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Most Popular Names USA 1990-1999

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA in the 90's (1990 to 1999), based on the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA decades
Following list:2000-2009
Previous list:1980-1989
Highest new entries:Connor (new at 71),  Dakota (new at 81),  Dalton (new at 110),  Alec (new at 137),  Cristian (new at 166)
Largest rises:Colton +334 (now at 122),  Jackson +318 (now at 175),  Riley +281 (now at 187),  Dillon +270 (now at 115),  Hunter +264 (now at 78)
Largest falls:Brad -251 (now at 443),  Barry -242 (now at 485),  Kelly -226 (now at 476),  Clint -217 (now at 490),  Tyson -216 (now at 485)

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RankName+/- USA 1980-1989Graph
1Michael Graph
2Christopher Graph
3Matthew Graph
4Joshua Graph
5Jacobup 30Graph
6Andrewup 7Graph
7Daniel    down 1Graph
8Nicholasup 11Graph
9Tylerup 41Graph
10Joseph Graph
11David    down 6Graph
12Brandonup 6Graph
13James    down 6Graph
14John    down 5Graph
15Ryan    down 1Graph
16Zacharyup 27Graph
17Justin    down 5Graph
18Anthonyup 2Graph
19William    down 4Graph
20Robert    down 12Graph
21Jonathan    down 4Graph
22Kyleup 7Graph
23Austinup 73Graph
24Alexanderup 24Graph
25Kevin    down 2Graph
26Codyup 35Graph
27Thomas    down 2Graph
28Jordanup 34Graph
29Eric    down 8Graph
30Benjaminup 1Graph
31Aaronup 1Graph
32Joseup 5Graph
33Christianup 57Graph
34Steven    down 10Graph
35Samuelup 17Graph
36Brian    down 20Graph
37Dylanup 156Graph
38Timothy    down 12Graph
39Adam    down 17Graph
40Nathanup 1Graph
41Richard    down 14Graph
42Sean Graph
43Charles    down 9Graph
44Patrick    down 6Graph
45Jason    down 34Graph
46Luisup 14Graph
47Jeremy    down 19Graph
48Stephen    down 12Graph
49Mark    down 16Graph
50Jesse    down 1Graph
51Juanup 8Graph
52Alexup 27Graph
53Cameronup 71Graph
54Travis    down 10Graph
55Jeffrey    down 25Graph
56Bryan    down 5Graph
57Calebup 86Graph
58Carlosup 6Graph
59Jared    down 1Graph
60Ethanup 174Graph
61Kenneth    down 14Graph
62Taylorup 90Graph
63Loganup 137Graph
64Paul    down 24Graph
65Trevorup 50Graph
66Dustin    down 21Graph
67Evanup 25Graph
68Gabrielup 19Graph
69Ianup 16Graph
70Gregory    down 24Graph
71Connornew Graph
72Devinup 58Graph
73Derek    down 20Graph
74Corey    down 9Graph
75Scott    down 36Graph
76Jesusup 17Graph
77Nathanielup 4Graph
78Hunterup 264Graph
79Bradley    down 25Graph
80Edward    down 23Graph
81Dakotanew Graph
82Antonio    down 8Graph
83Victorup 5Graph
84Marcus    down 16Graph
85Blakeup 34Graph
86Garrettup 55Graph
86Peter    down 23Graph
88Miguelup 17Graph
89Mitchellup 33Graph
90Noahup 115Graph
91Shane    down 16Graph
92Shawn    down 36Graph
93Angelup 17Graph
94Lukeup 18Graph
95Adrianup 12Graph
96Seth    down 1Graph
97Spencerup 84Graph
98Chaseup 73Graph
99Vincent    down 1Graph
100Jorgeup 8Graph
101Lucasup 19Graph
102Isaacup 52Graph
103Cory    down 30Graph
104Tannerup 248Graph
105George    down 33Graph
106Brett    down 28Graph
107Joel    down 38Graph
108Erik    down 19Graph
109Raymond    down 32Graph
