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Most Popular Names USA 2014

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA 2014, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2015
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Montserrat (new at 571),  Monserrat (new at 591),  Aranza (new at 607),  Maisie (new at 655),  Remington (new at 683)
Largest rises:Daleyza +358 (now at 227),  Freya +323 (now at 584),  Henley +309 (now at 521),  Amia +278 (now at 709),  Paislee +271 (now at 354)
Largest falls:Miley -405 (now at 792),  Sherlyn -219 (now at 886),  Amya -189 (now at 825),  Estrella -188 (now at 839),  Diamond -178 (now at 890)

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1Emmaup 1Graph
2Oliviaup 1Graph
3Sophia    down 2Graph
4Isabella Graph
5Ava Graph
6Mia Graph
7Emily Graph
8Abigail Graph
9Madison Graph
10Charlotteup 1Graph
11Harperup 5Graph
12Sofiaup 1Graph
13Avery    down 1Graph
14Elizabeth    down 4Graph
15Ameliaup 2Graph
16Evelynup 4Graph
17Ella    down 2Graph
18Chloe    down 4Graph
19Victoriaup 6Graph
20Aubrey    down 2Graph
21Graceup 1Graph
22Zoeyup 2Graph
23Natalie    down 2Graph
24Addison    down 5Graph
25Lillianup 1Graph
26Brooklynup 2Graph
27Lily Graph
28Hannah    down 5Graph
29Laylaup 1Graph
30Scarlettup 12Graph
31Ariaup 9Graph
32Zoe    down 1Graph
33Samantha    down 4Graph
34Annaup 1Graph
35Leah    down 2Graph
36Audrey    down 4Graph
37Arianaup 17Graph
38Allison    down 4Graph
39Savannah    down 2Graph
40Ariannaup 4Graph
41Camila    down 2Graph
42Penelopeup 14Graph
43Gabriella    down 5Graph
44Claireup 5Graph
45Aaliyah    down 9Graph
46Sadieup 4Graph
47Riley    down 2Graph
48Skylarup 25Graph
49Noraup 34Graph
50Sarah    down 2Graph
51Hailey    down 8Graph
52Kaylee    down 11Graph
53Paisleyup 27Graph
54Kennedyup 10Graph
55Ellieup 19Graph
56Peyton    down 5Graph
57Annabelleup 24Graph
58Carolineup 5Graph
59Madelynup 9Graph
60Serenity    down 7Graph
61Aubree    down 9Graph
62Lucyup 4Graph
63Alexa    down 3Graph
64Alexis    down 18Graph
64Nevaeh    down 17Graph
66Stellaup 4Graph
67Violetup 2Graph
68Genesis    down 13Graph
69Mackenzie    down 7Graph
70Bella    down 12Graph
71Autumn    down 6Graph
72Milaup 6Graph
73Kylie    down 12Graph
74Maya    down 2Graph
75Piperup 22Graph
76Alyssa    down 19Graph
77Taylor    down 18Graph
78Eleanorup 28Graph
79Melanieup 5Graph
80Naomiup 7Graph
81Faithup 8Graph
82Evaup 6Graph
82Katherine    down 5Graph
84Lydiaup 12Graph
85Brianna    down 14Graph
86Julia    down 11Graph
87Ashley    down 20Graph
88Khloe    down 9Graph
89Madelineup 1Graph
90Rubyup 3Graph
91Sophie    down 15Graph
92Alexandra    down 10Graph
93London    down 8Graph
94Lauren    down 3Graph
95Gianna    down 9Graph
96Isabelleup 19Graph
97Aliceup 10Graph
98Vivianup 21Graph
99Hadleyup 12Graph
100Jasmineup 3Graph
101Morgan    down 1Graph
102Kayla    down 7Graph
103Coraup 24Graph
104Baileyup 1Graph
105Kimberly    down 4Graph
106Reagan    down 2Graph
