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Most Popular Names USA 2012

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA 2012, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Neymar (new at 696),  Brentley (new at 750),  Kyree (new at 804),  Thiago (new at 860),  Kyrie (new at 864)
Largest rises:Major +503 (now at 483),  Vihaan +286 (now at 645),  Arian +273 (now at 649),  Gael +261 (now at 146),  Jase +256 (now at 304)
Largest falls:Jorden -227 (now at 904),  Yandel -180 (now at 970),  Jordyn -169 (now at 824),  Trevon -164 (now at 922),  Cristopher -161 (now at 784)

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1Jacob Graph
2Mason Graph
3Ethanup 4Graph
4Noahup 1Graph
5William    down 2Graph
6Liamup 9Graph
7Jayden    down 3Graph
8Michael    down 2Graph
9Alexander    down 1Graph
10Aiden    down 1Graph
11Daniel    down 1Graph
12Matthew Graph
13Elijah Graph
14Jamesup 3Graph
15Anthony    down 4Graph
16Benjaminup 3Graph
17Joshua    down 3Graph
18Andrew    down 2Graph
19David    down 1Graph
20Josephup 2Graph
21Logan    down 1Graph
22Jacksonup 1Graph
23Christopher    down 2Graph
24Gabriel Graph
25Samuelup 1Graph
26Ryan    down 1Graph
27Lucasup 2Graph
28John    down 1Graph
29Nathan    down 1Graph
30Isaacup 5Graph
31Dylanup 2Graph
32Caleb Graph
33Christian    down 3Graph
34Landon Graph
35Jonathan    down 4Graph
36Carterup 5Graph
37Lukeup 2Graph
38Owenup 6Graph
39Brayden    down 2Graph
40Gavin    down 4Graph
41Wyattup 7Graph
42Isaiahup 1Graph
43Henryup 14Graph
44Eliup 14Graph
45Hunterup 10Graph
46Jack    down 1Graph
47Evan    down 7Graph
48Jordan    down 2Graph
49Nicholas    down 7Graph
50Tyler    down 12Graph
51Aaron    down 1Graph
52Jeremiah    down 1Graph
53Julian    down 4Graph
54Cameron    down 1Graph
55Leviup 11Graph
56Brandon    down 9Graph
57Angel    down 5Graph
58Austinup 2Graph
59Connor    down 5Graph
60Adrian    down 4Graph
61Robert Graph
62Charles Graph
63Thomas Graph
64Sebastianup 4Graph
65Coltonup 9Graph
66Jaxonup 20Graph
67Kevin Graph
68Zachary    down 4Graph
69Aydenup 1Graph
70Dominicup 6Graph
71Blakeup 2Graph
72Jose    down 7Graph
73Oliverup 5Graph
74Justin    down 15Graph
75Bentley Graph
76Jason    down 5Graph
77Chase    down 8Graph
78Ian    down 6Graph
79Josiahup 1Graph
80Parker    down 1Graph
80Xavier    down 3Graph
82Adam    down 1Graph
83Cooper    down 1Graph
84Nathaniel Graph
85Graysonup 12Graph
86Jaceup 20Graph
87Carson    down 2Graph
88Nolanup 4Graph
89Tristan    down 2Graph
90Luis    down 2Graph
91Brody    down 8Graph
92Juan    down 3Graph
93Hudsonup 19Graph
94Brysonup 4Graph
95Carlos    down 4Graph
96Eastonup 6Graph
97Damianup 41Graph
98Alex    down 3Graph
99Kaydenup 6Graph
100Ryderup 8Graph
101Jesus    down 9Graph
102Cole    down 8Graph
103Micahup 1Graph
104Vincent    down 3Graph
105Max    down 9Graph
106Jaxsonup 34Graph
107Eric    down 4Graph
108Asherup 5Graph
109Hayden    down 19Graph
110Diego    down 11Graph
