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Most Popular Names USA 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA 2014, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2015
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Bode (new at 783),  Dariel (new at 845),  Axl (new at 849),  Finnley (new at 852),  Henrik (new at 863)
Largest rises:Gannon +429 (now at 413),  Royal +324 (now at 572),  Killian +252 (now at 514),  Ronin +217 (now at 554),  Langston +207 (now at 748)
Largest falls:Amare -240 (now at 840),  Jair -172 (now at 991),  Dwayne -159 (now at 881),  Sylas -147 (now at 667),  Ean -147 (now at 997)

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1Noah Graph
2Liam Graph
3Masonup 1Graph
4Jacob    down 1Graph
5William Graph
6Ethan Graph
7Michael Graph
8Alexander Graph
9Jamesup 4Graph
10Daniel Graph
11Elijah Graph
12Benjaminup 2Graph
13Loganup 4Graph
14Aiden    down 2Graph
15Jayden    down 6Graph
16Matthew    down 1Graph
17Jackson    down 1Graph
18David Graph
18Lucasup 5Graph
20Joseph Graph
21Anthony    down 2Graph
22Andrew Graph
23Samuelup 2Graph
24Gabriel Graph
25Joshua    down 4Graph
26Johnup 1Graph
27Carterup 5Graph
28Lukeup 6Graph
29Dylan    down 1Graph
30Christopher    down 4Graph
31Isaac    down 2Graph
32Oliverup 20Graph
33Henryup 4Graph
34Sebastianup 11Graph
35Caleb    down 2Graph
36Owenup 2Graph
37Ryan    down 7Graph
38Nathan    down 7Graph
39Wyattup 2Graph
40Hunter    down 4Graph
41Jack    down 1Graph
42Christian    down 7Graph
43Landon    down 4Graph
44Jonathan    down 2Graph
45Leviup 5Graph
46Jaxon Graph
47Julian Graph
48Isaiah    down 4Graph
49Eli    down 6Graph
50Aaronup 1Graph
51Charlesup 6Graph
52Connorup 4Graph
53Cameronup 6Graph
54Thomasup 7Graph
55Jordan    down 2Graph
56Jeremiahup 2Graph
57Nicholas    down 3Graph
58Evan    down 3Graph
59Adrianup 1Graph
60Gavin    down 11Graph
61Robertup 1Graph
62Brayden    down 14Graph
63Graysonup 15Graph
64Josiahup 5Graph
65Colton    down 1Graph
66Austin    down 1Graph
67Angel Graph
68Jace    down 2Graph
69Dominic    down 1Graph
70Kevinup 2Graph
71Brandon    down 1Graph
72Tyler    down 9Graph
73Parkerup 1Graph
74Ayden    down 3Graph
75Jasonup 4Graph
76Jose Graph
77Ianup 3Graph
78Chase    down 1Graph
79Adamup 3Graph
80Hudsonup 7Graph
81Nolanup 5Graph
82Zachary    down 9Graph
83Eastonup 5Graph
84Blake    down 9Graph
85Jaxsonup 7Graph
86Cooper    down 2Graph
87Lincolnup 8Graph
88Xavier    down 5Graph
89Bentley    down 8Graph
90Kaydenup 3Graph
91Carson    down 1Graph
92Brodyup 2Graph
93Asherup 11Graph
94Nathaniel    down 3Graph
95Ryderup 8Graph
96Justin    down 11Graph
97Leoup 15Graph
98Juanup 2Graph
99Luis    down 3Graph
100Camden    down 1Graph
100Tristan    down 3Graph
102Damian    down 4Graph
103Eliasup 10Graph
104Vincent    down 3Graph
105Jase    down 16Graph
106Mateoup 3Graph
107Maxwellup 1Graph
108Milesup 7Graph
109Micah    down 2Graph
110Sawyerup 10Graph
