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Most Popular Names USA 1980-1989

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA in the 80's (1980 to 1989), based on the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA decades
Following list:1990-1999
Previous list:1970-1979
Highest new entries:Tyler (new at 50),  Cody (new at 61),  Jordan (new at 62),  Evan (new at 92),  Austin (new at 96)
Largest rises:Zachary +98 (now at 43),  Alex +97 (now at 79),  Trevor +76 (now at 115),  Ian +71 (now at 85),  Mitchell +67 (now at 122)
Largest falls:Rodney -86 (now at 160),  Jamie -78 (now at 157),  Wayne -74 (now at 186),  Joe -72 (now at 179),  Roger -71 (now at 163)

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RankName+/- USA 1970-1979Graph
1Michael Graph
2Christopher Graph
3Matthewup 7Graph
4Joshuaup 20Graph
5David    down 1Graph
6Danielup 6Graph
7James    down 2Graph
8Robert    down 1Graph
9John    down 3Graph
10Josephup 1Graph
11Jason    down 8Graph
12Justinup 26Graph
13Andrewup 15Graph
14Ryanup 11Graph
15William    down 6Graph
16Brian    down 8Graph
17Jonathanup 15Graph
18Brandonup 33Graph
19Nicholasup 33Graph
20Anthonyup 2Graph
21Eric    down 7Graph
22Adamup 14Graph
23Kevin    down 10Graph
24Steven    down 5Graph
25Thomas    down 5Graph
26Timothy    down 5Graph
27Richard    down 11Graph
28Jeremy    down 2Graph
29Kyleup 57Graph
30Jeffrey    down 15Graph
31Benjaminup 13Graph
32Aaronup 3Graph
33Mark    down 15Graph
34Charles    down 11Graph
35Jacobup 43Graph
36Stephen    down 3Graph
37Joseup 11Graph
38Patrick    down 1Graph
39Scott    down 22Graph
40Paul    down 13Graph
41Nathanup 8Graph
42Sean    down 3Graph
43Zacharyup 98Graph
44Travisup 10Graph
45Dustinup 58Graph
46Gregory    down 17Graph
47Kenneth    down 16Graph
48Alexanderup 58Graph
49Jesseup 17Graph
50Tylernew Graph
51Bryan    down 5Graph
52Samuelup 12Graph
53Derekup 20Graph
54Bradleyup 3Graph
55Chad    down 25Graph
56Shawn    down 22Graph
57Edward    down 17Graph
58Jaredup 55Graph
59Juanup 9Graph
60Luisup 58Graph
61Codynew Graph
62Jordannew Graph
63Peter    down 8Graph
64Carlosup 12Graph
65Coreyup 5Graph
66Keith    down 21Graph
67Donald    down 25Graph
68Marcusup 4Graph
69Joelup 6Graph
70Ronald    down 27Graph
71Phillip Graph
72George    down 19Graph
73Coryup 26Graph
74Antonioup 10Graph
75Shane    down 15Graph
76Douglas    down 26Graph
77Raymond    down 16Graph
78Brettup 16Graph
79Alexup 97Graph
80Gary    down 33Graph
81Nathanielup 59Graph
82Craig    down 26Graph
83Derrickup 2Graph
84Caseyup 58Graph
85Ianup 71Graph
86Philipup 5Graph
87Gabrielup 27Graph
88Victorup 13Graph
89Erik    down 2Graph
90Christianup 18Graph
91Frank    down 26Graph
92Evannew Graph
93Jesusup 51Graph
94Larry    down 36Graph
95Sethup 65Graph
96Austinnew Graph
97Dennis    down 38Graph
98Vincent Graph
99Brent    down 17Graph
100Jeffery    down 33Graph
101Wesleyup 20Graph
102Randy    down 25Graph
103Todd    down 62Graph
104Curtis    down 8Graph
105Miguelup 58Graph
106Jeremiahup 39Graph
107Adrianup 36Graph
108Jorgeup 66Graph
109Alanup 1Graph
110Angelnew Graph
111Marioup 23Graph
112Lukenew Graph
113Russell    down 32Graph
114Jerry    down 51Graph
115Trevorup 76Graph
116Carl    down 26Graph
117Ricardoup 34Graph
118Johnny    down 30Graph
119Blakenew Graph
120Lucasnew Graph
121Shaunup 18Graph
122Mitchellup 67Graph
122Tony    down 42Graph
124Cameronnew Graph
125Terry    down 56Graph
126Franciscoup 47Graph
127Martin    down 12Graph
128Troy    down 66Graph
129Allenup 1Graph
130Devinnew Graph
131Johnathannew Graph
132Manuelup 18Graph
133Henry    down 13Graph
134Bobby    down 41Graph
135Andre    down 2Graph
136Kristopherup 42Graph
137Ricky    down 9Graph
