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Most Popular Names USA 2021

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA 2021, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2022
Previous list:2020
Highest new entries:Ozzy (new at 712),  Eliam (new at 736),  Loyal (new at 753),  Amiri (new at 756),  Evander (new at 766)
Largest rises:Colter +344 (now at 627),  Camilo +267 (now at 609),  Mac +260 (now at 673),  Banks +248 (now at 503),  Cillian +220 (now at 743)
Largest falls:Jaxtyn -348 (now at 930),  Karsyn -256 (now at 950),  Aldo -199 (now at 983),  Abdullah -176 (now at 984),  Ermias -166 (now at 814)

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1Liam Graph
2Noah Graph
3Oliver Graph
4Elijah Graph
5Jamesup 1Graph
6William    down 1Graph
7Benjamin Graph
8Lucas Graph
9Henry Graph
10Theodoreup 13Graph
11Jackup 10Graph
12Leviup 6Graph
13Alexander    down 3Graph
14Jacksonup 3Graph
15Mateoup 5Graph
16Daniel    down 2Graph
17Michael    down 5Graph
18Mason    down 7Graph
19Sebastian Graph
20Ethan    down 7Graph
21Logan    down 5Graph
22Owen Graph
23Samuelup 2Graph
24Jacob    down 9Graph
25Asherup 7Graph
26Aiden    down 2Graph
27John Graph
28Joseph    down 2Graph
29Wyatt Graph
30David    down 2Graph
31Leoup 5Graph
32Luke    down 1Graph
33Julianup 1Graph
34Hudsonup 8Graph
35Grayson Graph
36Matthew    down 6Graph
37Ezraup 7Graph
38Gabriel Graph
39Carter    down 6Graph
40Isaac    down 1Graph
41Jayden    down 4Graph
42Lucaup 25Graph
43Anthony    down 2Graph
44Dylan    down 1Graph
45Lincoln    down 5Graph
46Thomas    down 1Graph
47Maverickup 2Graph
48Eliasup 5Graph
49Josiahup 1Graph
50Charles    down 4Graph
51Calebup 5Graph
52Christopher    down 5Graph
53Ezekielup 12Graph
54Milesup 4Graph
55Jaxon    down 7Graph
56Isaiah    down 5Graph
57Andrew    down 5Graph
58Joshua    down 5Graph
59Nathan    down 4Graph
60Nolanup 1Graph
61Adrian    down 3Graph
62Cameronup 2Graph
63Santiagoup 8Graph
64Eli    down 4Graph
65Aaron    down 2Graph
66Ryan    down 9Graph
67Angelup 9Graph
67Cooperup 7Graph
69Waylonup 34Graph
70Eastonup 3Graph
71Kaiup 22Graph
72Christian    down 10Graph
73Landon    down 5Graph
74Colton    down 8Graph
75Romanup 2Graph
76Axel    down 4Graph
77Brooksup 14Graph
78Jonathan    down 8Graph
79Robertup 1Graph
80Jameson    down 1Graph
81Ianup 2Graph
82Everettup 7Graph
83Greyson    down 2Graph
84Wesleyup 14Graph
85Jeremiah    down 10Graph
86Hunter    down 17Graph
87Leonardo    down 1Graph
88Jordan    down 6Graph
89Joseup 5Graph
90Bennettup 11Graph
91Silasup 9Graph
92Nicholas    down 5Graph
93Parkerup 2Graph
94Beauup 15Graph
95Westonup 9Graph
96Austin    down 7Graph
96Connor    down 18Graph
98Carson    down 14Graph
99Dominic    down 11Graph
100Xavier    down 8Graph
101Jaxson    down 16Graph
102Jace    down 5Graph
103Emmettup 3Graph
104Adam    down 8Graph
105Declan    down 3Graph
106Rowanup 7Graph