111Jesus    down 5Graph
112Max    down 1Graph
113Romanup 21Graph
114Leonardoup 17Graph
115Santiagoup 11Graph
116Cole    down 2Graph
117Carlos    down 12Graph
118Bryson    down 16Graph
119Ezraup 24Graph
120Brantley    down 1Graph
121Braxtonup 1Graph
122Declan    down 1Graph
123Eric    down 5Graph
124Kaiden    down 1Graph
125Giovanniup 3Graph
126Theodoreup 44Graph
127Harrisonup 34Graph
128Alex    down 18Graph
129Diegoup 1Graph
130Wesleyup 9Graph
131Bryce    down 14Graph
132Ivanup 5Graph
133Greysonup 16Graph
134Georgeup 23Graph
135Timothy    down 10Graph
136Westonup 27Graph
137Silas    down 21Graph
138Jonah    down 3Graph
139Antonio    down 12Graph
140Colin    down 16Graph
141Richard    down 1Graph
142Hayden    down 13Graph
143Ashtonup 9Graph
144Steven    down 8Graph
145Axelup 22Graph
146Miguel    down 13Graph
147Kaleb    down 9Graph
148Bryan    down 16Graph
149Preston    down 1Graph
150Jayce    down 4Graph
151Rykerup 13Graph
152Victor    down 10Graph
153Patrickup 1Graph
154Joel    down 10Graph
155Grantup 13Graph
156Emmettup 17Graph
157Alejandroup 8Graph
158Marcusup 2Graph
159Jamesonup 22Graph
160Edward    down 15Graph
161Kingstonup 29Graph
162Jude Graph
163Maddoxup 6Graph
164Abelup 15Graph
165Emmanuelup 6Graph
166Bennettup 28Graph
167Everettup 22Graph
168Brian    down 18Graph
169Jeremy    down 10Graph
170Alan    down 17Graph
171Kaden    down 20Graph
172Jaden    down 31Graph
173Riley    down 17Graph
174Jesse    down 16Graph
175Kingup 18Graph
176Tuckerup 4Graph
177Kaiup 22Graph
178Kyle    down 23Graph
179Malachi    down 2Graph
180Abrahamup 3Graph
181Ezekielup 5Graph
182Calvinup 13Graph
183Oscar    down 5Graph
184Bradley    down 9Graph
185Lucaup 17Graph
186Averyup 10Graph
187Aidan    down 40Graph
188Zaydenup 4Graph
189Mark    down 5Graph
190Jake    down 24Graph
191Kenneth    down 4Graph
192Maximusup 8Graph
193Sean    down 8Graph
194Karterup 106Graph
195Brady    down 21Graph
196Nicolas    down 5Graph
197Cayden    down 25Graph
198Caden    down 16Graph
199Grahamup 4Graph
200Jayceonup 6Graph
201Paul    down 3Graph
202Gage    down 14Graph
203Corbinup 14Graph
204Peterup 4Graph
205Derek Graph
206Maverickup 66Graph
207Jorge Graph
208Tanner    down 11Graph
209Jaxup 14Graph
210Peyton    down 2Graph
211Xanderup 8Graph
212Amirup 4Graph
213Gael    down 37Graph
214Omar    down 10Graph
215Ikerup 11Graph
216Javierup 6Graph
217Elliotup 24Graph
218Jasperup 30Graph
219Rylan    down 18Graph
220Cody    down 6Graph
221Deanup 17Graph
222Andres    down 10Graph
223Collin    down 12Graph
224Zane    down 9Graph
225Charlieup 8Graph
226Myles    down 2Graph
227Lorenzoup 10Graph
228Beauup 42Graph
229Conner    down 8Graph
230Lukasup 12Graph
231Simon    down 2Graph
232Francisco    down 14Graph
233Elliottup 11Graph
234Finnup 16Graph
235Gunnerup 4Graph
236Garrett    down 9Graph
236Jaiden    down 23Graph
238Keeganup 10Graph
239Rowanup 56Graph
240Israelup 5Graph
241Griffin    down 16Graph