111Milesup 4Graph
112Stevenup 12Graph
113Ivanup 15Graph
114Eliasup 25Graph
115Aidan    down 8Graph
116Maxwellup 18Graph
117Bryce    down 3Graph
118Antonio Graph
119Giovanni    down 2Graph
120Timothyup 3Graph
121Bryan    down 11Graph
122Santiagoup 9Graph
123Colin    down 3Graph
124Richardup 3Graph
125Braxtonup 28Graph
126Kaleb    down 10Graph
127Kyle    down 6Graph
128Kaden    down 9Graph
129Prestonup 8Graph
130Miguel    down 4Graph
131Jonahup 13Graph
132Lincolnup 46Graph
133Riley    down 22Graph
134Leoup 33Graph
135Victorup 7Graph
136Brady    down 1Graph
137Jeremyup 15Graph
138Mateoup 33Graph
139Brian    down 17Graph
140Jaden    down 40Graph
141Ashton    down 32Graph
142Patrickup 1Graph
143Declanup 34Graph
144Sean    down 19Graph
145Joel    down 12Graph
146Gaelup 261Graph
147Sawyerup 25Graph
148Alejandro    down 18Graph
149Marcus    down 4Graph
150Leonardo    down 1Graph
151Jesse    down 10Graph
152Caden    down 16Graph
153Jake    down 24Graph
154Kaidenup 7Graph
155Wesley Graph
156Camdenup 4Graph
157Edward    down 9Graph
158Brantleyup 162Graph
159Roman    down 2Graph
160Axel    down 28Graph
161Silasup 22Graph
162Jude    down 7Graph
163Grant    down 12Graph
164Cayden    down 14Graph
165Emmanuel    down 18Graph
166George    down 1Graph
167Maddoxup 2Graph
168Malachi    down 4Graph
169Bradleyup 10Graph
170Alan    down 7Graph
171Westonup 32Graph
172Gage    down 18Graph
173Devin    down 16Graph
174Greysonup 26Graph
175Kenneth    down 5Graph
176Mark    down 17Graph
176Oscar    down 14Graph
178Tannerup 4Graph
179Rylan    down 33Graph
180Nicolas    down 12Graph
181Harrisonup 16Graph
182Derek    down 1Graph
183Peyton    down 17Graph
184Ezraup 20Graph
185Tuckerup 11Graph
186Emmettup 36Graph
187Averyup 14Graph
188Cody    down 13Graph
189Calvinup 20Graph
190Andres    down 14Graph
191Jorge    down 3Graph
192Abelup 45Graph
193Paul    down 7Graph
194Abraham    down 2Graph
195Kaiup 7Graph
196Collin    down 23Graph
197Theodoreup 34Graph
198Ezekiel    down 3Graph
199Omar    down 6Graph
200Jayceup 23Graph
201Conner    down 27Graph
202Bennettup 37Graph
203Trevor    down 23Graph
204Eduardo    down 20Graph
205Peter    down 8Graph
206Maximusup 6Graph
207Jaiden    down 21Graph
208Jamesonup 2Graph
209Seth    down 24Graph
210Kingstonup 16Graph
211Javier    down 17Graph
212Travis    down 21Graph
213Garrett    down 23Graph
214Everettup 43Graph
215Grahamup 40Graph
216Xander    down 11Graph
217Cristian    down 28Graph
218Damien    down 19Graph
219Rykerup 48Graph
220Griffinup 8Graph
221Corbin    down 14Graph
221Mylesup 17Graph
223Lucaup 37Graph
224Zane    down 4Graph
225Francisco    down 14Graph
226Ricardo    down 12Graph
227Alexisup 15Graph
228Stephenup 1Graph
229Zaydenup 63Graph
230Ikerup 149Graph
231Drake    down 12Graph
232Lukasup 17Graph
233Charlieup 3Graph
233Spencer    down 7Graph
235Zionup 10Graph
236Erick    down 4Graph
237Josue    down 24Graph
238Jeffreyup 8Graph
