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Most Popular Names USA 1998

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA 1998, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:1999
Previous list:1997
Highest new entries:Ally (new at 417),  Kamryn (new at 553),  Calista (new at 697),  Brynn (new at 721),  Dejah (new at 784)
Largest rises:Mya +755 (now at 238),  Camryn +482 (now at 367),  Madelynn +314 (now at 629),  Gracie +287 (now at 620),  Ava +268 (now at 350)
Largest falls:Jocelyne -291 (now at 884),  Shakira -263 (now at 859),  Kerri -222 (now at 974),  Kelsea -177 (now at 905),  Alycia -172 (now at 922)

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1Emily Graph
2Hannahup 3Graph
3Samanthaup 3Graph
4Sarah Graph
5Ashley    down 2Graph
6Alexisup 2Graph
7Taylor Graph
8Jessica    down 6Graph
9Madisonup 1Graph
10Elizabeth    down 1Graph
11Alyssaup 4Graph
12Kayla Graph
13Megan    down 2Graph
14Lauren Graph
15Rachel    down 2Graph
16Victoriaup 3Graph
17Brianna Graph
18Abigailup 7Graph
19Amanda    down 3Graph
20Jennifer    down 2Graph
21Oliviaup 6Graph
22Emmaup 14Graph
23Morgan    down 1Graph
24Nicole    down 3Graph
25Brittany    down 5Graph
26Jasmine    down 2Graph
27Alexandraup 3Graph
28Sydneyup 7Graph
29Stephanie    down 6Graph
30Rebecca    down 4Graph
31Annaup 2Graph
32Juliaup 5Graph
33Katherine    down 1Graph
34Destinyup 8Graph
35Haley    down 4Graph
36Kaitlynup 5Graph
37Amber    down 8Graph
38Allisonup 1Graph
39Courtney    down 11Graph
40Natalieup 8Graph
41Danielle    down 7Graph
42Jordan    down 2Graph
43Maria    down 5Graph
44Savannahup 3Graph
45Maryup 1Graph
46Brooke    down 1Graph
47Gabrielleup 4Graph
48Saraup 2Graph
49Shelby    down 6Graph
50Madelineup 9Graph
51Sierraup 5Graph
52Vanessaup 2Graph
53Kimberly    down 4Graph
54Graceup 15Graph
55Michelle Graph
56Kelseyup 1Graph
57Erin    down 5Graph
58Katelynup 5Graph
59Melissa    down 15Graph
60Baileyup 5Graph
61Andrea    down 3Graph
62Mariahup 5Graph
63Paigeup 1Graph
64Mackenzieup 7Graph
65Jennaup 11Graph
66Marissa    down 6Graph
67Tiffany    down 6Graph
68Sabrina    down 15Graph
69Christina    down 7Graph
70Haileyup 10Graph
71Makaylaup 31Graph
72Cheyenne    down 4Graph
73Sophiaup 21Graph
74Laura    down 8Graph
75Caroline Graph
76Breanna    down 2Graph
77Autumnup 14Graph
78Caitlinup 9Graph
79Briana    down 7Graph
80Miranda    down 10Graph
81Alexandria    down 3Graph
82Mikaylaup 30Graph
83Dianaup 14Graph
84Isabellaup 30Graph
85Cassandra    down 4Graph
86Kayleeup 21Graph
87Chloeup 22Graph
88Katie Graph
89Kelly    down 6Graph
90Kathryn    down 4Graph
91Claireup 17Graph
92Erica    down 8Graph
93Alexaup 13Graph
94Chelsea    down 21Graph
95Jacqueline    down 18Graph
96Amy    down 4Graph
97Lindsey    down 2Graph
98Alicia    down 9Graph
99Heather    down 9Graph
100Angela    down 7Graph
101Catherine    down 5Graph
101Kristen    down 19Graph
103Michaela    down 3Graph
104Shannon    down 19Graph
105Monica    down 26Graph
