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Most Popular Names USA 1996

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA 1996, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:1997
Previous list:1995
Highest new entries:Tamia (new at 497),  Moesha (new at 547),  Estefania (new at 590),  Odalys (new at 678),  Yamilex (new at 707)
Largest rises:Keely +400 (now at 518),  Lesley +309 (now at 431),  Annika +303 (now at 667),  Lesly +296 (now at 671),  Shania +273 (now at 171)
Largest falls:Khadijah -253 (now at 794),  Selina -237 (now at 608),  Baby -209 (now at 898),  Rikki -203 (now at 957),  Janay -177 (now at 985)

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1Emilyup 2Graph
2Jessica    down 1Graph
3Ashley    down 1Graph
4Sarahup 1Graph
5Samantha    down 1Graph
6Taylor Graph
7Hannah Graph
8Alexisup 6Graph
9Rachelup 3Graph
10Elizabeth Graph
11Kayla Graph
12Meganup 1Graph
13Amanda    down 4Graph
14Brittany    down 6Graph
15Madisonup 14Graph
16Lauren    down 1Graph
17Briannaup 4Graph
18Victoriaup 2Graph
19Jennifer    down 1Graph
20Stephanie    down 4Graph
21Courtney    down 4Graph
22Nicole    down 3Graph
23Alyssaup 4Graph
24Rebeccaup 4Graph
25Morgan    down 2Graph
26Alexandra Graph
27Amber    down 5Graph
28Jasmine    down 3Graph
29Danielle    down 5Graph
30Haleyup 2Graph
31Katherine    down 1Graph
32Abigailup 4Graph
33Anna    down 2Graph
34Oliviaup 5Graph
35Shelbyup 3Graph
36Kelsey    down 3Graph
37Mariaup 7Graph
38Allison    down 4Graph
39Sydneyup 4Graph
40Kaitlynup 2Graph
41Kimberly    down 4Graph
42Melissa    down 7Graph
43Savannahup 25Graph
44Mary    down 4Graph
45Brookeup 7Graph
46Natalieup 5Graph
47Michelle    down 6Graph
48Juliaup 14Graph
49Jordanup 1Graph
50Sara    down 2Graph
51Erin    down 2Graph
52Tiffany    down 6Graph
53Emmaup 14Graph
54Gabrielleup 7Graph
55Chelsea    down 8Graph
56Destinyup 10Graph
57Christina    down 12Graph
58Sabrinaup 37Graph
59Marissa    down 6Graph
60Vanessaup 3Graph
61Andrea    down 6Graph
62Sierra    down 2Graph
63Mariahup 8Graph
64Katelyn    down 5Graph
65Paige    down 7Graph
66Laura    down 10Graph
67Madelineup 12Graph
68Cheyenneup 18Graph
69Jacquelineup 1Graph
70Kristen    down 6Graph
71Heather    down 17Graph
72Brianaup 2Graph
73Kelly    down 9Graph
74Breannaup 1Graph
75Mackenzieup 13Graph
76Miranda    down 19Graph
77Alexandria    down 5Graph
78Carolineup 14Graph
79Erica    down 10Graph
80Shannon    down 7Graph
81Monicaup 6Graph
82Katie    down 5Graph
83Jennaup 1Graph
84Caitlin    down 3Graph
85Baileyup 11Graph
86Lindsey    down 4Graph
87Kathryn    down 4Graph
88Amy    down 12Graph
89Cassandra    down 11Graph
90Angela    down 5Graph
91Alicia    down 2Graph
92Crystal    down 12Graph
93Haileyup 18Graph
94Graceup 3Graph
95Catherine    down 5Graph
96Jamie    down 3Graph
97Angelicaup 4Graph
98Leahup 5Graph
99Molly    down 1Graph
100Alexa Graph
101Cynthiaup 12Graph
102Michaelaup 5Graph
103Kaitlin    down 9Graph
104Autumnup 6Graph