242Augustup 77Graph
243Judahup 22Graph
244Beckettup 35Graph
245Brooksup 56Graph
245Zander    down 15Graph
247Spencerup 3Graph
248Chance    down 8Graph
249Damien    down 21Graph
250Seth    down 19Graph
251Waylonup 41Graph
252Travis    down 20Graph
253Devin    down 43Graph
254Emilianoup 37Graph
254Zion    down 18Graph
256Ricardo    down 2Graph
257Erickup 3Graph
258Stephen    down 6Graph
259Reid Graph
260Paxtonup 2Graph
261Eduardo    down 41Graph
261Martinup 2Graph
263Fernando    down 10Graph
264Raymond Graph
265Manuel    down 20Graph
266Jeffrey    down 10Graph
267Felixup 29Graph
268Dallasup 34Graph
268Josue    down 21Graph
270Mario    down 15Graph
271Clayton    down 13Graph
272Caiden Graph
273Cristian    down 39Graph
274Troyup 1Graph
275Cash    down 32Graph
276Trevor    down 41Graph
277Shane    down 20Graph
278Kameronup 5Graph
279Cesar    down 18Graph
280Emilioup 18Graph
281Andyup 12Graph
282Tyson    down 13Graph
283Andre    down 15Graph
284Donovan    down 3Graph
285Titusup 31Graph
286Knoxup 59Graph
287Riverup 85Graph
288Kyler    down 12Graph
289Louisup 26Graph
290Cruz    down 12Graph
291Hector    down 14Graph
292Holden    down 5Graph
293Rafael    down 6Graph
294Landen    down 23Graph
295Laneup 8Graph
296Jaredup 9Graph
297Edwin    down 16Graph
298Messiahup 36Graph
299Johnny    down 32Graph
300Edgar    down 14Graph
301Johnathan    down 21Graph
302Alexis    down 8Graph
303Archerup 48Graph
304Anderson Graph
305Trenton    down 39Graph
306Arthurup 17Graph
306Sergioup 7Graph
308Marco    down 24Graph
309Juliusup 38Graph
310Dominick    down 36Graph
311Miloup 3Graph
312Dalton    down 1Graph
313Remingtonup 50Graph
314Dante    down 25Graph
315Angelo    down 8Graph
316Gregory    down 18Graph
317Reedup 3Graph
318Jaylen    down 28Graph
319Marshallup 9Graph
320Dawson Graph
321Leonup 4Graph
322Drew    down 25Graph
323Shawn    down 16Graph
324Emersonup 5Graph
325Fabian    down 13Graph
326Joaquinup 14Graph
327Walkerup 42Graph
328Erik    down 19Graph
329Desmondup 1Graph
330Karsonup 3Graph
331Emanuel    down 9Graph
332Jett    down 8Graph
333Aliup 17Graph
333Kendrick    down 16Graph
335Aden    down 26Graph
336Frank    down 9Graph
337Walterup 5Graph
338Rhettup 87Graph
339Colt    down 7Graph
340Amari    down 3Graph
341Romeo    down 3Graph
342Cohenup 26Graph
343Roberto    down 5Graph
344Maximilianoup 10Graph
345Gradyup 3Graph
346Barrettup 11Graph
347Zaiden    down 12Graph
348Drake    down 63Graph
349Gideonup 21Graph
350Majorup 16Graph
351Brendan    down 25Graph
351Skyler    down 45Graph
353Derrick    down 22Graph
354Pedro    down 11Graph
355Phoenixup 27Graph
356Noelup 27Graph
357Ruben    down 2Graph
358Braden    down 22Graph
359Nehemiah    down 13Graph
360Dakota    down 7Graph
361Cadeup 15Graph
362Kamden    down 10Graph
363Quinn    down 7Graph
364Nashup 100Graph
365Kason Graph
366Ronanup 67Graph
367Allen    down 18Graph
367Porterup 18Graph
369Enzoup 41Graph
