Iliananew Graph
770Jackie    down 387Graph
770Maddisonnew Graph
770Rebecanew Graph
770Shyannenew Graph
770Trinitynew Graph
779Betty    down 345Graph
779Gladysnew Graph
779Judy    down 335Graph
779Keishlanew Graph
779Stevienew Graph
784Daynanew Graph
784Kristal    down 286Graph
784Nikitanew Graph
787Alaynanew Graph
787Coranew Graph
787Darbynew Graph
787Lorrainenew Graph
787Yessenianew Graph
792Ayananew Graph
792Myanew Graph
792Sagenew Graph
792Sherry    down 492Graph
792Tracey    down 476Graph
797Britanynew Graph
797Montananew Graph
799Belinda    down 351Graph
799Chantalnew Graph
799Giovannanew Graph
799Julietnew Graph
799Micahnew Graph
799Myranew Graph
805Addisonnew Graph
805Aspennew Graph
805Aylanew Graph
805Helenanew Graph
805Hollie    down 352Graph
805Ingridnew Graph
805Krystanew Graph
805Lakeisha    down 406Graph
813Infantnew Graph
813Lacienew Graph
813Maricelanew Graph
813Myrandanew Graph
817Bobbi    down 325Graph
817Carleenew Graph
817Natalynew Graph
820Destininew Graph
820Domoniquenew Graph
820Itzelnew Graph
820Karleynew Graph
820Shelly    down 547Graph
825Christin    down 411Graph
825Destineynew Graph
825Terri    down 501Graph
828Beatricenew Graph
828Tricia    down 501Graph
830Danicanew Graph
830Kristiannew Graph
830Trista    down 375Graph
833Bryananew Graph
833Dalianew Graph
833Leeannnew Graph
833Magdalenanew Graph
833Mireyanew Graph
838Berenicenew Graph
838Estefanianew Graph
838Halinew Graph
838Joann    down 360Graph
838Juananew Graph
838Leann    down 378Graph
838Melisanew Graph
845Alessandranew Graph
845Irmanew Graph
845Kenianew Graph
845Terra    down 385Graph
845Tiffanienew Graph
850Babynew Graph
850Damarisnew Graph
850Jazmynnew Graph
850Rhonda    down 547Graph
854Hazelnew Graph
854Janienew Graph
854Martinanew Graph
854Sarinanew Graph
854Tieranew Graph
854Yasmeennew Graph
860Ivettenew Graph
860Jolene    down 450Graph
862Ajanew Graph
862Aleshanew Graph
862Billie    down 389Graph
862Jerricanew Graph
862Joannew Graph
862Liananew Graph
862Marcellanew Graph
862Nayelinew Graph
862Noelnew Graph
862Olganew Graph
862Tyeshanew Graph
873Catalinanew Graph
873Kianew Graph
873Lynn    down 527Graph
873Tatumnew Graph
877Alysanew Graph
877Ashanew Graph
877Audra    down 431Graph
877Britninew Graph
877Janaynew Graph
877Janinenew Graph
877Kallienew Graph
877Kimberleynew Graph
877Paulinenew Graph
886Alecianew Graph
886Annikanew Graph
886Kayceenew Graph
886Scarlettnew Graph
886Vanesanew Graph
891Bernadettenew Graph
891Devynnew Graph
891Elyssanew Graph
891Lourdesnew Graph
891Mariselanew Graph
896Chayanew Graph
896Daphnenew Graph
896Emeraldnew Graph
896Joellenew Graph
896Kassienew Graph
896Katerinanew Graph
896Katherynnew Graph
896Macienew Graph
896Monikanew Graph
905Anabelnew Graph
905Annmarienew Graph
905Breonnanew Graph
905Eliananew Graph
905Elsanew Graph
905Hallenew Graph
905Kathrinenew Graph
905Kaylynnnew Graph
905Leslynew Graph
905Mairanew Graph
905Mariamnew Graph
905Marlenanew Graph
905Susannanew Graph
918Annamarienew Graph
918Betsynew Graph
918Jessenianew Graph
918Malianew Graph
918Princessnew Graph
923Ashlinew Graph
923Astridnew Graph
923Dinanew Graph
923Dominquenew Graph
923Eunicenew Graph
923Griseldanew Graph
923Sydnienew Graph
923Yaritzanew Graph
931Chinanew Graph
931Francheskanew Graph
931Jaylanew Graph
931Jean    down 493Graph
931Katlynnnew Graph
931Kaylinew Graph
931Laylanew Graph
931Leandranew Graph
931Lynettenew Graph
931Xiomaranew Graph
931Yazminnew Graph
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953Laurie    down 637Graph
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976Sydneenew Graph
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983Yajairanew Graph
994Alenanew Graph
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