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Most Popular Names USA 1996

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA 1996, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:1997
Previous list:1995
Highest new entries:Keshawn (new at 705),  Keyshawn (new at 780),  Trystan (new at 794),  Braeden (new at 827),  Brayan (new at 844)
Largest rises:Dangelo +352 (now at 388),  Hudson +348 (now at 650),  Mateo +299 (now at 695),  Tristian +272 (now at 591),  Dontae +242 (now at 717)
Largest falls:Adonis -254 (now at 831),  Shaquille -206 (now at 662),  Trayvon -202 (now at 968),  Forrest -181 (now at 489),  Erin -174 (now at 914)

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1Michael Graph
2Matthew Graph
3Jacobup 1Graph
4Christopher    down 1Graph
5Joshua Graph
6Nicholas Graph
7Tyler Graph
8Brandon Graph
9Austinup 1Graph
10Andrewup 1Graph
11Daniel    down 2Graph
12Joseph Graph
13Davidup 3Graph
14Zachary Graph
15John    down 2Graph
16Ryan    down 1Graph
17James Graph
18Williamup 2Graph
19Anthony Graph
20Justin    down 2Graph
21Jonathanup 2Graph
22Alexander    down 1Graph
23Robert    down 1Graph
24Christianup 4Graph
25Kyle    down 1Graph
26Kevin    down 1Graph
27Jordanup 2Graph
28Thomas    down 1Graph
29Benjaminup 2Graph
30Samuelup 3Graph
31Cody    down 5Graph
32Joseup 3Graph
33Dylanup 1Graph
34Aaron    down 4Graph
35Eric    down 3Graph
36Brian Graph
37Nathanup 2Graph
38Steven    down 1Graph
39Adam    down 1Graph
40Timothy Graph
41Jason Graph
42Loganup 9Graph
43Charlesup 1Graph
44Patrick    down 1Graph
45Richard    down 3Graph
46Sean    down 1Graph
47Hunterup 6Graph
48Calebup 6Graph
49Cameron Graph
50Noahup 49Graph
51Jesse    down 5Graph
52Juan    down 2Graph
53Alex    down 6Graph
53Connorup 2Graph
55Mark    down 3Graph
56Jeremy    down 8Graph
57Luisup 2Graph
58Dakota    down 2Graph
59Stephen    down 2Graph
60Devin    down 2Graph
61Gabrielup 4Graph
62Ethanup 13Graph
63Trevor    down 2Graph
64Jared    down 1Graph
65Evan    down 5Graph
66Bryanup 4Graph
67Carlosup 1Graph
68Tristanup 53Graph
69Nathanielup 4Graph
70Ian    down 3Graph
71Isaiahup 38Graph
72Jeffrey    down 8Graph
73Travis    down 7Graph
74Jesusup 2Graph
75Lukeup 7Graph
76Chaseup 19Graph
77Kenneth    down 5Graph
78Paul    down 7Graph
79Dustin    down 17Graph
80Antonioup 5Graph
81Elijahup 12Graph
82Taylor    down 13Graph
83Bradley    down 5Graph
84Blake    down 7Graph
85Garrett    down 5Graph
86Isaacup 12Graph
87Marcus    down 6Graph
88Mitchell    down 9Graph
89Jackup 21Graph
90Tanner    down 4Graph
91Miguelup 3Graph
92Adrianup 5Graph
93Lucas    down 2Graph
94Corey    down 20Graph
95Peter    down 6Graph
96Edward    down 8Graph
97Malikup 34Graph
98Gregory    down 14Graph
99Dalton    down 12Graph
100Victor    down 10Graph
101Derek    down 18Graph
102Angel    down 1Graph
103Seth    down 7Graph
104Mason    down 2Graph
105Colton Graph
106Coleup 12Graph
107Alejandro Graph