106Faithup 18Graph
107Leah    down 3Graph
108Molly    down 10Graph
109Angelica    down 8Graph
110Crystal    down 11Graph
111Leslieup 4Graph
112Jamie    down 9Graph
113Cassidy    down 8Graph
114Margaret    down 4Graph
115Caitlynup 18Graph
116Gabriellaup 7Graph
117Kylie    down 1Graph
118Isabelup 23Graph
119Jadaup 46Graph
120Kaitlin    down 1Graph
121Meghan    down 8Graph
122Zoeup 13Graph
123Mayaup 60Graph
124Erika    down 13Graph
125Jadeup 4Graph
126Cynthia    down 9Graph
127Veronica    down 1Graph
128Jocelyn    down 6Graph
129Gabriela    down 9Graph
130Mia    down 2Graph
131Summer Graph
132Bethany    down 11Graph
133Esmeraldaup 81Graph
134Adriana    down 9Graph
135Melanie    down 8Graph
136Daisyup 4Graph
137Arianaup 1Graph
138Angelup 6Graph
139Selenaup 18Graph
140Carly    down 3Graph
141Ana    down 2Graph
142Mckenzieup 8Graph
143Brittney    down 13Graph
144Karina    down 12Graph
145Audreyup 10Graph
146Dominique    down 28Graph
147Ariel    down 3Graph
148Valerie    down 6Graph
149Brenda    down 1Graph
150Casey    down 4Graph
151Hayley    down 15Graph
152Karen    down 9Graph
153Lydiaup 7Graph
154Kendra    down 1Graph
155Rebekah    down 3Graph
156Alejandraup 6Graph
156Bianca    down 22Graph
158Jillianup 8Graph
159Desiree    down 12Graph
160Hopeup 11Graph
161Lindsay    down 12Graph
162Madelynup 90Graph
163Holly    down 12Graph
164Diamondup 17Graph
165Hannaup 13Graph
166Rileyup 18Graph
167Ariannaup 10Graph
168Julie    down 4Graph
169Lilyup 50Graph
170Rachael    down 16Graph
171Kathleenup 4Graph
172Kiaraup 66Graph
173Skylarup 129Graph
174Lillianup 40Graph
175Christine    down 16Graph
176Kara    down 15Graph
177Jasminup 10Graph
178Evelynup 13Graph
179Claudia    down 12Graph
180Patricia    down 11Graph
181Cierra    down 1Graph
182Aprilup 6Graph
183Kennedyup 3Graph
184Alexus    down 2Graph
185Raven    down 16Graph
186Allysonup 38Graph
187Kendallup 6Graph
188Alison    down 15Graph
189Tara    down 17Graph
190Naomiup 7Graph
191Adrianna    down 36Graph
192Kristina    down 29Graph
192Whitney    down 34Graph
194Abby    down 2Graph
195Danielaup 28Graph
196Isabelleup 55Graph
197Jordynup 7Graph
198Cameronup 138Graph
199Kyraup 4Graph
200Brooklynup 27Graph
201Ashlynup 16Graph
202Kirsten    down 17Graph
203Alondra    down 36Graph
204Mallory    down 14Graph
205Natasha    down 16Graph
206Asia    down 11Graph
207Jazmin    down 2Graph
208Nancy    down 12Graph
209Karla    down 8Graph
210Katelynnup 25Graph
211Kristin    down 37Graph
212Mckennaup 14Graph
213Marisa    down 13Graph
214Tatianaup 26Graph
215Dana    down 36Graph
216Madeleineup 15Graph
217Ameliaup 11Graph
218Peytonup 12Graph
219Jazmine    down 6Graph
220Delaneyup 38Graph
220Serenaup 25Graph
222Aaliyah    down 46Graph
223Guadalupe    down 13Graph
224Mercedesup 17Graph
224Tessa    down 6Graph
226Kiana    down 28Graph
227Payton    down 3Graph
228Sandra    down 26Graph
229Alexiaup 30Graph
230Lisa    down 36Graph
231Ninaup 3Graph
232Sofiaup 17Graph
233Tori    down 25Graph