105Margaret    down 1Graph
106Erika    down 4Graph
107Diana    down 2Graph
108Karinaup 1Graph
109Cassidy    down 1Graph
110Kayleeup 17Graph
111Kylie    down 5Graph
112Chloeup 24Graph
113Meghan    down 1Graph
114Veronicaup 7Graph
115Brittney    down 16Graph
116Claireup 13Graph
117Bethany    down 1Graph
118Leslieup 19Graph
118Melanie    down 1Graph
120Hayleyup 14Graph
121Casey    down 3Graph
122Dominiqueup 18Graph
123Biancaup 5Graph
124Daisyup 21Graph
125Sophiaup 43Graph
126Carly    down 4Graph
127Jocelynup 21Graph
128Rachael    down 8Graph
129Makaylaup 35Graph
130Holly    down 4Graph
131Brenda    down 12Graph
132Gabriela    down 9Graph
133Karenup 9Graph
134Lindsay    down 9Graph
135Christine    down 21Graph
136Kendra    down 3Graph
137Summerup 16Graph
138Caitlyn Graph
139Gabriellaup 4Graph
140Whitney    down 25Graph
141Ana    down 6Graph
142Selena    down 51Graph
143Mikaylaup 3Graph
144Desiree    down 12Graph
145Jadeup 21Graph
146Rebekahup 10Graph
147Kristin    down 16Graph
148Kristina    down 18Graph
149Faithup 24Graph
150Julie    down 10Graph
151Isabellaup 23Graph
152Kathleen    down 13Graph
153Adrianaup 4Graph
154Valerie    down 5Graph
155Zoeup 21Graph
156Arianaup 7Graph
157Alondraup 81Graph
158Mckenzieup 7Graph
159Patricia    down 9Graph
160Alejandra Graph
161Brandi    down 37Graph
162Angelup 13Graph
163Ariel    down 12Graph
164Audreyup 3Graph
165Kara    down 13Graph
166Alison    down 4Graph
167Tara    down 9Graph
168Lisa    down 24Graph
169Marisa    down 22Graph
170Natasha    down 16Graph
171Shaniaup 273Graph
172Nancy    down 13Graph
173Claudia    down 1Graph
174Dana    down 5Graph
175Lydia    down 4Graph
176Kirstenup 4Graph
177April    down 22Graph
178Alexusup 56Graph
179Diamond Graph
180Miaup 75Graph
181Sandra    down 4Graph
182Dejaup 23Graph
183Mallory    down 5Graph
184Raven    down 15Graph
185Tori    down 24Graph
186Hopeup 7Graph
187Cierra    down 2Graph
188Evelynup 8Graph
189Jasmin    down 5Graph
190Kianaup 2Graph
191Katrina    down 9Graph
192Bridgetup 9Graph
193Meaganup 10Graph
194Yeseniaup 6Graph
195Cindyup 3Graph
196Monique    down 15Graph
197Isabelup 20Graph
198Kendall    down 8Graph
199Jillian    down 2Graph
200Asiaup 19Graph
201Mayaup 26Graph
202Ashlee    down 3Graph
203Kassandra    down 20Graph
204Karlaup 37Graph
205Ciara    down 17Graph
206Hannaup 3Graph
207Kennedyup 22Graph
208Abbyup 1Graph
209Joanna    down 23Graph
210Deanna    down 23Graph
210Mercedes    down 19Graph
212Kiara    down 8Graph
213Naomi Graph
214Ariannaup 30Graph
215Brandy    down 20Graph
216Jazmin    down 22Graph
217Krystal    down 28Graph
218Guadalupeup 14Graph
219Anne    down 11Graph
220Tatianaup 23Graph
221Krista    down 19Graph
222Ameliaup 15Graph
223Chelsey    down 17Graph
224Katelynnup 4Graph
225Jadaup 21Graph
226Tessaup 27Graph
227Ashlynup 6Graph
227Jazmine    down 15Graph
229Mckennaup 30Graph
230Denise    down 14Graph
231Tabitha    down 12Graph
232Allyson    down 14Graph
233Carolynup 9Graph