108Scott    down 17Graph
109Spencer    down 5Graph
110Brett    down 4Graph
111Shawn    down 12Graph
112Shane    down 10Graph
113Jorgeup 1Graph
114Jake    down 6Graph
115Collinup 26Graph
116Vincent    down 3Graph
117Alec    down 5Graph
118George    down 3Graph
119Grant    down 3Graph
120Bryceup 25Graph
121Dillonup 1Graph
122Erik    down 11Graph
123Eduardo    down 6Graph
124Joel    down 4Graph
125Oscarup 5Graph
126Colinup 8Graph
127Devon    down 8Graph
128Ricardo    down 2Graph
129Julianup 3Graph
130Cristian    down 3Graph
131Brendanup 2Graph
132Francisco    down 7Graph
133Raymond    down 9Graph
134Wyatt    down 6Graph
135Dominicup 3Graph
136Jacksonup 25Graph
137Wesley    down 8Graph
138Johnathanup 5Graph
139Henry    down 3Graph
140Omar    down 1Graph
141Xavierup 7Graph
142Casey    down 8Graph
143Alanup 10Graph
143Cory    down 20Graph
145Manuelup 5Graph
146Rileyup 24Graph
147Marioup 2Graph
148Edgarup 4Graph
149Claytonup 2Graph
150Phillip    down 13Graph
151Nicolasup 13Graph
152Martin    down 5Graph
153Javierup 3Graph
154Chanceup 35Graph
155Troy    down 15Graph
156Ronald    down 10Graph
157Donald    down 2Graph
158Chandlerup 19Graph
159Keith    down 17Graph
160Andresup 11Graph
160Chad    down 16Graph
162Frank    down 6Graph
163Levi    down 9Graph
164Drew    down 4Graph
164Jeremiah    down 1Graph
166Ivanup 1Graph
167Sergio    down 9Graph
168Haydenup 4Graph
169Derrick    down 10Graph
170Cesarup 3Graph
171Jonathon    down 5Graph
172Andre    down 10Graph
172Hectorup 3Graph
174Marcoup 5Graph
175Roberto    down 11Graph
176Bradyup 12Graph
177Maxwellup 1Graph
178Fernando    down 2Graph
179Parkerup 37Graph
180Alexis    down 6Graph
181Douglas    down 13Graph
182Darius    down 13Graph
183Calvin    down 2Graph
184Liamup 56Graph
185Philip    down 5Graph
186Kalebup 20Graph
187Trentonup 12Graph
188Erickup 3Graph
189Preston    down 7Graph
190Ruben    down 6Graph
191Curtis    down 8Graph
192Gavinup 50Graph
193Johnny    down 6Graph
194Jerryup 6Graph
195Sebastianup 12Graph
196Edwin    down 11Graph
197Jonahup 18Graph
198Pedro    down 4Graph
199Connerup 5Graph
200Baileyup 76Graph
201Gary    down 11Graph
202Dennis    down 17Graph
202Gageup 1Graph
204Mathew    down 12Graph
205Randy    down 3Graph
206Gerardoup 20Graph
207Raul    down 6Graph
208Max    down 13Graph
209Harrisonup 8Graph
209Micahup 3Graph
211Emmanuelup 13Graph
212Allen    down 15Graph
213Julioup 20Graph
214Damianup 7Graph
215Rafael    down 10Graph
216Landonup 22Graph
217Skylerup 5Graph
218Diegoup 10Graph
219Zachery    down 21Graph
220Larry    down 10Graph
221Armando    down 13Graph
222Jalen    down 11Graph
223Jimmy    down 4Graph
224Marcosup 25Graph
225Colby    down 16Graph
226Brent    down 33Graph
227Abrahamup 5Graph
228Enriqueup 34Graph
229Tony    down 33Graph
230Jaime    down 3Graph
231Albert    down 6Graph
232Marc    down 10Graph
233Dallas    down 19Graph
234Andyup 21Graph
235Louis    down 18Graph
236Alberto    down 7Graph