107Hazelup 50Graph
108Claraup 23Graph
109Sydney    down 11Graph
110Trinity    down 2Graph
111Nataliaup 9Graph
112Valentinaup 17Graph
113Rylee    down 4Graph
114Jocelyn    down 15Graph
115Maria    down 3Graph
116Auroraup 29Graph
117Elianaup 8Graph
118Brielle    down 2Graph
119Lilianaup 3Graph
120Maryup 1Graph
121Elenaup 11Graph
122Molly    down 20Graph
123Makayla    down 29Graph
124Lilly Graph
125Andrea    down 15Graph
126Quinn    down 8Graph
127Jordynup 5Graph
128Adalynnup 45Graph
129Nicole    down 37Graph
130Delilahup 5Graph
131Kendall    down 1Graph
132Kinsleyup 29Graph
133Arielup 13Graph
134Payton    down 12Graph
135Paige    down 7Graph
136Mariah    down 22Graph
137Brooke    down 24Graph
138Willowup 16Graph
139Jade    down 13Graph
140Lylaup 13Graph
141Mya    down 24Graph
142Ximenaup 20Graph
143Lunaup 42Graph
144Isabel    down 8Graph
145Mckenzie    down 5Graph
146Ivyup 6Graph
147Josephineup 13Graph
148Amy    down 9Graph
149Laila    down 5Graph
150Islaup 17Graph
151Edenup 7Graph
152Adalynup 25Graph
152Angelina    down 5Graph
154Londynup 10Graph
155Rachel    down 17Graph
156Melodyup 15Graph
157Juliana    down 8Graph
158Kaitlyn    down 24Graph
159Brooklynn    down 17Graph
159Destiny    down 22Graph
161Emeryup 33Graph
162Gracieup 4Graph
163Norahup 23Graph
164Emiliaup 43Graph
165Reese    down 9Graph
166Elise    down 7Graph
167Sara    down 13Graph
168Aliyah    down 20Graph
169Margaretup 11Graph
170Catherineup 2Graph
171Vanessa    down 22Graph
172Katelyn    down 29Graph
173Gabrielle    down 32Graph
174Arabellaup 36Graph
175Valeriaup 1Graph
176Valerie    down 7Graph
177Adriana    down 26Graph
178Everlyup 204Graph
179Jessica    down 16Graph
180Daisyup 18Graph
181Makenzie    down 16Graph
182Summerup 6Graph
183Lilaup 9Graph
183Rebecca    down 6Graph
185Juliannaup 5Graph
186Callieup 40Graph
187Michelle    down 19Graph
188Ryleighup 1Graph
189Presleyup 10Graph
190Alaina    down 10Graph
191Angelaup 5Graph
192Alinaup 59Graph
193Harmonyup 8Graph
194Roseup 30Graph
195Athenaup 23Graph
196Emersonup 15Graph
197Adelynup 15Graph
198Alana    down 16Graph
199Hayden    down 6Graph
200Izabella    down 21Graph
201Caliup 81Graph
202Marleyup 7Graph
203Estherup 25Graph
204Fiona    down 7Graph
205Stephanie    down 11Graph
206Ceciliaup 17Graph
207Kate    down 23Graph
208Kinley    down 3Graph
209Jayla    down 35Graph
210Genevieveup 8Graph
211Alexandria    down 4Graph
212Eliza    down 12Graph
213Kylee    down 43Graph
214Alivia    down 31Graph
215Giselle    down 12Graph
216Aryaup 61Graph
217Alayna    down 11Graph
218Leilaniup 12Graph
219Adelineup 13Graph
220Jennifer    down 29Graph
221Tessaup 20Graph
222Anaup 15Graph
223Finleyup 67Graph
224Melissa    down 22Graph
225Daniela    down 3Graph
226Aniyah    down 9Graph
227Daleyzaup 358Graph
228Keira    down 25Graph
229Charlieup 11Graph
230Luciaup 11Graph
231Hopeup 2Graph
232Gabriela    down 11Graph
233Mckenna    down 17Graph
234Brynleeup 35Graph
235Parkerup 32Graph
