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Most Popular Names USA 2006

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA 2006, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2007
Previous list:2005
Highest new entries:Rihanna (new at 529),  Evangeline (new at 599),  Addisyn (new at 617),  Akeelah (new at 705),  Mila (new at 743)
Largest rises:Ayla +401 (now at 265),  Addyson +381 (now at 373),  Sherlyn +357 (now at 367),  Danika +271 (now at 576),  Yoselin +269 (now at 599)
Largest falls:Litzy -445 (now at 833),  Carol -214 (now at 972),  Maribel -205 (now at 803),  Brandi -194 (now at 973),  Rubi -184 (now at 615)

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1Emily Graph
2Emma Graph
3Madison Graph
4Isabellaup 2Graph
5Avaup 4Graph
6Abigail    down 2Graph
7Olivia    down 2Graph
8Hannah    down 1Graph
9Sophiaup 3Graph
10Samantha    down 2Graph
11Elizabeth Graph
12Ashley    down 2Graph
13Miaup 4Graph
14Alexis    down 1Graph
15Sarah Graph
16Grace    down 2Graph
17Natalieup 1Graph
18Chloeup 1Graph
19Alyssa    down 3Graph
20Brianna Graph
21Ellaup 2Graph
22Anna Graph
23Taylorup 1Graph
24Lauren    down 3Graph
25Haileyup 1Graph
26Kayla    down 1Graph
27Victoriaup 1Graph
28Addisonup 78Graph
29Jasmine Graph
30Savannahup 5Graph
31Julia Graph
32Jessica    down 5Graph
33Lilyup 6Graph
34Sydney    down 4Graph
35Morgan    down 2Graph
36Destiny    down 4Graph
37Katherine    down 1Graph
38Lillianup 12Graph
39Alexaup 27Graph
40Alexandra    down 3Graph
41Kaitlyn    down 7Graph
42Kaylee    down 2Graph
43Nevaehup 26Graph
44Brookeup 3Graph
45Makayla    down 1Graph
46Maria Graph
47Allison    down 2Graph
48Rachel    down 10Graph
49Angelina    down 6Graph
50Gabriellaup 11Graph
51Jennifer    down 9Graph
52Averyup 15Graph
53Mackenzie    down 2Graph
54Zoeup 4Graph
55Sofia    down 3Graph
56Riley    down 3Graph
57Mayaup 16Graph
58Kimberlyup 5Graph
59Andreaup 6Graph
60Megan    down 19Graph
61Katelyn    down 2Graph
62Faith    down 13Graph
63Gabrielle    down 8Graph
64Trinity    down 16Graph
65Evelynup 6Graph
66Kylie    down 9Graph
67Brooklynup 11Graph
68Leah Graph
69Audreyup 8Graph
70Stephanie    down 6Graph
71Madeline    down 1Graph
72Saraup 3Graph
73Jocelynup 14Graph
74Nicole    down 18Graph
75Haley    down 21Graph
76Ariannaup 12Graph
77Paige    down 17Graph
78Arianaup 4Graph
79Vanessa Graph
80Michelle    down 6Graph
81Mary    down 9Graph
82Mariahup 3Graph
83Ameliaup 1Graph
84Isabelleup 12Graph
85Melanieup 7Graph
86Claireup 9Graph
87Isabelup 2Graph
88Jenna    down 26Graph
89Caroline    down 6Graph
90Aaliyahup 3Graph
91Valeriaup 46Graph
92Jada    down 16Graph
93Aubreyup 60Graph
94Nataliaup 29Graph
95Autumn    down 5Graph
96Rebecca    down 15Graph
97Jordan    down 11Graph
98Giannaup 12Graph
99Jaylaup 98Graph
100Amanda    down 20Graph
100Laylaup 43Graph
100Mya    down 2Graph
103Gracie    down 9Graph
104Marissa    down 13Graph
105Molly    down 8Graph
106Adrianaup 15Graph
107Katie    down 8Graph