236Trey    down 5Graph
238Giovanniup 15Graph
239Josiahup 34Graph
240Kristopherup 4Graph
240Zackaryup 3Graph
242Tyup 37Graph
243Carterup 43Graph
243Morgan    down 7Graph
245Danny    down 10Graph
246Donovanup 14Graph
247Craig    down 28Graph
248Ricky    down 11Graph
249Tristenup 134Graph
250Carl    down 37Graph
251Avery    down 10Graph
252Trent Graph
253Darren    down 23Graph
254Josueup 5Graph
255Jeffery    down 21Graph
256Lawrence    down 8Graph
257Nolanup 6Graph
258Terry    down 13Graph
259Aidanup 23Graph
260Russell    down 21Graph
261Lane    down 15Graph
262Micheal    down 15Graph
263Nickolasup 4Graph
264Israelup 17Graph
265Arturoup 9Graph
266Joe    down 5Graph
266Rodney    down 10Graph
268Lance    down 11Graph
269Deandre    down 19Graph
270Kody    down 12Graph
271Ross    down 2Graph
272Walter    down 7Graph
273Alfredo    down 3Graph
274Lorenzoup 6Graph
275Carsonup 22Graph
276Arthur    down 22Graph
277Owenup 73Graph
278Bradenup 44Graph
279Damonup 4Graph
280Ramon    down 9Graph
281Griffinup 74Graph
282Jamal    down 16Graph
283Danteup 38Graph
284Quentinup 11Graph
285Roger    down 7Graph
286Billy    down 22Graph
287Jay    down 11Graph
288Brandenup 3Graph
289Bobby    down 21Graph
289Dominickup 13Graph
291Zaneup 39Graph
292Eliasup 7Graph
293Brendenup 56Graph
294Theodore    down 10Graph
295Gustavo    down 5Graph
296Marquis    down 7Graph
297Brennan    down 9Graph
298Todd    down 27Graph
299Brockup 12Graph
300Jessie    down 6Graph
301Eliup 12Graph
301Johnathonup 6Graph
301Quintonup 5Graph
301Salvadorup 4Graph
305Saulup 38Graph
306Drakeup 20Graph
306Marvinup 9Graph
308Tommyup 2Graph
309Bryant    down 16Graph
310Marshallup 7Graph
311Kylerup 7Graph
312Deanup 21Graph
313Malcolm    down 13Graph
314Damien    down 29Graph
315Jon    down 40Graph
316Zackeryup 4Graph
317Milesup 10Graph
318Conor    down 6Graph
318Eddie    down 27Graph
320Justiceup 69Graph
321Randall    down 25Graph
322Gerald    down 24Graph
323Reginald    down 19Graph
324Maurice    down 24Graph
325Frederick    down 9Graph
326Tuckerup 22Graph
327Ashton    down 3Graph
327Willie    down 9Graph
329Fabianup 10Graph
330Keeganup 29Graph
331Pablo    down 6Graph
332Quinnup 53Graph
333Angeloup 10Graph
334Ernesto    down 5Graph
335Ismaelup 7Graph
335Peytonup 142Graph
337Emilioup 33Graph
338Demetrius    down 29Graph
339Estebanup 15Graph
340Terrance    down 26Graph
341Simonup 31Graph
341Tristonup 185Graph
343Lee    down 13Graph
344Kameronup 32Graph
345Dominique    down 58Graph
345Roy    down 9Graph
347Zachariah    down 15Graph
348Khalil    down 97Graph
349Brendonup 30Graph
350Franklinup 13Graph
351Emanuelup 27Graph
352Guillermoup 30Graph
353Brysonup 64Graph
354Jamie    down 27Graph
355Devonte    down 52Graph
355Tyrone    down 15Graph
357Devante    down 20Graph
357Kelvin    down 11Graph
359Kendall    down 21Graph
360Trevon    down 37Graph
361Romanup 7Graph
362Terrell    down 9Graph
363Cooperup 12Graph
364Bruce    down 2Graph