234Gina    down 27Graph
234Marisolup 137Graph
236Katlyn    down 13Graph
237Meredith    down 11Graph
238Ashleighup 2Graph
239Imaniup 27Graph
240Alisha    down 19Graph
241Celesteup 7Graph
241Clarissa    down 2Graph
241Ninaup 39Graph
244Alanaup 64Graph
245Ellen    down 31Graph
246Cristina    down 16Graph
247Brenna    down 12Graph
248Rileyup 38Graph
249Tiara    down 28Graph
250Savannaup 23Graph
251Lillianup 43Graph
252Kasey    down 7Graph
253Danielaup 15Graph
254Jordyn    down 7Graph
255Peytonup 182Graph
256Maggie    down 6Graph
257Loganup 7Graph
258Aubreyup 4Graph
259Priscilla    down 44Graph
260Justineup 30Graph
260Lilyup 60Graph
262Madeleineup 19Graph
263Kyraup 130Graph
264Felicia    down 53Graph
265Delaneyup 63Graph
266Alexiaup 38Graph
267Alissaup 8Graph
267Marina    down 13Graph
269Cecilia    down 18Graph
270Teresa    down 8Graph
271Tia    down 1Graph
272Colleen    down 48Graph
273Dakota    down 21Graph
274Carolinaup 5Graph
274Shaylaup 49Graph
276Lacey    down 40Graph
276Sadieup 9Graph
278Adriannaup 5Graph
279Raquel    down 22Graph
280Mikaelaup 44Graph
281Kyleeup 31Graph
282Genesisup 51Graph
283Kelsie    down 9Graph
284Paytonup 124Graph
285Jenny    down 1Graph
286Brooklynup 55Graph
287Tamara    down 29Graph
288Miriam    down 2Graph
289Kylaup 122Graph
290Annieup 8Graph
291Heidi    down 2Graph
292Rosa    down 20Graph
293Virginiaup 14Graph
294Linda    down 64Graph
294Ruby    down 34Graph
296Jessie    down 47Graph
297Wendy    down 32Graph
298Susanup 14Graph
299Renee    down 18Graph
300Camille    down 24Graph
301Elena    down 8Graph
302Charlotte    down 25Graph
303Jaclyn    down 47Graph
304Tiana    down 37Graph
305Eliseup 30Graph
306Makenzieup 52Graph
307Cheyanneup 47Graph
307Gloriaup 4Graph
309Serenaup 17Graph
310Angelina    down 5Graph
311Jacquelyn    down 34Graph
312Helenup 13Graph
313Destineeup 8Graph
314Vivianup 3Graph
315Ashton    down 19Graph
316Mayra    down 47Graph
317Esther    down 16Graph
318Theresa    down 26Graph
319Callie    down 28Graph
320Carrie    down 10Graph
321Martha    down 20Graph
322Carmen    down 51Graph
323Madelynup 42Graph
324Sharonup 6Graph
325Cara    down 17Graph
325Justice    down 64Graph
327Anastasiaup 18Graph
328Skylarup 58Graph
328Valeria    down 10Graph
330Sophieup 50Graph
331Bayleeup 48Graph
332Kaliup 15Graph
333Tyler    down 30Graph
334Juliannaup 73Graph
335Aaliyah    down 110Graph
336Nataliaup 10Graph
337Sidney    down 22Graph
338Janet    down 41Graph
339Julianaup 31Graph
340Josieup 21Graph
341Pamelaup 43Graph
341Toni    down 14Graph
343Kateup 21Graph
343Liliana    down 11Graph
343Marie    down 24Graph
346Ebony    down 41Graph
347Lorenaup 51Graph
347Ruth    down 26Graph
349Eva Graph
350Kelli    down 51Graph
351Emileeup 16Graph
352Kierra    down 36Graph
353Francescaup 9Graph
354Hunter    down 14Graph
354Nichole    down 59Graph
356Nadiaup 34Graph
357Tatyanaup 16Graph
358Hayleeup 46Graph
359Carla    down 15Graph
359Esmeraldaup 41Graph
361Sofiaup 66Graph