238Trenton    down 22Graph
240Chance    down 22Graph
241Paxtonup 32Graph
242Elliotup 30Graph
243Fernando    down 35Graph
244Keeganup 8Graph
245Landen    down 20Graph
246Manuel    down 16Graph
247Amirup 3Graph
247Shane    down 32Graph
249Raymond    down 15Graph
249Zanderup 16Graph
251Andre    down 10Graph
252Israel    down 31Graph
252Mario    down 29Graph
254Cesar    down 37Graph
255Simon Graph
256Kingup 133Graph
257Jaylen    down 51Graph
258Johnathan    down 18Graph
259Troy    down 15Graph
260Deanup 24Graph
261Clayton    down 3Graph
262Dominickup 7Graph
263Tyson    down 12Graph
264Jasperup 18Graph
265Martin    down 3Graph
266Kyler    down 14Graph
267Hector    down 20Graph
268Edgar    down 25Graph
269Marcoup 11Graph
270Cash    down 6Graph
271Edwin    down 36Graph
272Shawn    down 24Graph
273Judahup 15Graph
274Andyup 1Graph
275Donovan    down 21Graph
276Kameron    down 5Graph
277Elliottup 28Graph
278Dante    down 10Graph
279Braylon    down 46Graph
280Andersonup 14Graph
281Johnnyup 1Graph
282Drewup 3Graph
283Sergio    down 5Graph
284Cruzup 16Graph
285Dalton    down 9Graph
285Rafael    down 11Graph
287Gregory    down 8Graph
288Lane    down 19Graph
289Erik    down 12Graph
290Skyler    down 3Graph
291Finnup 13Graph
292Reidup 4Graph
293Gunnerup 40Graph
294Jared    down 28Graph
295Caiden    down 9Graph
296Holdenup 3Graph
297Emilioup 6Graph
298Fabian    down 7Graph
299Aden    down 9Graph
300Brendan    down 37Graph
300Rowanup 9Graph
302Emiliano    down 21Graph
303Braden    down 44Graph
304Jaseup 256Graph
305Jaxup 14Graph
306Emanuel    down 45Graph
307Lorenzoup 3Graph
308Roberto    down 13Graph
309Amari    down 2Graph
310Angelo    down 12Graph
311Beauup 39Graph
312Louisup 20Graph
313Derrick    down 12Graph
314Beckettup 16Graph
315Dawsonup 1Graph
316Felix    down 5Graph
317Pedro    down 11Graph
318Brennan    down 25Graph
319Frank    down 11Graph
320Maximiliano    down 31Graph
321Quinn    down 24Graph
322Dallasup 4Graph
323Romeoup 36Graph
324Braylen    down 9Graph
324Joaquinup 4Graph
324Waylonup 49Graph
327Allen    down 9Graph
327Colt    down 1Graph
329Ruben    down 6Graph
330Miloup 31Graph
331Juliusup 11Graph
332Grady    down 30Graph
333Augustup 65Graph
334Dakota    down 21Graph
335Cohenup 1Graph
336Brock    down 11Graph
337Kellenup 7Graph
338Brycen    down 21Graph
339Desmondup 19Graph
340Malik    down 18Graph
341Colby    down 27Graph
342Nehemiahup 7Graph
343Leland    down 14Graph
344Jett    down 13Graph
344Marcos    down 5Graph
346Taylor    down 9Graph
347Karterup 44Graph
347Marshall    down 7Graph
349Ty    down 29Graph
350Phillipup 28Graph
351Corey    down 39Graph
352Aliup 17Graph
353Adan    down 19Graph
354Dillon    down 9Graph
355Arthur    down 17Graph
356Maverickup 69Graph
357Leonup 48Graph
358Brooks    down 12Graph
359Tristen    down 6Graph
360Titusup 5Graph
361Keithup 6Graph
362Dexterup 22Graph
363Karsonup 1Graph
364Emersonup 23Graph
365Landynup 17Graph