107Micah Graph
108Kayden    down 9Graph
109Gaelup 3Graph
110Riverup 19Graph
111Ryder    down 3Graph
112Kingstonup 6Graph
113Damian    down 3Graph
114Sawyerup 2Graph
115Lukaup 47Graph
116Evan    down 11Graph
117Vincentup 4Graph
118Legendup 9Graph
119Mylesup 5Graph
120Harrison    down 6Graph
121Augustup 34Graph
122Bryson    down 7Graph
123Amir    down 6Graph
124Giovanni    down 4Graph
125Chase    down 2Graph
126Diego    down 1Graph
127Miloup 7Graph
128Jasperup 10Graph
129Walkerup 77Graph
130Jason    down 11Graph
131Brayden    down 20Graph
132Cole    down 1Graph
133Nathaniel    down 7Graph
134George    down 1Graph
135Lorenzoup 15Graph
136Zionup 8Graph
137Luis Graph
138Archerup 22Graph
139Enzoup 34Graph
140Jonah    down 12Graph
141Thiagoup 24Graph
142Theoup 30Graph
143Ayden    down 21Graph
144Zachary    down 9Graph
145Calvin    down 2Graph
146Braxton    down 14Graph
147Ashton    down 11Graph
148Rhettup 11Graph
149Atlasup 40Graph
150Judeup 4Graph
151Bentley    down 9Graph
152Carlos    down 3Graph
153Ryker    down 5Graph
154Adriel    down 14Graph
155Arthurup 7Graph
156Aceup 43Graph
157Tyler    down 28Graph
158Jayce    down 8Graph
159Max    down 12Graph
160Elliotup 4Graph
161Grahamup 23Graph
162Kaiden    down 23Graph
163Maxwell    down 18Graph
164Juan    down 19Graph
165Deanup 11Graph
166Matteoup 8Graph
167Malachi    down 10Graph
168Ivan    down 15Graph
169Elliott    down 11Graph
170Jesus    down 1Graph
171Emilianoup 4Graph
172Messiahup 18Graph
173Gavin    down 32Graph
174Maddox    down 4Graph
175Camden    down 9Graph
176Haydenup 1Graph
177Leonup 19Graph
178Antonioup 2Graph
179Justin    down 11Graph
180Tuckerup 12Graph
181Brandon    down 15Graph
182Kevin    down 26Graph
183Judahup 3Graph
184Finn    down 6Graph
185King    down 14Graph
186Brody    down 7Graph
187Xander Graph
188Nicolasup 13Graph
189Charlieup 15Graph
190Arloup 30Graph
191Emmanuel    down 41Graph
192Barrett    down 1Graph
193Felixup 32Graph
194Alex    down 12Graph
195Miguel    down 7Graph
196Abel    down 15Graph
197Alan    down 3Graph
198Beckettup 11Graph
199Amariup 18Graph
200Karter    down 39Graph
200Timothy    down 7Graph
202Abraham    down 1Graph
203Jesse Graph
204Zayden    down 19Graph
205Blakeup 4Graph
206Alejandroup 5Graph
207Dawson    down 10Graph
208Tristan    down 25Graph
209Victor    down 9Graph
210Averyup 1Graph
211Joel    down 4Graph
212Grantup 1Graph
213Eric    down 16Graph
213Patrick    down 8Graph
215Peter    down 1Graph
216Richard    down 8Graph
217Edward    down 22Graph
218Andresup 1Graph
219Emilioup 10Graph
220Coltup 1Graph
221Knoxup 15Graph
222Beckhamup 26Graph
223Adonis    down 1Graph
223Kyrie    down 1Graph
225Matias    down 9Graph
226Oscar    down 11Graph
227Lukas    down 9Graph
228Marcus    down 1Graph
229Hayesup 16Graph
230Cadenup 12Graph
231Remington    down 1Graph
232Griffinup 9Graph
233Nashup 7Graph
234Israelup 3Graph
235Steven    down 11Graph