234Kyleeup 20Graph
235Katrina    down 28Graph
236Cindy    down 30Graph
237Bridget    down 2Graph
238Myaup 755Graph
239Priscillaup 14Graph
240Joanna    down 32Graph
241Savannaup 5Graph
242Giselleup 69Graph
243Aubreyup 14Graph
244Deanna    down 23Graph
245Deja    down 29Graph
246Averyup 65Graph
246Dakotaup 4Graph
248Kassandra    down 36Graph
249Maggieup 28Graph
250Alissa    down 7Graph
251Ciara    down 40Graph
252Celeste    down 13Graph
253Imani    down 5Graph
254Alanaup 26Graph
255Sophieup 12Graph
256Rubyup 25Graph
257Brandi    down 58Graph
258Monique    down 21Graph
259Juliannaup 40Graph
260Genesis    down 4Graph
260Yesenia    down 31Graph
262Katlyn    down 20Graph
263Meagan    down 30Graph
264Kyla    down 4Graph
265Anastasiaup 39Graph
266Giannaup 92Graph
267Ashlee    down 35Graph
268Angelina Graph
269Makenzieup 19Graph
270Nataliaup 36Graph
271Sidneyup 14Graph
272Kateup 51Graph
273Elenaup 22Graph
274Anne    down 53Graph
274Kiraup 50Graph
276Sadie    down 2Graph
277Rosaup 21Graph
278Carmenup 6Graph
279Kaileyup 72Graph
280Meredith    down 18Graph
281Tabitha    down 37Graph
282Krystal    down 35Graph
283Camilleup 3Graph
284Brandy    down 23Graph
285Ceciliaup 15Graph
286Shaniaup 44Graph
287Brenna    down 5Graph
288Ashleigh    down 24Graph
289Julianaup 21Graph
290Valeriaup 7Graph
291Tianaup 20Graph
292Bryannaup 33Graph
293Elise    down 15Graph
293Logan    down 19Graph
295Skylerup 118Graph
296Mikaela    down 23Graph
297Roseup 94Graph
298Gina    down 43Graph
299Carolina    down 27Graph
300Callieup 16Graph
301Clarissa    down 35Graph
302Kaseyup 6Graph
303Denise    down 32Graph
304Hunterup 67Graph
305Charlotte    down 4Graph
306Shayla    down 27Graph
307Miriamup 7Graph
308Destinee    down 2Graph
309Teresa    down 41Graph
310Cassieup 59Graph
311Tatyanaup 124Graph
312Allieup 82Graph
313Linda    down 48Graph
314Tia    down 23Graph
315Cristina    down 10Graph
316Ashton    down 22Graph
317Baylee    down 21Graph
318Krista    down 50Graph
318Nadiaup 14Graph
318Tyraup 22Graph
321Lacey    down 31Graph
322Marina    down 29Graph
323Esther    down 4Graph
324Annie    down 6Graph
325Vivian    down 5Graph
326Raquel    down 43Graph
327Carolyn    down 51Graph
328Tiara    down 25Graph
329Cheyanne    down 12Graph
330Gillianup 65Graph
330Niaup 46Graph
332Julissa    down 113Graph
333Reaganup 47Graph
334Gloria    down 6Graph
335Aliyah    down 13Graph
336Tamara    down 21Graph
337Macyup 17Graph
338Renee    down 30Graph
339Wendy    down 19Graph
340Marianaup 62Graph
341Alisha    down 52Graph
342Heidi    down 17Graph
343Liliana    down 1Graph
344Ruth    down 11Graph
345Evaup 16Graph
346Colleen    down 59Graph
347Josephineup 6Graph
348Chelsey    down 85Graph
349Helen    down 5Graph
350Avaup 268Graph
351Kelsie    down 20Graph
352Harleyup 26Graph
353Emilee    down 14Graph
354Paolaup 44Graph
355Tylerup 8Graph
356Kaitlynnup 10Graph
357Haylee    down 2Graph
357Heavenup 117Graph
359Cara    down 16Graph
360Josieup 7Graph
