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Most Popular Names USA 2011

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA 2011, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2012
Previous list:2010
Highest new entries:Bryn (new at 744),  Renata (new at 756),  Aviana (new at 762),  Samiyah (new at 793),  Braylee (new at 796)
Largest rises:Briella +394 (now at 497),  Adele +281 (now at 627),  Angelique +247 (now at 380),  Arya +225 (now at 711),  Charleigh +221 (now at 778)
Largest falls:Shaniya -346 (now at 915),  Brisa -344 (now at 807),  Jadyn -260 (now at 895),  Sherlyn -246 (now at 862),  Jaden -221 (now at 981)

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1Sophiaup 1Graph
2Isabella    down 1Graph
3Emma Graph
4Olivia Graph
5Ava Graph
6Emily Graph
7Abigail Graph
8Madison Graph
9Miaup 1Graph
10Chloe    down 1Graph
11Elizabethup 1Graph
12Ellaup 1Graph
13Addison    down 2Graph
14Natalie Graph
15Lilyup 2Graph
16Graceup 2Graph
17Samantha    down 2Graph
18Averyup 5Graph
19Sofiaup 7Graph
20Aubreyup 24Graph
21Brooklynup 13Graph
22Lillian    down 1Graph
23Victoriaup 9Graph
24Evelynup 15Graph
25Hannah    down 3Graph
26Alexis    down 10Graph
27Charlotteup 18Graph
28Zoeyup 19Graph
29Leah    down 5Graph
30Ameliaup 11Graph
31Zoe Graph
32Hailey    down 13Graph
33Laylaup 4Graph
34Gabriella    down 1Graph
35Nevaeh    down 10Graph
36Kaylee    down 1Graph
37Alyssa    down 17Graph
38Anna    down 10Graph
39Sarah    down 9Graph
40Allison    down 2Graph
41Savannahup 5Graph
42Ashley    down 15Graph
43Audreyup 9Graph
44Taylor    down 8Graph
45Brianna    down 16Graph
46Aaliyahup 10Graph
47Riley    down 7Graph
48Camilaup 13Graph
49Khloe    down 7Graph
50Claireup 3Graph
51Sophieup 8Graph
52Ariannaup 2Graph
53Peyton    down 2Graph
54Harperup 65Graph
55Alexa    down 5Graph
56Makayla    down 13Graph
57Julia    down 2Graph
57Kylie Graph
59Kayla    down 10Graph
60Bella    down 12Graph
61Katherineup 9Graph
62Lauren    down 4Graph
63Giannaup 3Graph
64Mayaup 3Graph
65Sydney    down 5Graph
66Serenityup 18Graph
67Kimberlyup 1Graph
68Mackenzieup 1Graph
69Autumnup 12Graph
70Jocelyn    down 5Graph
71Faithup 3Graph
72Lucyup 3Graph
73Stellaup 12Graph
74Jasmine    down 12Graph
75Morgan    down 12Graph
76Alexandra    down 12Graph
77Trinity    down 4Graph
78Mollyup 9Graph
79Madelyn    down 3Graph
80Scarlettup 34Graph
81Andrea    down 1Graph
82Genesisup 7Graph
83Evaup 8Graph
84Ariana    down 1Graph
85Madeline    down 8Graph
86Brooke    down 14Graph
87Carolineup 1Graph
88Bailey    down 10Graph
89Melanie    down 7Graph
90Kennedyup 20Graph
91Destiny    down 20Graph
92Maria    down 6Graph
93Naomiup 3Graph
94Londonup 14Graph
95Payton    down 16Graph
96Lydiaup 15Graph
97Ellieup 7Graph
98Mariah    down 1Graph
99Aubreeup 124Graph
100Kaitlyn    down 10Graph
101Violetup 22Graph
102Rylee Graph
103Lillyup 4Graph
104Angelina    down 11Graph
105Katelyn    down 2Graph
106Mya    down 5Graph
107Paige    down 8Graph