365Isiahup 96Graph
366Mylesup 7Graph
367Rene    down 17Graph
368Orlando    down 4Graph
368Steve    down 34Graph
370Clay    down 27Graph
371Shaun    down 24Graph
372Jarrettup 38Graph
372Skylarup 35Graph
374Tristinup 230Graph
375Desmond    down 14Graph
376Terrence    down 11Graph
377Nelson    down 21Graph
378Rodrigoup 7Graph
379Westonup 8Graph
380Felix Graph
381Jakobup 26Graph
381Lukasup 46Graph
383Darrell    down 6Graph
384Francis    down 32Graph
384Kristianup 13Graph
386Abel    down 46Graph
386Oliverup 7Graph
388Braydenup 92Graph
388Dangeloup 352Graph
388Wayne    down 30Graph
391Harley    down 26Graph
392Ronnie    down 32Graph
393Jerome    down 22Graph
393Nikolasup 68Graph
395Brody Graph
396Keenan    down 16Graph
397Braxtonup 37Graph
397Wadeup 37Graph
399Cedricup 1Graph
400Melvin    down 35Graph
401Leonardo Graph
402Graysonup 26Graph
403Moises    down 7Graph
404Neil    down 47Graph
405Graham    down 31Graph
406Paytonup 103Graph
407Kendrick    down 2Graph
407Kenny    down 8Graph
409Davis Graph
409Deionup 2Graph
411Byron    down 20Graph
412Dale    down 11Graph
413Tyrellup 13Graph
414Chrisup 50Graph
415Leonardup 17Graph
416Rodolfoup 4Graph
417Marquise    down 48Graph
418Corbin    down 6Graph
418Javon    down 2Graph
420Darian    down 26Graph
421Devan    down 31Graph
422Reed    down 8Graph
423Austen    down 3Graph
423Stanley    down 17Graph
425Aliup 20Graph
426Beauup 13Graph
426Jermaine    down 7Graph
428Sam    down 24Graph
429Keatonup 15Graph
429Warren    down 28Graph
431Darryl    down 9Graph
432Hugo Graph
432Jordonup 4Graph
432Tevin    down 97Graph
435Daneup 7Graph
435Donteup 42Graph
435Noelup 2Graph
438Ernestup 22Graph
439Tomasup 33Graph
440Alfonsoup 16Graph
440Daquan    down 53Graph
442Harold    down 3Graph
442Reid    down 58Graph
444Duncanup 29Graph
445Tysonup 26Graph
445Walkerup 35Graph
447Felipe    down 34Graph
447Jaquanup 4Graph
447Karl    down 56Graph
450Alvin    down 33Graph
450Eugene    down 21Graph
452Deshawn    down 10Graph
452Ramiroup 13Graph
454Jaysonup 31Graph
455Glenn    down 26Graph
456Harry    down 7Graph
456Kurt    down 32Graph
458Leon    down 6Graph
459Dwayne    down 11Graph
459Gilberto    down 5Graph
459Joey    down 10Graph
462Arielup 22Graph
462Sterling    down 16Graph
464Davonup 26Graph
464Gilbert    down 11Graph
464Jaceup 59Graph
464Tylor    down 25Graph
468Jarred    down 12Graph
469Mackenzie    down 71Graph
469Marlonup 19Graph
469Nathanael    down 2Graph
469Rogelio    down 1Graph
473Denzel    down 58Graph
474Tyreeup 26Graph
475Rudy    down 14Graph
476Charlie    down 30Graph
476Elliot    down 39Graph
476Sheldon    down 20Graph
479Garretup 12Graph
479Stefan    down 50Graph
481Allan    down 59Graph
482Leoup 3Graph
483Raekwonup 104Graph
484Ray    down 30Graph
485Noeup 32Graph
486Damion    down 10Graph
487Quincy    down 13Graph
488Mauricio    down 14Graph
489Forrest    down 181Graph
489Juwanup 194Graph
491Deangeloup 129Graph