361Mayra    down 9Graph
361Virginia    down 5Graph
363Kayleighup 19Graph
364Marie    down 14Graph
365Theresa    down 31Graph
366Kassidy    down 5Graph
367Camrynup 482Graph
368Jenny    down 41Graph
369Martha    down 33Graph
369Mckaylaup 24Graph
371Claraup 35Graph
371Jacquelyn    down 37Graph
371Janet    down 7Graph
374Francesca    down 16Graph
374Kierra    down 33Graph
376Justine    down 84Graph
377Felicia    down 30Graph
377Susan    down 28Graph
379Jessie    down 41Graph
380Tamiaup 59Graph
381Preciousup 28Graph
382Elisabeth    down 54Graph
383Ivy Graph
384Ryleeup 33Graph
385Marisol    down 41Graph
386Eleanorup 79Graph
387Jaylaup 74Graph
388Pamela    down 28Graph
389Carley    down 8Graph
390Melody    down 20Graph
391Jaclyn    down 34Graph
392Lucy    down 13Graph
393Taliaup 2Graph
394Lesleyup 21Graph
395Daniellaup 17Graph
395Larissaup 4Graph
397Sharon    down 32Graph
398Tatumup 148Graph
399Alainaup 9Graph
400Carissa    down 5Graph
400Kali    down 53Graph
402Madalynup 50Graph
403Addisonup 72Graph
404Noelle    down 30Graph
405Kaylieup 76Graph
406Carla    down 34Graph
407Lexiup 204Graph
408Abbey    down 3Graph
409Alysonup 5Graph
410Julianneup 107Graph
411Ellaup 89Graph
412Janelle    down 13Graph
412Yasmine    down 28Graph
414Bailee    down 7Graph
415Jane    down 12Graph
416Toni    down 44Graph
417Allynew Graph
418Sonia    down 14Graph
419Lizbethup 106Graph
420Carrie    down 52Graph
421Laurynup 76Graph
422Makennaup 7Graph
423Kaleighup 41Graph
424Tayler    down 34Graph
424Tierra    down 36Graph
426Ellen    down 80Graph
426Nichole    down 49Graph
428Georgiaup 100Graph
428Karissaup 5Graph
430Haleighup 12Graph
431Reganup 18Graph
431Sasha    down 11Graph
433Ebony    down 58Graph
434Arielle    down 46Graph
435Justice    down 50Graph
436Taryn    down 35Graph
437Ellieup 110Graph
438Yasmin    down 12Graph
439Aliceup 2Graph
440Adrienneup 19Graph
441Kaylin    down 10Graph
442Joy    down 3Graph
443Kiera    down 7Graph
443Taniaup 36Graph
445Lorena    down 54Graph
445Nathalieup 212Graph
447Ayannaup 38Graph
448Ashlynnup 63Graph
448Eliza    down 2Graph
448Kelli    down 61Graph
451Britney    down 29Graph
451Simoneup 6Graph
453Irisup 53Graph
454Chasityup 18Graph
455Barbara    down 70Graph
456Celineup 80Graph
456Essenceup 86Graph
456Parisup 46Graph
459Kiersten    down 2Graph
460Breana    down 43Graph
460Devin    down 35Graph
460Maddisonup 35Graph
463Micaela Graph
464Ann    down 49Graph
464Kaila    down 26Graph
464Rhiannonup 178Graph
467Deborah    down 56Graph
468Sylviaup 16Graph
469Carlieup 33Graph
470Angelique    down 42Graph
471Elisa    down 19Graph
471Francesup 4Graph
473Annikaup 19Graph
474Leticia    down 12Graph
475Aimee    down 66Graph
475Nora    down 24Graph
475Tianna    down 9Graph
475Vivianaup 74Graph
479Janae    down 12Graph
480Candace    down 63Graph
481Hallieup 54Graph
482Nikki    down 33Graph
483Christian    down 62Graph
484Robynup 13Graph
485Aileenup 54Graph
486Alma    down 16Graph
487Perlaup 20Graph
488Shayna    down 32Graph