108Natalia    down 10Graph
109Rubyup 4Graph
110Piperup 34Graph
111Annabelleup 6Graph
112Mary    down 3Graph
113Jadeup 2Graph
114Isabelle    down 9Graph
115Lilianaup 9Graph
116Nicoleup 6Graph
117Rachel    down 17Graph
118Vanessa    down 12Graph
119Gabrielle    down 24Graph
120Jessica    down 28Graph
121Jordyn    down 9Graph
122Reaganup 5Graph
123Kendallup 10Graph
124Sadie    down 6Graph
125Valeria    down 31Graph
126Brielleup 66Graph
127Lylaup 7Graph
128Isabel    down 12Graph
129Brooklynnup 13Graph
130Reeseup 6Graph
131Sara    down 10Graph
132Adriana    down 3Graph
133Aliyahup 10Graph
134Jennifer    down 15Graph
135Mckenzieup 11Graph
136Gracie    down 6Graph
137Noraup 22Graph
138Kyleeup 1Graph
139Makenzieup 14Graph
140Izabella Graph
141Laila    down 3Graph
142Aliceup 30Graph
143Amy    down 8Graph
144Michelle    down 19Graph
145Skylarup 36Graph
146Stephanie    down 20Graph
147Juliana    down 2Graph
148Rebecca    down 11Graph
149Jayla    down 17Graph
150Eleanorup 15Graph
151Claraup 16Graph
152Giselle    down 5Graph
153Valentina    down 1Graph
153Vivianup 5Graph
155Alainaup 52Graph
156Elianaup 13Graph
157Ariaup 199Graph
158Valerie    down 9Graph
159Haley    down 5Graph
160Elenaup 3Graph
161Catherineup 32Graph
162Eliseup 34Graph
163Lila    down 8Graph
164Megan    down 33Graph
165Gabriela    down 17Graph
166Daisy    down 15Graph
167Jada    down 39Graph
168Daniela    down 18Graph
169Penelopeup 31Graph
170Jenna    down 29Graph
171Ashlyn    down 15Graph
172Delilahup 15Graph
173Summer    down 9Graph
174Milaup 190Graph
175Kateup 34Graph
176Keira    down 10Graph
177Adrianna    down 4Graph
178Hadleyup 38Graph
179Julianna    down 3Graph
179Maciup 53Graph
181Eden    down 1Graph
182Josephineup 4Graph
183Auroraup 19Graph
184Melissa    down 27Graph
185Hayden    down 23Graph
186Alana    down 16Graph
187Margaret    down 5Graph
188Quinnup 65Graph
189Angela    down 29Graph
190Brynnup 96Graph
191Alivia    down 17Graph
192Katie    down 31Graph
193Ryleigh    down 9Graph
194Kinleyup 37Graph
195Paisleyup 42Graph
196Jordan    down 18Graph
197Aniyah    down 20Graph
198Allie    down 9Graph
199Miranda    down 24Graph
200Jacqueline    down 29Graph
201Melody    down 3Graph
202Willowup 86Graph
203Diana    down 13Graph
204Coraup 72Graph
205Alexandria Graph
205Mikayla    down 26Graph
207Danielle    down 12Graph
208Londynup 80Graph
209Addyson    down 19Graph
210Amayaup 16Graph
211Hazelup 51Graph
212Callieup 25Graph
213Teaganup 29Graph
214Adalynup 42Graph
215Ximenaup 57Graph
216Angel    down 22Graph
216Kinsleyup 91Graph
218Shelby    down 33Graph
219Makenna    down 18Graph
220Ariel    down 7Graph
221Jillian    down 53Graph
222Chelsea Graph
223Alaynaup 12Graph
223Harmonyup 26Graph
225Sienna    down 15Graph
226Amanda    down 38Graph
227Presleyup 47Graph
228Maggie    down 3Graph
228Tessa    down 8Graph
230Leila    down 26Graph
231Hopeup 14Graph
232Genevieveup 46Graph
233Erin    down 19Graph
234Briana    down 51Graph