366Armando    down 23Graph
366Pablo    down 10Graph
368Knoxup 66Graph
369Enrique    down 15Graph
370Cade    down 23Graph
370Gerardo    down 14Graph
372Reed    down 5Graph
373Kellan    down 10Graph
374Jayson    down 23Graph
375Barrettup 60Graph
376Walter    down 1Graph
377Dustin    down 8Graph
378Koltonup 25Graph
378Ronald    down 37Graph
380Trent    down 7Graph
381Phoenixup 7Graph
382Ismael    down 5Graph
383Julio    down 21Graph
384Danny    down 37Graph
384Kasonup 32Graph
384Scott    down 12Graph
387Messiahup 242Graph
388Jayup 12Graph
389Esteban    down 9Graph
390Gideonup 22Graph
391Tateup 2Graph
392Abramup 52Graph
392Trey    down 68Graph
394Keaton    down 28Graph
395Jakob    down 60Graph
396Jaime    down 15Graph
397Devon    down 45Graph
398Braydon    down 29Graph
398Izaiah    down 8Graph
400Donald    down 24Graph
401Albert    down 9Graph
401Raul    down 42Graph
403Darius    down 20Graph
404Archerup 43Graph
405Colten    down 19Graph
406Damonup 8Graph
406Riverup 17Graph
408Gustavoup 28Graph
409Philip    down 3Graph
410Atticusup 52Graph
410Walkerup 7Graph
412Matteo    down 28Graph
413Randy    down 58Graph
414Saul    down 19Graph
415Rocco    down 15Graph
416Davisup 20Graph
417Enzo    down 17Graph
418Noelup 37Graph
419Orionup 52Graph
420Jamariup 23Graph
421Remingtonup 57Graph
422Bruceup 48Graph
423Darren    down 9Graph
424Larry    down 29Graph
424Mathew    down 14Graph
426Russell    down 23Graph
427Dennis    down 14Graph
427Tony    down 18Graph
429Chrisup 32Graph
430Porterup 20Graph
430Rodrigo    down 8Graph
432Armaniup 68Graph
433Zaidenup 55Graph
434Kade    down 23Graph
435Ariup 74Graph
436Hugoup 3Graph
437Zachariahup 27Graph
438Kamdenup 10Graph
439Mohamed    down 13Graph
440Quentin    down 33Graph
441Solomonup 8Graph
442Curtis    down 4Graph
443Leonelup 16Graph
444Issac    down 15Graph
445Khalilup 21Graph
446Alberto    down 27Graph
446Jerry    down 53Graph
448Alec    down 27Graph
448Gianniup 67Graph
450Moises    down 19Graph
451Gunnarup 51Graph
452Adriel Graph
453Lawrenceup 1Graph
454Alijahup 2Graph
455Chandler    down 14Graph
455Ronanup 1Graph
457Princeup 23Graph
458Payton    down 61Graph
459Arturo    down 28Graph
459Jimmy    down 41Graph
459Orlandoup 23Graph
459Ricky    down 3Graph
463Mitchell    down 43Graph
464Maximilian    down 31Graph
465Casonup 42Graph
466Malcolmup 32Graph
466Muhammadup 14Graph
468Kasenup 57Graph
468Marvin Graph
470Jalen    down 72Graph
471Cyrusup 43Graph
472Mauricio    down 30Graph
472Warrenup 28Graph
474Jonasup 19Graph
475Kendrickup 45Graph
476Rhysup 10Graph
477Dane    down 8Graph
477Ryland    down 24Graph
479Pierce    down 6Graph
480Johanup 17Graph
481Roryup 117Graph
481Uriel    down 36Graph
483Majorup 503Graph
484Bryant    down 38Graph
484Reece    down 44Graph
486Casey    down 63Graph
487Ibrahim    down 23Graph
488Nikolas    down 15Graph
489Arjunup 34Graph
489Sullivanup 35Graph
491Finnegan    down 13Graph