489Irene    down 58Graph
489Marilyn    down 41Graph
491Haileeup 17Graph
491Leslyup 87Graph
491Skye    down 37Graph
494India    down 68Graph
495Alina    down 18Graph
495Kacieup 93Graph
495Savanahup 2Graph
498Fatimaup 3Graph
499Clareup 34Graph
499Johanna    down 76Graph
499Kaley    down 11Graph
499Luzup 9Graph
503Regina    down 61Graph
504Auroraup 43Graph
504Devon    down 67Graph
506Brianne    down 36Graph
507Alanna    down 12Graph
507Ciera    down 39Graph
507Laurelup 3Graph
510Kaileeup 68Graph
510Montanaup 13Graph
510Robin    down 80Graph
513Amariup 161Graph
514Shyanne    down 32Graph
515Anahiup 89Graph
515Jewelup 150Graph
515Stacy    down 43Graph
518Lexus    down 50Graph
519Emilie    down 41Graph
520Fionaup 2Graph
521Kelsi    down 27Graph
522Lexieup 195Graph
522Trinityup 21Graph
524Cristal    down 19Graph
524Elaineup 3Graph
524Lenaup 12Graph
527Zariaup 121Graph
528Zoeyup 43Graph
529Ryanup 91Graph
529Siennaup 122Graph
531Charity    down 16Graph
532Bria    down 87Graph
532Paulina    down 49Graph
534Genevieveup 23Graph
534Kenya    down 8Graph
536Coraup 133Graph
537Kileyup 24Graph
537Maiaup 130Graph
539Antonia    down 53Graph
539Keely    down 84Graph
539Kellie    down 105Graph
542Brooklynnup 53Graph
542Darian    down 98Graph
544Jaileneup 41Graph
545Moriah    down 55Graph
545Paula    down 56Graph
547Judith    down 43Graph
548Erickaup 27Graph
548Katharineup 23Graph
550Athenaup 132Graph
550Maritza    down 37Graph
552Eileenup 48Graph
553Carina    down 25Graph
553Kamrynnew Graph
555Kayleyup 247Graph
556Shawna    down 40Graph
557Mollieup 3Graph
558Cayla    down 3Graph
558Destineyup 39Graph
558Stacey    down 71Graph
561Mireya    down 114Graph
561Noemi    down 12Graph
563Kaylyn    down 46Graph
564Edenup 73Graph
564Mariela    down 47Graph
566Jaime    down 13Graph
567Donna    down 14Graph
568Alaynaup 79Graph
568Tina    down 76Graph
570Halleup 40Graph
570Salmaup 164Graph
572Tess    down 42Graph
573Marlene    down 43Graph
574Gracielaup 170Graph
574Leanna    down 50Graph
576Kourtney    down 117Graph
577Maribel    down 86Graph
578Madisynup 172Graph
579Nicolette    down 99Graph
580Alisaup 12Graph
581Blanca    down 48Graph
582Micahup 31Graph
583Meaghan    down 51Graph
583Melinda    down 63Graph
585Lillyup 77Graph
586Chandler    down 21Graph
586Emelyup 76Graph
586Katelin    down 12Graph
589Edith    down 40Graph
589Mara    down 21Graph
591Aspen    down 4Graph
592Karlee    down 4Graph
593Araceliup 13Graph
593Candice    down 48Graph
593Destiniup 21Graph
596Karli    down 31Graph
597Angieup 39Graph
597Chynaup 143Graph
599Casandra    down 56Graph
599Corinneup 40Graph
599Karlieup 26Graph
602Tanya    down 91Graph
603Abbie    down 10Graph
603Aishaup 32Graph
605Julietup 12Graph
605Phoebe    down 48Graph
607Katarinaup 4Graph
608Maceyup 85Graph
609Margarita    down 95Graph
610Reyna    down 43Graph
610Sage    down 89Graph
612Abbigailup 81Graph
612Carlee    down 12Graph
612Christy    down 37Graph
612Rosemaryup 42Graph