234Delaney    down 26Graph
236Estherup 31Graph
237Kathryn    down 7Graph
238Ana    down 39Graph
238Mckenna    down 10Graph
240Camilleup 33Graph
240Ceciliaup 37Graph
242Luciaup 23Graph
243Lola    down 32Graph
244Leilaniup 24Graph
245Leslie    down 48Graph
246Ashlynn    down 7Graph
246Kayleigh    down 2Graph
248Alondraup 2Graph
249Alisonup 20Graph
250Hayleeup 13Graph
251Carly    down 33Graph
252Julietup 33Graph
253Lexi    down 12Graph
254Kelsey    down 21Graph
255Eliza    down 15Graph
256Josieup 4Graph
257Marissa    down 54Graph
258Marley    down 24Graph
259Alicia    down 39Graph
260Amber    down 36Graph
261Sabrina    down 42Graph
262Kaydence    down 4Graph
262Norahup 36Graph
264Allyson    down 5Graph
265Alina    down 1Graph
265Ivyup 34Graph
267Fiona    down 10Graph
268Islaup 29Graph
269Nadia    down 22Graph
270Kyleighup 24Graph
271Christina    down 17Graph
272Emeryup 40Graph
273Lauraup 2Graph
274Cheyenne    down 45Graph
275Alexia    down 33Graph
275Emersonup 40Graph
275Sierra    down 60Graph
278Lunaup 65Graph
279Cadence    down 52Graph
280Daniellaup 16Graph
281Fatima    down 11Graph
282Bianca    down 2Graph
282Cassidy    down 34Graph
284Veronicaup 11Graph
285Kyla    down 31Graph
286Evangelineup 47Graph
287Karen    down 41Graph
288Adelineup 34Graph
289Jazmine    down 18Graph
289Mallory    down 7Graph
291Roseup 46Graph
292Jayden    down 80Graph
293Kendra    down 87Graph
294Camryn    down 13Graph
294Macy    down 3Graph
296Abby    down 12Graph
296Dakota    down 9Graph
298Mariana    down 37Graph
299Giaup 91Graph
300Adelynup 85Graph
301Madilynup 31Graph
302Jazmin    down 52Graph
303Irisup 13Graph
304Ninaup 14Graph
305Georgiaup 21Graph
306Lilahup 25Graph
307Breanna    down 55Graph
307Kenzieup 65Graph
309Jayda    down 73Graph
310Phoebe    down 1Graph
311Lillianaup 36Graph
312Kamryn    down 11Graph
313Athenaup 47Graph
314Malia    down 12Graph
315Nylaup 90Graph
316Miley    down 99Graph
317Heavenup 7Graph
318Audrinaup 23Graph
318Madeleineup 2Graph
320Kiaraup 4Graph
321Selenaup 8Graph
322Maddison    down 29Graph
323Giulianaup 53Graph
324Emiliaup 26Graph
325Lyricup 76Graph
326Joanna    down 21Graph
327Adalynnup 118Graph
328Annabella    down 18Graph
329Fernandaup 12Graph
330Aubrieup 112Graph
331Heidi    down 28Graph
332Esmeralda    down 49Graph
333Kira    down 25Graph
334Ellianaup 87Graph
335Arabellaup 51Graph
335Kelly    down 29Graph
337Karina    down 49Graph
338Paris    down 11Graph
339Caitlyn    down 39Graph
340Kara    down 49Graph
340Raeganup 19Graph
342Miriam    down 38Graph
343Crystal    down 25Graph
344Alejandra    down 66Graph
344Tatum    down 9Graph
346Savannaup 28Graph
347Tiffany    down 36Graph
348Aylaup 3Graph
349Carmen    down 35Graph
350Maliyahup 8Graph
351Karla    down 28Graph
352Bethanyup 17Graph
352Guadalupe    down 23Graph
354Kaileyup 27Graph
355Macieup 18Graph
356Gemmaup 93Graph
357Noelleup 9Graph
358Rylie    down 38Graph
359Elainaup 37Graph
360Lenaup 22Graph
361Amiyahup 32Graph