236Lola    down 22Graph
237Amaya    down 2Graph
238Mirandaup 7Graph
239Maggie    down 8Graph
240Anastasiaup 17Graph
241Leila    down 26Graph
242Lexiup 4Graph
243Georgiaup 9Graph
244Kenzieup 11Graph
245Irisup 8Graph
246Jacqueline    down 7Graph
247Jordanup 13Graph
248Cassidyup 2Graph
249Vivienneup 31Graph
250Camille    down 7Graph
250Noelleup 46Graph
252Adrianna    down 27Graph
252Teaganup 12Graph
254Josieup 11Graph
255Julietteup 39Graph
256Annabellaup 18Graph
257Allie    down 37Graph
257Juliet    down 19Graph
259Kendra    down 72Graph
260Siennaup 3Graph
261Brynn    down 48Graph
262Kaliup 101Graph
263Maci    down 27Graph
264Danielle    down 3Graph
265Haley    down 36Graph
265Jenna    down 38Graph
267Raelynnup 16Graph
268Delaney    down 19Graph
269Paris    down 12Graph
270Alexia    down 95Graph
271Lyricup 3Graph
272Gemmaup 43Graph
273Lilliana    down 12Graph
274Chelsea    down 3Graph
275Angel    down 9Graph
276Evangelineup 24Graph
277Aylaup 9Graph
278Kayleighup 1Graph
279Lenaup 52Graph
280Katie    down 36Graph
281Elainaup 29Graph
282Oliveup 9Graph
283Madeleine    down 6Graph
283Makenna    down 37Graph
285Dakotaup 8Graph
286Elsaup 242Graph
287Novaup 241Graph
288Nadiaup 37Graph
289Alisonup 8Graph
290Kaydence    down 16Graph
291Journeyup 43Graph
292Jada    down 44Graph
292Kathryn    down 21Graph
294Shelby    down 35Graph
295Nina    down 8Graph
296Elliana    down 2Graph
297Diana    down 27Graph
298Phoebeup 3Graph
299Alessandra Graph
300Eloiseup 38Graph
300Nylaup 12Graph
302Skylerup 59Graph
303Madilynup 39Graph
304Adelynnup 63Graph
305Miriam    down 13Graph
306Ashlyn    down 52Graph
307Amiyahup 25Graph
307Megan    down 51Graph
309Amber    down 21Graph
310Rosalieup 38Graph
311Annieup 43Graph
312Lilah    down 5Graph
313Charleeup 11Graph
314Amanda    down 16Graph
314Ruthup 15Graph
316Adelaideup 5Graph
317Juneup 47Graph
318Lauraup 4Graph
319Daniella    down 30Graph
320Mikayla    down 52Graph
321Raegan    down 16Graph
322Janeup 32Graph
323Ashlynn    down 6Graph
324Kelsey    down 18Graph
325Erin    down 52Graph
326Christina    down 23Graph
327Joannaup 15Graph
328Fatima    down 20Graph
329Allyson    down 6Graph
330Taliaup 21Graph
331Marianaup 9Graph
332Sabrina    down 51Graph
333Havenup 39Graph
334Ainsley    down 2Graph
334Cadence    down 23Graph
334Elsieup 31Graph
337Leslie    down 53Graph
338Heaven    down 11Graph
339Arielleup 28Graph
340Maddisonup 14Graph
341Alicia    down 21Graph
341Briellaup 5Graph
343Lucilleup 16Graph
344Sawyerup 102Graph
345Malia    down 11Graph
346Selena    down 1Graph
347Heidiup 6Graph
348Kyleigh    down 63Graph
349Harleyup 11Graph
350Kiraup 7Graph
351Lanaup 61Graph
352Sierra    down 6Graph
353Kiara    down 44Graph
354Paisleeup 271Graph
355Alondra    down 40Graph
355Daphneup 42Graph
357Carly    down 40Graph
357Jaylah    down 124Graph
357Kyla    down 40Graph
360Bianca    down 58Graph
361Baylee    down 17Graph
361Cheyenne    down 33Graph
363Macy    down 2Graph
364Camillaup 35Graph