616Desirae    down 36Graph
616Sarai    down 16Graph
618Kathy    down 28Graph
619Celiaup 1Graph
620Gracieup 287Graph
620Yvette    down 37Graph
622Leannup 63Graph
623Reilly    down 3Graph
624Thalia    down 85Graph
625Isisup 83Graph
625Sydneeup 17Graph
627Lyndsey    down 66Graph
628Madysonup 89Graph
629Karlyup 1Graph
629Lucia    down 32Graph
629Madelynnup 314Graph
632Gisselleup 127Graph
633Christa    down 72Graph
633Miracle    down 78Graph
635Jazmynup 93Graph
635Kristine    down 27Graph
635Lea    down 20Graph
638Tayaup 216Graph
639Lyric    down 39Graph
639Sandy    down 20Graph
641Annabelleup 207Graph
641Maranda    down 80Graph
641Nikita    down 58Graph
644Beatriz    down 24Graph
644Diane    down 36Graph
646Cortney    down 66Graph
646Kaceyup 127Graph
646Maeganup 14Graph
649Carliup 22Graph
649Chelsie    down 64Graph
649Kailynup 55Graph
652Elainaup 56Graph
653Kianna    down 37Graph
653Maliaup 47Graph
653Randi    down 85Graph
656Rylieup 183Graph
657Carol    down 51Graph
658Anita    down 85Graph
659Aliviaup 138Graph
659Allyssaup 67Graph
659Kari    down 89Graph
662Estrellaup 146Graph
662Sheilaup 36Graph
664Celina    down 31Graph
664Kyleighup 123Graph
666Bridgetteup 23Graph
666Halie    down 127Graph
666Tracy    down 62Graph
669Anissa    down 15Graph
669Julietteup 7Graph
671Alexandrea    down 119Graph
671Shaina    down 96Graph
673Rocio Graph
673Tiffani    down 135Graph
675Brookup 69Graph
676Brielle    down 27Graph
677Aleahup 23Graph
677Helenaup 16Graph
677Stephany    down 47Graph
680Chantel    down 123Graph
680Selina    down 51Graph
682Jaydaup 128Graph
682Maura    down 62Graph
684Lizetteup 53Graph
685Joyce    down 23Graph
686Darby    down 106Graph
686Jazlynup 16Graph
686Susana    down 60Graph
689Rachelle    down 37Graph
689Yvonne    down 63Graph
691Yadira    down 51Graph
692Dulce    down 24Graph
692Sally    down 38Graph
694Chanel    down 97Graph
694Jaqueline    down 45Graph
696Kasandra    down 54Graph
697Calistanew Graph
698Madisenup 126Graph
699Janessaup 6Graph
700Esperanza    down 18Graph
700Macie    down 7Graph
702Gwendolyn    down 11Graph
702Shea    down 4Graph
704Damarisup 169Graph
704Kenzieup 110Graph
704Loren    down 47Graph
707Elianaup 73Graph
707Rebecaup 33Graph
707Stefanie    down 41Graph
710Dorothy    down 20Graph
711Alizeup 56Graph
711Janice    down 20Graph
711Karleyup 97Graph
714Elissaup 3Graph
714Jeanette    down 124Graph
714Katlin    down 21Graph
717Bonnie    down 75Graph
717Lori    down 12Graph
719Misty    down 50Graph
719Norma    down 89Graph
721Brynnnew Graph
722Ayanaup 102Graph
722Kallieup 47Graph
722Kayliup 149Graph
722Kristy    down 70Graph
726Arlene    down 47Graph
727Brittani    down 101Graph
727Kaela    down 70Graph
729Anikaup 30Graph
729Carsonup 95Graph
729Juanita    down 44Graph
732Amaniup 88Graph
732Michele    down 61Graph
734Caitlynnup 153Graph
734Leilaup 196Graph
736Aylin    down 96Graph
736Hana    down 15Graph
736Leilaniup 29Graph
736Mikala    down 21Graph
740Christianaup 6Graph