362Ruth    down 14Graph
363Ainsley    down 10Graph
364Finleyup 44Graph
365Danna    down 99Graph
366Parkerup 99Graph
367Emely    down 50Graph
368Janeup 15Graph
369Joselynup 9Graph
369Scarletup 44Graph
371Anastasia    down 6Graph
372Journeyup 50Graph
373Angelica    down 28Graph
373Sasha    down 29Graph
375Yaretzi    down 20Graph
376Charlieup 86Graph
377Juliette    down 6Graph
378Lia    down 22Graph
379Brynleeup 130Graph
380Angeliqueup 247Graph
381Katelynn    down 68Graph
382Nayeliup 5Graph
383Vivienneup 45Graph
384Addisynup 19Graph
385Kaelyn    down 46Graph
386Annieup 9Graph
386Tiana    down 52Graph
388Kyra    down 39Graph
389Janelleup 4Graph
390Caliup 26Graph
391Aleahup 64Graph
392Caitlin    down 52Graph
393Imani    down 24Graph
393Jayleenup 59Graph
395April    down 17Graph
395Julie    down 6Graph
397Alessandra    down 14Graph
398Julissa    down 31Graph
399Kailynup 39Graph
400Jazlynup 6Graph
401Janiyah    down 49Graph
402Kaylie    down 11Graph
403Madelynn    down 5Graph
404Baylee    down 8Graph
405Itzelup 6Graph
405Monica    down 42Graph
407Adelaideup 27Graph
408Bryleeup 27Graph
408Michaela    down 16Graph
410Madisyn    down 72Graph
411Cassandra    down 83Graph
412Elleup 7Graph
412Kaylin    down 13Graph
414Aniya    down 78Graph
415Dulce    down 6Graph
416Oliveup 129Graph
417Jaelyn    down 49Graph
418Courtney    down 65Graph
419Brittanyup 8Graph
420Madalyn    down 60Graph
421Jasmin    down 76Graph
421Kamilaup 11Graph
423Kiley    down 46Graph
423Tenleyup 35Graph
425Braelynup 31Graph
425Holly    down 13Graph
427Helenup 10Graph
428Hayleyup 2Graph
429Carolina    down 41Graph
429Cynthia    down 49Graph
429Talia    down 16Graph
432Anya    down 26Graph
432Estrella    down 12Graph
434Bristolup 128Graph
435Jimena    down 35Graph
436Harley    down 3Graph
437Jamie    down 62Graph
438Rebekah    down 34Graph
439Charleeup 118Graph
440Lacey Graph
441Jaliyahup 32Graph
442Cameron    down 27Graph
442Sarai    down 20Graph
444Cayleeup 78Graph
445Kennediup 47Graph
446Dayanaup 33Graph
447Tatiana    down 87Graph
448Serenaup 6Graph
449Eloiseup 81Graph
450Daphneup 38Graph
451Mckinleyup 105Graph
452Mikaela    down 21Graph
453Celesteup 4Graph
454Hannaup 60Graph
454Lucilleup 26Graph
456Skylerup 20Graph
457Nylahup 143Graph
458Camillaup 49Graph
459Lilian    down 9Graph
460Lindsey    down 59Graph
461Sageup 10Graph
461Vivianaup 24Graph
463Danica    down 38Graph
463Lianaup 62Graph
465Melany    down 56Graph
466Aileen Graph
466Lillie    down 13Graph
468Kadence    down 30Graph
469Zariahup 22Graph
470Juneup 127Graph
471Lilyanaup 12Graph
472Bridget    down 24Graph
473Anabelleup 2Graph
474Lexie    down 6Graph
475Anayaup 3Graph
475Skyeup 15Graph
477Alysonup 30Graph
477Angie    down 60Graph
477Paola    down 27Graph
480Elsieup 166Graph
480Erica    down 56Graph
480Gracelynup 44Graph
483Kiera    down 65Graph
484Mylaup 26Graph
485Aylinup 87Graph
485Lana    down 5Graph
487Priscilla    down 1Graph
488Kassidy    down 28Graph
