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Most Popular Names USA 2020

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA 2020, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:-
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Capri (new at 685),  Marleigh (new at 721),  Rosalia (new at 742),  Naya (new at 758),  Bellamy (new at 795)
Largest rises:Haisley +383 (now at 373),  Novah +342 (now at 569),  Aitana +209 (now at 367),  Amaia +203 (now at 560),  Elora +199 (now at 635)
Largest falls:Annabella -197 (now at 852),  Maleah -180 (now at 866),  Jillian -179 (now at 960),  Karen -168 (now at 828),  Clarissa -164 (now at 908)

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1Olivia Graph
2Emma Graph
3Ava Graph
4Charlotteup 2Graph
5Sophia    down 1Graph
6Ameliaup 1Graph
7Isabella    down 2Graph
8Mia Graph
9Evelynup 1Graph
10Harper    down 1Graph
11Camilaup 4Graph
12Giannaup 66Graph
13Abigail    down 2Graph
14Lunaup 2Graph
15Ella    down 2Graph
16Elizabeth    down 2Graph
17Sofia Graph
18Emily    down 6Graph
19Avery    down 1Graph
20Mila    down 1Graph
21Scarlett Graph
22Eleanorup 5Graph
23Madisonup 3Graph
24Layla    down 1Graph
25Penelope    down 3Graph
26Aria    down 6Graph
26Chloe    down 2Graph
28Grace Graph
29Ellieup 6Graph
30Nora    down 1Graph
31Hazelup 2Graph
32Zoey    down 1Graph
33Riley    down 3Graph
34Victoria    down 9Graph
35Lily    down 1Graph
36Auroraup 4Graph
37Violet    down 1Graph
38Novaup 13Graph
39Hannah    down 7Graph
40Emiliaup 2Graph
41Zoe    down 3Graph
42Stella    down 3Graph
43Everly    down 1Graph
44Islaup 13Graph
45Leah    down 1Graph
46Lillian    down 9Graph
47Addison Graph
48Willow    down 2Graph
49Lucy    down 1Graph
50Paisleyup 3Graph
51Natalie    down 10Graph
52Naomiup 7Graph
53Elianaup 9Graph
54Brooklyn    down 2Graph
55Elenaup 5Graph
56Aubrey    down 11Graph
57Claire    down 2Graph
58Ivyup 10Graph
59Kinsleyup 15Graph
60Audrey    down 11Graph
61Mayaup 3Graph
62Genesis    down 4Graph
63Skylar    down 7Graph
64Bella    down 14Graph
65Aaliyahup 5Graph
66Madelynup 6Graph
67Savannah    down 13Graph
68Anna    down 5Graph
69Delilahup 19Graph
70Serenityup 9Graph
71Caroline    down 10Graph
72Kennedy    down 5Graph
73Valentina    down 9Graph
74Ruby    down 8Graph
75Sophieup 11Graph
76Alice    down 3Graph
77Gabriella    down 1Graph
78Sadieup 9Graph
79Ariana    down 10Graph
80Allison    down 3Graph
81Hailey    down 6Graph
82Autumn Graph
83Nevaehup 7Graph
84Nataliaup 19Graph
85Quinn    down 2Graph
86Josephineup 3Graph
87Sarah    down 6Graph
88Cora    down 17Graph
89Emeryup 4Graph
90Samantha    down 10Graph
91Piper    down 6Graph
92Leilaniup 15Graph
93Eva    down 9Graph
94Everleighup 14Graph
95Madelineup 2Graph
96Lydia    down 2Graph
97Jadeup 7Graph
98Peyton Graph
99Brielleup 2Graph
100Adeline    down 9Graph
101Vivian    down 5Graph
102Rylee    down 2Graph
103Clara    down 8Graph
104Raelynnup 9Graph
105Melanieup 5Graph
106Melodyup 12Graph