740Dariaup 186Graph
742Shirley    down 82Graph
742Shyann    down 34Graph
744Kaelyn    down 62Graph
745Natalyup 3Graph
746Gretchenup 6Graph
746Itzel    down 31Graph
746Mariamup 64Graph
746Teaup 49Graph
750Ansleyup 121Graph
751Devynup 8Graph
751Marleyup 140Graph
753Koriup 2Graph
753Yolanda    down 120Graph
755Antoinette    down 76Graph
755Dallas    down 109Graph
757Daphneup 86Graph
757Giovannaup 36Graph
757Raeganup 36Graph
760Alessandraup 9Graph
760Elyseup 74Graph
762Bereniceup 100Graph
762Jadenup 209Graph
762Quinnup 194Graph
765Annette    down 30Graph
765Kaciup 47Graph
765Kaylynn    down 30Graph
765Yasmeen    down 42Graph
769Alenaup 28Graph
769Dasia    down 84Graph
771Alex    down 97Graph
771Fabiolaup 5Graph
771Jenifer    down 51Graph
774Alysa    down 7Graph
774Jacklyn    down 66Graph
774Joselynup 2Graph
774Makalaup 75Graph
774Shelbie    down 48Graph
779Drewup 49Graph
779Erykah    down 22Graph
779Leanne    down 51Graph
782Kelley    down 59Graph
782Sonya    down 61Graph
784Dejahnew Graph
784Yessenia    down 32Graph
786Dalia    down 46Graph
786Myahnew Graph
786Reannanew Graph
789Breanne    down 113Graph
789Trisha    down 152Graph
791Alysha    down 15Graph
791Jesseup 1Graph
793Lianaup 37Graph
793Melinaup 11Graph
793Princessup 61Graph
796Ali    down 88Graph
796Nadineup 16Graph
796Nayeliup 71Graph
799Silvia    down 2Graph
800Elyssaup 43Graph
800Kalieup 156Graph
800Katlynnup 39Graph
800Madilynnew Graph
800Tasianew Graph
805Ceceliaup 69Graph
805Dawn    down 126Graph
805Lilianup 125Graph
808Bryana    down 80Graph
808Jill    down 123Graph
808Kayceeup 59Graph
811Emeraldup 119Graph
811Kalyn    down 26Graph
811Magdalena    down 71Graph
811Shayleeup 110Graph
815Camilaup 61Graph
815Kaylahup 47Graph
815Tatiannaup 133Graph
818Felicitynew Graph
818Irelandnew Graph
818Sarina    down 35Graph
818Tameraup 2Graph
822Myranda    down 114Graph
822Starr    down 108Graph
824Katerinaup 152Graph
824Kristi    down 148Graph
824Laraup 22Graph
827Blair    down 122Graph
827Gabriel    down 40Graph
827Haylie    down 13Graph
827Katy    down 70Graph
831Ashanti    down 51Graph
831Darlene    down 1Graph
831Valentinaup 45Graph
834Kinseynew Graph
834Suzanne    down 61Graph
836Haydennew Graph
836Joelle    down 16Graph
836Roxanne    down 53Graph
836Scarlettup 48Graph
836Shana    down 74Graph
836Tammyup 24Graph
842Demi    down 105Graph
842Serenityup 134Graph
842Skylanew Graph
845Anyanew Graph
845Daija    down 41Graph
845Dianna    down 9Graph
845Sydnie    down 97Graph
849Charlene    down 147Graph
849Patienceup 49Graph
849Tristan    down 25Graph
852Aubreeup 39Graph
852Keri    down 67Graph
852Willownew Graph
855Ashaup 109Graph
855Tanisha    down 127Graph
857Emiliaup 5Graph
857Janaup 23Graph
859Jasmynup 97Graph
859Laylanew Graph
859Shakira    down 263Graph
862Adrianup 18Graph
862Deliaup 12Graph
862Rita    down 13Graph
865Unique    down 48Graph
866Ashly    down 21Graph
866Connieup 64Graph
866Hillary    down 141Graph
866Lucero    down 4Graph