108Leslie    down 5Graph
109Keiraup 123Graph
110Gabrielaup 5Graph
111Jadeup 2Graph
112Bailey    down 4Graph
113Madelyn    down 6Graph
114Angela Graph
115Kennedyup 3Graph
116Danielle    down 14Graph
117Melissa    down 13Graph
118Jacqueline    down 2Graph
119Zoeyup 33Graph
120Diana    down 20Graph
121Catherine    down 12Graph
122Evaup 7Graph
123Brianaup 3Graph
123Sophieup 13Graph
125Charlotteup 10Graph
126Breanna    down 2Graph
127Valerieup 40Graph
128Amy    down 17Graph
129Naomiup 10Graph
130Lydia    down 11Graph
131Erin    down 19Graph
132Daniela    down 10Graph
133Shelby    down 16Graph
134Rylee    down 6Graph
135Serenityup 33Graph
136Amber    down 35Graph
137Ruby    down 7Graph
138Peyton    down 7Graph
139Mirandaup 6Graph
140Sierra    down 35Graph
141Ashlyn    down 14Graph
142Kate    down 1Graph
143Kathryn    down 18Graph
144Anaup 2Graph
145Skylarup 9Graph
146Kyleeup 10Graph
147Alexandria    down 14Graph
148Kendall    down 16Graph
149Daisy Graph
150Lillyup 31Graph
151Lilianaup 40Graph
152Summer    down 12Graph
153Lucyup 19Graph
154Mikayla    down 12Graph
155Jazminup 31Graph
156Reagan    down 18Graph
157Christina    down 23Graph
157Sadieup 17Graph
159Angel    down 16Graph
160Margaret    down 9Graph
161Reeseup 76Graph
162Julianaup 14Graph
163Payton    down 5Graph
164Alexia    down 4Graph
165Alicia    down 17Graph
166Mckenzie    down 3Graph
167Alanaup 3Graph
168Giselle    down 2Graph
169Genesis    down 14Graph
170Cheyenneup 1Graph
171Alondra    down 51Graph
172Laura    down 25Graph
173Karen    down 9Graph
174Jillian    down 13Graph
175Ellieup 8Graph
176Mariana    down 11Graph
177Siennaup 122Graph
178Jordynup 10Graph
179Camilaup 23Graph
180Adriannaup 15Graph
181Bellaup 27Graph
182Jasmin    down 2Graph
183Bianca    down 6Graph
184Kiara    down 25Graph
185Kelsey    down 12Graph
186Lindsey    down 24Graph
187Elenaup 30Graph
188Nadia    down 10Graph
189Maggieup 22Graph
190Dakotaup 36Graph
191Courtney    down 34Graph
192Chelseaup 8Graph
193Delaney    down 3Graph
194Juliannaup 19Graph
195Kyra    down 16Graph
196Sabrina    down 27Graph
197Makenzieup 7Graph
198Hope    down 14Graph
199Cassidy    down 10Graph
200Caitlyn    down 18Graph
201Crystal    down 14Graph
202Arielup 20Graph
203Jaydenup 21Graph
203Kyla    down 9Graph
205Abby    down 7Graph
206Angelica    down 14Graph
207Annabelleup 32Graph
208Karla    down 5Graph
209Caitlin    down 16Graph
210Tiffany    down 14Graph
211Veronica    down 5Graph
212Kelly    down 38Graph
213Ciara    down 63Graph
214Cadence    down 7Graph
215Amayaup 10Graph
216Camrynup 19Graph
217Mckenna    down 7Graph
218Eliseup 10Graph
219Cassandra    down 34Graph
220Josephineup 9Graph
221Erica    down 20Graph
222Aniyahup 9Graph
223Esmeralda    down 7Graph
224Vivian    down 1Graph
225Julissaup 53Graph
225Karina    down 13Graph
227Jazmineup 22Graph
228Fatimaup 8Graph
229Allieup 25Graph
230Savannaup 28Graph
231Claraup 16Graph
232Makenna    down 19Graph
233Alejandra    down 13Graph