236Holden    down 8Graph
237Rafaelup 10Graph
238Zaneup 21Graph
239Jeremy    down 8Graph
239Kashup 16Graph
241Preston    down 15Graph
242Kylerup 2Graph
243Jaxup 3Graph
244Jettup 34Graph
245Kaleb    down 14Graph
246Rileyup 12Graph
247Simonup 4Graph
248Phoenix    down 10Graph
249Javier Graph
250Bryce    down 16Graph
251Louisup 9Graph
252Mark    down 17Graph
253Cashup 12Graph
254Lennoxup 37Graph
255Paxtonup 7Graph
256Malakaiup 31Graph
257Paul    down 5Graph
258Kenneth    down 15Graph
259Nicoup 58Graph
260Kaden    down 6Graph
261Lane    down 5Graph
262Kairoup 17Graph
262Maximus    down 13Graph
264Omar    down 11Graph
265Finleyup 39Graph
266Atticusup 34Graph
266Crewup 15Graph
268Brantley    down 35Graph
269Colinup 16Graph
270Dallas Graph
271Walterup 3Graph
272Bradyup 33Graph
273Callumup 62Graph
274Ronan    down 5Graph
275Hendrixup 9Graph
276Jorge    down 3Graph
277Tobias    down 10Graph
278Claytonup 10Graph
279Emerson    down 12Graph
280Damien    down 3Graph
281Zaynup 29Graph
282Malcolmup 8Graph
283Kaysonup 11Graph
284Bodhiup 11Graph
284Bryan    down 27Graph
286Aidan    down 25Graph
287Cohen    down 6Graph
288Brian    down 18Graph
289Cayden    down 23Graph
290Andre    down 9Graph
291Nikoup 66Graph
292Maximiliano    down 29Graph
293Zander    down 13Graph
294Khalil    down 18Graph
295Roryup 35Graph
296Francisco Graph
297Cruzup 6Graph
298Kobe    down 59Graph
299Reidup 16Graph
300Daxton    down 11Graph
301Derekup 10Graph
301Martin    down 9Graph
303Jensen    down 1Graph
304Karson    down 40Graph
304Tateup 49Graph
306Muhammadup 3Graph
307Jaden    down 14Graph
308Joaquin    down 2Graph
309Josue    down 34Graph
310Gideonup 12Graph
311Dante    down 10Graph
312Cody    down 15Graph
313Bradley    down 41Graph
314Orionup 12Graph
315Spencerup 1Graph
316Angelo    down 2Graph
317Erick    down 19Graph
318Jaylen Graph
318Juliusup 16Graph
320Manuelup 1Graph
321Ellisup 4Graph
322Colsonup 28Graph
323Cairoup 23Graph
324Gunner    down 16Graph
325Wadeup 15Graph
326Chance    down 40Graph
327Odinup 5Graph
328Anderson    down 21Graph
329Kaneup 8Graph
330Raymond    down 18Graph
331Cristian Graph
332Azielup 163Graph
333Prince    down 13Graph
334Ezequielup 28Graph
335Jake    down 16Graph
335Ottoup 51Graph
337Eduardo    down 9Graph
338Rylan    down 11Graph
339Ali    down 17Graph
340Cadeup 36Graph
341Stephen    down 17Graph
342Ariup 49Graph
343Kameron    down 44Graph
344Dakotaup 4Graph
345Warren    down 4Graph
346Ricardo    down 8Graph
347Killianup 3Graph
348Mario    down 19Graph
349Romeoup 28Graph
350Cyrusup 19Graph
351Ismael    down 2Graph
352Russellup 18Graph
352Tysonup 20Graph
354Edwin    down 9Graph
355Desmondup 10Graph
356Nasirup 3Graph
356Remy    down 1Graph
358Tanner    down 25Graph
359Fernando    down 17Graph
360Hectorup 4Graph
361Titus    down 18Graph
362Lawson    down 5Graph
363Sean    down 27Graph
364Kyle    down 51Graph
365Elian    down 10Graph