110Daltonnew Graph
111Alejandroup 56Graph
112Coleup 158Graph
113Jackup 63Graph
114Ricardoup 3Graph
115Dillonup 270Graph
116Isaiahup 192Graph
117Jakeup 108Graph
118Elijahup 174Graph
119Masonup 222Graph
120Casey    down 36Graph
121Eduardoup 73Graph
122Coltonup 334Graph
123Franciscoup 3Graph
124Keith    down 58Graph
125Donald    down 58Graph
126Wesley    down 25Graph
127Chad    down 72Graph
128Devonup 112Graph
128Phillip    down 57Graph
130Oscarup 39Graph
131Colinup 34Graph
132Johnathan    down 1Graph
133Brendanup 57Graph
134Julianup 64Graph
135Ronald    down 65Graph
136Mario    down 25Graph
137Alecnew Graph
138Manuel    down 6Graph
139Bryceup 103Graph
140Grantup 49Graph
141Xavierup 122Graph
142Martin    down 15Graph
143Henry    down 10Graph
144Javierup 15Graph
145Alan    down 36Graph
146Dominicup 63Graph
147Edgarup 60Graph
148Omarup 22Graph
149Derrick    down 66Graph
150Hector    down 8Graph
151Douglas    down 75Graph
152Frank    down 61Graph
153Tristanup 122Graph
154Collinup 184Graph
155Troy    down 27Graph
156Roberto    down 11Graph
157Jeremiah    down 51Graph
158Jonathon    down 7Graph
159Sergioup 40Graph
160Fernandoup 30Graph
161Philip    down 75Graph
162Andre    down 27Graph
163Johnny    down 45Graph
164Edwin    down 2Graph
165Ivanup 42Graph
166Cristiannew Graph
167Clayton Graph
168Leviup 33Graph
169Curtis    down 65Graph
170Gary    down 90Graph
171Dariusup 135Graph
172Nicolasup 62Graph
173Dennis    down 76Graph
174Andresup 57Graph
175Jacksonup 318Graph
176Maxwellup 189Graph
177Cesarup 67Graph
178Drewup 10Graph
179Randy    down 77Graph
180Pedro    down 7Graph
181Rubenup 1Graph
182Alexisup 73Graph
183Brent    down 84Graph
184Allen    down 55Graph
184Marcoup 60Graph
186Maxup 74Graph
187Julioup 33Graph
187Rileyup 281Graph
189Mathew    down 36Graph
190Wyattnew Graph
191Maliknew Graph
192Jerry    down 78Graph
193Craig    down 111Graph
194Calvin    down 7Graph
195Tony    down 73Graph
196Rafael    down 25Graph
197Prestonup 49Graph
198Erickup 55Graph
199Bradyup 95Graph
199Larry    down 105Graph
201Raul    down 5Graph
202Emmanuelup 1Graph
203Jeffery    down 103Graph
204Carl    down 88Graph
205Jimmy    down 67Graph
205Zacheryup 142Graph
207Haydennew Graph
208Gavinup 129Graph
209Kristopher    down 73Graph
210Trentonup 128Graph
211Albert    down 64Graph
212Colbyup 79Graph
213Russell    down 100Graph
214Jaime    down 19Graph
214Sebastiannew Graph
216Parkernew Graph
217Louis    down 56Graph
218Danny    down 74Graph
219Alberto    down 6Graph
220Ricky    down 83Graph
221Chanceup 158Graph
222Darren    down 39Graph
223Kalebnew Graph
224Rodney    down 64Graph
225Gerardoup 42Graph
226Marc    down 87Graph
227Lawrence    down 77Graph
228Micheal    down 73Graph
229Micah    down 5Graph
230Damianup 101Graph
231Harrisonup 204Graph
232Lance    down 86Graph
232Terry    down 107Graph
234Joe    down 55Graph
235Marcosup 58Graph
236Treynew Graph
237Connernew Graph
238Abrahamup 36Graph
239Giovanniup 191Graph
240Armando    down 21Graph
241Dominiqueup 128Graph
242Diegoup 165Graph
243Arthur    down 65Graph
243Josueup 21Graph
243Walter    down 85Graph
246Gagenew Graph