364Catalinaup 30Graph
366Gia    down 17Graph
366Veraup 55Graph
368Skyeup 57Graph
369Aylinup 34Graph
370Sloaneup 35Graph
371Myla    down 33Graph
372Yaretzi    down 68Graph
373Giuliana    down 59Graph
373Macieup 20Graph
375Veronica    down 39Graph
376Esmeraldaup 16Graph
377Liaup 8Graph
378Averie Graph
379Addyson    down 66Graph
380Kamryn    down 5Graph
380Mckinleyup 10Graph
382Adaup 54Graph
383Carmen    down 25Graph
384Mallory    down 58Graph
385Jillian    down 44Graph
386Ariellaup 46Graph
387Rylie    down 16Graph
388Sageup 69Graph
389Abby    down 37Graph
390Scarlet    down 20Graph
391Loganup 34Graph
391Tatum    down 62Graph
393Bethany    down 4Graph
394Dylanup 95Graph
395Elleup 13Graph
396Jazmin    down 12Graph
397Aspenup 90Graph
398Camryn    down 16Graph
398Malaysiaup 81Graph
400Haylee    down 64Graph
401Nayeli    down 5Graph
402Gracelynup 5Graph
403Kamila    down 37Graph
404Helenup 5Graph
404Marilyn    down 31Graph
406Aprilup 17Graph
407Carolinaup 22Graph
408Aminaup 211Graph
408Julie    down 4Graph
408Raelynup 5Graph
411Blakelyup 40Graph
412Rowanup 13Graph
413Angeliqueup 126Graph
413Miracleup 18Graph
415Emelyup 2Graph
415Jayleen    down 24Graph
415Kennediup 28Graph
418Amiraup 45Graph
419Briana    down 69Graph
420Gwendolynup 52Graph
420Justiceup 15Graph
422Zaraup 59Graph
423Aleah    down 29Graph
423Itzelup 11Graph
425Bristol    down 7Graph
426Francesca    down 2Graph
427Emersynup 72Graph
428Aubrie    down 54Graph
429Karina    down 43Graph
430Nylah    down 15Graph
431Kelly    down 64Graph
432Anayaup 46Graph
432Maliyah    down 45Graph
434Evelynnup 112Graph
435Emberup 123Graph
435Melanyup 18Graph
437Angelica    down 24Graph
438Jimenaup 15Graph
438Madelynn    down 38Graph
440Kassidy    down 11Graph
440Tiffany    down 8Graph
442Kara    down 67Graph
443Jazmine    down 63Graph
444Jayda    down 64Graph
445Dahlia    down 6Graph
446Alejandra    down 26Graph
447Sarai    down 28Graph
448Annabelup 32Graph
449Holly Graph
450Janelle    down 52Graph
451Braelynup 45Graph
451Gracelynnup 104Graph
453Riverup 134Graph
453Viviana    down 8Graph
455Serena    down 45Graph
456Brittany    down 35Graph
457Annaliseup 1Graph
458Brinleyup 46Graph
459Madisyn    down 1Graph
460Eveup 30Graph
461Cataleya    down 15Graph
461Joyup 14Graph
463Caitlyn    down 58Graph
464Anabelle    down 3Graph
464Emmalyn    down 9Graph
466Journeeup 40Graph
467Celesteup 2Graph
468Brylee    down 31Graph
468Lucianaup 45Graph
470Marlee    down 1Graph
470Savanna    down 29Graph
472Anya    down 28Graph
472Marissa    down 94Graph
474Jazlyn    down 36Graph
475Zuriup 49Graph
476Kailey    down 24Graph
477Crystal    down 14Graph
478Michaela    down 68Graph
479Loreleiup 22Graph
480Guadalupe    down 24Graph
481Madilynnup 46Graph
482Maeveup 2Graph
483Hanna    down 106Graph
483Priscillaup 1Graph
485Kyra    down 84Graph
485Lacey    down 19Graph
487Niaup 19Graph
488Charleyup 25Graph
489Jamieup 1Graph
489Juniperup 157Graph
491Cynthiaup 8Graph