366Corbin    down 20Graph
367Bowenup 27Graph
367Wilderup 63Graph
369Armani    down 8Graph
370Royalup 34Graph
371Stetsonup 115Graph
372Briggsup 64Graph
372Sullivanup 26Graph
374Leonel    down 30Graph
375Callanup 57Graph
376Finneganup 34Graph
377Jayup 5Graph
378Zayneup 18Graph
379Marshall    down 16Graph
380Kade    down 20Graph
381Travis    down 42Graph
382Sterlingup 18Graph
383Raidenup 20Graph
383Sergio    down 4Graph
385Tatumup 105Graph
386Cesar    down 15Graph
387Zyaireup 60Graph
388Milanup 41Graph
389Devin    down 5Graph
390Gianni    down 36Graph
391Kamari    down 4Graph
392Royceup 13Graph
393Malik    down 20Graph
394Jared    down 26Graph
395Franklinup 19Graph
396Clark    down 6Graph
397Noelup 17Graph
398Marco    down 7Graph
399Archieup 67Graph
400Apolloup 48Graph
401Pablo    down 18Graph
402Garrett    down 35Graph
403Oakleyup 16Graph
404Memphisup 52Graph
404Quinnup 35Graph
406Onyxup 207Graph
407Alijahup 38Graph
408Baylorup 52Graph
409Edgar    down 16Graph
410Nehemiah    down 32Graph
411Winston    down 3Graph
412Major    down 60Graph
413Rhysup 9Graph
414Forrestup 56Graph
415Jaiden    down 20Graph
415Reedup 35Graph
415Santinoup 27Graph
418Troy    down 4Graph
419Caiden    down 38Graph
420Harvey    down 7Graph
421Collinup 42Graph
421Solomon    down 15Graph
423Donovan    down 49Graph
424Damonup 2Graph
424Jeffrey    down 39Graph
426Kason    down 60Graph
426Sageup 16Graph
428Grady    down 32Graph
429Kendrick    down 3Graph
430Lelandup 41Graph
431Luciano    down 19Graph
432Pedro    down 21Graph
433Hankup 48Graph
434Hugo    down 10Graph
435Estebanup 32Graph
436Johnny    down 47Graph
436Kashtonup 5Graph
438Ronin    down 51Graph
439Fordup 20Graph
440Mathias    down 12Graph
441Porter    down 18Graph
442Erik    down 23Graph
443Johnathan    down 25Graph
444Frank    down 19Graph
444Trippup 40Graph
446Caseyup 75Graph
447Fabian    down 28Graph
448Leonidasup 7Graph
449Bakerup 74Graph
450Matthias    down 15Graph
451Philip Graph
452Jayceon    down 53Graph
453Kian    down 1Graph
454Saintup 123Graph
455Ibrahim    down 18Graph
456Jaxton    down 81Graph
457Augustusup 45Graph
458Callenup 73Graph
459Trevor    down 52Graph
460Rubenup 5Graph
461Adanup 8Graph
462Conor    down 60Graph
463Daxup 12Graph
464Braylenup 35Graph
464Kaison    down 10Graph
466Francisup 15Graph
466Kyson    down 5Graph
468Andy    down 67Graph
468Lucca    down 12Graph
470Mackup 31Graph
470Peyton    down 40Graph
472Alexisup 11Graph
473Deaconup 42Graph
474Kasenup 2Graph
475Kamdenup 2Graph
476Frederickup 9Graph
477Princeton    down 60Graph
478Braylonup 57Graph
478Wellsup 65Graph
480Nikolaiup 66Graph
481Iker    down 101Graph
482Boup 55Graph
483Dominick    down 38Graph
484Mosheup 53Graph
485Cassiusup 3Graph
485Gregory    down 53Graph
485Lewisup 12Graph
488Kieranup 28Graph
489Isaias    down 18Graph
489Seth    down 57Graph
491Marcos    down 12Graph
492Omariup 7Graph
