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Baby Names Numerology

Caution: All about numerology here is meant to be fun. Take it seriously on your own risk.

Numerology is a wide field, but since this is a site about given names, it concentrates on name numbers, or more exactly Pythagorean name numbers. Numerology claims that such numbers have a "meaning" and can tell something about people, their characters and their personal attributes.

Info Name number calculation

Calculate Pythagorean Name Numbers

You can calculate a name number for a single name like Jack or for a full name like Jack Miller. For the full name, numerologists seem to recommend to take the full name exactly as spelled out on the birth certificate.


List Names With Given Name Numbers

Many websites allow you to calculate name numbers, but here you can go one step further: You can pick a number that you like and then list all the names that have that number. If the number 7 gives you "a seeker of spiritual truth" why not - just for fun - check whether you like one of the names with that number for your baby?

List all names that have a specific Pythagorean name number on their own:

Name number:

List all names that have a specific Pythagorean name number together with a family name, or together with several other names, like middle name plus family name:

Name number: Family name:

Note that the above two ways of searching for names with given name numbers are also available as part of Extended Search where you can further refine your search, e.g. only list the male or female names of that name number. Note also that you can sort any extended search result by name number.