491Deonte    down 4Graph
493Cadeup 23Graph
493Lewisup 28Graph
495Jaylenup 25Graph
496Alfred    down 14Graph
497Bradup 15Graph
497Osvaldoup 95Graph
499Coltenup 23Graph
499Elliott    down 4Graph
499Rashad    down 30Graph
502Geoffrey    down 77Graph
503Ralph    down 1Graph
504Malachiup 27Graph
505Blaine    down 11Graph
506Darnellup 9Graph
507Alonzo    down 30Graph
507Santiago    down 9Graph
509Julius    down 4Graph
510Demarcus    down 13Graph
511Adan    down 3Graph
511Deon    down 28Graph
511Mohammadup 34Graph
514Urielup 18Graph
515Clinton    down 49Graph
515Dorian    down 9Graph
517Cullen    down 8Graph
517Jadenup 35Graph
519Ahmadup 27Graph
520Ezekielup 40Graph
521Issacup 51Graph
521Rolando    down 32Graph
523Nigel    down 16Graph
524Sawyer    down 33Graph
524Wilson    down 20Graph
526Efrain    down 1Graph
527Clarence    down 28Graph
528Sidney    down 25Graph
529Kadenup 100Graph
530Jarrod    down 21Graph
530Stephan    down 60Graph
532Mosesup 55Graph
533Mikeup 29Graph
534Solomonup 34Graph
535Roderick    down 23Graph
536Amirup 16Graph
536Dandreup 78Graph
538Clifford    down 6Graph
538Kurtis    down 45Graph
540Devenup 2Graph
540Quintin    down 22Graph
542Humberto    down 12Graph
543Addison Graph
543Bret    down 24Graph
545Stephon    down 7Graph
546Colemanup 3Graph
547Gordon    down 6Graph
548Darien    down 48Graph
548Tobyup 27Graph
550Barry    down 11Graph
550Kelly    down 18Graph
552Gunnarup 22Graph
553Ezraup 97Graph
553Kadeup 57Graph
555Koltonup 57Graph
556Antoineup 28Graph
557Kory    down 28Graph
558Kaseyup 49Graph
559Dion    down 4Graph
559Ezequielup 46Graph
561Jonasup 96Graph
561Leonelup 31Graph
563Derick    down 3Graph
564Stuart    down 50Graph
565Bennettup 76Graph
565Bernard    down 69Graph
565Holdenup 30Graph
565Mitchel    down 37Graph
569Freddy    down 12Graph
570Earl Graph
571Ahmedup 110Graph
571Brentonup 24Graph
571Dashawnup 9Graph
574Aronup 1Graph
575Alvaro    down 28Graph
575Shannon    down 51Graph
577Rolandup 28Graph
578Ben    down 9Graph
578Perry    down 29Graph
578Vicente    down 11Graph
581Sageup 72Graph
582Mohammedup 16Graph
582Pierceup 129Graph
584Fredrick    down 45Graph
585Dexter    down 31Graph
585Leroy    down 36Graph
585Tateup 84Graph
588Markus    down 45Graph
589Howard    down 57Graph
589Shelby    down 34Graph
591Joaquin    down 9Graph
591Tristianup 272Graph
593Jarvis    down 1Graph
593Kirk    down 16Graph
595Cordellup 37Graph
596Kareemup 5Graph
597Anferneeup 72Graph
598Kai    down 66Graph
599Brice    down 26Graph
599Chaz    down 35Graph
599Lamar    down 15Graph
599Salvatore    down 20Graph
603Jaylonup 85Graph
603Korey    down 46Graph
605Jaydenup 81Graph
605Shayneup 30Graph
607Daryl    down 25Graph
607Irvin    down 8Graph
609Rhettup 74Graph
610Agustinup 17Graph
610Clint    down 46Graph
610Isaiasup 78Graph
613Maximilianup 1Graph
613Mohamedup 1Graph
615Carlton    down 49Graph
615Devynup 20Graph
617Darion    down 27Graph
618Everettup 29Graph
