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NameGuru Chatbot Aks the NameGuru chatbot questions about given names in plain English, and it tries to "understand" you and answer, in English as well.
Combine Letters One of the highlights of BabyNames.ch as a web application: Combine the letters of up to 3 names into new names, with graphical displays showing exactly which letters go where.
Twitterify Generate one-line short descriptions for names that respect a given length, e.g. 140 characters for using a description as a Twitter tweet or 160 characters for an SMS
Numerology Some just-for-fun name-related numerology: Calculate Pythagorean Name Numbers for names or find all names that have a specific given Pythagorean Name Number
Given Name Quiz Take this quiz about given names and at the same time learn interesting facts about names
Random Names Ask BabyNames.ch for some completely random names, e.g. if you are really out of ideas.