246Skylerup 204Graph
248Todd    down 145Graph
249Bobby    down 115Graph
250Enriqueup 16Graph
251Donovanup 163Graph
252Chandlernew Graph
253Andyup 9Graph
254Ramon    down 33Graph
255Billy    down 115Graph
256Zackarynew Graph
257Roger    down 94Graph
258Ross    down 84Graph
259Landonup 95Graph
260Jay    down 76Graph
261Trentup 73Graph
262Jamalup 37Graph
262Willie    down 98Graph
264Israelup 37Graph
265Randall    down 117Graph
266Brandenup 23Graph
267Alfredo    down 3Graph
268Deandreup 144Graph
269Gerald    down 94Graph
270Jamie    down 113Graph
271Jalennew Graph
272Jon    down 106Graph
273Morganup 39Graph
273Nickolasup 31Graph
275Reginald    down 63Graph
276Nolanup 124Graph
276Theodore    down 61Graph
278Bryant    down 32Graph
279Lee    down 130Graph
280Liamnew Graph
281Danteup 156Graph
282Arturo    down 1Graph
282Marvin    down 64Graph
284Maurice    down 99Graph
285Terrance    down 79Graph
286Eddie    down 73Graph
286Josiahup 139Graph
288Kelvin    down 4Graph
289Malcolmup 113Graph
290Kodyup 199Graph
291Gustavoup 68Graph
292Milesup 46Graph
293Lorenzoup 18Graph
294Dallasup 42Graph
294Marquisup 85Graph
296Shaun    down 175Graph
297Nelson    down 41Graph
298Jessie    down 72Graph
298Roy    down 119Graph
300Salvador Graph
301Johnathonup 25Graph
302Tyup 193Graph
303Brockup 22Graph
303Tevinnew Graph
305Tommy    down 68Graph
306Dominickup 96Graph
307Jonahnew Graph
308Averynew Graph
308Damien    down 24Graph
310Damonup 39Graph
311Conornew Graph
312Orlando    down 58Graph
313Owenup 109Graph
314Ashtonnew Graph
315Frederick    down 114Graph
316Brennannew Graph
316Fabianup 99Graph
318Bruce    down 141Graph
319Dean    down 49Graph
320Clinton    down 164Graph
320Rene    down 23Graph
322Demetrius    down 20Graph
322Marshall    down 40Graph
322Pabloup 9Graph
322Zachariahup 52Graph
326Carternew Graph
327Zanenew Graph
328Baileynew Graph
328Steve    down 105Graph
330Wayne    down 144Graph
331Ismaelup 36Graph
332Ernesto    down 25Graph
332Quentinup 3Graph
332Terrence    down 93Graph
335Terrell    down 41Graph
336Quintonup 47Graph
337Carsonnew Graph
338Felix    down 28Graph
339Ronnie    down 111Graph
340Darrell    down 143Graph
340Desmondup 17Graph
340Eliasup 32Graph
343Byron    down 86Graph
344Kendallup 65Graph
345Eli    down 2Graph
346Tyrone    down 130Graph
347Neil    down 130Graph
348Angelo    down 31Graph
349Jerome    down 138Graph
350Melvin    down 109Graph
351Jakobnew Graph
351Simonup 34Graph
353Francis    down 93Graph
354Brendennew Graph
354Forrestnew Graph
354Franklin    down 76Graph
357Bradennew Graph
357Saulup 38Graph
359Estebanup 93Graph
360Drakenew Graph
360Emanuel    down 42Graph
360Zackerynew Graph
363Brendonup 135Graph
364Griffinnew Graph
365Jarrettup 27Graph
366Emilioup 129Graph
366Guillermoup 3Graph
366Romanup 67Graph
369Geoffrey    down 159Graph
370Aidannew Graph
371Alvin    down 84Graph
372Darryl    down 143Graph
372Leonard    down 139Graph
374Devantenew Graph
374Leonardonew Graph
376Oliverup 52Graph
376Tuckernew Graph
378Mylesnew Graph
379Jeanup 67Graph
379Keegannew Graph
381Dale    down 145Graph
381Ernest    down 159Graph