370Atticusup 34Graph
371Kashup 37Graph
372Jayup 19Graph
373Adan    down 13Graph
373Finleyup 110Graph
373Matteoup 4Graph
376Malik    down 35Graph
377Abram    down 2Graph
378Braylon    down 60Graph
379Aceup 119Graph
380Solomonup 44Graph
381Gunnarup 15Graph
382Clarkup 74Graph
382Orionup 17Graph
384Ismaelup 16Graph
385Kellan    down 18Graph
386Brennan    down 43Graph
387Corey    down 28Graph
388Tate    down 30Graph
389Philip    down 3Graph
389Thiagoup 96Graph
391Phillip    down 27Graph
392Esteban    down 2Graph
393Jayson    down 20Graph
394Dexter    down 14Graph
394Jensenup 43Graph
396Pabloup 6Graph
396Ronaldup 7Graph
398Dillon    down 20Graph
399Muhammadup 23Graph
400Armando    down 3Graph
400Bruceup 16Graph
400Gerardo    down 7Graph
403Brycen    down 29Graph
404Marcos    down 43Graph
405Kadeup 11Graph
406Kolton    down 26Graph
407Damon    down 28Graph
408Braylen    down 47Graph
408Russellup 24Graph
410Leland    down 23Graph
410Milanup 131Graph
410Princeup 41Graph
413Gannonup 429Graph
414Enrique    down 27Graph
414Keith    down 21Graph
416Roryup 43Graph
417Brock    down 33Graph
418Donald    down 3Graph
419Tobiasup 71Graph
420Chandlerup 9Graph
420Deaconup 21Graph
422Casonup 4Graph
423Raul    down 14Graph
424Ty    down 35Graph
425Scottup 3Graph
426Landyn    down 12Graph
427Mohamedup 18Graph
428Colby    down 27Graph
429Danny    down 38Graph
429Leonelup 31Graph
431Kaysonup 101Graph
432Warrenup 46Graph
433Adrielup 37Graph
433Dustin Graph
433Taylor    down 62Graph
436Albert    down 15Graph
436Ryland    down 29Graph
438Hugo Graph
439Keaton    down 19Graph
440Jamisonup 20Graph
441Ari    down 22Graph
442Malcolmup 2Graph
443Ellisup 86Graph
444Kellen    down 51Graph
445Maximilian    down 15Graph
446Davis    down 4Graph
447Saul    down 9Graph
448Tony    down 13Graph
449Rocco    down 26Graph
449Zachariah    down 51Graph
451Jerry    down 1Graph
451Julio    down 40Graph
453Franklinup 42Graph
454Arjunup 47Graph
455Ibrahim    down 6Graph
456Nicoup 28Graph
457Jaxtonup 15Graph
458Jakob    down 42Graph
459Izaiah    down 12Graph
460Moisesup 44Graph
461Cyrus    down 25Graph
462Lawrenceup 8Graph
462Sullivanup 43Graph
464Finnegan    down 2Graph
465Khalilup 1Graph
466Mathew    down 36Graph
467Caseup 40Graph
467Jaime    down 40Graph
469Alec    down 16Graph
469Pierce    down 6Graph
471Quentin    down 65Graph
472Kasen    down 7Graph
473Darius    down 61Graph
474Colten    down 31Graph
475Royceup 43Graph
476Odinup 97Graph
477Kaneup 64Graph
478Francisup 28Graph
478Raidenup 47Graph
480Trey    down 75Graph
481Daxtonup 78Graph
482Gustavo    down 26Graph
483Rhysup 6Graph
484Alijahup 25Graph
485Lawsonup 25Graph
486Beckhamup 37Graph
486Moses    down 18Graph
488Rodrigo    down 75Graph
489Armani    down 3Graph
489Uriel    down 7Graph
491Dennis    down 38Graph
492Marvinup 6Graph
493Harveyup 123Graph
494Kianup 89Graph
495Raylanup 15Graph
496Darren    down 29Graph
496Frederick    down 4Graph