107Julia    down 8Graph
108Athena    down 3Graph
109Maria    down 3Graph
110Liliana    down 1Graph
111Hadleyup 1Graph
112Arya    down 20Graph
112Roseup 3Graph
114Reagan    down 12Graph
115Elizaup 4Graph
116Adalynnup 7Graph
117Kaylee    down 3Graph
118Lylaup 2Graph
119Mackenzie    down 8Graph
120Alaiaup 63Graph
121Isabelle    down 4Graph
122Charlieup 10Graph
123Arianna    down 7Graph
124Maryup 2Graph
125Remiup 28Graph
126Margaretup 1Graph
127Irisup 2Graph
128Parkerup 15Graph
129Ximena    down 1Graph
130Edenup 15Graph
131Aylaup 31Graph
131Kylie    down 7Graph
133Ellianaup 12Graph
134Josieup 21Graph
135Katherine    down 14Graph
136Faith    down 11Graph
137Alexandra    down 7Graph
138Eloiseup 13Graph
139Adalynup 21Graph
140Amaya    down 7Graph
141Jasmine    down 10Graph
142Amara    down 2Graph
143Daisyup 21Graph
144Reeseup 13Graph
144Valerieup 5Graph
146Briannaup 1Graph
147Ceciliaup 6Graph
148Andrea    down 6Graph
148Summerup 29Graph
150Valeria    down 9Graph
151Norah    down 7Graph
152Ariellaup 64Graph
153Estherup 14Graph
154Ashley    down 18Graph
155Emerson    down 3Graph
156Aubree    down 34Graph
157Isabel    down 22Graph
158Anastasia    down 8Graph
159Ryleigh    down 21Graph
160Khloe    down 23Graph
160Taylor    down 26Graph
162Londynup 12Graph
163Lucia    down 4Graph
164Emersyn    down 16Graph
165Callieup 15Graph
166Siennaup 15Graph
167Blakelyup 15Graph
168Kehlaniup 73Graph
169Genevieve    down 1Graph
170Alina    down 14Graph
171Bailey    down 13Graph
172Juniperup 23Graph
173Maeveup 71Graph
174Molly    down 13Graph
175Harmony    down 6Graph
176Georgiaup 29Graph
177Magnoliaup 63Graph
178Catalinaup 11Graph
179Freyaup 21Graph
180Juliette    down 2Graph
181Sloaneup 9Graph
182Juneup 19Graph
183Sara    down 20Graph
184Adaup 25Graph
184Kimberlyup 9Graph
186Riverup 28Graph
187Emberup 6Graph
188Juliana    down 13Graph
189Aliyah    down 16Graph
190Millieup 49Graph
191Brynlee    down 4Graph
192Teagan    down 7Graph
193Morgan    down 17Graph
194Jordyn    down 28Graph
195London    down 30Graph
196Alaina    down 10Graph
197Oliveup 16Graph
198Rosalieup 10Graph
199Alyssa    down 28Graph
200Ariel    down 28Graph
201Finley    down 13Graph
202Arabella    down 5Graph
203Journeeup 2Graph
204Hopeup 26Graph
205Leilaup 20Graph
206Alanaup 26Graph
207Gemma    down 9Graph
208Vanessaup 61Graph
209Gracieup 10Graph
210Noelleup 12Graph
211Marleyup 23Graph
212Elise    down 5Graph
213Presley    down 9Graph
214Kamilaup 21Graph
215Zaraup 23Graph
216Amy    down 13Graph
216Kayla    down 33Graph
218Payton    down 3Graph
219Blakeup 3Graph
220Ruthup 11Graph
221Alaniup 82Graph
222Annabelle    down 52Graph
222Sageup 58Graph
224Aspenup 29Graph
224Laila    down 14Graph
226Lilaup 1Graph
227Rachel    down 36Graph
228Trinity    down 50Graph
229Daniela    down 12Graph
230Alexa    down 91Graph
231Lilly    down 39Graph
232Lauren    down 31Graph
233Elsieup 14Graph
234Margotup 70Graph
235Adelynup 10Graph
236Zuriup 41Graph