383Kameronnew Graph
384Cedric    down 98Graph
385Abel    down 4Graph
385Keenannew Graph
387Kenny    down 65Graph
388Harry    down 98Graph
389Quinnnew Graph
390Eugene    down 164Graph
390Karl    down 158Graph
392Moisesup 85Graph
393Ray    down 117Graph
394Stanley    down 146Graph
395Jordonnew Graph
395Wade    down 90Graph
397Denzelnew Graph
397Lanenew Graph
397Westonup 65Graph
400Devontenew Graph
400Felipeup 5Graph
402Coopernew Graph
402Dwayne    down 143Graph
404Jarrod    down 153Graph
405Jermaine    down 201Graph
405Rodolfo    down 58Graph
407Kendrick    down 33Graph
408Samup 58Graph
408Tyrellup 89Graph
410Glenn    down 181Graph
410Harold    down 159Graph
410Hugoup 50Graph
413Gilbertoup 12Graph
414Beau    down 116Graph
414Graham    down 45Graph
416Donteup 43Graph
416Kylernew Graph
416Warren    down 133Graph
419Elliot    down 30Graph
419Joey    down 151Graph
421Kurt    down 184Graph
422Stefanup 8Graph
423Clay    down 7Graph
423Isiahnew Graph
425Noel    down 96Graph
426Dane    down 112Graph
426Devannew Graph
426Gilbert    down 146Graph
426Harleynew Graph
426Skylarnew Graph
431Corbinnew Graph
432Allan    down 104Graph
432Kristiannew Graph
434Alfred    down 138Graph
434Nikolasnew Graph
436Brysonnew Graph
436Jarred    down 25Graph
436Peytonnew Graph
436Rudy    down 53Graph
440Alfonso    down 48Graph
440Dariannew Graph
442Shaquillenew Graph
443Brad    down 251Graph
443Trevonnew Graph
445Elliott    down 50Graph
445Leo    down 15Graph
445Lukasnew Graph
445Ralph    down 175Graph
445Reidnew Graph
450Davisnew Graph
451Chris    down 118Graph
452Deshawnnew Graph
453Darnell    down 132Graph
453Wilsonup 33Graph
455Lewis    down 105Graph
456Charlie    down 105Graph
456Davonnew Graph
458Sheldonnew Graph
459Rodrigonew Graph
460Justicenew Graph
460Leon    down 151Graph
462Jayson    down 108Graph
463Marlon    down 41Graph
464Alinew Graph
464Rashadup 2Graph
464Sterlingup 30Graph
467Ariel    down 14Graph
468Brodynew Graph
468Efrain    down 43Graph
468Julius    down 74Graph
471Rolando    down 76Graph
472Kurtis    down 64Graph
472Ramiro    down 26Graph
474Keatonnew Graph
475Tylornew Graph
476Kelly    down 226Graph
476Mackenzienew Graph
476Reednew Graph
476Stephan    down 76Graph
480Bernard    down 156Graph
480Javonnew Graph
482Braxtonnew Graph
482Derick    down 106Graph
482Paytonnew Graph
485Barry    down 242Graph
485Earl    down 197Graph
485Marquisenew Graph
485Tyson    down 216Graph
489Clarence    down 211Graph
490Clint    down 217Graph
490Daquannew Graph
490Garretnew Graph
493Blaine    down 12Graph
494Khalilnew Graph
494Santiagonew Graph
496Nathanael    down 39Graph
497Lamar    down 168Graph
497Perry    down 81Graph
499Alonzonew Graph
500Graysonnew Graph
500Nigelnew Graph
502Braydennew Graph
502Roderick    down 176Graph
502Tristennew Graph
505Sidney    down 25Graph
506Tomasnew Graph
507Bret    down 164Graph
507Clifford    down 258Graph
507Mauricionew Graph
510Antoine    down 195Graph
510Quincy    down 57Graph
512Stuart    down 192Graph
513Irvinnew Graph
514Dexter    down 77Graph
514Rogelio    down 77Graph
516Adannew Graph
516Kirk    down 213Graph