493Shaneup 14Graph
494Keegan Graph
495Jase    down 21Graph
496Asaup 11Graph
497Sonnyup 39Graph
497Uriel    down 35Graph
499Pierceup 6Graph
500Jasiahup 31Graph
501Eden    down 11Graph
501Rocco    down 11Graph
503Banksup 248Graph
503Cannonup 40Graph
505Denverup 22Graph
505Zaidenup 8Graph
507Roberto    down 69Graph
508Shawn    down 55Graph
509Drewup 21Graph
509Emanuel    down 100Graph
511Kolton    down 67Graph
512Ayaan    down 56Graph
513Aresup 80Graph
513Conner    down 74Graph
513Jalenup 35Graph
516Alonzo    down 45Graph
516Enrique    down 14Graph
518Dalton    down 51Graph
519Moses    down 23Graph
520Kodaup 70Graph
521Bodieup 90Graph
522Jamison    down 42Graph
522Phillip    down 4Graph
522Zaire    down 1Graph
525Jonas    down 39Graph
525Kylo    down 76Graph
525Moises    down 19Graph
525Shepherdup 77Graph
529Allen    down 66Graph
529Kenzoup 14Graph
529Mohamedup 26Graph
532Keanu    down 21Graph
533Dexterup 27Graph
534Conradup 14Graph
535Bruce    down 38Graph
535Sylasup 56Graph
537Soren    down 27Graph
538Raphael    down 24Graph
538Rowenup 2Graph
540Gunnar    down 13Graph
540Suttonup 35Graph
542Quentin    down 2Graph
543Jazielup 37Graph
544Emmitt    down 35Graph
545Makaiup 3Graph
546Koaup 36Graph
546Maximilian    down 56Graph
548Brixtonup 68Graph
548Darielup 60Graph
550Zachariah    down 30Graph
551Royup 23Graph
552Armando    down 48Graph
553Corey    down 28Graph
554Saulup 23Graph
555Izaiah    down 66Graph
556Dannyup 11Graph
557Davis    down 3Graph
557Ridgeup 67Graph
557Yusufup 12Graph
560Arielup 5Graph
560Valentinoup 57Graph
562Jayson    down 33Graph
563Ronald    down 6Graph
564Albert    down 41Graph
565Gerardo    down 13Graph
565Ryland    down 47Graph
567Dorian    down 56Graph
567Drake    down 34Graph
569Gage    down 92Graph
570Rodrigoup 5Graph
571Hezekiahup 10Graph
572Kylan    down 47Graph
573Booneup 4Graph
574Ledgerup 50Graph
574Santana    down 34Graph
576Jamariup 6Graph
576Jamirup 86Graph
576Lawrence    down 12Graph
579Reeceup 3Graph
580Kaysen    down 20Graph
581Shilohup 36Graph
582Arjun    down 23Graph
582Marceloup 55Graph
584Abram    down 29Graph
585Benson    down 34Graph
585Huxley    down 46Graph
587Nikolasup 15Graph
587Zain    down 15Graph
589Kohenup 55Graph
590Samson    down 19Graph
591Millerup 103Graph
592Donaldup 17Graph
593Finnleyup 18Graph
593Kannon    down 60Graph
593Lucianup 44Graph
593Watsonup 8Graph
597Keith    down 2Graph
597Westinup 175Graph
599Tadeoup 100Graph
600Sincere    down 1Graph
601Boston    down 6Graph
602Axtonup 7Graph
603Amosup 100Graph
604Chandler    down 35Graph
604Leandroup 37Graph
604Raul    down 46Graph
604Scott    down 42Graph
608Reignup 33Graph
609Alessandroup 14Graph
609Camiloup 267Graph
611Derrick    down 59Graph
612Morganup 79Graph
613Julio    down 67Graph
614Clayup 30Graph
614Edison    down 15Graph
614Jaime    down 52Graph
617Augustineup 94Graph
618Julien    down 36Graph
618Zekeup 57Graph