488Natasha    down 29Graph
490Nia    down 21Graph
491Kenleyup 9Graph
492Dylanup 79Graph
492Kaliup 43Graph
494Adaup 58Graph
494Miracleup 29Graph
496Raelynnup 129Graph
497Briellaup 394Graph
498Emilee    down 26Graph
499Loreleiup 32Graph
500Francesca    down 6Graph
501Arielleup 4Graph
502Madyson    down 58Graph
503Amira    down 6Graph
504Jaelynn    down 1Graph
504Nataly    down 68Graph
506Annika    down 40Graph
507Joy    down 21Graph
508Alannaup 10Graph
509Shayla    down 63Graph
510Brenna    down 40Graph
510Sloaneup 81Graph
510Veraup 164Graph
513Abbigail    down 8Graph
513Amari    down 52Graph
515Jayceeup 4Graph
516Lauryn    down 15Graph
517Skylaup 41Graph
517Whitneyup 24Graph
519Aspenup 79Graph
519Johanna    down 79Graph
521Jaylahup 133Graph
521Nathalieup 98Graph
523Laneyup 20Graph
524Logan    down 41Graph
525Brinleyup 134Graph
525Leightonup 122Graph
525Marlee    down 12Graph
528Ciara    down 86Graph
528Justiceup 10Graph
530Brenda    down 104Graph
530Kayden    down 50Graph
532Erika    down 103Graph
533Elisa    down 38Graph
534Laineyup 84Graph
534Rowan    down 41Graph
536Annabelup 91Graph
536Teresaup 158Graph
538Dahliaup 112Graph
538Janiya    down 91Graph
540Lizbeth    down 42Graph
540Nancy    down 19Graph
542Aleenaup 16Graph
542Kaliyahup 24Graph
544Farrahup 5Graph
545Marilynup 2Graph
546Eveup 43Graph
547Anahi    down 71Graph
547Rosalieup 42Graph
549Jaylynn    down 53Graph
550Bailee    down 17Graph
550Emmalynup 195Graph
550Madilynnup 11Graph
553Leaup 13Graph
553Sylviaup 1Graph
555Annalise    down 30Graph
556Averieup 16Graph
557Yareli    down 32Graph
557Zoieup 21Graph
559Samaraup 47Graph
560Amani    down 7Graph
560Reginaup 28Graph
562Hailee    down 43Graph
563Arelyup 89Graph
564Evelynnup 160Graph
565Lucianaup 127Graph
565Natalee    down 22Graph
567Anika    down 26Graph
568Liberty    down 58Graph
569Giana    down 6Graph
570Havenup 81Graph
571Gloria    down 68Graph
571Gwendolyn    down 5Graph
571Jazlynnup 54Graph
571Marisol    down 43Graph
571Ryanup 58Graph
576Virginiaup 32Graph
577Myahup 58Graph
578Elsaup 21Graph
579Selahup 65Graph
580Melina    down 78Graph
581Aryanna    down 33Graph
582Adelynnup 51Graph
583Raelynup 149Graph
584Miahup 109Graph
584Sariahup 72Graph
586Kaylynn    down 10Graph
587Amaraup 65Graph
587Helena    down 54Graph
587Jayleeup 25Graph
587Maeve    down 52Graph
591Ravenup 19Graph
592Lindaup 31Graph
593Anneup 15Graph
594Desiree    down 120Graph
594Madalynn    down 13Graph
594Meredithup 8Graph
597Clarissa    down 47Graph
598Elyseup 34Graph
598Marie    down 26Graph
600Alissa    down 88Graph
601Anabella    down 15Graph
601Hallie    down 25Graph
603Denise    down 114Graph
604Elisabeth    down 13Graph
604Kaia    down 59Graph
606Danika    down 90Graph
606Kimora    down 107Graph
606Milanup 58Graph
609Claudia    down 95Graph
609Dana    down 146Graph
609Siena    down 7Graph
609Zionup 79Graph
613Ansleyup 20Graph
613Sandra    down 96Graph
615Caraup 26Graph
616Halle    down 66Graph