492Alfredo    down 9Graph
492Royceup 35Graph
494Ahmedup 33Graph
495Amare    down 69Graph
496Lance    down 30Graph
496Ramonup 6Graph
498Jamison    down 4Graph
499Brayan    down 73Graph
500Brenden    down 38Graph
501Dominikup 25Graph
502Caseup 162Graph
502Kristopher    down 10Graph
502Maurice    down 42Graph
505Mekhi    down 22Graph
506Kobe    down 29Graph
506Zackary    down 55Graph
508Rhettup 55Graph
509Jensenup 98Graph
510Jaxtonup 87Graph
511Deandre    down 1Graph
512Isaiasup 21Graph
513Channingup 159Graph
514Yahir    down 84Graph
515Ezequielup 40Graph
515Tobiasup 22Graph
517Talon    down 1Graph
518Sam    down 35Graph
519Justice    down 9Graph
519Kashup 99Graph
521Nash    down 2Graph
522Alvinup 31Graph
522Jacoby    down 35Graph
524Aceup 43Graph
524Nico    down 30Graph
526Quintonup 5Graph
527Cannon    down 9Graph
528Franklin    down 24Graph
528Raidenup 7Graph
530Joe    down 39Graph
530Lawsonup 50Graph
532Beckhamup 123Graph
532Gary    down 38Graph
534Aldoup 38Graph
535Raylanup 166Graph
536Frederickup 4Graph
536Londonup 24Graph
538Bostonup 19Graph
539Carlup 52Graph
540Byron    down 34Graph
541Ernesto    down 51Graph
541Mosheup 27Graph
541Terry    down 6Graph
544Eddie    down 56Graph
544Kane    down 39Graph
546Moses    down 26Graph
547Finley    down 37Graph
548Salvador    down 17Graph
549Reese    down 7Graph
550Kelvin    down 5Graph
551Cullen    down 80Graph
551Madden    down 11Graph
551Wade    down 4Graph
554Clarkup 62Graph
555Mohammedup 7Graph
556Kieran    down 81Graph
557Jaggerup 81Graph
558Dorian    down 38Graph
558Korbin    down 31Graph
560Nelson    down 3Graph
560Royup 5Graph
562Asa    down 8Graph
563Matiasup 3Graph
563Nasir    down 6Graph
565Nickolas    down 15Graph
565Roger    down 38Graph
567Alonzo    down 12Graph
567Jaxenup 28Graph
569Skylar    down 36Graph
570Callenup 23Graph
571Malakaiup 49Graph
572Douglas    down 59Graph
573Ahmadup 13Graph
573Uriahup 11Graph
575Conor    down 33Graph
576Kristian    down 29Graph
577Carmeloup 3Graph
578Blaine    down 6Graph
578Kaysonup 77Graph
580Bentleeup 52Graph
581Braeden    down 105Graph
581Julien    down 35Graph
583Nathanael    down 3Graph
584Aarav    down 14Graph
584Keagan    down 14Graph
586Lucianup 10Graph
586Morgan    down 47Graph
588Chad    down 20Graph
589Terrance    down 4Graph
590Bensonup 129Graph
590Noe Graph
590Rodney    down 43Graph
593Francisup 25Graph
594Layne    down 16Graph
595Mohammadup 14Graph
596Zayneup 103Graph
597Tatumup 126Graph
598Brett    down 90Graph
599Wilsonup 1Graph
600Kian Graph
600Marc    down 28Graph
600Rohan    down 25Graph
603Daytonup 7Graph
604Braiden    down 60Graph
605Harperup 2Graph
605Lucianoup 42Graph
605Nikolaiup 33Graph
608Kamari    down 30Graph
609Camron    down 92Graph
609Joey    down 4Graph
609Santinoup 63Graph
612Ellisup 111Graph
612Laytonup 11Graph
614Xzavier    down 64Graph
615Jeffersonup 87Graph
615Winstonup 124Graph
617Guillermo    down 17Graph
618Demetrius    down 38Graph