619Keanu    down 82Graph
619Miltonup 6Graph
619Travon    down 92Graph
619Willup 16Graph
623Daytonup 85Graph
623Kieranup 15Graph
623Raheem    down 53Graph
626Frankie    down 17Graph
626Marcelup 29Graph
628Nathanial    down 47Graph
629Austynup 82Graph
630Tre    down 82Graph
631Guadalupeup 42Graph
632River    down 14Graph
633Cadenup 95Graph
633Mosheup 113Graph
635Houstonup 5Graph
636Dwight    down 49Graph
637Baby    down 80Graph
638Madison    down 11Graph
639Jaron    down 53Graph
639Nealup 8Graph
639Norman    down 21Graph
642Clark    down 35Graph
642Heath    down 42Graph
642Ulisesup 101Graph
645Adolfo    down 2Graph
646Glen    down 56Graph
646Octavioup 75Graph
648Darrius    down 19Graph
648Germanup 21Graph
650Hudsonup 348Graph
650Kentup 53Graph
652Reece    down 9Graph
652Rigoberto    down 38Graph
654Fredup 19Graph
655Brennenup 6Graph
655Raphaelup 4Graph
657Courtney    down 36Graph
657Kane    down 11Graph
659Ignacioup 2Graph
659Jasperup 28Graph
661Vernonup 30Graph
662Jaylinup 131Graph
662Shaquille    down 206Graph
664Brooks    down 12Graph
664Jamar    down 32Graph
666Justusup 57Graph
667Jamelup 36Graph
667Terence    down 64Graph
667Winstonup 10Graph
670Coltup 21Graph
671Darrin    down 61Graph
671Lonnie    down 33Graph
673Conrad    down 60Graph
673Cornelius    down 31Graph
673Kolby    down 41Graph
676Quintenup 32Graph
676Roryup 74Graph
678Davonte    down 5Graph
678Hakeem    down 11Graph
678Reynaldo    down 56Graph
681Jean    down 79Graph
682Arnoldup 9Graph
682Dequan    down 15Graph
684Camdenup 44Graph
684Nestor    down 29Graph
686Darinup 14Graph
686Davionup 35Graph
686Dillan    down 61Graph
686Duane    down 29Graph
686Estevanup 52Graph
686Jefferson    down 5Graph
686Marquesup 22Graph
693Zechariahup 69Graph
694Don    down 99Graph
695Clifton    down 32Graph
695Mateoup 299Graph
697Jairo    down 20Graph
698Elishaup 58Graph
699Stoneup 142Graph
700Brandan Graph
700Devonta    down 23Graph
700Tracy    down 78Graph
703Marquezup 47Graph
704Ladarius    down 61Graph
705Keshawnnew Graph
705Layneup 12Graph
705Raymundoup 51Graph
705Treverup 23Graph
709August    down 45Graph
710Elmerup 28Graph
710Jameson    down 33Graph
710Lamont    down 86Graph
713Reuben    down 2Graph
713Santos    down 17Graph
715Aldo    down 21Graph
715Keonup 8Graph
717Cruz    down 14Graph
717Dontaeup 242Graph
717Jamison    down 11Graph
717Talonup 102Graph
721Kristofer    down 23Graph
722Anton    down 160Graph
723Jarodup 123Graph
723Thaddeusup 33Graph
725Rickup 3Graph
726Bernardo    down 43Graph
727Antwanup 42Graph
727Bradford    down 1Graph
727Rickey    down 68Graph
730Cobyup 79Graph
730Lloyd    down 77Graph
732Cortez    down 38Graph
732Cyrusup 72Graph
732Junior    down 17Graph
732Kahlil    down 103Graph
732Reeseup 1Graph
737Hassanup 9Graph
738Armaniup 186Graph
738Kellen    down 38Graph
738Silasup 12Graph
741Aubreyup 2Graph
741Jimmieup 28Graph
743Ibrahimup 120Graph
744Herbert    down 19Graph