616Maleahup 13Graph
616Marinaup 23Graph
619Saniyah    down 40Graph
620Casey    down 18Graph
621Harlowup 155Graph
621Kassandra    down 81Graph
623Charleyup 210Graph
624Rosa    down 60Graph
624Shiloh    down 5Graph
626Tori    down 62Graph
627Adeleup 281Graph
627Kiana    down 45Graph
629Ariellaup 98Graph
630Jayleneup 17Graph
631Joslynup 4Graph
631Kathleen    down 36Graph
633Aishaup 49Graph
633Amya    down 39Graph
633Ayanna    down 22Graph
633Isis    down 10Graph
633Karleeup 23Graph
638Cindy    down 110Graph
638Perla    down 38Graph
640Janessa    down 86Graph
640Lylahup 118Graph
642Raquel    down 40Graph
642Zaraup 74Graph
644Evieup 61Graph
645Phoenixup 23Graph
646Catalinaup 37Graph
646Liliannaup 23Graph
648Mollieup 24Graph
648Simoneup 30Graph
650Brileyup 6Graph
651Briaup 123Graph
651Kristina    down 60Graph
653Lindsay    down 58Graph
653Rosemaryup 67Graph
655Ceceliaup 86Graph
656Kourtney    down 21Graph
657Aliya    down 3Graph
657Asia    down 125Graph
659Elinup 65Graph
659Isabela    down 90Graph
661Kristen    down 89Graph
661Yasmin    down 77Graph
663Alaniup 50Graph
664Aiyana    down 125Graph
664Amiya    down 2Graph
664Felicityup 100Graph
667Patricia    down 54Graph
668Kailee    down 5Graph
669Adrienneup 27Graph
669Alianaup 136Graph
669Emberup 154Graph
672Mariyahup 67Graph
673Mariam    down 57Graph
674Allyup 12Graph
675Bryanna    down 34Graph
676Tabitha    down 35Graph
676Wendy    down 91Graph
678Sidney    down 8Graph
679Clareup 4Graph
680Aimee    down 58Graph
681Laylahup 55Graph
681Maia    down 60Graph
683Karsynup 128Graph
684Greta    down 18Graph
684Noemi    down 7Graph
686Jaydeup 46Graph
687Kallie    down 9Graph
688Leannaup 11Graph
689Ireneup 5Graph
689Jessie    down 1Graph
689Paityn    down 58Graph
692Kaleigh    down 109Graph
692Lesly    down 112Graph
694Gracelynnup 148Graph
695Amelie    down 14Graph
696Ilianaup 54Graph
697Elaineup 102Graph
697Lilliannaup 152Graph
699Ellen    down 25Graph
699Taryn    down 40Graph
701Lailah    down 52Graph
701Rylanup 87Graph
703Lisaup 17Graph
704Emersynup 211Graph
705Braelynnup 188Graph
705Shannon    down 19Graph
707Beatriceup 126Graph
707Heather    down 24Graph
707Jaylin    down 94Graph
707Taliyah    down 19Graph
711Aryaup 225Graph
712Emilieup 22Graph
713Aliup 13Graph
713Janae    down 11Graph
715Chayaup 21Graph
715Cherishup 38Graph
715Jaida    down 178Graph
715Journeeup 218Graph
715Sawyerup 66Graph
720Destinee    down 12Graph
721Emmaleeup 72Graph
721Ivannaup 46Graph
723Charliup 192Graph
723Jocelynn    down 10Graph
723Kayaup 47Graph
726Eliannaup 159Graph
727Armaniup 87Graph
727Kaitlynn    down 11Graph
727Rihanna    down 141Graph
730Reynaup 37Graph
731Christine    down 58Graph
732Alia    down 2Graph
732Leylaup 15Graph
734Mckayla    down 121Graph
735Celiaup 8Graph
735Rainaup 123Graph
737Alayahup 112Graph
737Macey    down 32Graph
737Meghan    down 177Graph
737Zaniyahup 8Graph
741Carolyn Graph
741Kynleeup 145Graph
743Carleeup 12Graph