518Doriannew Graph
518Kory    down 68Graph
520Ben    down 83Graph
520Gordon    down 152Graph
522Deonnew Graph
522Heath    down 164Graph
524Brenton    down 119Graph
524Norman    down 181Graph
526Tyreenew Graph
527Courtney    down 214Graph
527Fredrick    down 145Graph
527Jacenew Graph
527Jaquannew Graph
531Alvaronew Graph
531Austennew Graph
531Duncannew Graph
534Demarcusnew Graph
534Humbertonew Graph
536Deangelonew Graph
536Osvaldonew Graph
538Dwight    down 150Graph
539Jarvis    down 162Graph
540Frankie    down 72Graph
541Vicentenew Graph
542Markusnew Graph
542Reynaldo    down 55Graph
542Urielnew Graph
545Amirnew Graph
545Ezekielnew Graph
545Freddynew Graph
545Noenew Graph
549Chaznew Graph
550Deontenew Graph
551Kasey    down 52Graph
552Jamar    down 165Graph
552Leroy    down 209Graph
552Shelbynew Graph
555Damionnew Graph
555Dariennew Graph
557Glen    down 196Graph
557Mohammadnew Graph
557Quintinnew Graph
560Ahmadnew Graph
560Howard    down 237Graph
560Roland    down 165Graph
560Stephonnew Graph
564Darrin    down 96Graph
565Cornelius    down 156Graph
565Jaronnew Graph
567Cotynew Graph
567Everettnew Graph
567Milton    down 83Graph
567Neal    down 204Graph
571Tristonnew Graph
572Shannon    down 314Graph
573Cadenew Graph
573Maximiliannew Graph
575Antwan    down 140Graph
575Joaquinnew Graph
577Aronnew Graph
577Carlton    down 165Graph
577Tracy    down 124Graph
580Coltennew Graph
580Lonnie    down 218Graph
582Jarodnew Graph
583Mike    down 109Graph
583Mitchelnew Graph
585Addisonnew Graph
586Salvatore    down 108Graph
587Jadennew Graph
587Tatenew Graph
587Walkernew Graph
590Arnoldnew Graph
590Issacnew Graph
590Koreynew Graph
590Leonelnew Graph
590Solomonnew Graph
590Toby    down 108Graph
596Bricenew Graph
596Dionnew Graph
596Kareemnew Graph
596Mohammednew Graph
596Terence    down 244Graph
601Edgardo    down 102Graph
602Dashawnnew Graph
602Ezequielnew Graph
602Sawyernew Graph
602Shaynenew Graph
606Daryl    down 290Graph
606Don    down 246Graph
608Jannew Graph
609Adolfonew Graph
610Freddie    down 186Graph
610Rigobertonew Graph
610Trenew Graph
613Jovannew Graph
613Vernon    down 259Graph
615Guadalupenew Graph
615Willnew Graph
617Dandrenew Graph
617Deionnew Graph
617Fred    down 227Graph
617Holdennew Graph
617Raphaelnew Graph
622Dillannew Graph
622Herbert    down 201Graph
622Tristinnew Graph
625Colemannew Graph
625Cullennew Graph
625Kristofernew Graph
625Marcelnew Graph
629Jaylennew Graph
630Clarknew Graph
630Clifton    down 311Graph
632Raheemnew Graph
632Rick    down 191Graph
634Devennew Graph
634Jamelnew Graph
634Jimmie    down 174Graph
634Kent    down 271Graph
634Lamont    down 160Graph
634Sammynew Graph
640Dawsonnew Graph
641Antonnew Graph
641Corteznew Graph
641Darionnew Graph
641Ezranew Graph
641Germannew Graph
641Nathanialnew Graph
641Nestornew Graph
648Babynew Graph
648Lloyd    down 229Graph
648Mosesnew Graph
648Rory    down 229Graph
652Ahmednew Graph
652Guy    down 178Graph
652Malachinew Graph
652Rickey    down 279Graph
656Axelnew Graph
657Kerry    down 241Graph
657Loren    down 185Graph
659Agustinnew Graph
659Brooksnew Graph
