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Most Popular Names USA 1980-1989

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA in the 80's (1980 to 1989), based on the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA decades
Following list:1990-1999
Previous list:1970-1979
Highest new entries:Brittany (new at 20),  Lindsey (new at 44),  Lindsay (new at 47),  Kayla (new at 55),  Whitney (new at 66)
Largest rises:Ashley +136 (now at 4),  Katie +123 (now at 43),  Lauren +120 (now at 17),  Brooke +100 (now at 86),  Cassandra +92 (now at 60)
Largest falls:Tammy -160 (now at 183),  Dawn -119 (now at 145),  Tonya -117 (now at 166),  Cheryl -117 (now at 196),  Deborah -114 (now at 175)

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RankName+/- USA 1970-1979Graph
1Jessicaup 10Graph
2Jennifer    down 1Graph
3Amandaup 14Graph
4Ashleyup 136Graph
5Sarahup 14Graph
6Stephanieup 3Graph
7Melissa    down 4Graph
8Nicoleup 2Graph
9Elizabethup 3Graph
10Heather    down 2Graph
11Tiffanyup 31Graph
12Michelle    down 8Graph
13Amberup 52Graph
14Meganup 75Graph
15Rachelup 18Graph
16Amy    down 14Graph
17Laurenup 120Graph
18Kimberly    down 13Graph
19Christina    down 3Graph
20Brittanynew Graph
21Crystalup 16Graph
22Rebecca    down 9Graph
23Laura    down 3Graph
24Emilyup 42Graph
25Danielleup 21Graph
26Samanthaup 83Graph
27Angela    down 20Graph
28Erinup 11Graph
29Kelly    down 15Graph
30Saraup 20Graph
31Lisa    down 25Graph
32Katherineup 23Graph
33Andrea    down 5Graph
34Mary    down 19Graph
35Jamieup 5Graph
36Ericaup 23Graph
37Courtneyup 91Graph
38Kristenup 34Graph
39Shannon    down 18Graph
40April    down 6Graph
41Maria    down 6Graph
42Kristinup 32Graph
43Katieup 123Graph
44Lindseynew Graph
45Aliciaup 37Graph
46Vanessaup 67Graph
47Lindsaynew Graph
48Christine    down 26Graph
49Allisonup 46Graph
50Kathrynup 41Graph
51Julie    down 33Graph
52Tara    down 9Graph
53Annaup 34Graph
54Natalieup 51Graph
55Kaylanew Graph
56Victoriaup 47Graph
57Jacquelineup 28Graph
58Monica    down 13Graph
59Holly    down 1Graph
60Cassandraup 92Graph
61Patricia    down 31Graph
62Kristinaup 37Graph
63Catherineup 10Graph
64Cynthia    down 33Graph
65Brandyup 16Graph
66Whitneynew Graph
67Chelseanew Graph
68Veronicaup 15Graph
69Brandiup 37Graph
70Leslie Graph
71Kathleen    down 2Graph
72Stacy    down 34Graph
73Dianaup 24Graph
74Erikaup 53Graph
75Natashaup 76Graph
76Meghannew Graph
77Dana    down 20Graph
78Carrie    down 37Graph
79Krystalnew Graph
80Karen    down 55Graph
81Jennanew Graph
82Leahup 57Graph
83Melanie    down 27Graph
84Valerieup 12Graph
85Alexandranew Graph
86Brookeup 100Graph
87Jasminenew Graph
88Juliaup 43Graph
89Alyssanew Graph
90Caitlinnew Graph
91Hannahnew Graph
92Brittneynew Graph
93Stacey    down 46Graph
94Sandra    down 50Graph
95Margaretup 6Graph
95Susan    down 68Graph
97Candicenew Graph
98Bethanynew Graph
99Caseynew Graph
100Katrinaup 26Graph
101Latoyanew Graph
102Tracy    down 78Graph
103Misty    down 28Graph
104Kelseynew Graph
105Karaup 42Graph
106Nicholeup 50Graph
107Alisonup 29Graph
108Mollyup 72Graph
109Tina    down 80Graph
110Denise    down 57Graph
111Heidi    down 34Graph
112Alexisnew Graph
113Jilliannew Graph
114Brenda    down 54Graph
115Candacenew Graph
116Nancy    down 38Graph
117Rachaelnew Graph
118Pamela    down 70Graph
119Morgannew Graph
120Renee    down 32Graph
121Gina    down 37Graph
122Jill    down 68Graph
123Kendraup 58Graph
124Teresa    down 72Graph
125Sabrina    down 1Graph
126Mirandanew Graph
127Kristaup 19Graph
128Feliciaup 7Graph
129Kristy    down 15Graph
130Anne    down 9Graph
131Robin    down 63Graph
132Moniqueup 33Graph
133Linda    down 66Graph
134Desireenew Graph
134Theresa    down 54Graph
136Wendy    down 100Graph
137Joannaup 45Graph
138Tanya    down 76Graph