491Karen    down 75Graph
491Sylviaup 14Graph
494Phoenix    down 8Graph
495Aleenaup 39Graph
496Caitlin    down 30Graph
497Felicityup 82Graph
498Elisa    down 33Graph
498Julissa    down 58Graph
498Rebekah    down 30Graph
501Evieup 57Graph
502Helenaup 47Graph
502Imani    down 19Graph
502Karla    down 28Graph
505Millieup 93Graph
506Lilian    down 11Graph
507Ravenup 6Graph
508Harlowup 32Graph
508Leiaup 62Graph
510Ryanup 130Graph
511Kailyn    down 17Graph
512Lillie    down 1Graph
513Amaraup 68Graph
513Kadence    down 32Graph
515Lauryn    down 18Graph
516Cassandra    down 58Graph
517Kaylie    down 67Graph
517Madalynup 18Graph
519Anikaup 41Graph
520Hayleyup 22Graph
521Briaup 95Graph
521Coletteup 87Graph
521Henleyup 309Graph
524Amari    down 12Graph
525Reginaup 48Graph
526Alanna    down 23Graph
526Azaleaup 105Graph
526Fernanda    down 16Graph
526Jaliyah    down 33Graph
530Anabellaup 34Graph
531Adelinaup 88Graph
531Lilyana    down 18Graph
531Skylaup 11Graph
534Addisyn    down 132Graph
535Zariah    down 15Graph
536Bridget    down 13Graph
537Brayleeup 30Graph
537Monica    down 35Graph
539Jayden    down 93Graph
540Leighton Graph
541Gloria    down 17Graph
542Johanna    down 11Graph
543Addilynup 93Graph
543Danna    down 74Graph
543Selahup 5Graph
546Aryanna    down 9Graph
546Kaylin    down 85Graph
548Aniya    down 40Graph
549Willaup 141Graph
550Angie    down 53Graph
550Kaiaup 54Graph
552Kaliyah    down 35Graph
553Anne    down 34Graph
553Tiana    down 9Graph
555Charleighup 13Graph
556Winterup 117Graph
557Danica    down 2Graph
558Alayahup 55Graph
559Aishaup 9Graph
559Bailee    down 39Graph
561Kenley    down 17Graph
562Aileenup 28Graph
562Lexie    down 72Graph
564Janiyah    down 87Graph
565Braelynnup 60Graph
565Liberty    down 33Graph
567Katelynn    down 79Graph
567Mariamup 36Graph
567Sasha    down 139Graph
570Lindseyup 2Graph
571Montserratnew Graph
572Cecelia    down 20Graph
572Mikaelaup 44Graph
574Kaelyn    down 133Graph
574Rosemary    down 41Graph
576Annika    down 52Graph
577Tatiana    down 39Graph
578Cameron    down 12Graph
579Marie    down 6Graph
580Dallasup 30Graph
581Virginia    down 30Graph
582Liana    down 17Graph
582Matildaup 62Graph
584Freyaup 323Graph
585Lainey    down 1Graph
586Hallie    down 66Graph
587Jessieup 4Graph
588Audrina    down 112Graph
589Blake    down 39Graph
590Hattie    down 20Graph
591Monserratnew Graph
592Kieraup 33Graph
593Laylahup 32Graph
594Greta Graph
595Alyson    down 19Graph
596Emilee    down 78Graph
596Maryamup 65Graph
598Melina    down 11Graph
599Dayana    down 53Graph
600Jaelynn    down 4Graph
601Beatrice    down 8Graph
602Francesup 91Graph
603Elisabethup 6Graph
604Saigeup 42Graph
605Kensleyup 26Graph
606Meredithup 47Graph
607Aranzanew Graph
607Rosaup 46Graph
609Shilohup 22Graph
610Charliup 101Graph
610Elyse    down 33Graph
612Alaniup 2Graph
613Miraup 51Graph
614Lylahup 20Graph
615Lindaup 27Graph
616Whitney    down 25Graph
617Alenaup 112Graph
618Jaycee    down 64Graph