234Mallory    down 15Graph
235Aliyah    down 2Graph
236Laila    down 2Graph
237Brooklynnup 37Graph
238Erika    down 23Graph
239Cynthia    down 18Graph
240Brenda    down 32Graph
241Jamie    down 23Graph
241Stellaup 9Graph
243Kendraup 19Graph
244Bethany    down 17Graph
245Noraup 29Graph
246Piperup 13Graph
247Haylee    down 17Graph
248Alainaup 5Graph
248Kira    down 7Graph
250Monica    down 12Graph
251Carly    down 52Graph
251Tessaup 18Graph
253Heaven    down 8Graph
254Aliviaup 35Graph
255Guadalupeup 1Graph
256Joannaup 28Graph
257Carmenup 10Graph
258Kailey    down 7Graph
259Allyson    down 2Graph
260Violetup 109Graph
261Aniya Graph
262Paris    down 57Graph
263Lindsay    down 23Graph
264Ceciliaup 15Graph
265Aylaup 401Graph
266Kayleigh Graph
267Rebekah    down 13Graph
268Hanna    down 24Graph
269Eleanor    down 5Graph
270Dulceup 114Graph
271Alaynaup 17Graph
271Alison    down 11Graph
273Katelynnup 21Graph
274Georgiaup 45Graph
275Macy    down 32Graph
276Nina    down 24Graph
277Kamryn    down 4Graph
278Elianaup 26Graph
279Carolinaup 12Graph
279Lolaup 93Graph
281Kaylieup 16Graph
282Kara    down 14Graph
283Tatianaup 10Graph
284Leilaup 24Graph
285Selena    down 43Graph
286Jadyn    down 38Graph
286Miriam    down 4Graph
288Esther    down 9Graph
289Anastasiaup 3Graph
290Anahiup 62Graph
291Cameron    down 28Graph
292Ashlynnup 3Graph
293Izabellaup 86Graph
294Josieup 22Graph
295Heidiup 29Graph
296Jaydaup 9Graph
297Scarlettup 125Graph
298Julie    down 15Graph
299Melodyup 12Graph
300Desiree    down 15Graph
301Kieraup 36Graph
302Paolaup 7Graph
303Callieup 17Graph
304Jaden    down 25Graph
305Hayley    down 40Graph
306Camille    down 16Graph
307Emely    down 9Graph
307Emersonup 135Graph
309Auroraup 27Graph
310Daniellaup 3Graph
310Leilaniup 25Graph
312Meredithup 54Graph
313Estrella    down 17Graph
314Joselynup 95Graph
315Diamond    down 14Graph
316Skyler    down 1Graph
317April    down 15Graph
318Edenup 4Graph
319Rylieup 19Graph
320Brittany    down 44Graph
321Marisolup 19Graph
321Meghan    down 51Graph
323Lizbeth    down 46Graph
324Yasminup 8Graph
325Eliza    down 19Graph
325Nancy    down 7Graph
327Celeste    down 55Graph
328Ryleighup 22Graph
329Lilaup 119Graph
330Shaylaup 55Graph
331Asia    down 45Graph
332Michaela    down 45Graph
333Fionaup 41Graph
334Annika    down 7Graph
334Ivy    down 28Graph
336Sashaup 36Graph
337Madeleine    down 7Graph
338Luciaup 28Graph
339Heather    down 39Graph
340Ashlee    down 70Graph
340Harmonyup 58Graph
342Claudia    down 29Graph
343Kaitlin    down 21Graph
343Rose    down 12Graph
345Holly    down 36Graph
346Lexiup 17Graph
347Helen    down 14Graph
348Tatum    down 5Graph
349Bridget    down 20Graph
349Samaraup 31Graph
351Londonup 183Graph
352Presleyup 160Graph
353Danicaup 258Graph
354Alinaup 35Graph
355Wendy    down 5Graph
356Natasha    down 44Graph
357Shannon    down 54Graph
358Madalyn Graph
359Kaydence Graph
360Kyleighup 29Graph
361Alessandraup 97Graph
362Talia    down 8Graph