620Marvin    down 14Graph
621Bellamyup 107Graph
622Landen    down 33Graph
623Dustinup 33Graph
624Jamieup 91Graph
624Krewup 81Graph
624Kyree    down 31Graph
627Colterup 344Graph
627Johan    down 29Graph
629Houstonup 105Graph
629Layton    down 9Graph
629Quincy    down 27Graph
632Case    down 60Graph
633Atreusup 109Graph
633Caysonup 78Graph
635Aaravup 6Graph
635Darius    down 44Graph
635Harlanup 51Graph
635Justiceup 31Graph
639Abdiel    down 123Graph
640Layneup 27Graph
641Raylan    down 27Graph
642Arturo    down 60Graph
642Taylor    down 47Graph
644Anakinup 60Graph
644Ander    down 16Graph
646Hamzaup 11Graph
646Otisup 2Graph
648Azariahup 37Graph
648Leonard    down 14Graph
650Colby    down 33Graph
650Duke    down 13Graph
650Flynnup 9Graph
650Treyup 43Graph
654Gustavo    down 30Graph
655Fletcher    down 1Graph
656Issac    down 25Graph
656Sam    down 3Graph
656Trenton    down 35Graph
659Callahanup 139Graph
660Chrisup 14Graph
660Mohammad    down 1Graph
660Rayan    down 46Graph
663Lionel    down 4Graph
664Brunoup 45Graph
664Jaxxonup 134Graph
664Zaidup 5Graph
667Brycen    down 61Graph
668Roland    down 101Graph
669Dillon    down 2Graph
670Lennonup 16Graph
671Ambroseup 149Graph
672Rioup 110Graph
673Macup 260Graph
674Ahmed    down 45Graph
674Samir    down 28Graph
674Yosefup 34Graph
677Truup 131Graph
678Creedup 118Graph
678Tony    down 45Graph
680Alden    down 10Graph
681Aden    down 17Graph
682Alec    down 100Graph
682Carmeloup 37Graph
682Darioup 138Graph
682Marcelup 4Graph
682Roger    down 3Graph
687Ty    down 36Graph
688Ahmad    down 64Graph
689Emir    down 39Graph
689Landyn    down 67Graph
689Skyler    down 123Graph
692Mohammed    down 58Graph
693Dennis    down 47Graph
693Kareem    down 56Graph
695Nixon    down 44Graph
696Rex    down 16Graph
696Uriah    down 62Graph
698Leeup 70Graph
698Louieup 72Graph
700Raydenup 29Graph
701Reeseup 28Graph
702Alberto    down 24Graph
702Cason    down 40Graph
702Quinton    down 20Graph
705Kingsley    down 76Graph
706Chaim    down 9Graph
707Alfredoup 40Graph
707Mauricio    down 75Graph
709Caspianup 54Graph
709Legacyup 58Graph
711Oceanup 87Graph
712Ozzynew Graph
713Briarup 42Graph
713Wilson    down 58Graph
715Forestup 96Graph
715Greyup 59Graph
715Joziahup 23Graph
715Salemup 90Graph
719Neilup 29Graph
719Remiup 44Graph
721Bridgerup 204Graph
721Harry    down 2Graph
723Jefferson    down 16Graph
723Lachlan    down 22Graph
725Nelson    down 54Graph
726Casenup 11Graph
726Salvador    down 28Graph
728Magnusup 77Graph
728Tommyup 16Graph
730Marcellusup 10Graph
730Maximoup 24Graph
732Jerry    down 130Graph
733Clyde    down 17Graph
734Aronup 9Graph
734Keaton    down 44Graph
736Eliamnew Graph
736Lianup 58Graph
736Traceup 23Graph
739Douglas    down 4Graph
740Juniorup 8Graph
740Titan    down 67Graph
742Cullen    down 58Graph
743Cillianup 220Graph
743Musaup 1Graph
743Myloup 58Graph
746Hugh    down 2Graph