619Joselyn    down 146Graph
620Ansleyup 58Graph
620Kynleeup 73Graph
620Miah    down 35Graph
623Tenley    down 60Graph
624Breanna    down 115Graph
624Emeliaup 22Graph
624Maiaup 12Graph
627Edithup 91Graph
628Pearlup 48Graph
629Anahi    down 52Graph
629Coralineup 85Graph
629Samara    down 46Graph
632Demiup 99Graph
633Chanelup 90Graph
634Kimberup 25Graph
634Lilithup 192Graph
636Malaya    down 7Graph
637Jemmaup 16Graph
638Myraup 129Graph
639Bryannaup 60Graph
639Laneyup 37Graph
641Jaelyn    down 62Graph
641Kaylynn    down 40Graph
643Kallieup 94Graph
644Natasha    down 63Graph
644Nathalie    down 91Graph
644Perlaup 23Graph
647Amani    down 58Graph
647Liliannaup 45Graph
649Madalynn    down 33Graph
650Blairup 68Graph
651Eliannaup 53Graph
652Karsynup 83Graph
652Lindsayup 31Graph
654Elaineup 113Graph
655Dulce    down 100Graph
655Ellenup 45Graph
655Erica    down 94Graph
655Maisienew Graph
655Renataup 118Graph
660Kiley    down 130Graph
660Marina    down 60Graph
662Remiup 172Graph
663Emmy    down 17Graph
664Ivannaup 159Graph
665Amirahup 145Graph
665Liviaup 80Graph
667Amelie    down 63Graph
667Irene    down 27Graph
667Mabelup 37Graph
667Milan    down 71Graph
671Armaniup 12Graph
672Cara    down 53Graph
673Ciara    down 23Graph
673Kathleen    down 9Graph
675Jaylynn    down 53Graph
676Caylee    down 82Graph
676Lea    down 77Graph
678Erika    down 68Graph
679Paola    down 8Graph
680Almaup 21Graph
680Courtney    down 145Graph
680Mae    down 6Graph
683Kassandraup 25Graph
683Maleah    down 79Graph
683Remingtonnew Graph
686Leyla    down 64Graph
687Minaup 66Graph
688Ariahup 28Graph
688Christineup 16Graph
688Jasmin    down 46Graph
688Koraup 68Graph
692Chayaup 12Graph
692Karlee    down 82Graph
694Lailah    down 7Graph
695Maraup 55Graph
696Jaylee    down 45Graph
696Raquel    down 6Graph
698Siena    down 10Graph
699Lennonup 224Graph
700Desiree    down 71Graph
700Hadassahup 60Graph
700Kenya    down 98Graph
703Aliana    down 22Graph
703Wrenup 103Graph
705Amiya    down 69Graph
705Isis    down 130Graph
705Zaniyahup 71Graph
708Avahup 77Graph
709Amiaup 278Graph
710Cindyup 78Graph
710Eileenup 35Graph
710Kaydenup 50Graph
710Madyson    down 51Graph
714Celineup 66Graph
715Aryanaup 30Graph
715Everleighup 150Graph
717Isabela    down 50Graph
718Reynaup 7Graph
718Teresa    down 65Graph
720Joleneup 205Graph
720Marjorieup 187Graph
720Myah    down 67Graph
723Clareup 4Graph
723Claudia    down 62Graph
725Leanna    down 27Graph
725Noemiup 18Graph
727Corinneup 12Graph
727Simone    down 53Graph
729Alia    down 5Graph
729Brenda    down 95Graph
729Dorothyup 79Graph
729Emilie    down 168Graph
733Elinup 81Graph
734Tori    down 41Graph
735Marthaup 68Graph
736Ally    down 129Graph
736Arely    down 19Graph
736Leona    down 2Graph
736Patricia    down 57Graph
736Skyup 149Graph
741Thaliaup 104Graph
742Carolynup 49Graph
743Emoryup 54Graph
743Nataly    down 119Graph
743Paityn    down 77Graph
743Shayla    down 72Graph
747Averi    down 18Graph