744Jaleel    down 56Graph
746Parisup 4Graph
746Tobias    down 28Graph
746Traceup 106Graph
749Johnnie    down 102Graph
750Infant    down 77Graph
750Julienup 66Graph
752Garrisonup 64Graph
752Gino    down 24Graph
754Benitoup 24Graph
754Cristopher    down 14Graph
756Freddieup 4Graph
757Brandyn    down 31Graph
757Darrion    down 24Graph
757Dawsonup 139Graph
757Gerard    down 21Graph
757Heriberto    down 7Graph
762Dusty    down 51Graph
763Donavanup 56Graph
763Hughup 42Graph
765Alonso    down 50Graph
765Dimitri    down 115Graph
765Guy    down 20Graph
765Jovan    down 68Graph
769Boup 43Graph
769Misaelup 47Graph
769Rashawn    down 105Graph
772Arron    down 74Graph
772Javonte    down 5Graph
772Muhammadup 6Graph
775Antonyup 107Graph
775Asherup 154Graph
775Elvis    down 57Graph
775Montana    down 6Graph
775Tavonup 9Graph
780Coty    down 108Graph
780Dallinup 72Graph
780Ellisup 53Graph
780Keyshawnnew Graph
780Zakary    down 8Graph
785Jackieup 61Graph
786Camronup 50Graph
786Gonzalo    down 2Graph
786Orionup 40Graph
789Ariup 44Graph
789Codey    down 25Graph
789Efrenup 37Graph
789Justynup 130Graph
793Sammyup 8Graph
794Destin    down 18Graph
794Hermanup 18Graph
794Trystannew Graph
794Tyronup 29Graph
798Kerry    down 50Graph
799Keltonup 44Graph
799Rasheed    down 81Graph
799Tariqup 150Graph
802Benny    down 9Graph
802Deondre    down 42Graph
802Deshaunup 24Graph
802Donnie    down 3Graph
802Kevonup 101Graph
802Royce    down 27Graph
808Andersonup 49Graph
808Robin    down 102Graph
808Ulyssesup 128Graph
811Dylon    down 48Graph
811Greysonup 153Graph
811Gunner    down 55Graph
811Hernan    down 27Graph
811Jamarcus    down 14Graph
811Jerrod    down 9Graph
817Dillion    down 15Graph
817Fidel    down 39Graph
817Tyquanup 26Graph
820Aric    down 48Graph
820Broderick    down 31Graph
820Josefup 6Graph
820Leslie    down 36Graph
824Aidenup 112Graph
824Danup 2Graph
824Jabariup 12Graph
827Alexandroup 55Graph
827Braedennew Graph
827Khalid    down 91Graph
827Nick    down 94Graph
831Adonis    down 254Graph
831Grady    down 64Graph
831Stewart    down 8Graph
831Turnerup 81Graph
835Dakotah    down 85Graph
835Jade    down 43Graph
837Gene    down 28Graph
837Mikelup 59Graph
839Kennedyup 21Graph
839Lester    down 34Graph
841Bradly    down 60Graph
841Eastonup 78Graph
843Maverickup 60Graph
844Brayannew Graph
845Asa    down 46Graph
845Bronson    down 56Graph
845Donnell    down 26Graph
845Josh    down 52Graph
849Garettup 47Graph
849Myronup 33Graph
849Pierre    down 6Graph
849Tariknew Graph
853Draven    down 56Graph
853Maximillianup 83Graph
853Remingtonup 83Graph
856Erichup 20Graph
856Gregorioup 61Graph
856Vance    down 10Graph
859Axelup 58Graph
859Chaimup 111Graph
859Dana    down 75Graph
859Demarcoup 13Graph
859Emmett    down 47Graph
859Mickeynew Graph
859Shamarnew Graph
859Tyshawnup 83Graph
867Jordenup 11Graph
868Jacobyup 19Graph
868Jamil    down 16Graph
868Keionnew Graph
871Kevenup 11Graph
871Nico    down 99Graph