746Tomas    down 41Graph
748Vincenzo    down 12Graph
748Westley Graph
750Langston    down 56Graph
751Byronup 34Graph
752Kiaanup 42Graph
753Loyalnew Graph
753Orlandoup 24Graph
755Kyroup 90Graph
756Amias    down 57Graph
756Amirinew Graph
756Jimmy    down 30Graph
759Vicenteup 1Graph
760Khari    down 85Graph
761Brendan    down 44Graph
761Reyup 124Graph
763Benup 7Graph
763Emery    down 25Graph
763Zyairup 204Graph
766Bjornup 14Graph
766Evandernew Graph
766Ramon    down 6Graph
769Alvin    down 86Graph
769Ricky    down 78Graph
771Jagger    down 54Graph
772Brock    down 92Graph
772Dakari    down 107Graph
772Eddie    down 43Graph
775Blazeup 77Graph
776Gatlinup 1Graph
777Alonsoup 5Graph
778Curtis    down 77Graph
778Kylianup 218Graph
778Nathanael    down 59Graph
781Devon    down 109Graph
782Wayne    down 9Graph
782Zakaiup 121Graph
784Mathew    down 71Graph
784Romeup 185Graph
786Riggsup 157Graph
787Aryanup 47Graph
787Aviup 119Graph
787Hassanup 28Graph
790Lochlan    down 64Graph
790Stanley    down 61Graph
792Dashup 9Graph
792Kaiserup 75Graph
794Benicio    down 20Graph
794Bryant    down 136Graph
794Talon    down 9Graph
797Rohan    down 1Graph
797Wessonup 43Graph
799Joe    down 66Graph
799Noe    down 122Graph
801Melvin    down 48Graph
801Vihaan    down 88Graph
801Zayd    down 25Graph
804Darren    down 81Graph
804Enoch    down 11Graph
804Mitchell    down 82Graph
807Jedidiah    down 82Graph
808Brodieup 63Graph
808Castielup 85Graph
808Ira    down 3Graph
811Lance    down 54Graph
812Guillermoup 22Graph
812Thatcherup 27Graph
814Ermias    down 166Graph
815Misael    down 4Graph
816Jakariup 61Graph
817Emoryup 1Graph
818Mccoyup 107Graph
818Rudyup 42Graph
818Thaddeus    down 33Graph
818Valentin    down 50Graph
818Yehudaup 22Graph
823Bodeup 1Graph
823Madden    down 9Graph
825Kaseup 7Graph
826Bearup 71Graph
826Boden    down 2Graph
826Jiraiyanew Graph
826Mauriceup 30Graph
830Alvaroup 15Graph
830Ameer Graph
830Demetriusup 26Graph
833Eliseo    down 48Graph
834Kabirup 24Graph
835Kellan    down 149Graph
836Allan    down 13Graph
836Azraelup 93Graph
836Calumup 86Graph
839Niklausup 46Graph
839Ray    down 116Graph
841Damariup 41Graph
841Elionew Graph
841Jon    down 30Graph
841Leighton    down 101Graph
845Axl    down 85Graph
845Dane    down 11Graph
845Eithanup 28Graph
845Eugene    down 5Graph
845Kenjiup 58Graph
850Jakobup 32Graph
851Colten    down 95Graph
851Eliel    down 100Graph
853Nova    down 96Graph
854Santosup 57Graph
855Zahirup 30Graph
856Idris    down 28Graph
856Ishaan    down 16Graph
856Kole    down 11Graph
856Korbin    down 147Graph
860Sevenup 65Graph
861Alaric    down 41Graph
861Kellen    down 71Graph
863Bronson    down 18Graph
863Francoup 74Graph
863Wesup 125Graph
866Larry    down 26Graph
866Mekhi    down 89Graph
868Jamalup 43Graph
869Dilan    down 24Graph
869Elisha    down 32Graph
871Brennan    down 108Graph
871Kace    down 81Graph
871Van    down 4Graph