747Jazlynn    down 68Graph
747Margotup 196Graph
750Lisaup 23Graph
751Lizbeth    down 49Graph
752Nancy    down 63Graph
753Deborahup 61Graph
753Ivoryup 112Graph
753Khaleesinew Graph
756Elliotup 86Graph
756Meadowup 212Graph
756Yareli    down 103Graph
759Farrah    down 145Graph
759Milaniaup 35Graph
761Janessa    down 68Graph
761Milanaup 11Graph
763Zoie    down 102Graph
764Adele    down 120Graph
764Clarissa    down 56Graph
764Hunterup 166Graph
764Linaup 97Graph
764Oakleyup 161Graph
764Sariah    down 97Graph
770Emmalynnup 68Graph
770Galileaup 24Graph
770Hailee    down 49Graph
770Halle    down 77Graph
770Suttonup 60Graph
775Giana    down 92Graph
775Theanew Graph
777Denise    down 17Graph
777Nayanew Graph
779Kristina    down 12Graph
779Livup 146Graph
779Nathalyup 31Graph
779Wendy    down 77Graph
783Aubrielleup 46Graph
783Brenna    down 101Graph
783Carterup 75Graph
783Danika    down 31Graph
787Monroe    down 27Graph
788Celia    down 24Graph
788Dana    down 61Graph
788Jolie    down 21Graph
788Taliyahup 24Graph
792Casey    down 66Graph
792Miley    down 405Graph
792Yamilethup 9Graph
795Jaylene    down 74Graph
796Saylorup 108Graph
797Joyceup 26Graph
797Milenaup 46Graph
797Zariyah    down 22Graph
800Sandra    down 36Graph
801Ariadnenew Graph
802Avianaup 82Graph
802Mollie    down 92Graph
804Cherish    down 24Graph
805Alaya    down 8Graph
805Asia    down 64Graph
807Nola    down 22Graph
807Pennyup 184Graph
809Dixieup 66Graph
809Marisol    down 18Graph
811Adrienne    down 35Graph
811Rylanup 3Graph
813Koriup 130Graph
813Kristen    down 101Graph
815Aimee    down 59Graph
815Esmeup 114Graph
815Laurelup 56Graph
818Alizaup 113Graph
818Roselynup 3Graph
818Sloanup 47Graph
821Lorelai    down 24Graph
822Jenny    down 18Graph
822Katalinaup 46Graph
822Laraup 49Graph
825Amya    down 189Graph
825Ayleen    down 80Graph
827Aubriup 22Graph
828Ariyaup 90Graph
828Carlee    down 84Graph
828Iliana    down 41Graph
828Magnoliaup 149Graph
832Aureliaup 1Graph
832Elliottup 72Graph
832Evalynup 99Graph
832Natalee    down 149Graph
832Rayna    down 93Graph
837Heather    down 1Graph
838Collinsup 162Graph
839Estrella    down 188Graph
839Roryup 61Graph
841Hana    down 74Graph
841Kennaup 154Graph
843Jordynn    down 35Graph
843Rosieup 40Graph
845Aiyana    down 112Graph
845America    down 69Graph
845Angelineup 8Graph
845Janiya    down 57Graph
845Jessanew Graph
845Teganup 6Graph
851Susan    down 7Graph
852Emmalee    down 76Graph
852Taryn    down 115Graph
852Temperanceup 36Graph
855Alissa    down 124Graph
855Keniaup 9Graph
857Abbigail    down 112Graph
857Briley    down 93Graph
857Kailee    down 122Graph
857Zaria    down 45Graph
861Chana    down 73Graph
861Lillianna    down 111Graph
863Barbara    down 25Graph
863Carla    down 5Graph
865Aliya    down 111Graph
866Bonnienew Graph
866Keyla    down 62Graph
866Mariannaup 34Graph
869Paloma    down 115Graph
870Jewelup 28Graph
870Joslyn    down 150Graph
870Saniyah    down 44Graph
