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Name Ariella

Meaning:lion of GodTools:

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About the name Ariella in particular

Languages of use:Italian
US 2021 rank:#171     ... 169:Faith, 170:Jasmine, 171:Ariella, 172:Ashley, 173:Andrea ...     Full US 2021 list
Similarly written:Aniella, Ariela, Arielle, Armella, Briella, Mariella, Abrielle, Aniela, Aniello, Arabella     Details
Group info:

About Ariel/Ariela, the group of names with the same origin as Ariella

Meaning/translation:lion of God
Language of origin:Hebrew
Info about origin, male:in the Bible Ariel is a messenger of Ezra, given the task to find new servants for the temple in Jerusalem
 also known as the name of the wind spirit in Shakespeare's play The Tempest
Words:ariy = the lion  Hebrew
 el = God, the powerful  Hebrew
Topics:Old Testament
Variants' top ranks:117:Ariel USA 1990-1999,  152:Ariella USA 2020,  303:Arielle USA 2016,  453:Ariel USA 1980-1989
Name variants:Ariel, Ariela, Ariella, Arielle, Arel, Ariel, Ariele, Arik   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Ariella

Scotland 2018 193
USA yearlyGraph2021 171,  2020 1522019 216,  2018 284,  2017 295,  2016 335,  2015 401,  2014 386,  2013 432,  2012 544,  2011 629,  2010 727,  2009 860,  2008 915