619Bowenup 104Graph
619Daxtonup 45Graph
621Melvinup 1Graph
621Sorenup 58Graph
623Neilup 32Graph
623Sylasup 2Graph
625Jonup 61Graph
626Raphaelup 42Graph
626Rex    down 9Graph
626Yusufup 90Graph
629Shaun    down 42Graph
630Brodie    down 93Graph
630Tommyup 6Graph
632Harleyup 15Graph
633Quincy    down 34Graph
634Daxup 77Graph
634Trace    down 58Graph
636Adonisup 58Graph
636Bently    down 60Graph
636Giovani    down 138Graph
639Jeffery    down 35Graph
639Odinup 89Graph
641Lukaup 102Graph
642Kylanup 5Graph
643Willie    down 29Graph
644Lewis    down 12Graph
645Trippup 23Graph
645Vihaanup 286Graph
647Davion    down 97Graph
647Kendall    down 41Graph
649Arianup 273Graph
650Cory    down 6Graph
651Jamarion    down 64Graph
651Jonathon    down 39Graph
651Nixonup 247Graph
651Rayanup 84Graph
655Emeryup 52Graph
656Jermaine    down 92Graph
657Reginald    down 5Graph
657Tomas    down 22Graph
659Emmittup 120Graph
660Ayaanup 47Graph
660Zechariahup 54Graph
662Billy    down 51Graph
662Hamzaup 100Graph
662Micheal    down 69Graph
662Urijah    down 10Graph
666Aryanup 15Graph
666Leeup 1Graph
668Jasiahup 13Graph
668Landryup 111Graph
670Crosbyup 77Graph
670Mathiasup 22Graph
670Tobyup 99Graph
670Tristian    down 18Graph
670Will    down 6Graph
675Felipe    down 25Graph
675Triston    down 44Graph
677Edenup 154Graph
677Terrell    down 57Graph
679Deacon    down 17Graph
679Matthiasup 95Graph
681Jamal    down 4Graph
681Makai    down 13Graph
681Maximup 40Graph
681Sterlingup 55Graph
685Hankup 7Graph
686Gerald    down 59Graph
687Alessandro    down 49Graph
687Jaydon    down 95Graph
689Hayesup 86Graph
689Nikoup 64Graph
691Bransonup 40Graph
691Flynnup 252Graph
691Kody    down 63Graph
691Marlon    down 59Graph
691Maysonup 119Graph
696Allan    down 21Graph
696Augustusup 73Graph
696Jessie    down 1Graph
696Neymarnew Graph
700Adrienup 11Graph
700Aydan    down 19Graph
700Leonardup 5Graph
700Sincere    down 62Graph
704Kysonup 39Graph
704Terrence    down 58Graph
706Jeromeup 37Graph
707Jadiel    down 94Graph
708Kole    down 37Graph
709Aron    down 59Graph
710Aydin    down 50Graph
710Omari    down 72Graph
710Ronnieup 7Graph
710Zainup 21Graph
714Vicente    down 16Graph
715Bobby    down 27Graph
716Yosefup 66Graph
717Alexzanderup 11Graph
717Harry    down 10Graph
717Kale    down 128Graph
720Rogelioup 52Graph
721Casenup 67Graph
722Ray    down 41Graph
723Clayup 4Graph
723Masenup 136Graph
723Sageup 111Graph
723Ulises    down 63Graph
727Kymaniup 33Graph
728Chaimup 54Graph
728Javon    down 128Graph
730Brentup 45Graph
731Jadon    down 116Graph
732Elisha    down 1Graph
732Stanley    down 60Graph
734Jovanniup 104Graph
734Princetonup 243Graph
736Alonso    down 61Graph
736Darian    down 41Graph
738Conradup 65Graph
738Dwayne    down 27Graph
738Eugeneup 87Graph
741Gaugeup 13Graph
741Rene    down 97Graph
743Kareem    down 4Graph
744Rolandup 5Graph
745Ben    down 59Graph
745Vincenzoup 10Graph
747Abdullahup 15Graph