237Brooke    down 26Graph
237Sawyerup 9Graph
239Lilahup 47Graph
240Lolaup 7Graph
241Selena    down 8Graph
242Mya    down 23Graph
242Sydney    down 46Graph
244Diana    down 32Graph
245Ana    down 21Graph
246Veraup 6Graph
247Alayna    down 28Graph
248Nylaup 10Graph
249Elainaup 30Graph
250Rebeccaup 14Graph
251Angelaup 5Graph
252Kali    down 11Graph
253Aliviaup 2Graph
254Raegan    down 36Graph
255Rowan    down 26Graph
256Phoebeup 35Graph
257Camillaup 14Graph
257Joanna    down 3Graph
257Maliaup 4Graph
260Vivienneup 41Graph
261Dakota    down 4Graph
262Brooklynn    down 1Graph
262Evangelineup 12Graph
264Camille    down 6Graph
264Janeup 13Graph
266Nicole    down 38Graph
267Catherine    down 24Graph
268Jocelyn    down 69Graph
269Julianna    down 1Graph
270Lena    down 3Graph
271Lucilleup 25Graph
271Mckennaup 18Graph
271Paige    down 45Graph
274Adelaideup 31Graph
274Charleeup 10Graph
276Mariana    down 10Graph
276Mylaup 24Graph
278Mckenzie    down 41Graph
278Tessa    down 18Graph
280Miriamup 6Graph
281Oakleyup 66Graph
282Kailaniup 68Graph
283Alayahup 68Graph
284Amira    down 3Graph
285Adaline    down 3Graph
286Phoenixup 26Graph
287Milaniup 73Graph
288Annieup 10Graph
289Lia    down 6Graph
290Angelina    down 2Graph
290Harley    down 17Graph
292Cali    down 18Graph
293Maggieup 2Graph
294Hayden Graph
294Leiaup 39Graph
296Fiona    down 31Graph
297Briellaup 9Graph
298Journey    down 48Graph
299Lennonup 89Graph
300Saylorup 8Graph
301Jayla    down 52Graph
302Kaiaup 13Graph
302Thea    down 10Graph
304Adriana    down 54Graph
305Mariah    down 29Graph
306Juliet    down 36Graph
307Oaklynnup 195Graph
308Kiara    down 6Graph
309Alexis    down 73Graph
310Havenup 2Graph
311Aniyah    down 21Graph
312Delaney    down 27Graph
313Gracelynnup 42Graph
314Kendall    down 42Graph
315Winterup 12Graph
316Lilithup 86Graph
317Loganup 4Graph
318Amiyah    down 21Graph
319Evieup 10Graph
320Alexandria    down 21Graph
321Gracelynup 14Graph
322Gabrielaup 12Graph
323Suttonup 93Graph
324Harlow    down 7Graph
325Madilyn    down 6Graph
326Makayla    down 63Graph
327Evelynn    down 16Graph
328Giaup 84Graph
328Nina    down 8Graph
330Amina    down 7Graph
330Giselle    down 2Graph
332Brynn    down 26Graph
333Blairup 71Graph
334Amari    down 24Graph
335Octaviaup 36Graph
336Michelle    down 44Graph
337Talia    down 6Graph
338Demiup 47Graph
339Alayaup 53Graph
339Kaylaniup 71Graph
341Izabella    down 27Graph
342Fatima    down 17Graph
343Tatumup 15Graph
344Makenzie    down 6Graph
345Lilliana    down 29Graph
346Arielle    down 16Graph
346Palmerup 114Graph
348Melissa    down 9Graph
348Willaup 6Graph
350Samara    down 24Graph
351Destiny    down 42Graph
352Dahliaup 20Graph
353Celesteup 21Graph
354Ainsleyup 121Graph
354Rylie    down 13Graph
356Reignup 33Graph
357Laura    down 20Graph
358Adelynn    down 36Graph
358Gabrielle    down 15Graph
360Remingtonup 15Graph
360Wrenup 67Graph
362Brinleyup 23Graph
363Amora    down 10Graph
364Laineyup 17Graph