744Alena    down 16Graph
744Brynnew Graph
744Jolie    down 42Graph
747Carlaup 7Graph
747Eileenup 86Graph
747Keyla    down 69Graph
747Saniya    down 141Graph
751Liviaup 72Graph
752Amina    down 45Graph
753Angelineup 99Graph
753Krystal    down 31Graph
753Zariaup 70Graph
756Emeliaup 56Graph
756Renatanew Graph
758Mercedes    down 92Graph
759Paulina    down 37Graph
760Diamond    down 121Graph
760Jennyup 21Graph
762Aviananew Graph
762Ayleenup 90Graph
762Barbara    down 52Graph
765Alishaup 21Graph
766Jaqueline    down 67Graph
766Maryamup 10Graph
768Julianne    down 4Graph
768Matildaup 32Graph
768Sonia    down 52Graph
771Edithup 48Graph
771Martha    down 62Graph
773Audrianaup 180Graph
773Kaylyn    down 3Graph
775Emmyup 167Graph
775Giada    down 24Graph
775Teganup 161Graph
778Charleighup 221Graph
779Haleigh    down 135Graph
779Nathalyup 25Graph
779Susanup 13Graph
782Kendalup 97Graph
782Leiaup 48Graph
784Jordynn    down 93Graph
785Amirahup 38Graph
785Giovanna    down 33Graph
785Miraup 70Graph
788Addilynup 186Graph
788Frances    down 7Graph
788Kaitlin    down 123Graph
791Kyndallup 87Graph
791Myraup 173Graph
793Abbieup 28Graph
793Samiyahnew Graph
795Taraji    down 119Graph
796Brayleenew Graph
796Corinne    down 68Graph
798Jazmyn    down 67Graph
798Kaiya    down 51Graph
798Lorelai    down 51Graph
801Abril    down 90Graph
801Kenya    down 88Graph
801Maeup 185Graph
804Hadassahup 37Graph
805Alisson    down 134Graph
805Haylie    down 29Graph
807Brisa    down 344Graph
807Deborah    down 31Graph
809Minaup 152Graph
809Rayneup 78Graph
811America    down 152Graph
811Ryannup 63Graph
813Milanianew Graph
813Pearlup 148Graph
815Blakenew Graph
815Millieup 50Graph
817Deanna    down 105Graph
818Araceliup 3Graph
819Demiup 23Graph
819Gisselle    down 64Graph
819Paula    down 3Graph
822Karissa    down 86Graph
822Sharon    down 20Graph
824Kensleynew Graph
824Rachael    down 125Graph
826Aryana    down 66Graph
826Chanel    down 13Graph
826Natalya    down 59Graph
829Hayleighup 1Graph
829Paloma    down 131Graph
831Aviannanew Graph
831Jemmaup 26Graph
831Moriah    down 43Graph
831Reneeup 38Graph
835Alyvia    down 16Graph
835Zariyahup 34Graph
837Hanaup 5Graph
837Judithup 42Graph
837Kinseyup 120Graph
837Salmaup 42Graph
841Kenna    down 2Graph
841Maraup 28Graph
841Patience    down 41Graph
841Saanvinew Graph
845Cristina    down 69Graph
845Dixieup 78Graph
845Kaylen    down 48Graph
848Averiup 95Graph
848Carlie    down 67Graph
848Kirsten    down 6Graph
848Lilyannaup 15Graph
852Charityup 3Graph
852Larissa    down 92Graph
852Zuriup 128Graph
855Chana    down 39Graph
856Ingrid    down 86Graph
856Lina    down 8Graph
856Tianna    down 63Graph
859Liliaup 17Graph
859Marisa    down 44Graph
859Nahlanew Graph
862Sherlyn    down 246Graph
863Adyson    down 103Graph
863Cailyn    down 30Graph
863Princessup 37Graph
863Yoselin    down 93Graph
867Aubriannanew Graph
867Maritza    down 62Graph
867Raynaup 32Graph
870Luz    down 126Graph
871Cheyanne    down 132Graph