362Candace    down 74Graph
363Bryannaup 11Graph
364Tierra    down 13Graph
365Kaitlynnup 13Graph
366Elisabethup 8Graph
367Macy    down 24Graph
368Harley    down 20Graph
368Kaileyup 23Graph
370Isabelleup 117Graph
371Josephineup 3Graph
371Kiraup 17Graph
373Carissa    down 44Graph
374Christian    down 18Graph
375Robin    down 16Graph
376Carleyup 42Graph
376Preciousup 39Graph
378Rose    down 41Graph
379Paola    down 79Graph
380Britney    down 46Graph
380Sasha    down 14Graph
382Breanaup 18Graph
383Tayler    down 27Graph
384Alainaup 11Graph
385Nikki    down 4Graph
386Janelle    down 47Graph
387Kellie    down 52Graph
388Haleighup 71Graph
389Bria    down 48Graph
390Aimee    down 59Graph
390Aliyah    down 52Graph
392Barbara    down 43Graph
392Tarynup 23Graph
394Devin    down 42Graph
395Antoniaup 148Graph
396Alyson Graph
396Indiaup 35Graph
398Ann    down 44Graph
398Melody    down 29Graph
400Brianneup 2Graph
401Clara    down 2Graph
402Giannaup 18Graph
403Cassie    down 44Graph
404Devon    down 90Graph
405Lucyup 39Graph
406Ivyup 16Graph
407Larissa    down 1Graph
408Janeup 10Graph
408Sonia    down 40Graph
410Deborah    down 13Graph
411Kayleighup 20Graph
412Regina    down 9Graph
413Noelleup 39Graph
414Marianaup 1Graph
415Marilynup 33Graph
416Ireneup 11Graph
417Candice    down 32Graph
418Carina    down 36Graph
419Arielle    down 37Graph
419Stacy    down 32Graph
421Tyraup 108Graph
422Karissa    down 59Graph
422Nicolette    down 31Graph
424Kierstenup 37Graph
425Kenya    down 31Graph
425Taniaup 40Graph
427Kaila    down 17Graph
428Yasmineup 151Graph
429Kourtneyup 26Graph
430Aliceup 12Graph
431Lesleyup 309Graph
432Shaynaup 22Graph
433Johannaup 8Graph
433Joyup 1Graph
435Daniella    down 13Graph
435Kassidy    down 9Graph
437Stacey    down 63Graph
438Allieup 13Graph
439Adrienne    down 34Graph
439Tina    down 28Graph
441Elisaup 20Graph
441Tiffani    down 20Graph
443Simoneup 21Graph
443Tanya    down 30Graph
443Yasminup 61Graph
446Reaganup 128Graph
447Niaup 48Graph
448Alma    down 8Graph
449Lexusup 83Graph
450Micaela    down 11Graph
450Noraup 13Graph
452Abbeyup 8Graph
452Mckaylaup 20Graph
452Paulaup 6Graph
455Sylvia    down 19Graph
456Angeliqueup 13Graph
456Taliaup 20Graph
458Leticia    down 20Graph
459Chasity    down 32Graph
459Frances    down 9Graph
461Alannaup 47Graph
461Christy    down 12Graph
463Cristalup 11Graph
464Kariup 38Graph
464Melinda    down 55Graph
466Elizaup 22Graph
467Ciera    down 20Graph
468Shawna    down 43Graph
468Skylerup 70Graph
470Elaine    down 3Graph
471Tianna    down 37Graph
472Maritzaup 6Graph
473Chelsie    down 40Graph
473Kelsiup 19Graph
475Emilieup 31Graph
476Marlene    down 33Graph
477Robynup 15Graph
478Haileeup 101Graph
479Baileeup 105Graph
480Kaleyup 31Graph
481Jaime    down 51Graph
482Kaleigh    down 1Graph
483Kaylin    down 16Graph
484Viviana    down 1Graph
485Chandler    down 132Graph
486Avery    down 21Graph
487Charityup 8Graph
488Moriah    down 8Graph
488Thaliaup 6Graph
490Reganup 88Graph