365Collinsup 40Graph
366Lexi    down 31Graph
367Aitanaup 209Graph
368Alessandra    down 50Graph
369Kenzieup 25Graph
370Raelyn    down 28Graph
371Elle    down 15Graph
372Everleeup 5Graph
373Haisleyup 383Graph
374Hallieup 24Graph
375Wynterup 74Graph
376Daleyza    down 31Graph
377Gwendolyn    down 7Graph
378Paislee    down 16Graph
379Ariyah    down 30Graph
380Veronica    down 21Graph
381Heidi    down 8Graph
382Anayaup 15Graph
383Cataleyaup 27Graph
383Kira Graph
385Aviannaup 80Graph
386Felicity    down 25Graph
387Aylinup 74Graph
388Miracle    down 19Graph
388Sabrinaup 3Graph
390Lana    down 6Graph
390Ophelia    down 3Graph
392Eliannaup 79Graph
393Royalty    down 53Graph
394Madeleine    down 26Graph
395Esmeralda    down 16Graph
396Joy    down 51Graph
397Kalaniup 71Graph
398Esmeup 33Graph
398Jessica    down 67Graph
400Leightonup 14Graph
401Ariah    down 36Graph
401Makenna    down 25Graph
403Nylah    down 39Graph
404Vivianaup 15Graph
405Camryn    down 5Graph
405Cassidy    down 40Graph
405Dreamup 122Graph
405Luciana    down 10Graph
409Maisie    down 62Graph
409Stevieup 115Graph
411Kate    down 87Graph
412Lyric    down 47Graph
413Daniella    down 11Graph
414Aliciaup 5Graph
414Daphneup 17Graph
416Francesup 22Graph
417Charliup 103Graph
417Ravenup 8Graph
419Paris    down 75Graph
420Nayeliup 11Graph
420Serenaup 3Graph
422Heavenup 1Graph
423Biancaup 29Graph
424Helenup 5Graph
425Hattieup 26Graph
426Averieup 50Graph
427Mabelup 13Graph
428Selahup 19Graph
429Allie    down 66Graph
430Marleeup 16Graph
431Kinley    down 30Graph
431Regina    down 12Graph
433Carmen    down 6Graph
434Jennifer    down 42Graph
435Jordan    down 30Graph
436Alison    down 23Graph
436Stephanie    down 84Graph
438Marenup 76Graph
439Kayleighup 49Graph
440Angel    down 45Graph
440Annaliseup 17Graph
440Jacqueline    down 58Graph
443Braelynnup 13Graph
443Emoryup 37Graph
445Rosemary    down 36Graph
446Scarlet    down 68Graph
447Amanda    down 42Graph
448Danielle    down 17Graph
448Emelia    down 5Graph
448Ryan    down 49Graph
451Carolina    down 34Graph
452Astridup 65Graph
452Kensleyup 24Graph
452Shilohup 14Graph
455Maci    down 76Graph
456Francescaup 35Graph
457Roryup 6Graph
458Celineup 32Graph
458Kamrynup 16Graph
460Zariahup 23Graph
461Lianaup 5Graph
461Poppyup 34Graph
463Maliyah    down 55Graph
464Keira    down 107Graph
465Skyler    down 25Graph
466Noaup 100Graph
467Skye    down 50Graph
468Nadia    down 54Graph
469Addilynup 41Graph
470Rosieup 93Graph
471Eveup 13Graph
471Sarai    down 35Graph
473Edithup 28Graph
473Jolene    down 24Graph
475Maddison    down 40Graph
476Meadowup 20Graph
477Charleigh    down 47Graph
478Matilda    down 31Graph
479Elliott    down 17Graph
479Madelynn    down 22Graph
481Holly    down 2Graph
482Leonaup 29Graph
483Azaleaup 48Graph
484Katie    down 25Graph
485Mira    down 31Graph
486Ariup 115Graph
486Kaitlyn    down 42Graph
488Dannaup 16Graph
489Cameronup 54Graph
489Kyla    down 26Graph
491Bristol    down 101Graph