498Mohammedup 57Graph
498Trent    down 58Graph
500Jonas    down 12Graph
500Zayne    down 21Graph
502Callenup 90Graph
503Matiasup 60Graph
504Mitchell    down 48Graph
505Kyrieup 84Graph
505Uriahup 33Graph
507Tristen    down 55Graph
508Sterlingup 72Graph
509Theoup 157Graph
510Larry    down 33Graph
510Randy    down 63Graph
512Korbinup 15Graph
513Alberto    down 39Graph
514Chris    down 61Graph
514Gianniup 18Graph
514Killianup 252Graph
514Princetonup 120Graph
518Arturo    down 8Graph
518Ricky    down 23Graph
520Malakaiup 44Graph
521Aaravup 9Graph
521Asaup 33Graph
521Jimmy    down 40Graph
524Alfredo    down 21Graph
524Alonzo    down 24Graph
524Bensonup 53Graph
527Braydon    down 55Graph
527Devon    down 81Graph
529Curtis    down 53Graph
530Casey    down 40Graph
531Justice    down 56Graph
532Roy    down 9Graph
533Samup 18Graph
534Legendup 184Graph
535Dorianup 9Graph
535Nikolaiup 51Graph
537Kobe    down 43Graph
537Winstonup 88Graph
539Arloup 138Graph
539Reece    down 21Graph
541Lanceup 29Graph
541Wadeup 3Graph
543Cannonup 4Graph
544Augustusup 144Graph
545Hayesup 63Graph
545Hendrixup 200Graph
545Isaias    down 11Graph
545Neymarup 101Graph
549Ahmed    down 28Graph
550Jaxen    down 58Graph
550Nasir    down 33Graph
552Brayan    down 44Graph
552Issac    down 83Graph
554Roninup 217Graph
554Talon    down 57Graph
556Bostonup 11Graph
556Moshe    down 3Graph
558Orlandoup 4Graph
558Vihaanup 34Graph
560Garyup 18Graph
561Bowenup 28Graph
561Lukaup 24Graph
561Nikolas    down 47Graph
561Yahir    down 81Graph
565Joe    down 9Graph
565Leonidasup 136Graph
565Quinton    down 17Graph
568Lucianoup 26Graph
569Ezequiel    down 8Graph
570Ayaanup 57Graph
571Ahmad    down 3Graph
572Jalen    down 70Graph
572Royalup 324Graph
574Jamari    down 37Graph
574Noeup 30Graph
576Kieran    down 20Graph
576Mauricio    down 55Graph
578Conor    down 6Graph
579Johan    down 49Graph
580Matthiasup 28Graph
581Bryant    down 32Graph
581Mathiasup 53Graph
581Maurice    down 54Graph
581Roger    down 25Graph
585Lennoxup 93Graph
585Nathanael    down 21Graph
585Nixonup 1Graph
588Mohammad    down 14Graph
588Yusufup 16Graph
590Eddieup 14Graph
591Kristopher    down 53Graph
591Tatum    down 47Graph
593Jacoby    down 107Graph
594Wilsonup 36Graph
595Alvin    down 24Graph
596Raphaelup 1Graph
597Lewisup 43Graph
598Douglas    down 58Graph
598Mekhi    down 85Graph
600Salvador    down 16Graph
601Edenup 41Graph
602Hankup 24Graph
603Cullen    down 29Graph
604Daxup 38Graph
604Toby    down 55Graph
606Rayanup 63Graph
607Emmittup 15Graph
608Lucianup 22Graph
609Jefferson    down 1Graph
610Casenup 74Graph
610London    down 3Graph
610Rolandup 54Graph
613Carl    down 33Graph
613Crosbyup 36Graph
615Bodhiup 195Graph
616Dominik    down 47Graph
617Niko    down 29Graph
618Zackary    down 54Graph
619Deandre    down 43Graph
619Hamzaup 34Graph
621Remyup 130Graph
622Quincy    down 19Graph
623Alessandroup 7Graph
624Sincere    down 7Graph