363Phoebeup 62Graph
363Sandra    down 47Graph
365Genevieveup 28Graph
365Ruth    down 19Graph
367Sherlynup 357Graph
368Cindy    down 43Graph
369Iris    down 12Graph
369Kaelynup 151Graph
371Kathleen    down 32Graph
372Kristen    down 46Graph
373Addysonup 381Graph
373Priscilla    down 27Graph
375Emilee    down 41Graph
376Alissa    down 8Graph
377Itzel    down 49Graph
377Johannaup 29Graph
379Katrina    down 133Graph
380Niaup 22Graph
381Denise    down 39Graph
382Brenna    down 27Graph
383Coraup 69Graph
384Aliceup 30Graph
385Perla    down 21Graph
386Janiya    down 16Graph
387Angie    down 11Graph
388Nyla    down 27Graph
389Harley    down 14Graph
390Janelleup 127Graph
391Kadence    down 47Graph
391Rachaelup 1Graph
393Ximena    down 40Graph
394Danaup 3Graph
394Nayeli    down 24Graph
396Natalyup 59Graph
396Rosaup 11Graph
396Serena    down 32Graph
399Annie    down 22Graph
400Kiana    down 18Graph
401Brynnup 20Graph
402Kaylinup 13Graph
403Kristina    down 55Graph
404Maddisonup 44Graph
405Imaniup 6Graph
405Maliaup 13Graph
407Kirsten    down 86Graph
408Madysonup 34Graph
408Marinaup 2Graph
410Anyaup 36Graph
411Patricia    down 55Graph
412Lanaup 25Graph
413Casey    down 5Graph
414Madisyn    down 33Graph
414Marleyup 57Graph
414Sage    down 53Graph
417Kassandra    down 57Graph
418Hayden    down 2Graph
418Lesly    down 17Graph
420Emiliaup 14Graph
421Yesenia    down 21Graph
422Francescaup 9Graph
423Bryannaup 23Graph
424Kimoraup 165Graph
424Sidney    down 46Graph
426Aubreeup 146Graph
427Kiley    down 42Graph
428Haylieup 13Graph
428Lauryn    down 23Graph
428Teaganup 52Graph
431Skye    down 9Graph
432Fernanda    down 39Graph
433Logan    down 22Graph
434Raven    down 85Graph
435Madilynup 64Graph
436Christine    down 40Graph
437Raeganup 56Graph
438Dayanara    down 93Graph
439Mercedes    down 56Graph
440Valentinaup 22Graph
441Lilianup 31Graph
442Jaelynup 58Graph
443Saraiup 20Graph
444Taniaup 32Graph
445Elaina    down 6Graph
445Tarynup 10Graph
447Lillianaup 132Graph
448Lacey    down 10Graph
449Viviana    down 23Graph
450Gloria    down 20Graph
451Linda    down 34Graph
452Tori    down 57Graph
453Hallieup 12Graph
453Noelleup 15Graph
455Ainsley    down 15Graph
456Kassidy    down 34Graph
457Anne    down 22Graph
457Hailee    down 53Graph
457Ryan    down 7Graph
460America    down 33Graph
460Brielleup 3Graph
462Janiyahup 16Graph
463Tara    down 122Graph
464Melanyup 73Graph
465Jaidenup 1Graph
466Hazelup 50Graph
467Adelineup 85Graph
468Isabelaup 66Graph
469Clarissa    down 50Graph
470Bayleeup 30Graph
471Jimena    down 84Graph
472Alyson    down 4Graph
472Britney    down 43Graph
474Alannaup 20Graph
475Jennyup 22Graph
476Amya    down 43Graph
477Jane    down 5Graph
478Tiana    down 24Graph
479Macie    down 22Graph
480Miracle    down 22Graph
481Elleup 23Graph
482Penelopeup 76Graph
483Lena    down 11Graph
484Anikaup 13Graph
485Anaya    down 3Graph
486Laney    down 6Graph
486Shania    down 50Graph
488Lillieup 15Graph
489Kaleigh    down 38Graph