492Kora    down 19Graph
493Armaniup 96Graph
493Niaup 3Graph
495Malaniup 174Graph
496Dylan    down 59Graph
496Remyup 42Graph
498Maiaup 27Graph
499Diorup 108Graph
500Legacyup 114Graph
501Alessiaup 6Graph
502Shelby    down 8Graph
503Maryamup 18Graph
504Sylviaup 11Graph
504Yaretzi    down 85Graph
506Lorelei    down 52Graph
507Madilynnup 28Graph
508Abby    down 4Graph
509Helena    down 31Graph
510Jimena    down 39Graph
511Elisa    down 72Graph
511Renata    down 24Graph
513Amber    down 31Graph
513Avianaup 30Graph
515Carter    down 2Graph
515Emmy    down 26Graph
517Haley    down 64Graph
518Alondra    down 9Graph
519Elaineup 36Graph
520Erin    down 36Graph
521April    down 28Graph
522Emely    down 96Graph
522Imani    down 1Graph
522Kennedi    down 19Graph
525Lorelaiup 32Graph
526Hannaup 13Graph
526Kelsey    down 56Graph
528Aureliaup 115Graph
528Colette    down 32Graph
530Jaliyahup 10Graph
531Kyleeup 2Graph
531Macie    down 51Graph
533Aisha    down 5Graph
533Dorothyup 30Graph
535Charleyup 16Graph
535Kathryn    down 51Graph
537Adelina    down 11Graph
537Adleyup 137Graph
537Monroeup 61Graph
540Sierra    down 44Graph
541Ailaniup 141Graph
542Miranda    down 98Graph
543Mikayla    down 36Graph
544Alejandra    down 28Graph
544Amirahup 67Graph
544Jada    down 75Graph
547Jazlyn    down 43Graph
548Jenna    down 106Graph
549Jayleenup 8Graph
550Beatriceup 12Graph
551Kendraup 35Graph
551Lyraup 121Graph
553Nolaup 52Graph
554Emberly    down 4Graph
554Mckinley    down 43Graph
554Myra    down 18Graph
557Katalinaup 28Graph
558Antonella    down 16Graph
558Zeldaup 104Graph
560Alanna    down 32Graph
560Amaiaup 203Graph
562Priscillaup 58Graph
563Briarup 17Graph
563Kaliyah    down 9Graph
565Itzel    down 37Graph
565Oaklynup 21Graph
567Almaup 49Graph
567Mallory    down 14Graph
569Novahup 342Graph
570Amaliaup 35Graph
571Fernanda    down 79Graph
572Alia    down 25Graph
572Angelicaup 20Graph
572Elliotup 24Graph
575Justiceup 2Graph
576Mae    down 29Graph
577Cecelia    down 31Graph
578Gloria    down 23Graph
579Ariya    down 62Graph
579Virginia    down 42Graph
581Cheyenne    down 81Graph
582Aleah    down 42Graph
582Jemma    down 17Graph
584Henleyup 16Graph
584Meredith    down 7Graph
586Leylaup 124Graph
587Lennoxup 129Graph
588Ensleyup 81Graph
589Zahraup 3Graph
590Reinaup 35Graph
591Frankieup 152Graph
591Lylahup 47Graph
593Nalaniup 46Graph
593Reynaup 22Graph
595Saigeup 53Graph
596Ivanna    down 23Graph
597Aleenaup 11Graph
598Emerieup 39Graph
598Ivory    down 27Graph
598Leslie    down 65Graph
601Aloraup 117Graph
601Ashlyn    down 13Graph
603Bethany    down 43Graph
604Bonnieup 48Graph
604Sashaup 25Graph
606Xiomaraup 46Graph
607Salemup 143Graph
608Adrianna    down 89Graph
608Dayana    down 25Graph
610Clementineup 76Graph
610Karina    down 40Graph
610Karsyn    down 9Graph
613Emmieup 4Graph
613Julieup 18Graph
613Julieta    down 30Graph
616Briana    down 56Graph
617Carly    down 50Graph
617Macy    down 21Graph
