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Name Ander

Meaning:the manly, the braveTools:

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About the name Ander in particular

Languages of use:Basque
US 2021 rank:#644     ... 643:Taylor, 644:Anakin, 645:Ander, 646:Hamza, 647:Otis ...     Full US 2021 list
Similarly written:Anders, Andor, Anker, Lander, Sander, Xander, Zander, Aaden, Abner, Adel     Details
Group info:

About Andrew/Andrea, the group of names with the same origin as Ander

Meaning/translation, female:the brave
Meaning/translation, male:the manly, the brave
Language of origin:Old Greek
Info about origin, male:known as the name of Saint Andrew, apostle and brother of Peter
Words:andreios = male, manly, brave  Old Greek
Topics:12 Apostles, New Testament
Variants' top ranks:1:Andreas Norway 1997,  1:Andrea Iceland 2020,  1:Andrei Romania 2018,  1:Andria Georgia 2016,  2:Andreea Romania 2012,  3:Andrea Italy 2013,  3:Andrew England+Wales 1964,  3:Antero Finland 2014,  3:Andrzej Poland 2012,  4:Anders Sweden 2014
Old/original forms:Andreas Old Greek
Name variants:Andi, Andra, Andrea, Andréa, Andrée, Andreea, Andreia, Andria, Andriana, Andrina, Andrine, Ander, Anders, Andi, Andor, András, Andraz, Andre, André, Andrea, Andreas, Andrei, Andrej, Andres, Andrés, Andrew, Andrey, Andri, Andria, Andry, Andrzej, Andy, Antero, Antti, Drew, Dries, Jrue, Ondrej   Sortable list   Details

Popularity lists that contain the name Ander

SpainGraph2022 722021 79,  2020 84,  2013 97,  2012 88,  2011 99
USA yearlyGraph2022 5722021 644,  2020 628