138Jimmy    down 38Graph
139Marc    down 50Graph
140Billy    down 57Graph
141Garrettnew Graph
142Hectorup 52Graph
143Calebnew Graph
144Danny    down 49Graph
145Robertoup 23Graph
146Lance    down 17Graph
147Albert    down 21Graph
148Randall    down 26Graph
149Lee    down 18Graph
150Lawrence    down 48Graph
151Jonathonnew Graph
152Taylornew Graph
153Mathewnew Graph
154Isaacnew Graph
155Micheal    down 36Graph
156Clintonup 6Graph
157Jamie    down 78Graph
158Walter    down 53Graph
159Javiernew Graph
160Rodney    down 86Graph
161Louis    down 25Graph
162Edwinup 23Graph
163Roger    down 71Graph
164Willie    down 47Graph
165Colinnew Graph
166Jon    down 69Graph
167Alejandronew Graph
167Claytonnew Graph
169Oscarup 28Graph
170Omarnew Graph
171Chasenew Graph
171Rafaelnew Graph
173Pedronew Graph
174Rossnew Graph
175Gerald    down 71Graph
176Jack    down 30Graph
177Bruce    down 45Graph
178Arthur    down 51Graph
179Joe    down 72Graph
179Roy    down 54Graph
181Spencernew Graph
182Ruben Graph
183Darren    down 59Graph
184Jay    down 68Graph
185Maurice    down 18Graph
186Wayne    down 74Graph
187Calvin    down 8Graph
188Drewnew Graph
189Grantnew Graph
190Brendannew Graph
190Fernandonew Graph
192Brad    down 69Graph
193Dylannew Graph
194Eduardonew Graph
195Jaimeup 3Graph
196Raulnew Graph
197Darrell    down 60Graph
198Juliannew Graph
199Sergionew Graph
200Logannew Graph
201Frederick    down 66Graph
201Levinew Graph
203Emmanuelnew Graph
204Jermaine    down 21Graph
205Noahnew Graph
206Terrance    down 10Graph
207Edgarnew Graph
207Ivannew Graph
209Dominicnew Graph
210Geoffrey    down 17Graph
211Jerome    down 41Graph
212Reginald    down 57Graph
213Albertonew Graph
213Eddie    down 48Graph
215Theodore    down 34Graph
216Tyrone    down 67Graph
217Neil    down 42Graph
218Marvin    down 46Graph
219Armandonew Graph
220Julionew Graph
221Ramonnew Graph
222Ernest    down 64Graph
223Steve    down 64Graph
224Micahnew Graph
225Jakenew Graph
226Eugene    down 65Graph
226Jessienew Graph
228Ronnie    down 81Graph
229Darrylnew Graph
229Glenn    down 72Graph
231Andresnew Graph
232Karlnew Graph
233Leonard    down 67Graph
234Ethannew Graph
234Nicolasnew Graph
236Dale    down 88Graph
237Kurt    down 57Graph
237Tommy    down 73Graph
239Terrence    down 44Graph
240Devonnew Graph
241Melvin    down 54Graph
242Brycenew Graph
243Barry    down 89Graph
244Cesarnew Graph
244Marconew Graph
246Bryantnew Graph
246Prestonnew Graph
248Stanley    down 62Graph
249Clifford    down 50Graph
250Kelly    down 97Graph
251Harold    down 99Graph
251Jarrodnew Graph
253Ericknew Graph
254Orlandonew Graph
255Alexisnew Graph
256Nelsonnew Graph
257Byronnew Graph
258Shannon    down 147Graph
259Dwayne    down 90Graph
260Francisnew Graph
260Maxnew Graph
262Andynew Graph
263Xaviernew Graph
264Alfredonew Graph
264Josuenew Graph
266Enriquenew Graph
267Gerardonew Graph
268Joeynew Graph
269Tysonnew Graph
270Colenew Graph
270Dean    down 93Graph
270Ralph    down 99Graph
273Clintnew Graph
274Abrahamnew Graph
275Tristannew Graph
276Jnew Graph
276Raynew Graph
278Clarencenew Graph
278Franklinnew Graph
280Gilbertnew Graph
281Arturonew Graph
282Marshallnew Graph
283Warrennew Graph
284Damiennew Graph
284Kelvinnew Graph
286Cedricnew Graph
287Alvinnew Graph
288Earlnew Graph
289Brandennew Graph
290Harry    down 90Graph
291Colbynew Graph
292Elijahnew Graph
293Marcosnew Graph
294Bradynew Graph
294Terrellnew Graph
296Alfrednew Graph
297Renenew Graph
298Beaunew Graph
299Jamalnew Graph
300Salvadornew Graph
301Israelnew Graph
302Demetriusnew Graph
303Kirknew Graph
304Nickolasnew Graph
305Wadenew Graph
306Dariusnew Graph
307Ernestonew Graph
308Isaiahnew Graph
309Leonnew Graph