619Marieup 29Graph
620Oakleeup 137Graph
621Christina    down 98Graph
622Malaysia    down 65Graph
623Ellisup 95Graph
624Ireneup 9Graph
625Anne    down 56Graph
626Anahiup 17Graph
626Maraup 41Graph
628Rheaup 76Graph
629Davinaup 116Graph
630Dallas    down 36Graph
631Jayda    down 54Graph
631Mariam    down 63Graph
633Skyla    down 53Graph
634Siena    down 16Graph
635Eloraup 199Graph
635Marilyn    down 1Graph
637Jazmin    down 47Graph
637Megan    down 28Graph
639Rosaup 9Graph
639Savanna    down 18Graph
641Allyson    down 13Graph
641Milanup 74Graph
643Coraline    down 18Graph
643Johanna    down 49Graph
643Melany    down 32Graph
646Chelsea    down 101Graph
647Michaela    down 37Graph
648Melina    down 30Graph
649Angieup 53Graph
650Cassandra    down 39Graph
650Yaraup 115Graph
652Kassidy    down 7Graph
653Libertyup 5Graph
653Lilian    down 49Graph
655Avahup 1Graph
656Anyaup 2Graph
656Laneyup 37Graph
658Navyup 153Graph
658Opalup 21Graph
660Amaniup 47Graph
660Zayleeup 71Graph
662Minaup 20Graph
662Sloan    down 41Graph
664Romina    down 17Graph
665Ashlynn    down 44Graph
666Alizaup 14Graph
666Livup 1Graph
666Malayaup 3Graph
669Blaireup 61Graph
670Janelle    down 119Graph
670Kara    down 95Graph
672Analiaup 171Graph
672Hadassah Graph
672Hayleyup 21Graph
675Karlaup 2Graph
676Chaya    down 13Graph
677Cadence    down 128Graph
678Kyra    down 87Graph
679Alenaup 57Graph
679Elliannaup 107Graph
679Katelyn    down 148Graph
679Kimber    down 80Graph
679Laurelup 52Graph
679Linaup 43Graph
685Caprinew Graph
686Braelyn    down 50Graph
687Fayeup 10Graph
687Kamiyahup 126Graph
689Kenna    down 24Graph
689Louise    down 3Graph
691Calliopeup 14Graph
692Kaydence    down 63Graph
692Nala    down 15Graph
692Tiana    down 68Graph
695Aileen    down 54Graph
695Sunnyup 96Graph
695Zariyahup 45Graph
698Milanaup 193Graph
699Giulianaup 26Graph
700Eileen    down 3Graph
700Elodieup 162Graph
702Rayna    down 57Graph
703Monica    down 63Graph
704Galilea    down 30Graph
704Journiup 53Graph
704Lara    down 3Graph
704Marina    down 14Graph
708Alianaup 1Graph
709Harmoniup 14Graph
710Jamie    down 137Graph
711Hollandup 25Graph
712Emmalyn    down 141Graph
713Lauryn    down 72Graph
714Chanelup 67Graph
714Tinsleyup 95Graph
716Jessie    down 23Graph
716Lacey    down 60Graph
718Elyseup 10Graph
718Janiyah    down 29Graph
718Jolie    down 7Graph
721Ezraup 113Graph
721Marleighnew Graph
721Roselyn    down 56Graph
724Lillie    down 76Graph
724Louisa    down 42Graph
726Madisynup 27Graph
726Pennyup 44Graph
728Kinslee    down 17Graph
729Treasure    down 13Graph
729Zaniyahup 96Graph
731Estellaup 50Graph
731Jaylah    down 57Graph
731Khaleesi    down 149Graph
734Alexia    down 102Graph
734Dulceup 142Graph
734Indieup 129Graph
734Maxineup 63Graph
738Waverlyup 75Graph
739Giovannaup 92Graph
740Mileyup 22Graph
740Saoirseup 77Graph
742Estrellaup 53Graph
742Greta    down 107Graph
742Rosalianew Graph
745Mylahup 94Graph
745Teresaup 55Graph
747Bridget    down 7Graph