747Camren    down 66Graph
747Kenny    down 47Graph
750Brentleynew Graph
750Memphis    down 31Graph
752Blazeup 73Graph
752Edisonup 15Graph
752Osvaldo    down 97Graph
752Teaganup 6Graph
752Westinup 66Graph
757Deshawn    down 10Graph
757Raydenup 72Graph
759Cedric    down 8Graph
759Marquis    down 64Graph
759Samir    down 45Graph
759Steve    down 57Graph
763Draven    down 35Graph
763Jairo    down 26Graph
765Giovanny    down 103Graph
766Brennen    down 29Graph
766Bronsonup 22Graph
768Crewup 175Graph
768Davin    down 89Graph
770Kolten    down 8Graph
770Roninup 33Graph
772Ariel    down 147Graph
772Semaj    down 143Graph
774Aldenup 90Graph
775Isiah    down 137Graph
775Lennoxup 47Graph
777Davian    down 5Graph
777Jaylinup 5Graph
779Cainup 62Graph
779Wayne    down 75Graph
781Craigup 29Graph
781Lamar    down 60Graph
781Leonidasup 107Graph
784Cristopher    down 161Graph
784Ottoup 144Graph
786Bo    down 24Graph
786Darrell    down 97Graph
788Kolby    down 82Graph
788Marceloup 34Graph
790Brunoup 38Graph
790Fletcherup 99Graph
790Justusup 66Graph
793Alfonso Graph
793Theoup 72Graph
793Tyroneup 14Graph
796Aidyn    down 160Graph
796Harveyup 64Graph
798Rudy    down 67Graph
799Brendon    down 60Graph
799Tristin    down 82Graph
801Dominiqueup 6Graph
801Kaeden    down 46Graph
801Samsonup 73Graph
804Kyreenew Graph
805Jovani    down 38Graph
805Lionel    down 20Graph
807Amosup 53Graph
807Giancarlo    down 14Graph
807Misael    down 17Graph
810Callumup 37Graph
810Quintin Graph
812Valentino    down 51Graph
813Gavyn    down 44Graph
813Lennon    down 70Graph
815Jamir    down 38Graph
815Kamron    down 30Graph
815Zavier    down 66Graph
818Arloup 98Graph
818Junior    down 28Graph
818Killian    down 63Graph
818Leandroup 16Graph
822Konnorup 21Graph
823Hezekiahup 53Graph
824Jordyn    down 169Graph
824Markus    down 135Graph
824Ramiro    down 5Graph
827Callanup 58Graph
827Chace    down 17Graph
827Johnathon    down 8Graph
827Lyricup 31Graph
831Fisherup 23Graph
831Rashad    down 124Graph
833Kamrynup 27Graph
833Legendup 91Graph
835Duncan    down 38Graph
835Haroldup 8Graph
837Camiloup 159Graph
837Hendrixup 137Graph
837Seamusup 1Graph
840Colemanup 72Graph
841Vance    down 90Graph
842Rylee    down 103Graph
843Elianup 124Graph
844Jaeden    down 1Graph
844Jamie    down 43Graph
846Krishup 22Graph
847Abdiel    down 51Graph
847Antoineup 32Graph
847Camdynup 36Graph
847Van    down 62Graph
851Branden    down 160Graph
851Caysonup 140Graph
851Gibsonup 58Graph
851Javion    down 128Graph
855Izayah    down 40Graph
856Darwin    down 94Graph
856Jamar    down 22Graph
856Mikeup 12Graph
856Randall    down 2Graph
860Breckenup 102Graph
860Hassanup 5Graph
860Thiagonew Graph
863Heath    down 7Graph
864Arnav    down 14Graph
864Kingsleyup 122Graph
864Kyrienew Graph
864Xavi    down 61Graph
868Damariup 109Graph
868Deangelo    down 71Graph
868Jionninew Graph
868Joziahup 94Graph
868Makhiup 8Graph
868Vaughnup 35Graph