310Felixnew Graph
311Lorenzonew Graph
312Morgannew Graph
313Courtneynew Graph
314Danenew Graph
315Antoinenew Graph
316Darylnew Graph
317Angelonew Graph
318Emanuelnew Graph
319Cliftonnew Graph
320Stuartnew Graph
321Darnellnew Graph
322Kennynew Graph
323Howard    down 135Graph
324Bernardnew Graph
325Brocknew Graph
326Johnathonnew Graph
326Rodericknew Graph
328Allannew Graph
329Lamarnew Graph
329Noelnew Graph
331Damiannew Graph
331Pablonew Graph
333Chris    down 224Graph
334Trentnew Graph
335Quentinnew Graph
336Dallasnew Graph
337Gavinnew Graph
338Collinnew Graph
338Milesnew Graph
338Trentonnew Graph
341Masonnew Graph
342Hunternew Graph
343Bretnew Graph
343Elinew Graph
343Leroynew Graph
343Normannew Graph
347Rodolfonew Graph
347Zacherynew Graph
349Damon    down 211Graph
350Lewisnew Graph
351Charlienew Graph
352Tannernew Graph
352Terencenew Graph
354Jaysonnew Graph
354Landonnew Graph
354Vernonnew Graph
357Desmondnew Graph
358Heathnew Graph
359Gustavonew Graph
360Donnew Graph
361Glennew Graph
362Lonnienew Graph
363Kentnew Graph
363Nealnew Graph
365Ashleynew Graph
365Maxwellnew Graph
367Ismaelnew Graph
368Gordonnew Graph
369Dominiquenew Graph
369Grahamnew Graph
369Guillermonew Graph
372Eliasnew Graph
373Rickeynew Graph
374Kendricknew Graph
374Zachariahnew Graph
376Dericknew Graph
377Duane    down 187Graph
377Jarvisnew Graph
379Chancenew Graph
379Marquisnew Graph
381Abelnew Graph
382Fredricknew Graph
383Quintonnew Graph
383Rudynew Graph
385Dillonnew Graph
385Simonnew Graph
387Jamarnew Graph
388Dwightnew Graph
389Elliotnew Graph
390Dananew Graph
390Frednew Graph
392Alfonsonew Graph
392Jarrettnew Graph
394Juliusnew Graph
395Bradfordnew Graph
395Elliottnew Graph
395Rolandnew Graph
395Rolandonew Graph
395Saulnew Graph
400Nolannew Graph
400Stephannew Graph
402Dominicknew Graph
402Malcolmnew Graph
402Rockynew Graph
405Brentonnew Graph
405Felipenew Graph
407Diegonew Graph
408Kurtisnew Graph
409Corneliusnew Graph
409Kendallnew Graph
411Jarrednew Graph
412Carltonnew Graph
412Deandrenew Graph
414Donovannew Graph
415Fabiannew Graph
416Claynew Graph
416Kerrynew Graph
416Perrynew Graph
419Lloydnew Graph
419Rorynew Graph
421Herbertnew Graph
422Marlonnew Graph
422Owennew Graph
424Freddienew Graph
425Efrainnew Graph
425Gilbertonew Graph
425Josiahnew Graph
428Jeff    down 236Graph
428Olivernew Graph
430Giovanninew Graph
430Leonew Graph
430Stefannew Graph
433Dustynew Graph
433Romannew Graph
435Antwannew Graph
435Harrisonnew Graph
437Bennew Graph
437Dantenew Graph
437Dexternew Graph
437Rogelionew Graph
441Jamaalnew Graph
441Ricknew Graph
443Genenew Graph
443Pierrenew Graph
445Wilfredonew Graph
446Darinnew Graph
446Jeannew Graph
446Leslienew Graph
446Ramironew Graph
450Korynew Graph
450Skylernew Graph
452Estebannew Graph
453Arielnew Graph
453Quincynew Graph
453Tracy    down 269Graph
456Coltonnew Graph
457Donnienew Graph
457Nathanaelnew Graph
459Dontenew Graph
460Hugonew Graph
460Jimmienew Graph
462Westonnew Graph
463Robinnew Graph
463Rustynew Graph
465Gregnew Graph
466Rashadnew Graph
466Samnew Graph
468Darrinnew Graph
468Floydnew Graph
468Frankienew Graph
468Rileynew Graph
472Johnnienew Graph
472Lorennew Graph
474Guynew Graph
474Lamontnew Graph
474Mikenew Graph
477Moisesnew Graph
478Lesternew Graph
478Salvatorenew Graph
480Sidneynew Graph
481Blainenew Graph
482Jodynew Graph
482Tobynew Graph
484Chadwicknew Graph
484Miltonnew Graph
486Wilsonnew Graph
487Reynaldonew Graph
488Rnew Graph
489Cecilnew Graph
489Jerrodnew Graph
489Kodynew Graph
489Lionelnew Graph
493Jacksonnew Graph
494Sterlingnew Graph
495Emilionew Graph
495Tynew Graph
497Tyrellnew Graph
498Brendonnew Graph
499Edgardonew Graph
499Kaseynew Graph