491Carlieup 40Graph
491Eleanorup 52Graph
493Kaylieup 13Graph
493Kristy    down 9Graph
493Perla    down 3Graph
496Kiera    down 27Graph
497Tamianew Graph
498Darian    down 109Graph
499Hallieup 22Graph
500Kristine    down 22Graph
501Randi    down 48Graph
502Maribel    down 18Graph
503Christa    down 30Graph
503Yvette    down 22Graph
505Janaeup 11Graph
506Chantel    down 17Graph
506Shainaup 95Graph
508Judith    down 4Graph
509Cortney    down 95Graph
509Shyanneup 175Graph
511Margaritaup 15Graph
512Paulinaup 37Graph
513Jocelyneup 109Graph
514Ashlynnup 55Graph
514Genevieveup 9Graph
516Tracy    down 60Graph
517Cameronup 52Graph
518Keelyup 400Graph
519Iris    down 19Graph
519Jeanette    down 7Graph
521Blanca    down 35Graph
521Leannaup 30Graph
521Meaghan    down 47Graph
524Desirae    down 6Graph
524Lizbeth    down 27Graph
526Clareup 61Graph
527Halieup 73Graph
528Yvonne Graph
529Kathyup 34Graph
529Maddisonup 64Graph
531Makennaup 150Graph
532Madalynup 42Graph
533Stephanyup 30Graph
534Rachelle    down 24Graph
535Cayla    down 8Graph
535Dallas    down 2Graph
537Julianne    down 20Graph
538Brittani    down 67Graph
539Ericka    down 39Graph
539Paris    down 25Graph
541Katharine    down 21Graph
541Phoebeup 38Graph
543Darby    down 44Graph
543Essence    down 53Graph
545Katelin    down 2Graph
546Addisonup 131Graph
547Alexandrea    down 70Graph
547Moeshanew Graph
549Lyricup 84Graph
550Maranda    down 128Graph
551Fatimaup 40Graph
551Mollie    down 10Graph
553Jaylaup 140Graph
553Tanisha    down 20Graph
555Donna    down 58Graph
555Lenaup 19Graph
555Rosemaryup 14Graph
558Kaylyn    down 12Graph
559Susanaup 8Graph
560Alina    down 57Graph
561Chanelup 57Graph
562Alisa    down 5Graph
562Savanah    down 13Graph
564Aisha    down 9Graph
565Carol    down 40Graph
566Kacieup 40Graph
566Tess    down 19Graph
568Edith    down 124Graph
568Leaup 81Graph
568Lexiup 143Graph
571Breanne    down 35Graph
572Casandra    down 19Graph
572Sandy    down 54Graph
574Kristi    down 37Graph
575Kileyup 40Graph
575Luciaup 19Graph
577Bridgette    down 26Graph
577Shantelup 65Graph
579Michele    down 64Graph
580Skyeup 48Graph
581Georgiaup 29Graph
582Anita    down 9Graph
582Jaquelineup 75Graph
584Maraup 40Graph
585Diane    down 46Graph
586Corinne    down 63Graph
586Heaven    down 28Graph
588Noemi    down 23Graph
589Saraiup 41Graph
590Bonnie    down 3Graph
590Estefanianew Graph
590Tristanup 130Graph
593Lyndsey    down 32Graph
593Reyna    down 16Graph
595Araceli    down 47Graph
595Karlyup 1Graph
597Beatriz    down 43Graph
597Ellaup 99Graph
597Nathalieup 22Graph
597Ryanup 23Graph
601Jacklynup 23Graph
601Stefanie    down 32Graph
603Gillianup 266Graph
603Ryleeup 84Graph
605Halleup 89Graph
605Sheila    down 22Graph
605Yolanda    down 46Graph
608Selina    down 237Graph
609Fionaup 180Graph
609Laurel    down 42Graph
611Ellieup 6Graph
611Karli    down 16Graph
611Montanaup 26Graph
614Eileen    down 11Graph
615Brielleup 128Graph
616Destiney    down 12Graph