868Zekeup 99Graph
875Konner    down 53Graph
876Ean    down 69Graph
876Frankie    down 16Graph
876Yaelnew Graph
879Bentonup 59Graph
879Oakleynew Graph
881Efrainup 14Graph
881Marcel    down 44Graph
881Rolando    down 86Graph
884Maxtonup 59Graph
885Jaycobup 58Graph
885Keenan    down 60Graph
885Rowen    down 38Graph
885Yousefnew Graph
889Ishaan    down 92Graph
889Jedidiah    down 4Graph
889Remy    down 10Graph
889Todd    down 21Graph
893Reagan    down 1Graph
894Bodhiup 44Graph
894Damarion    down 53Graph
894Juelznew Graph
894Valentinup 68Graph
898Austynnew Graph
898Broderickup 67Graph
900Andersup 50Graph
901Alvaro    down 82Graph
901Mustafaup 26Graph
901Thaddeusup 8Graph
904Brenton    down 6Graph
904Cale    down 73Graph
904Clintonup 18Graph
904Derick    down 90Graph
904Jorden    down 227Graph
909Gilberto    down 59Graph
909Jabariup 5Graph
909Reyup 26Graph
909Salvatore    down 44Graph
913Freddy    down 9Graph
914Donteup 29Graph
914Ernest    down 64Graph
916Aaden    down 119Graph
916Axtonnew Graph
916Blaiseup 15Graph
916Luccanew Graph
916Maximo    down 114Graph
916Sidney    down 20Graph
922Dario    down 37Graph
922Rodolfo    down 84Graph
922Trevon    down 164Graph
925Camryn    down 94Graph
925Deegan    down 96Graph
925Sonny    down 36Graph
928Cassius    down 52Graph
928Trumannew Graph
930Briceup 5Graph
930Brogan    down 153Graph
930Hughup 20Graph
930Yehudaup 56Graph
934Agustin    down 18Graph
934Eliotnew Graph
934Stefan    down 55Graph
934Zaidnew Graph
938Bridgerup 21Graph
938Damion    down 159Graph
938Eliseoup 29Graph
938Houston    down 3Graph
938Johann Graph
938Leroynew Graph
944Sheldonnew Graph
945Darielnew Graph
945Darryl    down 2Graph
945Isai    down 71Graph
945Tyrell    down 47Graph
949Alfred    down 33Graph
949Demarcus    down 43Graph
949Kohenup 42Graph
952Ignacio    down 2Graph
952Rylen    down 105Graph
952Santos    down 55Graph
955Cael    down 152Graph
955Davonup 24Graph
955Kaysennew Graph
955Macknew Graph
959Darien    down 91Graph
959Ross    down 26Graph
959Titannew Graph
959Tyree    down 4Graph
963Ameernew Graph
963Zaire    down 54Graph
965Aditya    down 67Graph
965Briggsnew Graph
965Immanuelnew Graph
965Malakiup 31Graph
965Turner    down 49Graph
970Bradyn    down 155Graph
970Graysen    down 32Graph
970Kasenew Graph
970Reuben    down 32Graph
970Yandel    down 180Graph
975Gaige    down 69Graph
975Jaidyn    down 102Graph
977Franco    down 22Graph
977Trystan    down 27Graph
979Maisonnew Graph
979Simeonnew Graph
981Antonnew Graph
981Darnell    down 102Graph
981Emorynew Graph
981Roderick    down 69Graph
985Deon    down 6Graph
985Devan    down 30Graph
985Graemenew Graph
985Howard    down 26Graph
985Jaelnew Graph
985Kael    down 6Graph
985Karsennew Graph
992Jarrettnew Graph
993Apollonew Graph
993Denzelnew Graph
993Fosternew Graph
993Gilbert    down 125Graph
993Jaylon    down 85Graph
993Kylennew Graph
999Augustinenew Graph
999Dangelo    down 8Graph