659Conradnew Graph
662Cristophernew Graph
662Dana    down 272Graph
662Darriusnew Graph
662Infantnew Graph
662Jerrod    down 173Graph
667Akeemnew Graph
667Bernardonew Graph
667Santosnew Graph
670Kainew Graph
670Reecenew Graph
670Winstonnew Graph
673Ignacionew Graph
674Blairnew Graph
674Gerardnew Graph
674Gunnarnew Graph
674Jeffersonnew Graph
674Juwannew Graph
674Kolbynew Graph
674Piercenew Graph
674Wilfredo    down 229Graph
682Darin    down 236Graph
682Elmernew Graph
682Heribertonew Graph
685Dimitrinew Graph
685Elvisnew Graph
685Houstonnew Graph
685Jaspernew Graph
685Rashawnnew Graph
690Coltnew Graph
690Donnie    down 233Graph
690Duane    down 313Graph
690Jaironew Graph
690Madisonnew Graph
690Sagenew Graph
696Irvingnew Graph
696Johnnie    down 224Graph
696Kadennew Graph
696Mohamednew Graph
700Wendellnew Graph
701Bradford    down 306Graph
701Jamisonnew Graph
703Dequannew Graph
703Gene    down 260Graph
703Gonzalonew Graph
703Jamesonnew Graph
703Reubennew Graph
703Rhettnew Graph
703Robin    down 240Graph
710Bennettnew Graph
710Josefnew Graph
712Davontenew Graph
712Isaiasnew Graph
712Kadenew Graph
712Moshenew Graph
716Camdennew Graph
716Davionnew Graph
716Jamilnew Graph
716Misaelnew Graph
716Thaddeusnew Graph
721Travonnew Graph
722Cruznew Graph
722Donavannew Graph
722Hassannew Graph
722J    down 446Graph
722Lelandnew Graph
722Trevernew Graph
728Antonynew Graph
728Ladariusnew Graph
728Niconew Graph
728Parisnew Graph
732Ginonew Graph
732Leslie    down 286Graph
732Pierre    down 289Graph
732Stewartnew Graph
732Zakarynew Graph
737Arronnew Graph
737Jacquesnew Graph
737Jaleelnew Graph
737Koltonnew Graph
737Tracenew Graph
742Cyrusnew Graph
742Dewaynenew Graph
742Jeff    down 314Graph
742Myronnew Graph
746Daytonnew Graph
746Hakeemnew Graph
746Kadeemnew Graph
746Lester    down 268Graph
746Rexnew Graph
746Rivernew Graph
746Rocky    down 344Graph
746Ulisesnew Graph
754Bradlynew Graph
754Brandynnew Graph
754Erichnew Graph
754Jackienew Graph
754Jaydennew Graph
754Reesenew Graph
754Rynenew Graph
754Tobiasnew Graph
762Aldonew Graph
762Altonnew Graph
762Camronnew Graph
762Jamarcusnew Graph
766Clydenew Graph
766Keonnew Graph
766Nicknew Graph
766Riconew Graph
766Zechariahnew Graph
771Devontanew Graph
771Estevannew Graph
771Greg    down 306Graph
771Kanenew Graph
775Brandannew Graph
775Dylonnew Graph
777Aubreynew Graph
777Cecil    down 288Graph
777Dangelonew Graph
777Demarconew Graph
777Dillionnew Graph
777Hermannew Graph
777Sonnynew Graph
777Talonnew Graph
785Brennennew Graph
785Donnellnew Graph
785Eliezernew Graph
788Augustnew Graph
788Benitonew Graph
788Randolphnew Graph
788Roycenew Graph
788Vancenew Graph
793Bennynew Graph
793Cobynew Graph
793Cordellnew Graph
793Kellennew Graph
793Quintennew Graph
798Floyd    down 330Graph
798Javontenew Graph
800Alonsonew Graph
800Aricnew Graph
800Dannew Graph
800Hughnew Graph
800Ibrahimnew Graph
800Silasnew Graph
806Andersonnew Graph
806Bryonnew Graph
806Devynnew Graph
806Jaylonnew Graph
806Kierannew Graph
806Remingtonnew Graph
806Tariqnew Graph
813Darwinnew Graph
813Gunnernew Graph
813Jonasnew Graph
813Octavionew Graph