625Dane    down 74Graph
626Terry    down 32Graph
627Ottoup 69Graph
627Samsonup 42Graph
629Madden    down 16Graph
630Jasiahup 28Graph
630Layne    down 15Graph
630Santinoup 7Graph
633Rohan    down 33Graph
634Abdullahup 18Graph
635Brentleyup 22Graph
635Marcup 13Graph
635Skylar    down 94Graph
638Boup 97Graph
638Kysonup 64Graph
638Sorenup 15Graph
641Harley    down 20Graph
641Nelson    down 59Graph
643Laytonup 72Graph
643Payton    down 118Graph
645Aldo    down 111Graph
646Atlasup 143Graph
646Ramon    down 48Graph
648Reese    down 46Graph
649Conradup 41Graph
649Morganup 13Graph
651Ernesto    down 23Graph
652Byron    down 136Graph
652Carmelo    down 137Graph
652Sageup 83Graph
655Neil    down 32Graph
656Kristian    down 38Graph
657Oakleyup 114Graph
658Tomasup 30Graph
659Flynnup 5Graph
660Lionelup 71Graph
661Kylanup 12Graph
662Leonardup 24Graph
662Rex    down 32Graph
664Brettup 8Graph
664Jeffery    down 36Graph
666Dukeup 52Graph
667Sylas    down 147Graph
668Callanup 114Graph
669Tripp    down 31Graph
670Bruno    down 23Graph
670Zechariahup 8Graph
672Melvin    down 53Graph
673Bransonup 1Graph
674Blaine    down 95Graph
674Jon    down 36Graph
674Julien    down 55Graph
677Arian    down 143Graph
677Guillermoup 9Graph
677Zain    down 15Graph
680Raydenup 67Graph
681Brodieup 22Graph
682Crewup 49Graph
682Memphis    down 48Graph
684Kelvin    down 73Graph
684Stanley    down 6Graph
686Joey    down 44Graph
687Emeryup 54Graph
688Terrance    down 76Graph
689Channing    down 130Graph
689Edison    down 30Graph
689Lennonup 79Graph
692Demetrius    down 96Graph
693Amosup 85Graph
693Caysonup 132Graph
695Rodney    down 72Graph
696Cory    down 46Graph
697Elianup 47Graph
698Xzavier    down 100Graph
699Bronson    down 25Graph
700Bentlee    down 86Graph
700Lee    down 33Graph
702Dayton    down 2Graph
703Chad    down 36Graph
704Cassiusup 54Graph
705Jagger    down 8Graph
706Fletcherup 83Graph
706Omariup 20Graph
708Alonso    down 24Graph
708Yosef    down 1Graph
710Westin    down 16Graph
711Brenden    down 120Graph
711Makai    down 19Graph
713Felipeup 9Graph
713Harry    down 6Graph
715Alden    down 11Graph
715Maximup 11Graph
715Nickolas    down 73Graph
718Davion    down 65Graph
718Forrestup 123Graph
720Allan    down 67Graph
720Enochup 116Graph
720Willie    down 13Graph
723Benup 25Graph
723Terrence    down 12Graph
723Tommy    down 64Graph
726Adonis    down 29Graph
726Cainup 56Graph
726Harper    down 67Graph
729Callumup 58Graph
729Jermaineup 9Graph
731Kody    down 5Graph
731Thaddeusup 65Graph
733Ray    down 59Graph
734Kamari    down 12Graph
735Aydin    down 30Graph
735Zekeup 120Graph
737Markusup 59Graph
738Arielup 20Graph
738Elisha    down 44Graph
738Luccaup 90Graph
738Marceloup 70Graph
738Shaun    down 25Graph
743Aryan    down 51Graph
743Vicente    down 12Graph
745Aron    down 30Graph
746Keagan    down 49Graph
746Marlon    down 35Graph
748Langstonup 207Graph
748Ulisesup 58Graph