616Karlee    down 3Graph
616Katarina    down 81Graph
619Misty    down 57Graph
620Karlieup 10Graph
621Kianna    down 24Graph
622Carliup 37Graph
622Sally    down 36Graph
624Giselle    down 35Graph
625Keishaup 23Graph
626Kaileeup 93Graph
626Micahup 3Graph
628Alysha    down 39Graph
629Aspenup 33Graph
630Celina    down 173Graph
631Alaynaup 19Graph
631Auroraup 28Graph
631Emelyup 147Graph
631Lexieup 173Graph
635Edenup 22Graph
635Elainaup 2Graph
637Shaunaup 27Graph
638Alex    down 99Graph
638Kelley    down 83Graph
640Dorothy    down 43Graph
640Yadira    down 55Graph
642Abbie    down 20Graph
642Antoinette    down 31Graph
644Angieup 45Graph
644Helena    down 5Graph
646Demi    down 35Graph
646Shakiraup 122Graph
648Kaelaup 54Graph
648Lori    down 69Graph
650Jill    down 85Graph
651Joyce    down 46Graph
651Kelsea    down 9Graph
651Shana    down 44Graph
654Katlin    down 47Graph
654Shirley    down 18Graph
654Zoeyup 219Graph
657Destini    down 66Graph
657Janice    down 44Graph
657Laurynup 159Graph
660Ayannaup 13Graph
660Sageup 56Graph
662Celiaup 7Graph
662Tasha    down 140Graph
664Shelbieup 65Graph
665Blair    down 24Graph
665Suzanne    down 33Graph
667Annikaup 303Graph
668Norma    down 139Graph
668Trisha    down 108Graph
670Trinity    down 8Graph
671Leslyup 296Graph
671Roxanne    down 31Graph
673Coraup 8Graph
673Rocio    down 58Graph
675Carleeup 24Graph
676Aliup 36Graph
676Kasandra    down 42Graph
678Ashlie    down 33Graph
678Luz    down 25Graph
678Odalysnew Graph
681Dulceup 20Graph
682Fabiola    down 16Graph
682Shelbi    down 40Graph
684Joselynup 135Graph
684Rochelle    down 64Graph
684Shanice    down 176Graph
687Athenaup 20Graph
687Dalia    down 174Graph
689Yesseniaup 40Graph
690Juanita    down 19Graph
690Kerri    down 16Graph
692Ashantiup 122Graph
693Hillary    down 7Graph
694Brook    down 42Graph
694Keri    down 49Graph
694Lorenup 76Graph
697Daisha    down 18Graph
697Maura    down 1Graph
699Christianaup 8Graph
700Kirstinup 29Graph
701Itzel    down 67Graph
701Janessaup 64Graph
703Aileenup 128Graph
703Ritaup 4Graph
705Arlene Graph
705Jena    down 3Graph
707Yamilexnew Graph
708Aleahup 70Graph
708Breannup 17Graph
710Kaceyup 19Graph
710Kaelyn    down 29Graph
712Rhiannon    down 88Graph
713Anissa    down 116Graph
713Sarinaup 132Graph
715Kailynup 91Graph
715Rebeca    down 31Graph
717Annette    down 70Graph
717Mariela    down 2Graph
717Silvia    down 22Graph
720Kori    down 18Graph
721Charlene    down 32Graph
721Gretchenup 1Graph
721Tristenup 186Graph
724Esperanzaup 165Graph
724Jesse    down 117Graph
724Kerry    down 19Graph
724Maegan    down 47Graph
724Zarianew Graph
729Allyssaup 46Graph
729Melina    down 75Graph
729Mikala    down 70Graph
729Shanna    down 1Graph
729Sonya    down 42Graph
734Drew    down 5Graph
734Miracleup 129Graph
736Justina    down 20Graph
736Sheaup 38Graph
736Sydnee    down 62Graph
736Tameraup 18Graph
740Ava    down 5Graph
740Brionnaup 3Graph
740Karleyup 119Graph
743Ceceliaup 57Graph