747Kelly    down 95Graph
749Adaleeup 162Graph
749Aubrie    down 124Graph
749Lea    down 23Graph
752Harlee    down 25Graph
753Anika    down 62Graph
753Itzayanaup 33Graph
755Hanaup 65Graph
755Kaisleyup 90Graph
755Mikaela    down 34Graph
758Nayanew Graph
759Avalynnup 144Graph
759Margoup 80Graph
759Sevynup 196Graph
762Florenceup 172Graph
762Keilaniup 90Graph
764Lyanna    down 161Graph
765Joelle    down 62Graph
765Kataleyaup 104Graph
765Royalup 26Graph
768Averi    down 2Graph
768Kallieup 13Graph
768Winnieup 43Graph
771Baylee    down 108Graph
771Marthaup 24Graph
771Pearl    down 40Graph
774Alaiyaup 5Graph
774Rayne    down 36Graph
774Sylvieup 95Graph
777Brylee    down 32Graph
777Jazmine    down 71Graph
777Ryann    down 66Graph
780Kori    down 38Graph
780Noemi    down 1Graph
782Haylee    down 75Graph
782Julissa    down 90Graph
784Celiaup 79Graph
784Laylahup 38Graph
784Rebekah    down 66Graph
787Rosaleeup 144Graph
788Aya    down 57Graph
788Bria    down 50Graph
790Adele    down 27Graph
790Aubrielleup 118Graph
790Tiffany    down 93Graph
793Addysonup 13Graph
793Kaiup 13Graph
795Bellamynew Graph
795Leilanynew Graph
795Princess    down 28Graph
798Chana    down 7Graph
798Estelle    down 8Graph
800Seleneup 56Graph
800Skyup 16Graph
802Daniup 61Graph
802Thaliaup 27Graph
804Ellen    down 7Graph
804Rivka    down 59Graph
806Amelie    down 53Graph
806Andiup 7Graph
806Kynlee    down 109Graph
806Raina    down 15Graph
806Vienna    down 53Graph
811Aliannaup 16Graph
811Livia    down 50Graph
811Madalyn    down 61Graph
811Mercy    down 150Graph
811Novaleeup 11Graph
811Ramonaup 6Graph
811Vadaup 80Graph
818Berkleyup 163Graph
818Gwenup 13Graph
818Persephoneup 104Graph
821Milena    down 141Graph
821Paula    down 71Graph
823Clare    down 23Graph
824Kairi    down 139Graph
824Linda    down 50Graph
824Paulinaup 3Graph
827Kamilah    down 24Graph
828Amouraup 151Graph
828Hunterup 35Graph
828Isabela    down 47Graph
828Karen    down 168Graph
828Marianna    down 51Graph
828Sariyah    down 57Graph
828Theodoraup 28Graph
835Annika    down 33Graph
835Kyleigh    down 68Graph
835Nellieup 28Graph
835Scarletteup 46Graph
839Keyla    down 65Graph
840Kailey    down 43Graph
841Mavis    down 3Graph
842Lilianna    down 36Graph
842Rosalynup 14Graph
842Sariahup 139Graph
842Toriup 56Graph
842Yareli    down 119Graph
847Aubriellaup 105Graph
847Bexleyup 102Graph
849Bailee    down 156Graph
850Jiannanew Graph
851Keilyup 89Graph
852Annabella    down 197Graph
852Azariah    down 48Graph
852Denissenew Graph
855Promise    down 8Graph
856August    down 13Graph
856Hadleeup 49Graph
856Halle    down 34Graph
859Fallonup 100Graph
859Oakleigh    down 7Graph
859Zaria    down 111Graph
862Jaylinnew Graph
862Paisleigh    down 23Graph
864Crystal    down 92Graph
864Ilanew Graph
866Aliyaup 19Graph
866Cynthia    down 118Graph
866Gianaup 110Graph
866Maleah    down 180Graph
866Rylanup 3Graph
871Aniya    down 94Graph
871Denisenew Graph
871Emmeline    down 104Graph