872Azariaup 33Graph
872Jaceynew Graph
872Roselynup 59Graph
875Elliotnew Graph
875Jaiden    down 173Graph
875Tara    down 101Graph
878Alma    down 29Graph
878Esperanzaup 70Graph
878Jakayla    down 143Graph
878Yesenia    down 182Graph
882Kiersten    down 43Graph
882Marleneup 20Graph
882Novanew Graph
885Adelinaup 30Graph
886Ayana    down 101Graph
886Kaiup 72Graph
886Nola    down 28Graph
886Sloannew Graph
890Avah    down 60Graph
890Carley    down 135Graph
890Meadow    down 11Graph
890Neveah    down 3Graph
890Tamia    down 126Graph
895Alayanew Graph
895Jadyn    down 260Graph
895Sanaa    down 109Graph
898Kailynnnew Graph
899Diyaup 19Graph
899Rorynew Graph
901Abbey    down 14Graph
901Karisnew Graph
901Maliahup 21Graph
904Belen    down 35Graph
904Bentleynew Graph
904Jaidyn    down 116Graph
904Shaniaup 49Graph
908Britneyup 1Graph
908Yazmin    down 103Graph
910Aubrinew Graph
910Malaya    down 68Graph
910Micah    down 68Graph
910Riverup 59Graph
914Alannahup 50Graph
915Joleneup 54Graph
915Shaniya    down 346Graph
915Tianew Graph
915Yamiletup 13Graph
919Bryleighup 71Graph
920Carissa    down 91Graph
920Karlie    down 115Graph
920Libby    down 123Graph
920Lilithup 70Graph
924Lara    down 45Graph
924Tess    down 115Graph
926Aliza    down 103Graph
926Laurelnew Graph
928Kaelynn    down 23Graph
928Leonaup 65Graph
928Regan    down 209Graph
928Yaritza    down 140Graph
932Kasey    down 139Graph
932Mattieup 1Graph
934Audriannanew Graph
934Blakelynew Graph
934Campbell    down 176Graph
934Dorothynew Graph
934Julietanew Graph
934Kylahup 11Graph
934Kyndalnew Graph
934Temperancenew Graph
934Tinleynew Graph
943Akira    down 110Graph
943Saige    down 50Graph
945Ashtynnew Graph
945Jewel    down 12Graph
945Kelsie    down 93Graph
945Miyanew Graph
949Cambrianew Graph
950Analia    down 148Graph
950Janet    down 57Graph
950Kairiup 19Graph
953Aleighaup 41Graph
953Bree    down 88Graph
953Daliaup 16Graph
953Livnew Graph
953Sarahi    down 66Graph
958Yamileth    down 22Graph
959Carleigh    down 36Graph
959Geraldinenew Graph
959Izabellenew Graph
959Riya    down 57Graph
959Samiyanew Graph
964Abriellenew Graph
964Annabellnew Graph
964Leighanew Graph
964Pamelaup 19Graph
968Caydence    down 56Graph
968Joyce    down 94Graph
968Junipernew Graph
968Malaysianew Graph
972Isabell    down 144Graph
973Blairnew Graph
973Jaylyn    down 112Graph
973Marianna    down 55Graph
973Rivkanew Graph
977Aliannanew Graph
977Gwynethnew Graph
977Kendylnew Graph
977Skynew Graph
981Esme    down 60Graph
981Jaden    down 221Graph
981Sariyahnew Graph
981Stacy    down 90Graph
985Kimber    down 24Graph
986Kamillenew Graph
986Milagros    down 9Graph
988Karly    down 79Graph
989Karma    down 92Graph
989Thalia    down 43Graph
989Willa    down 25Graph
992Amalianew Graph
992Hattienew Graph
992Payten    down 61Graph
995Anabel    down 49Graph
995Ann    down 84Graph
997Galileanew Graph
997Milananew Graph
997Yuliananew Graph
1000Damaris    down 64Graph