813Sheanew Graph
813Torynew Graph
819Bronsonnew Graph
819Cadennew Graph
819Codeynew Graph
819Hernannew Graph
819Jacobynew Graph
819Laynenew Graph
819Marqueznew Graph
826Demarionew Graph
826Juniornew Graph
826Keanunew Graph
826Lionel    down 337Graph
830Austynnew Graph
830Eliseonew Graph
830Gradynew Graph
830Jabarinew Graph
830Jimnew Graph
830Kentonnew Graph
830Otisnew Graph
830Raymundonew Graph
830Shaynew Graph
839Arinew Graph
839Chesternew Graph
839Garettnew Graph
839Jordennew Graph
839Muhammadnew Graph
839Rusty    down 376Graph
845Adriennew Graph
845Alexandrenew Graph
845Bonew Graph
845Dominquenew Graph
845Elvinnew Graph
845Fidelnew Graph
845Jerrellnew Graph
845Nikonew Graph
845Taylernew Graph
854Codienew Graph
854Emmettnew Graph
854Isainew Graph
854Jessynew Graph
854Tomnew Graph
854Tyronnew Graph
860Amosnew Graph
860Dakotahnew Graph
860Dallinnew Graph
860Darionew Graph
860Gregorionew Graph
860Kelseynew Graph
860Kevennew Graph
860Khalidnew Graph
860Lincolnnew Graph
860Montananew Graph
870Andreasnew Graph
870Darriannew Graph
870Elishanew Graph
870Garrisonnew Graph
870Jamaal    down 429Graph
870Justusnew Graph
870Mateonew Graph
877Deondrenew Graph
877Dontaenew Graph
877Edmundnew Graph
877Forestnew Graph
877Joshnew Graph
877Justynnew Graph
877Kobenew Graph
877Lylenew Graph
885Aidennew Graph
885Chadwick    down 401Graph
885Deriknew Graph
885Destinnew Graph
885Ervinnew Graph
885Jeraldnew Graph
885Schuylernew Graph
885Unknownnew Graph
893Adonisnew Graph
893Brodericknew Graph
893Dusty    down 460Graph
893Isidronew Graph
893Louienew Graph
898Barrettnew Graph
898Davinnew Graph
898Mikelnew Graph
898Spensernew Graph
898Vaughnnew Graph
903Antwonnew Graph
903Daronnew Graph
903Darrionnew Graph
903Dejuannew Graph
903Deshaunnew Graph
903Fredynew Graph
903Judenew Graph
903Kelbynew Graph
903Maximillianew Graph
903Orionnew Graph
903Raekwonnew Graph
903Robbienew Graph
903Ronnew Graph
903Stonenew Graph
903Tavonnew Graph
903Tyshawnnew Graph
919Domenicnew Graph
919Eddynew Graph
919Jerodnew Graph
919Keltonnew Graph
919Ulyssesnew Graph
919Westleynew Graph
925Abdielnew Graph
925Alexandronew Graph
925Ashley    down 560Graph
925Brandtnew Graph
925Efrennew Graph
925Hudsonnew Graph
925Jadenew Graph
925Kendalnew Graph
925Kevonnew Graph
925Kirbynew Graph
925Mickeynew Graph
925Morrisnew Graph
925Najeenew Graph
925Reynew Graph
925Rydernew Graph
925Tednew Graph
925Teddynew Graph
942Armaninew Graph
942Brantnew Graph
942Jedidiahnew Graph
942Jomarnew Graph
942Juliennew Graph
942Kalvinnew Graph
942Marquesnew Graph
942Reggienew Graph
942Syednew Graph
942Tyquannew Graph
942Valentinnew Graph
953Armandnew Graph
953Carlonew Graph
953Diamondnew Graph
953Ellisnew Graph
953Jovannynew Graph
953Justennew Graph
953Kegannew Graph
953Kwamenew Graph
953Romeonew Graph
962Asanew Graph
962Billnew Graph
962Darriennew Graph
962Denvernew Graph
962Devontaenew Graph
962Diontenew Graph
962Galennew Graph
962Hansnew Graph
962Jody    down 480Graph
962Kolenew Graph
962Lazaronew Graph
962Nicklausnew Graph
962Traenew Graph
975Aldennew Graph
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