871Scoutnew Graph
871Simone    down 160Graph
876Noahnew Graph
877Zora    down 88Graph
878Meghan    down 147Graph
879Landryup 32Graph
880Ainhoa    down 123Graph
880Lilyana    down 106Graph
880Noorup 48Graph
883Belen    down 36Graph
884Brynleighnew Graph
884Cleoup 83Graph
884Meilani    down 8Graph
887Karter    down 130Graph
888Amaris    down 71Graph
888Frida    down 160Graph
888Iliana    down 55Graph
888Violetaup 3Graph
892Addisynup 4Graph
892Nancyup 11Graph
894Denver    down 6Graph
894Leanna    down 38Graph
896Braylee    down 59Graph
896Kianaup 44Graph
896Wrenleynew Graph
899Barbaraup 46Graph
899Khalaninew Graph
901Aspynnew Graph
901Ellison    down 62Graph
901Judith    down 81Graph
901Robinup 93Graph
901Valery    down 32Graph
906Ailaup 62Graph
906Deborah    down 8Graph
908Caranew Graph
908Clarissa    down 164Graph
908Iylanew Graph
908Lexie    down 39Graph
912Anais    down 51Graph
912Kaylie    down 76Graph
912Nathalie    down 22Graph
915Alisson    down 63Graph
915Della    down 111Graph
917Addilynn    down 41Graph
917Elsa    down 131Graph
917Zoyanew Graph
920Laynenew Graph
920Marlowenew Graph
922Jovienew Graph
922Kenia    down 59Graph
922Samiraup 66Graph
925Jaylee    down 44Graph
925Jenesis    down 24Graph
927Ettanew Graph
927Shaynew Graph
929Amayah    down 157Graph
929Avayahnew Graph
929Egypt    down 14Graph
929Floraup 7Graph
929Raquel    down 48Graph
934Whitney    down 49Graph
934Zolaup 42Graph
936Giavannanew Graph
936Rayanew Graph
936Veda    down 87Graph
939Haloup 23Graph
939Paloma    down 14Graph
941Nataly    down 56Graph
941Whitley    down 5Graph
943Dalary    down 94Graph
943Drewnew Graph
945Guadalupe    down 90Graph
945Kamari    down 85Graph
947Esperanzaup 18Graph
947Lorettanew Graph
947Malayah    down 36Graph
947Natasha    down 71Graph
947Storminew Graph
952Ansleyup 13Graph
952Carolyn    down 12Graph
952Corinne    down 64Graph
952Paola    down 24Graph
956Brittany    down 111Graph
956Emeraldup 12Graph
956Freyjaup 32Graph
956Zainab    down 58Graph
960Artemisnew Graph
960Jillian    down 179Graph
960Kimora    down 79Graph
960Zoie    down 44Graph
964Aislinnnew Graph
964Emmaline    down 39Graph
966Ayleen    down 50Graph
966Queenup 15Graph
968Jaycee    down 143Graph
968Murphynew Graph
968Nyominew Graph
971Elina    down 55Graph
971Hadleighup 23Graph
971Marcelinenew Graph
971Marisolnew Graph
971Yasmin    down 26Graph
971Zendayaup 26Graph
977Chandler    down 52Graph
977Emani    down 22Graph
977Jaelynn    down 55Graph
977Kaiyaup 17Graph
977Nathalianew Graph
977Violettenew Graph
983Joyce    down 67Graph
983Paityn    down 7Graph
985Elisabeth    down 77Graph
985Emmalynn    down 80Graph
985Luella    down 49Graph
985Yamilethnew Graph
989Aaryanew Graph
989Luisaup 8Graph
989Zhurinew Graph
992Aracelinew Graph
992Harleigh    down 64Graph
992Madalynn    down 61Graph
992Melaninew Graph
996Laylaninew Graph
996Magdalena    down 37Graph
996Mazikeennew Graph
999Belle    down 130Graph
999Kadencenew Graph