743Macey    down 8Graph
745Alysiaup 93Graph
745Darleneup 6Graph
745Mireyanew Graph
745Sade    down 144Graph
749Alizenew Graph
749Gwendolynup 107Graph
749Jodi    down 85Graph
749Myranda    down 125Graph
753Berenice    down 97Graph
753Bobbie    down 87Graph
755Alyciaup 76Graph
755Ashly    down 35Graph
757Iesha    down 86Graph
757Kristianup 25Graph
757Xenanew Graph
760Abbigailup 82Graph
760Corina    down 86Graph
760Lucero    down 35Graph
760Macieup 1Graph
764Danianew Graph
764Dasiaup 1Graph
764Gladys    down 42Graph
767Lacy    down 117Graph
768Ashliup 21Graph
768Brooklynnup 137Graph
768Graciela    down 46Graph
768Katy    down 114Graph
772Katianew Graph
773Breonna    down 38Graph
774Celineup 71Graph
774Kalyn    down 20Graph
774Shyannup 179Graph
777Lara    down 4Graph
777Lizette    down 108Graph
779Elissa    down 65Graph
780Maliaup 77Graph
780Natalyup 2Graph
782Beverly    down 66Graph
783Jackieup 45Graph
783Julissa    down 1Graph
783Yasmeenup 39Graph
786Alessandraup 5Graph
786Jayme    down 4Graph
786Uniqueup 96Graph
789Joanne    down 46Graph
789Kaciup 83Graph
789Mandyup 2Graph
792Christenup 2Graph
792Kayliup 36Graph
794Dawn    down 128Graph
794Khadijah    down 253Graph
796Bryana    down 2Graph
796Kristyn    down 57Graph
796Leanne    down 117Graph
799Alenaup 7Graph
800Connie    down 100Graph
800Monikaup 26Graph
802Ingridup 20Graph
802Kayleyup 112Graph
804Devyn    down 17Graph
804Patienceup 103Graph
804Roxana    down 4Graph
807Devan    down 97Graph
808Daijaup 118Graph
808Kaylynn    down 8Graph
810Anikaup 108Graph
810Carsonup 115Graph
810Cheryl    down 32Graph
810Mindyup 12Graph
814Magdalena    down 46Graph
815Dianna    down 7Graph
815Hollie    down 54Graph
815Maricelaup 61Graph
815Scarlett    down 64Graph
815Siennaup 155Graph
820Ayana    down 82Graph
820Mariamup 129Graph
822Ajaup 20Graph
823Maianew Graph
824Chantal    down 95Graph
824Julietnew Graph
824Kenzieup 159Graph
827Jennie    down 62Graph
828Amaninew Graph
828Jenifer    down 116Graph
828Noelup 31Graph
831Dajaup 136Graph
831Daphneup 32Graph
831Kortney    down 34Graph
834Chynnanew Graph
835Beth    down 110Graph
835Bobbi    down 77Graph
835Racheal    down 74Graph
838Haylieup 51Graph
838Octavia    down 81Graph
840Alysaup 46Graph
840Constance    down 93Graph
840Vanesanew Graph
843Brandie    down 96Graph
843Emeraldup 10Graph
843Judy    down 73Graph
843Myraup 16Graph
847Ayla    down 31Graph
847Joelle    down 39Graph
847Kalieup 35Graph
847Sydni    down 33Graph
847Sydnieup 87Graph
852Jana    down 99Graph
852Kala    down 163Graph
852Lillyup 58Graph
852Maureen    down 75Graph
856Marleyup 46Graph
856Stevie    down 114Graph
858Catalinaup 86Graph
858Elyssanew Graph
858Tatiannaup 95Graph
861Janie    down 61Graph
861Tristanew Graph
863Janetteup 31Graph
863Nadine    down 105Graph
865Aleciaup 32Graph
865Mariannaup 88Graph
865Mattieup 8Graph
865Terriup 21Graph
869Cori    down 122Graph
869Elsa    down 2Graph
869Gabriel    down 19Graph
869Nayeliup 101Graph