750Andersup 141Graph
750Kareem    down 69Graph
752Bobby    down 83Graph
753Davianup 15Graph
753Kendall    down 103Graph
753Ronnie    down 11Graph
756Jadielup 19Graph
756Samirup 12Graph
758Alexzander    down 10Graph
758Hassanup 64Graph
758Kingsleyup 166Graph
761Axtonup 98Graph
761Trace    down 120Graph
761Will    down 22Graph
764Jamal    down 10Graph
764Valentino    down 59Graph
764Yousefup 83Graph
767Breckenup 110Graph
768Fisherup 94Graph
768Giovani    down 26Graph
768Kaysenup 165Graph
771Maxtonup 46Graph
771Maysonup 7Graph
771Vanup 67Graph
774Hezekiahup 113Graph
775Blaze    down 60Graph
775Koltenup 53Graph
775Misaelup 26Graph
778Javon    down 33Graph
778Kolby    down 27Graph
778Rogelio    down 41Graph
781Aresup 123Graph
781Jedidiahup 90Graph
783Bodenew Graph
783Leandro    down 1Graph
785Cedricup 29Graph
785Jamie    down 18Graph
785Rowenup 182Graph
785Urijah    down 30Graph
789Wayne    down 27Graph
790Eugene    down 12Graph
791Kole    down 65Graph
792Camron    down 44Graph
792Darian    down 17Graph
794Billy    down 104Graph
794Kaseup 36Graph
794Rene    down 23Graph
797Duncanup 24Graph
798Adrien    down 3Graph
798Alfredup 169Graph
798Maisonup 141Graph
801Apolloup 166Graph
801Braeden    down 91Graph
801Mackup 9Graph
804Clydeup 194Graph
804Reginald    down 123Graph
806Ansonup 161Graph
806Jerome    down 44Graph
808Ishaan    down 6Graph
808Jessie    down 88Graph
810Javionup 7Graph
811Micheal    down 130Graph
811Vincenzo    down 30Graph
813Camdynup 58Graph
813Gauge    down 74Graph
813Keenanup 134Graph
816Gerald    down 90Graph
817Francoup 70Graph
817Junior    down 55Graph
817Justus    down 7Graph
820Jamir    down 13Graph
820Marleyup 55Graph
820Terrell    down 100Graph
823Giancarlo    down 48Graph
824Braiden    down 66Graph
824Brantleeup 60Graph
824Draven    down 22Graph
824Titanup 81Graph
828Haroldup 63Graph
828Landry    down 66Graph
828Zaynup 68Graph
831Briggsup 78Graph
831Kyree    down 75Graph
833Chaim    down 102Graph
833Dilanup 47Graph
833Joziahup 58Graph
833Marquis    down 34Graph
837Jonathon    down 48Graph
838Azariah    down 4Graph
838Kenny    down 49Graph
840Amare    down 240Graph
840Brent    down 58Graph
840Clay    down 118Graph
840Stetsonup 107Graph
840Tyrone    down 51Graph
845Blaiseup 67Graph
845Darielnew Graph
845Lamar    down 132Graph
845Reubenup 51Graph
849Alfonso    down 67Graph
849Axlnew Graph
851Stefan    down 17Graph
852Finnleynew Graph
852Marcel    down 53Graph
854Jaydon    down 98Graph
855Kalelup 109Graph
855Triston    down 94Graph
857Darrell    down 70Graph
857Steveup 17Graph
859Abdiel    down 57Graph
859Lyric    down 57Graph
861Gibson    down 38Graph
861Thatcherup 125Graph
863Henriknew Graph
863Jadonup 5Graph
863Jairo    down 74Graph
863Rudy    down 53Graph
867Castielup 88Graph
867Emoryup 29Graph
869Hughup 46Graph
870Konnor    down 40Graph
871Graysennew Graph
872Cristianoup 75Graph
872Deshawn    down 53Graph
872Eliezernew Graph