866Noel    down 79Graph
866Shauna    down 129Graph
872Jaceyup 22Graph
872Lillienew Graph
872Rochelle    down 85Graph
875Delilahup 19Graph
875Jaidanew Graph
875Octavia    down 45Graph
878Daisha    down 74Graph
878Jena    down 103Graph
878Kendalup 68Graph
878Maeveup 74Graph
878Marianna    down 83Graph
878Sydni    down 61Graph
884Alysia    down 104Graph
884Jocelyne    down 291Graph
886Jaydennew Graph
886Savanaup 38Graph
888Ilianaup 52Graph
888Lourdesup 55Graph
888Odalisup 10Graph
888Reinaup 42Graph
892Ingrid    down 30Graph
892Joanne    down 56Graph
892Kirstin    down 78Graph
892Marcellaup 9Graph
896Ashlie    down 99Graph
896Caliup 75Graph
896Shelbi    down 132Graph
899Abigaylenew Graph
899Baby    down 32Graph
899Jaelynnew Graph
899Odalysup 94Graph
899Stevieup 25Graph
899Violetnew Graph
905Kelsea    down 177Graph
905Rhiannanew Graph
905Shianne    down 149Graph
905Stellanew Graph
909Aylaup 72Graph
909Jodi    down 105Graph
909Lacy    down 147Graph
909Sade    down 55Graph
913Americanew Graph
913Macinew Graph
915Amiranew Graph
915Jazmyne    down 14Graph
915Justina    down 35Graph
918Maricelaup 30Graph
918Myraup 53Graph
920Cydney    down 5Graph
920Shaenew Graph
922Alycia    down 172Graph
922Armaniup 4Graph
922Eryn    down 55Graph
922Havennew Graph
922Martina    down 7Graph
927Vanesa    down 88Graph
927Zoienew Graph
929Lilanew Graph
929Mattie    down 42Graph
929Monika    down 90Graph
932Alia    down 31Graph
932Evenew Graph
934Breonna    down 137Graph
935Beatricenew Graph
935Beverly    down 101Graph
935Catalina    down 46Graph
935Constance    down 24Graph
935Harmony    down 20Graph
935Katianew Graph
941Elishaup 40Graph
941Hazelnew Graph
941Kortney    down 11Graph
941Marleenew Graph
941Marlenaup 30Graph
946Brionna    down 170Graph
946Corina    down 129Graph
948Lexisup 33Graph
948Nauticaup 8Graph
950Chase    down 66Graph
950Destanyup 14Graph
950Kameronnew Graph
953Alyssiaup 32Graph
953Breann    down 104Graph
953Caleighnew Graph
953Deasianew Graph
953Yazminup 32Graph
958Abrilnew Graph
958Janette    down 47Graph
958Melisa    down 82Graph
958Serinanew Graph
958Shanice    down 138Graph
963Chaya    down 56Graph
963Jessika    down 69Graph
965Fernandanew Graph
965Hadleynew Graph
965Yajairanew Graph
968Kaylan    down 92Graph
968Lia    down 53Graph
968Lizethnew Graph
971Janie    down 114Graph
972Kianew Graph
972Star    down 65Graph
974Kerri    down 222Graph
975Audra    down 29Graph
975Ivana    down 23Graph
975Jayme    down 61Graph
975Kenia    down 45Graph
975Paloma    down 54Graph
975Ryann    down 11Graph
981Bobbi    down 90Graph
981Debra    down 51Graph
981Leeannnew Graph
981Shantel    down 121Graph
981Taylanew Graph
986Corinew Graph
986Kaylennew Graph
988Jensennew Graph
988Judy    down 62Graph
988Presleynew Graph
988Samaraup 1Graph
992Alexysnew Graph
992Eboninew Graph
992Jayceenew Graph
992Jaydenew Graph
992Kennedinew Graph
997Rainanew Graph
998Dina    down 22Graph
998Elsa    down 5Graph
998Hollie    down 118Graph