871Titusup 41Graph
874Dewayne    down 110Graph
874Jim    down 13Graph
874Marceloup 71Graph
874Raquannew Graph
874Seamusup 96Graph
879Abram    down 27Graph
879Jeff    down 1Graph
879Rohanup 73Graph
882Kole    down 25Graph
882Shea    down 99Graph
884Cecilup 32Graph
885Carloup 11Graph
885Codie    down 22Graph
885Jairnew Graph
885Sonny    down 96Graph
889Irving    down 53Graph
889Loren    down 96Graph
889Rynenew Graph
892Braydonnew Graph
892Davinup 11Graph
894Auston    down 89Graph
894Darrianup 9Graph
896Isaiup 86Graph
896Jessy    down 3Graph
896Lincoln    down 120Graph
896Simeonnew Graph
896Tayler    down 50Graph
901Akeem    down 92Graph
901Denver    down 38Graph
901Ervinup 31Graph
901Lucianonew Graph
901Niko    down 68Graph
901Shemarnew Graph
901Valentinup 54Graph
908Andreas    down 26Graph
908Barrett    down 45Graph
908Eliseo    down 30Graph
908Killianup 47Graph
912Jessup 40Graph
912Leland    down 104Graph
914Aldenup 15Graph
914Calenew Graph
914Erin    down 174Graph
914Galen    down 27Graph
914Jonatan    down 18Graph
914Najeeup 15Graph
914Reillynew Graph
921Cedricknew Graph
921Rocky    down 140Graph
921Romello    down 80Graph
924Brennonup 46Graph
924Dejuanup 75Graph
924Domenic    down 21Graph
924Ishmaelup 63Graph
924Jaycenew Graph
929Devontae    down 51Graph
929Kelsey    down 57Graph
929Reagannew Graph
929Vaughn    down 5Graph
933Dakoda    down 14Graph
933Dionte    down 30Graph
933Judenew Graph
933Kenton    down 61Graph
933Markel    down 101Graph
933Rex    down 72Graph
939Eddyup 55Graph
939Edgardo    down 43Graph
939Jacques    down 43Graph
939Menachem    down 7Graph
943Augustus    down 80Graph
943Eliezernew Graph
943Rico    down 80Graph
943Spenser    down 121Graph
947Abdulup 40Graph
947Alton    down 60Graph
947Amos    down 95Graph
947Armand    down 2Graph
947Cristobal    down 35Graph
947Harvey    down 2Graph
947Shaquan    down 135Graph
947Storm    down 111Graph
955Alekup 13Graph
955Jamaal    down 36Graph
955Justen    down 43Graph
955Maximilianonew Graph
955Ted    down 62Graph
960Brantnew Graph
961Cainnew Graph
961Clyde    down 135Graph
961Dario    down 89Graph
961Floyd    down 68Graph
961Jaylannew Graph
961Nasirnew Graph
961Syed    down 98Graph
968Trayvon    down 202Graph
969Alexandre    down 17Graph
969Francesco    down 27Graph
969Kirbyup 9Graph
969Sheltonnew Graph
973Bryon    down 70Graph
973Lionel    down 150Graph
973Romeonew Graph
976Abdullahnew Graph
976Dalvinnew Graph
976Teddynew Graph
979Blaisenew Graph
979Dyllannew Graph
979Edmundnew Graph
979Jodyup 8Graph
979Lazaronew Graph
984Chadwick    down 121Graph
984Daron    down 52Graph
984Dominiknew Graph
984Emerson    down 42Graph
984Randolph    down 138Graph
984Sydneynew Graph
990Giancarlonew Graph
990Keagannew Graph
990Kendalnew Graph
990Kordellnew Graph
990Montel    down 144Graph
990Petenew Graph
990Rodricknew Graph
990Waylonnew Graph
998Branson    down 11Graph
998Brunonew Graph
998Deontanew Graph