139Melinda    down 48Graph
140Lori    down 108Graph
141Jaclynnew Graph
142Tamara    down 52Graph
143Alishanew Graph
144Kelli    down 6Graph
145Dawn    down 119Graph
146Colleen    down 17Graph
146Marissanew Graph
148Laceynew Graph
149Christy    down 78Graph
150Abigailnew Graph
151Angelicanew Graph
152Jenny    down 20Graph
153Barbara    down 77Graph
154Tabithanew Graph
155Carolinenew Graph
156Kari    down 1Graph
156Meredithup 23Graph
158Kristi    down 50Graph
159Ebonynew Graph
160Deanna    down 43Graph
161Rebekahnew Graph
162Carolyn    down 47Graph
163Marie    down 5Graph
164Ananew Graph
165Michele    down 114Graph
166Tonya    down 117Graph
167Angelup 3Graph
168Sharon    down 105Graph
169Bridget    down 16Graph
170Tashanew Graph
171Sheenanew Graph
172Cristinanew Graph
173Briannanew Graph
174Priscillanew Graph
175Deborah    down 114Graph
176Cassienew Graph
177Ashleenew Graph
178Carmen    down 16Graph
179Meagannew Graph
180Ann    down 80Graph
181Cindy    down 79Graph
182Stefanienew Graph
183Tammy    down 160Graph
184Dominiquenew Graph
185Carla    down 67Graph
186Virginia    down 27Graph
187Regina    down 75Graph
188Jaime    down 55Graph
189Adrienneup 11Graph
190Mallorynew Graph
191Audreynew Graph
192Beth    down 82Graph
193Olivianew Graph
194Katelynnew Graph
195Latashanew Graph
196Cheryl    down 117Graph
197Taylornew Graph
198Jordannew Graph
199Janet    down 74Graph
200Kristine    down 57Graph
201Jacquelynnew Graph
202Mandy    down 30Graph
203Aimee    down 53Graph
204Claudia    down 9Graph
205Autumnnew Graph
206Trishanew Graph
207Biancanew Graph
207Caranew Graph
209Martha    down 48Graph
209Rosanew Graph
211Suzanne    down 104Graph
212Haleynew Graph
213Ninanew Graph
214Carlynew Graph
215Mindy    down 24Graph
216Katenew Graph
217Donna    down 153Graph
218Jodi    down 114Graph
219Karlanew Graph
219Shawna    down 45Graph
221Yolanda    down 105Graph
222Bonnie    down 51Graph
223Summernew Graph
224Evelynnew Graph
225Adriananew Graph
226Gracenew Graph
227Kaitlinnew Graph
228Ruth    down 32Graph
228Toni    down 50Graph
230Mayranew Graph
231Alexandrianew Graph
232Lydianew Graph
233Abbynew Graph
233Kaitlynnew Graph
235Janellenew Graph
235Robyn    down 50Graph
237Briananew Graph
238Gabriellenew Graph
239Joy    down 94Graph
240Sheila    down 121Graph
241Paula    down 143Graph
242Diane    down 119Graph
243Kellie    down 49Graph
244Gloria    down 54Graph
245Melodynew Graph
246Naominew Graph
247Jessienew Graph
248Sophianew Graph
249Daisynew Graph
250Raquelnew Graph
251Christie    down 94Graph
251Rosenew Graph
253Krystlenew Graph
254Amelianew Graph
254Paigenew Graph
254Shannanew Graph
257Sonia    down 74Graph
258Randinew Graph
259Johannanew Graph
260Kaseynew Graph
261Francesnew Graph
262Clairenew Graph
262Nikkinew Graph
264Ellennew Graph
265Hillarynew Graph
265Sashanew Graph
267Yesenianew Graph
268Jeanette    down 70Graph
269Ashleighnew Graph
270Emmanew Graph
271Marisanew Graph
272Traci    down 130Graph
273Charlenenew Graph
273Shananew Graph
273Shelly    down 151Graph
276Roxannenew Graph
277Jocelynnew Graph
277Sylvianew Graph
279Kelleynew Graph
280Carol    down 150Graph
280Justinenew Graph
282Britneynew Graph
283Rachellenew Graph
284Charitynew Graph
284Kerinew Graph
286Kirstennew Graph
286Yvonne    down 109Graph
288Debra    down 195Graph
289Christanew Graph
290Shaunanew Graph
291Sonya    down 142Graph
292Chelseynew Graph
293Esthernew Graph
294Charlottenew Graph
295Anita    down 141Graph
296Savannahnew Graph
297Sierranew Graph
298Angelinanew Graph
298Briannenew Graph
300Sherry    down 206Graph
301Gabrielanew Graph
302Leighnew Graph
303Rhonda    down 217Graph
303Stacie    down 140Graph
305Kerry    down 130Graph
306Karinanew Graph
307Annienew Graph
307Kristie    down 140Graph
309Kerri    down 122Graph
310Carissanew Graph