873Audrianaup 66Graph
873Giovannaup 85Graph
873Hadleighnew Graph
873Mckayla    down 159Graph
877Jaida    down 97Graph
877Salma    down 56Graph
877Sharonup 4Graph
880Emmalineup 78Graph
880Kimora    down 100Graph
882Wynterup 63Graph
883Aviannaup 37Graph
884Amaliaup 47Graph
884Karlieup 20Graph
886Kaidenceup 91Graph
886Kairi    down 31Graph
886Libbyup 9Graph
886Sherlyn    down 219Graph
890Diamond    down 178Graph
891Hollandnew Graph
891Zendayanew Graph
893Mariyah    down 113Graph
893Zainabup 72Graph
895Alisha    down 27Graph
895Ayanna    down 65Graph
895Ellisonup 50Graph
895Harleeup 44Graph
895Lilyannaup 24Graph
900Bryleigh    down 62Graph
900Julianne    down 81Graph
900Kaleigh    down 51Graph
900Miya    down 25Graph
900Yasmin    down 83Graph
905Annistonnew Graph
905Estelleup 72Graph
907Emmelinenew Graph
907Fayenew Graph
909Kiana    down 115Graph
910Anabel    down 10Graph
910Zion    down 90Graph
912Tara    down 5Graph
913Astridup 74Graph
913Emerieup 26Graph
915Sidney    down 8Graph
915Zahra    down 19Graph
917Jaylin    down 176Graph
917Kinsleenew Graph
917Tabitha    down 161Graph
920Aubriellanew Graph
921Addilynnnew Graph
921Alyvia    down 115Graph
921Hadlee    down 33Graph
921Ingrid    down 28Graph
921Lilia    down 14Graph
921Macey    down 1Graph
927Azaria    down 14Graph
927Kaitlynn    down 89Graph
927Neriahup 23Graph
930Annabellup 28Graph
930Ariyah    down 85Graph
930Janae    down 102Graph
930Kaiyaup 42Graph
930Reinanew Graph
930Rivkaup 27Graph
936Alisanew Graph
936Marleighup 32Graph
938Alissonup 12Graph
938Maliah    down 145Graph
938Mercy    down 85Graph
938Noanew Graph
938Scarlette    down 67Graph
943Clementinenew Graph
943Fridanew Graph
945Ann    down 29Graph
945Sonia    down 84Graph
947Alannah    down 86Graph
947Avalynnnew Graph
947Dalianew Graph
950Ayvanew Graph
950Stevienew Graph
952Judithup 43Graph
952Paulina    down 129Graph
954Azariahnew Graph
954Estella    down 66Graph
954Remynew Graph
957Gwen    down 12Graph
957Mattienew Graph
957Milaninew Graph
957Raina    down 64Graph
961Julietanew Graph
961Renee    down 61Graph
963Lesly    down 129Graph
964Abrielle    down 19Graph
964Bryn    down 167Graph
964Carlie    down 93Graph
964Riyanew Graph
968Karternew Graph
969Abril    down 101Graph
969Aubrianna    down 152Graph
971Jocelynn    down 170Graph
971Kylah    down 13Graph
971Louisanew Graph
971Pypernew Graph
975Antonianew Graph
975Magdalenanew Graph
975Moriah    down 30Graph
975Ryannup 16Graph
975Tamia    down 25Graph
980Kailani    down 16Graph
980Landrynew Graph
982Ayanew Graph
982Irelandup 1Graph
982Mercedes    down 124Graph
982Rosalynnew Graph
986Alaysiaup 1Graph
986Annalee    down 55Graph
986Patience    down 98Graph
989Aanyanew Graph
989Paula    down 144Graph
989Samiyah    down 111Graph
989Yaritza    down 138Graph
993Cordelianew Graph
993Micah    down 115Graph
993Nalanew Graph
996Belen    down 98Graph
996Cambrianew Graph
996Natalya    down 21Graph
999Kaelynnnew Graph
999Kai    down 86Graph