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Name Graciela

Meaning:charm, graceTools:

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About the name Graciela in particular

Languages of use:Spanish, English
Is diminutive of:Gracia
US 2021 rank:not in the Top 1000; other popularity lists see below
Similarly written:Gracia, Graciana, Gracie, Graziella     Details
Group info:

About Grace, the group of names with the same origin as Graciela

Meaning/translation:charm, grace
Language of origin:Latin
Info about origin:in Roman mythology the Graces are 3 daughters of Zeus
 in Christianism the name Gratia took on the new meaning of grace of God
 the English name variant is known from the American actress Grace Kelly
Words:gratia = the charm, the grace  Latin
Topics:New Testament, Roman mythology
Variants' top ranks:1:Grace England+Wales 2007,  5:Greis Albania 2012,  40:Gracie Scotland 2019,  79:Graciela Mexico 2016
Old/original forms:Gratia Latin
Name variants:Grace, Gracia, Gracie, Graciela, Grazia, Graziella, Greis   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Graciela

Mexico 2016 79
USA decades 1990-1999 770
USA yearlyGraph2007 975,  2005 901,  2004 857,  2003 879,  2002 929,  2001 834,  2000 811,  1999 732,  1998 5741997 744,  1996 768,  1995 722,  1994 802,  1993 878
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