490Abbigailup 12Graph
490Emilie Graph
492Halle    down 72Graph
492Kailynup 18Graph
494Hadleyup 129Graph
495Cristina    down 9Graph
495Maritza    down 92Graph
497Elisabeth    down 53Graph
498Marisa    down 107Graph
499Carlaup 10Graph
500Athena    down 39Graph
500Joyup 10Graph
500Lisa    down 6Graph
500Paulina    down 102Graph
504Raquel    down 29Graph
505Krystal    down 78Graph
505Virginia    down 60Graph
507Natalee Graph
508Harperup 236Graph
508Maiaup 15Graph
508Marilynup 54Graph
511Helenaup 31Graph
512Lunaup 81Graph
513Jaquelineup 12Graph
513Kiersten    down 53Graph
513Marleneup 25Graph
513Norahup 11Graph
517Carolyn    down 28Graph
518Amari    down 36Graph
519Sylviaup 9Graph
520Dannaup 7Graph
520Liaup 35Graph
520Martha    down 14Graph
523Saniyaup 83Graph
524Willowup 7Graph
525Kenyaup 85Graph
526Lexieup 54Graph
527Kaitlynn    down 51Graph
528Ayanna    down 40Graph
529Rihannanew Graph
530Tabitha    down 45Graph
531Deanna    down 53Graph
532Pamelaup 88Graph
533Jazlynup 110Graph
533Teresa    down 80Graph
535Whitney    down 67Graph
536Yazminup 111Graph
537Aileen    down 53Graph
538Liberty    down 47Graph
539Nathalieup 30Graph
540Kali    down 14Graph
541Justice    down 3Graph
541Quinnup 141Graph
543Ellenup 12Graph
544Yadira    down 39Graph
545Elisa    down 12Graph
546Barbaraup 148Graph
547Delilahup 39Graph
548Alexus    down 19Graph
549Melinaup 14Graph
550Madelynn    down 2Graph
550Precious    down 6Graph
552Carley    down 66Graph
553Tiaraup 31Graph
554Zoieup 16Graph
555Kenzieup 21Graph
556Cara    down 6Graph
556Dayanaup 4Graph
556Jessieup 10Graph
559Destinee    down 41Graph
559Simone    down 9Graph
561Annabellaup 125Graph
561Janet    down 1Graph
563Cierra    down 150Graph
563India    down 67Graph
565Jaidaup 11Graph
566Isis    down 44Graph
566Regan    down 100Graph
568Araceliup 18Graph
569Kaseyup 31Graph
569Marie    down 62Graph
571Amiraup 20Graph
572Amara    down 1Graph
572Tamia    down 60Graph
574Aspen    down 28Graph
574Kristin    down 40Graph
576Danikaup 271Graph
577Arelyup 35Graph
578Patienceup 24Graph
579Judith    down 33Graph
580Mckayla    down 65Graph
580Renee    down 38Graph
582Julietup 6Graph
583Alisha    down 92Graph
583Arielleup 39Graph
583Carissa    down 5Graph
586Jaidynup 23Graph
586Kailee    down 14Graph
586Luzup 18Graph
586Yasmine    down 41Graph
590Annaliseup 68Graph
590Irene    down 10Graph
592Eveup 72Graph
593Reginaup 2Graph
594Janessa    down 10Graph
595Carlie    down 54Graph
595Skyla    down 31Graph
595Susan    down 4Graph
598Reynaup 4Graph
599Evangelinenew Graph
599Yoselinup 269Graph
601Aubrieup 134Graph
601Kierra    down 37Graph
601Tia    down 49Graph
604Damarisup 41Graph
604Sanaaup 218Graph
606Sonia    down 24Graph
607Brisaup 75Graph
607Caliup 16Graph
607Lea    down 7Graph
610Haleigh    down 90Graph
611Daphne    down 57Graph
611Havenup 12Graph
613Jolieup 5Graph
614Alma    down 21Graph
615Rubi    down 184Graph
615Sharon    down 43Graph
617Addisynnew Graph