872Kamdyn    down 3Graph
872Millerup 67Graph
872Ryleeup 73Graph
872Tristian    down 101Graph
879Agustinnew Graph
879Ernestup 54Graph
881Dwayne    down 159Graph
882Dimitrinew Graph
882Fordnew Graph
882Reyup 30Graph
882Zavier    down 86Graph
886Arnavup 15Graph
886Santanaup 81Graph
886Vance    down 20Graph
889Jamarion    down 138Graph
889Ramiro    down 27Graph
889Sonny    down 47Graph
892Brice    down 45Graph
892Leightonnew Graph
894Gilbert    down 9Graph
894Jordyn    down 52Graph
896Kaedenup 25Graph
897Antonnew Graph
897Coennew Graph
897Salvatore    down 15Graph
897Seamus    down 35Graph
897Zaireup 38Graph
902Aadenup 79Graph
902Chevynew Graph
902Lachlanup 84Graph
902Rolando    down 60Graph
906Aydan    down 56Graph
906Darwin    down 81Graph
906Randall    down 76Graph
906Santos    down 35Graph
906Yael    down 39Graph
911Greyup 67Graph
911Kohenup 41Graph
911Rashad    down 42Graph
914Jayseup 58Graph
914Lochlanup 23Graph
914Mustafa    down 23Graph
917Johnathon    down 67Graph
917Kannonup 64Graph
917Konner    down 87Graph
920Jovani    down 1Graph
920Maximo    down 82Graph
922Alvaro    down 80Graph
922Clintonup 2Graph
924Aidyn    down 5Graph
924Kymani    down 88Graph
926Davin    down 117Graph
926Jordyup 55Graph
928Ephraimup 44Graph
928Frankie    down 113Graph
928Heath    down 66Graph
928Houstonup 44Graph
928Kamronup 2Graph
933Craig    down 118Graph
934Cristopher    down 79Graph
934Gordonnew Graph
934Harlan    down 79Graph
934Turner    down 49Graph
934Vaughn    down 79Graph
934Vivaannew Graph
940Ameer    down 35Graph
940Gavyn    down 39Graph
940Gino    down 1Graph
940Jovanni    down 81Graph
944Benton    down 28Graph
944Rodolfo    down 39Graph
946Dominique    down 108Graph
946Jaycobup 6Graph
946Jericho    down 16Graph
949Augustineup 6Graph
949Coleman    down 102Graph
949Dashnew Graph
949Eliseonew Graph
949Khalidnew Graph
949Quintin    down 99Graph
955Makhi    down 31Graph
955Zaid    down 68Graph
957Anakinnew Graph
957Baylornew Graph
957Emmetnew Graph
957Judsonnew Graph
957Truman    down 10Graph
962Camiloup 32Graph
962Efrain    down 38Graph
962Semaj    down 112Graph
965Camren    down 78Graph
965Damarinew Graph
965Kamryn    down 88Graph
968Deangelo    down 77Graph
968Giovanny    down 52Graph
968Mike    down 88Graph
971Darioup 15Graph
971Kale    down 146Graph
973Broderickup 25Graph
973Jayvionnew Graph
973Kaisonnew Graph
973Koennew Graph
973Magnus    down 18Graph
978Darienup 20Graph
978Teagan    down 50Graph
978Valentin    down 101Graph
981Bodienew Graph
981Braysonnew Graph
981Chace    down 106Graph
984Kylennew Graph
984Yehudanew Graph
986Bridger    down 77Graph
986Howardnew Graph
986Madduxnew Graph
986Osvaldo    down 31Graph
986Rockyup 8Graph
991Ayannew Graph
991Bodennew Graph
991Foster    down 54Graph
991Jair    down 172Graph
991Reyanshnew Graph
991Tyree    down 36Graph
997Ean    down 147Graph
998Leifnew Graph
998Reagan    down 43Graph
998Rylennew Graph