874Felipe    down 9Graph
874Fisherup 32Graph
876Calup 59Graph
876Dior    down 9Graph
876Judsonup 1Graph
879Alfonsonew Graph
879Deandre    down 113Graph
879Rocky    down 19Graph
882Henrikup 11Graph
882Reubenup 33Graph
884Anders    down 54Graph
884Arian    down 26Graph
884Damirup 64Graph
884Jacobyup 22Graph
884Khalidup 12Graph
884Kye    down 76Graph
884Mustafanew Graph
891Jadiel    down 39Graph
891Stefan    down 18Graph
891Yousef    down 29Graph
894Aydin    down 27Graph
894Jerichoup 94Graph
894Robin    down 29Graph
894Wallaceup 17Graph
898Alistairup 65Graph
898Davionup 45Graph
900Alfredup 2Graph
900Ernesto    down 115Graph
900Kyng    down 10Graph
903Everestup 79Graph
903Gary    down 102Graph
903Leroyup 26Graph
903Yahir    down 26Graph
907Braden    down 92Graph
907Kelvinup 15Graph
907Kristian    down 88Graph
910Adlerup 10Graph
911Avyaannew Graph
911Brayan    down 59Graph
911Jonesup 35Graph
911Truettup 45Graph
915Aries    down 25Graph
915Joey    down 22Graph
915Randy    down 53Graph
918Jaxx    down 36Graph
918Jesiahnew Graph
920Jovanniup 40Graph
921Azrielnew Graph
921Brecken    down 131Graph
921Harley    down 140Graph
921Zechariahup 1Graph
925Gordonup 35Graph
926Jakainew Graph
927Carl    down 112Graph
927Graysen    down 30Graph
927Kylen    down 30Graph
930Ayan    down 27Graph
930Branson    down 53Graph
930Crosby    down 129Graph
930Dominikup 9Graph
930Jabariup 20Graph
930Jaxtyn    down 348Graph
930Kristopher    down 106Graph
930Ulises    down 57Graph
930Zyonnew Graph
939Fox    down 24Graph
939Howardnew Graph
939Salvatoreup 11Graph
939Turnerup 57Graph
939Vanceup 37Graph
944Harlem    down 33Graph
944Jair    down 47Graph
946Jakobe    down 109Graph
947Jeremias    down 4Graph
947Osiris    down 41Graph
949Azaelnew Graph
950Bowienew Graph
950Canaan Graph
950Elonnew Graph
950Grangernew Graph
950Karsyn    down 256Graph
950Zavier    down 73Graph
956Cain    down 71Graph
956Dangelo    down 8Graph
956Heathup 26Graph
956Yisroelnew Graph
960Giannew Graph
960Shepard    down 35Graph
962Harold    down 30Graph
962Kamdyn    down 2Graph
962Reneup 14Graph
962Rodney    down 100Graph
962Yaakovnew Graph
967Adriennew Graph
967Kartiernew Graph
969Cassiannew Graph
969Colesonnew Graph
971Ahmir    down 36Graph
971Darian    down 139Graph
973Genesis    down 145Graph
973Kalelup 20Graph
975Agustinnew Graph
975Wyldernew Graph
975Yadielnew Graph
978Ephraimup 22Graph
978Kody    down 23Graph
978Neonew Graph
981Ignacionew Graph
981Osmannew Graph
983Aldo    down 199Graph
984Abdullah    down 176Graph
984Cory    down 78Graph
986Blaine    down 96Graph
986Dimitrinew Graph
986Khainew Graph
986Landry    down 36Graph
986Palmernew Graph
991Benedictnew Graph
991Leif    down 76Graph
993Koennew Graph
993Maxton    down 11Graph
993Mordechai    down 60Graph
993Zev    down 73Graph
997Atharvnew Graph
997Bishop    down 17Graph
997Blaise    down 58Graph
997Davian    down 17Graph