617Ingridup 28Graph
619Jazmyn    down 23Graph
619Karissa    down 21Graph
621Felicityup 67Graph
621Kennediup 8Graph
623Kayden Graph
624Kaylynnup 50Graph
625Savanahup 56Graph
626Brittney    down 77Graph
627Jaylinup 23Graph
628Gwendolyn    down 62Graph
629Allyup 25Graph
629Sienaup 234Graph
629Yareliup 148Graph
632Dominique    down 101Graph
632Giaup 95Graph
632Larissa    down 102Graph
632Noemi    down 1Graph
636Macey    down 98Graph
636Parkerup 74Graph
638Amiyahup 72Graph
638Jaylynnup 36Graph
638Rowanup 127Graph
641Lylaup 222Graph
642Mikaela    down 76Graph
643Arabellaup 152Graph
643Kaya    down 2Graph
643Lyricup 42Graph
643Maeveup 51Graph
647Karlee    down 18Graph
647Myahup 85Graph
649Bailee Graph
649Edith    down 22Graph
651Ariaup 61Graph
651Shaniya    down 46Graph
653Aryannaup 53Graph
653Juliette    down 22Graph
655Carlee    down 41Graph
656Abbie    down 29Graph
656Monique    down 99Graph
658Cheyanne    down 23Graph
658Clareup 16Graph
658Tyra    down 11Graph
661Mayra    down 30Graph
662Cristal    down 48Graph
663Campbellup 40Graph
664Taniyaup 15Graph
665Charity    down 10Graph
666Maci    down 94Graph
667Alenaup 22Graph
667Paula    down 1Graph
669Jacquelyn    down 17Graph
670Aleahup 66Graph
670Kaley    down 112Graph
672Cecelia    down 14Graph
672Deborah    down 20Graph
674Evelinup 22Graph
674Stacy    down 24Graph
676Janae    down 59Graph
677Esperanzaup 67Graph
678Elyseup 28Graph
679Mariannaup 25Graph
680Gisselle    down 25Graph
680Tamara    down 42Graph
682Mara    down 10Graph
683Angelique    down 17Graph
684Aishaup 44Graph
685Laci    down 171Graph
686Amani    down 42Graph
686Greta    down 2Graph
688Ashleigh    down 169Graph
688Mariam    down 74Graph
690Catalina    down 32Graph
690Kaylyn    down 28Graph
690Tiannaup 34Graph
693Emmalee    down 57Graph
693Kaia    down 4Graph
693Krista    down 104Graph
693Rosemaryup 54Graph
693Ryannup 23Graph
698Keelyup 114Graph
699Celia    down 22Graph
700Ayanaup 16Graph
700Lizeth    down 30Graph
702Abbey    down 81Graph
702Lorena    down 120Graph
702Monserrat    down 68Graph
705Akeelahnew Graph
705Aliya    down 9Graph
705Ansley    down 50Graph
708Gina    down 112Graph
708Roselyn    down 6Graph
710Gianaup 24Graph
711Princessup 17Graph
712Micahup 143Graph
713Adaup 82Graph
713Joslynup 15Graph
715Saniyahup 77Graph
716Valeryup 256Graph
717Theresa    down 81Graph
718Zariaup 3Graph
719Elaine    down 113Graph
720Hana    down 54Graph
721Liana    down 9Graph
722Giovanna    down 42Graph
723Isabellup 170Graph
723Lainey    down 46Graph
725Aracelyup 11Graph
726Ann    down 84Graph
726Cassie    down 12Graph
728Lucilleup 74Graph
728Shyanneup 40Graph
728Tess    down 116Graph
731Jakayla    down 26Graph
732Kayley    down 94Graph
733Iliana    down 33Graph
734Dylan    down 126Graph
735Aiyanaup 4Graph
735Taliyahup 1Graph
735Tylerup 15Graph
738Jamya    down 98Graph
738Loreleiup 68Graph
738Rhiannonup 4Graph
741Adrienne    down 13Graph
742Amiyaup 26Graph
743Meagan    down 80Graph