310Evanew Graph
310Shelbynew Graph
313Lacynew Graph
314Alissanew Graph
314Tianew Graph
316Laurie    down 196Graph
316Tracey    down 205Graph
318Janice    down 134Graph
319Alicenew Graph
320Elisenew Graph
321Miriamnew Graph
322Elisabethnew Graph
323Yvettenew Graph
324Helennew Graph
324Terri    down 176Graph
326Latishanew Graph
327Tricia    down 183Graph
328Maggienew Graph
329Breannanew Graph
330Camillenew Graph
331Leticianew Graph
332Annette    down 156Graph
333Tamikanew Graph
334Janenew Graph
334Maureennew Graph
336Sandynew Graph
337Hilarynew Graph
338Katharinenew Graph
339Tabathanew Graph
340Keishanew Graph
341Rochellenew Graph
342Aubreynew Graph
343Allysonnew Graph
344Elisanew Graph
345Lesleynew Graph
346Antoinettenew Graph
346Cecilianew Graph
346Lynn    down 182Graph
349Elainenew Graph
349Irenenew Graph
349Stacinew Graph
352Jananew Graph
353Chasitynew Graph
354Dorothynew Graph
355Faithnew Graph
355Hopenew Graph
355Lorenanew Graph
358Alananew Graph
358Marilynnew Graph
360Elenanew Graph
360Jadenew Graph
362Bobbienew Graph
362Brandienew Graph
362Kathy    down 228Graph
365Maribelnew Graph
366Cortneynew Graph
367Clarissanew Graph
367Ritanew Graph
369Shelley    down 201Graph
370Juanitanew Graph
371Destinynew Graph
372Sallynew Graph
373Marquitanew Graph
374Amienew Graph
374Jaminew Graph
374Tanishanew Graph
377Normanew Graph
378Erickanew Graph
378Katynew Graph
378Rubynew Graph
378Tessanew Graph
382Madelinenew Graph
383Jackienew Graph
383Jennienew Graph
385Eileennew Graph
385Ryannew Graph
387Angie    down 194Graph
387Arielnew Graph
389Leannenew Graph
390Guadalupenew Graph
391Marisolnew Graph
391Meaghannew Graph
393Chrystalnew Graph
394Almanew Graph
394Judithnew Graph
396Alysonnew Graph
396Jasminnew Graph
396Shirleynew Graph
399Lakeishanew Graph
400Luznew Graph
400Noranew Graph
402Jenifernew Graph
403Mianew Graph
404Lilliannew Graph
405Connie    down 245Graph
406Beverlynew Graph
407Constancenew Graph
407Patricenew Graph
409Tarynnew Graph
410Jolenenew Graph
411Lyndseynew Graph
412Alejandranew Graph
413Tiaranew Graph
414Christinnew Graph
414Gretchennew Graph
414Hayleynew Graph
417Genevievenew Graph
417Latonyanew Graph
419Becky    down 230Graph
420Kiranew Graph
421Kylienew Graph
422Nadianew Graph
423Joannenew Graph
423Joycenew Graph
425Laranew Graph
426Christiannew Graph
426Devonnew Graph
426Irisnew Graph
426Serenanew Graph
426Shaylanew Graph
431Tatiananew Graph
432Ariananew Graph
432Marlenenew Graph
434Bettynew Graph
435Blancanew Graph
435Rosemarynew Graph
437Tanianew Graph
438Carolinanew Graph
438Jeannew Graph
440Josephinenew Graph
441Lenanew Graph
441Michaelnew Graph
443Corinnenew Graph
444Judynew Graph
445Natalianew Graph
446Audranew Graph
447Jody    down 274Graph
448Belindanew Graph
448Celestenew Graph
448Sherri    down 279Graph
451Alisanew Graph
451Blairnew Graph
453Elysenew Graph
453Hollienew Graph
455Anastasianew Graph
455Esmeraldanew Graph
455Sheri    down 267Graph
455Tristanew Graph
459Brittaninew Graph
460Elishanew Graph
460Isabelnew Graph
460Leannnew Graph
460Terranew Graph
464Jaymenew Graph
465Alexanew Graph
466Darlenenew Graph
467Noellenew Graph
468Callienew Graph
468Chantelnew Graph
470Laurelnew Graph
471Christennew Graph
471Tiffaninew Graph
473Billienew Graph
473Chandranew Graph
473Margaritanew Graph
476Brennanew Graph
476Liliananew Graph
478Joannnew Graph
478Tamekanew Graph
480Caitlynnew Graph
480Gingernew Graph
480Larissanew Graph
483Lucynew Graph
483Tracie    down 291Graph
485Terinew Graph
486Ashlienew Graph
486Sydneynew Graph
488Ciaranew Graph
488Juliannenew Graph
488Michaelanew Graph
488Viviannew Graph
492Bobbinew Graph
492Diannanew Graph
492Francescanew Graph
492Mercedesnew Graph
496Danielanew Graph
496Juliananew Graph
498Bridgettenew Graph
498Kristalnew Graph
500Lakishanew Graph