873Hali    down 14Graph
873Shiannenew Graph
875Debra    down 100Graph
875Kiaup 22Graph
877Tammy    down 130Graph
878Damaris    down 33Graph
878Dayna    down 120Graph
878Elisha    down 9Graph
878Emiliaup 11Graph
878Stacie    down 74Graph
878Susannaup 56Graph
878Tabatha    down 108Graph
885Chasenew Graph
885Eliananew Graph
885Jessika    down 145Graph
885Martinaup 9Graph
889Amarinew Graph
889Annamarieup 87Graph
889Julietteup 75Graph
892Asha    down 10Graph
892Hanaup 34Graph
894Audra    down 49Graph
894Juana    down 107Graph
894Kallie    down 100Graph
894Tonya    down 151Graph
898Baby    down 209Graph
898Leigh    down 48Graph
898Reinaup 36Graph
901Domoniqueup 17Graph
901Isisup 43Graph
901Mariselaup 43Graph
904Christie    down 123Graph
904Madisennew Graph
904Shelly    down 85Graph
907Betty    down 72Graph
907Elyse    down 110Graph
907Katlynn    down 81Graph
907Kaycee    down 77Graph
907Kinseyup 46Graph
907Odalisnew Graph
913Adrian    down 60Graph
913Beatriceup 36Graph
915Brittni    down 124Graph
915Kendal    down 73Graph
915Layla    down 80Graph
915Stormy    down 18Graph
919Aubree    down 137Graph
919Jazmyn    down 50Graph
919Kenia    down 106Graph
919Yajairaup 67Graph
923Cydneyup 3Graph
923Kaylahnew Graph
923Princess    down 43Graph
926Annabelleup 44Graph
926Marlenanew Graph
928Chaya    down 51Graph
928Krysta    down 167Graph
928Sarahinew Graph
931Dinaup 48Graph
931Leilaninew Graph
931Lynn    down 34Graph
934Alia    down 27Graph
934Denissenew Graph
934Jalisa    down 103Graph
937Jami    down 35Graph
937Marleenew Graph
939Havennew Graph
939Katerina    down 5Graph
939Liana    down 142Graph
942Cinthianew Graph
943Jazlynnew Graph
943Terra    down 105Graph
943Viridiana    down 105Graph
946Jailenenew Graph
946Kyleighup 24Graph
946Tatumnew Graph
946Valentinaup 24Graph
950Alyssianew Graph
950Anjelica    down 85Graph
950Billie    down 97Graph
950Chynanew Graph
950Estefanynew Graph
950Ivette    down 45Graph
950Sheridannew Graph
957Alesha    down 47Graph
957Ansleynew Graph
957Madysonnew Graph
957Palomanew Graph
957Rikki    down 203Graph
962Eboni    down 150Graph
962Jaycienew Graph
964Giovanna    down 75Graph
964Jaceynew Graph
964Lexisnew Graph
967Lacie    down 122Graph
967Olganew Graph
967Tyeshanew Graph
970Belindaup 13Graph
970Tracey    down 26Graph
970Yazmin    down 30Graph
973Astridup 24Graph
973Eryn    down 123Graph
975Caitlynnnew Graph
975Daijahnew Graph
975Jasmynnew Graph
978Infant    down 111Graph
978Joslynnew Graph
978Quinn    down 35Graph
981Christin    down 104Graph
981Dejahnew Graph
981Fernanda    down 32Graph
981Maxinenew Graph
985Janay    down 177Graph
985Pauline    down 88Graph
985Yaritzanew Graph
988Jessi    down 115Graph
988Leeannnew Graph
990Blake    down 64Graph
990Chinanew Graph
990Kimberleynew Graph
990Melisa    down 37Graph
990Raynanew Graph
995Alivia    down 85Graph
995Leannnew Graph
995Luisa    down 5Graph
998Brittanie    down 141Graph
998Griselda    down 176Graph
998Jadennew Graph