743Milanew Graph
745Betsynew Graph
745Chasityup 64Graph
745Lesley    down 31Graph
748Jaceyup 40Graph
748Tanya    down 57Graph
750Chaya    down 24Graph
750Cherishnew Graph
750Leannaup 1Graph
753Charlizeup 146Graph
753Kaliyahup 83Graph
755Gracelynup 24Graph
756Anabelleup 134Graph
756Mollie    down 17Graph
758Deja    down 10Graph
758Gillian    down 100Graph
758Salma    down 10Graph
761Amelieup 65Graph
761Hailieup 1Graph
761Kelsie    down 3Graph
764Frances    down 11Graph
764Karlie    down 73Graph
766Adisonnew Graph
766Aimee    down 80Graph
766Jaliyahup 34Graph
766Marleeup 18Graph
766Miah    down 1Graph
771Aylin    down 63Graph
771Thalia    down 98Graph
773Jayceeup 19Graph
773Kaila    down 52Graph
773Kiannaup 71Graph
773Sydnee    down 53Graph
777Charlieup 180Graph
777Eileen    down 59Graph
777Gretchen    down 15Graph
780Emeryup 32Graph
780Shakiranew Graph
782Abigayle    down 26Graph
782Ashly    down 83Graph
782Lilyananew Graph
785Elsa    down 24Graph
785Zariahup 151Graph
787Katlyn    down 169Graph
787Rhiannanew Graph
789Libby    down 8Graph
790Nathalianew Graph
790Nathalyup 146Graph
790Shayleeup 55Graph
793Jaylynup 108Graph
794Nyasiaup 99Graph
795Jaelynnup 68Graph
795Shaynaup 46Graph
797Brandy    down 76Graph
797Chelseyup 1Graph
797Leticia    down 13Graph
797Madalynnup 15Graph
797Mariela    down 127Graph
802Meadowup 53Graph
803Blancaup 18Graph
803Makena    down 85Graph
803Maribel    down 205Graph
803Noelianew Graph
803Saige    down 59Graph
803Stephany    down 95Graph
803Xiomara    down 32Graph
810Belinda    down 77Graph
811Zionup 176Graph
812Raynaup 43Graph
812Sariahup 68Graph
814Liliannaup 178Graph
814Phoenixup 69Graph
816Trista    down 74Graph
817Tatyana    down 63Graph
818Aryanaup 59Graph
818Jayleeup 12Graph
818Kendal    down 154Graph
821Journey    down 48Graph
821Toniup 1Graph
823Camillaup 50Graph
824Natalyaup 130Graph
825Corinne    down 34Graph
825Kallieup 58Graph
827Donnaup 6Graph
827Janiahup 59Graph
827Joyce    down 28Graph
827Mattie    down 55Graph
827Paisleynew Graph
832Aleenaup 26Graph
833Litzy    down 445Graph
833Selahup 109Graph
835Galileaup 42Graph
835Lara    down 26Graph
837Essenceup 92Graph
837Frida    down 80Graph
837Keylaup 53Graph
837Maleahup 92Graph
837Yaretzinew Graph
842Jayleenup 115Graph
843Annabel    down 67Graph
843Breanaup 4Graph
843Jewel    down 17Graph
843Scarletnew Graph
847Paloma    down 9Graph
847Sarahi    down 47Graph
849Abril    down 45Graph
849Laurel    down 68Graph
851Dalia    down 39Graph
851Jaclyn    down 151Graph
851Rebeca    down 56Graph
854Aliza    down 86Graph
855Karma    down 8Graph
856Kaiya    down 89Graph
856Zaraup 63Graph
858Angelineup 63Graph
858Braelynnew Graph
858Johana    down 70Graph
858Karli    down 165Graph
862Ellianaup 59Graph
862Sheylanew Graph
864Carina    down 123Graph
864Carrie    down 26Graph
864Kamilanew Graph
864Lilahnew Graph
868Cailynnew Graph
868Kaylen    down 39Graph
868Maliyah    down 10Graph
868Montananew Graph
872Anaisup 70Graph
872Elsieup 49Graph
874Annette    down 101Graph
875Bria    down 23Graph
875Taniyahup 38Graph
877Ashanti    down 181Graph
877Iyana Graph
879Bethzynew Graph
879Bryleeup 75Graph
879Desirae    down 98Graph
879Kenia    down 27Graph
879Kinsleyup 65Graph
879Susana    down 16Graph
885Adysonnew Graph
885Alisa    down 134Graph
885Cayla    down 54Graph
888Julianne    down 130Graph
888Naimaup 2Graph
890Abagail    down 9Graph
890Abigale    down 32Graph
890Joselinnew Graph
890Kayli    down 84Graph
894Moriah    down 53Graph
894Yaritza    down 42Graph
896Yuridiaup 71Graph
897Colleen    down 122Graph
897Magdalena    down 88Graph
897Mariyahnew Graph
897Selina    down 39Graph
897Shea    down 135Graph
902Kinseyup 77Graph
902Yvette    down 66Graph
904Jaylahnew Graph
904Katharine    down 63Graph
904Kathy    down 18Graph
907Averieup 77Graph
907Kinleynew Graph
909Mylaup 54Graph
910Amarisup 72Graph
910Jaylene    down 118Graph
910Tayler    down 13Graph
913Estefaniup 86Graph
913Finleyup 71Graph
913Kenna    down 50Graph
913Maura    down 101Graph
917Belenup 70Graph
917Charleenew Graph
917Karley    down 100Graph
917Shylanew Graph
921Adamarisnew Graph
921Aliaup 48Graph
921Chanel    down 8Graph
924Adelaide    down 23Graph
924Mira    down 17Graph
924Raina    down 107Graph
924Taylanew Graph
928Luciananew Graph
929Armaniup 28Graph
929Jasmyn    down 19Graph
929Tina    down 145Graph
932Destini    down 145Graph
933Lilianew Graph
934Chanaup 18Graph
934Halie    down 61Graph
934Kya    down 48Graph
934Makaila    down 99Graph
938Breenew Graph
938Jalyn    down 33Graph
938Savana    down 67Graph
941Alani    down 22Graph
941Karisup 11Graph
941Reina    down 10Graph
941Sheilanew Graph
945Jalynn    down 11Graph
946Cloe    down 6Graph
946Margarita    down 25Graph
946Marinup 18Graph
949Yuliana    down 32Graph
950Khloenew Graph
950Malayanew Graph
950Riya    down 79Graph
950Rocionew Graph
954Alize    down 130Graph
954Justine    down 152Graph
954Maryamnew Graph
954Mckinleynew Graph
954Micaela    down 103Graph
954Nichole    down 61Graph
960Citlali    down 47Graph
960Kaylah    down 134Graph
960Nya    down 51Graph
960Shyann    down 59Graph
960Tatianna    down 3Graph
965Beatricenew Graph
965Destiney    down 48Graph
965Lacie    down 120Graph
965Leianew Graph
965Miya    down 68Graph
970Akiranew Graph
970Amirahnew Graph
972Carol    down 214Graph
973Brandi    down 194Graph
973Brileynew Graph
973Lucero    down 6Graph
976Areli    down 40Graph
976Jorjanew Graph
976Stacey    down 118Graph
979Amina    down 97Graph
979Dania    down 7Graph
979Hillary    down 96Graph
979Raynenew Graph
983Dorothynew Graph
983Flor    down 76Graph
983Lina    down 4Graph
983Sanainew Graph
983Selenenew Graph
988Dahlianew Graph
988Iyannaup 6Graph
988Leylaup 6Graph
991Erickanew Graph
991Fabiola    down 44Graph
991Lorelainew Graph
991Mireya    down 80Graph
991Neveahnew Graph
996Janicenew Graph
996Joana    down 97Graph
996Luisanew Graph
996Mina    down 103Graph
996Nicolette    down 128Graph