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Most Popular Names USA 2000

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA 2000, derived from the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA yearly
Following list:2001
Previous list:1999
Highest new entries:Elian (new at 426),  Luca (new at 626),  Jevon (new at 635),  Finn (new at 833),  Jan (new at 833)
Largest rises:Axel +438 (now at 361),  Kevon +396 (now at 393),  Ayden +299 (now at 666),  Jude +269 (now at 679),  Emiliano +236 (now at 635)
Largest falls:Heriberto -221 (now at 912),  Ronaldo -217 (now at 887),  Infant -210 (now at 768),  Fred -183 (now at 964),  Tyrek -180 (now at 878)

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1Jacob Graph
2Michael Graph
3Matthew Graph
4Joshua Graph
5Christopherup 1Graph
6Nicholas    down 1Graph
7Andrew Graph
8Joseph Graph
9Daniel Graph
10Tyler Graph
11Williamup 3Graph
12Brandon    down 1Graph
13Ryan    down 1Graph
14Johnup 1Graph
15Zacharyup 2Graph
16David Graph
17Anthonyup 1Graph
18Jamesup 1Graph
19Justinup 1Graph
20Alexanderup 1Graph
21Jonathanup 1Graph
22Christianup 3Graph
23Austin    down 10Graph
24Dylan    down 1Graph
25Ethanup 12Graph
26Benjaminup 3Graph
27Noah    down 3Graph
28Samuel    down 1Graph
29Robert    down 3Graph
30Nathanup 2Graph
31Cameronup 2Graph
32Kevinup 2Graph
33Thomas    down 2Graph
34Joseup 1Graph
35Hunterup 1Graph
36Jordan    down 6Graph
37Kyle    down 9Graph
38Calebup 3Graph
39Jasonup 1Graph
40Loganup 2Graph
41Aaron    down 3Graph
42Eric    down 3Graph
43Brian Graph
44Gabrielup 9Graph
45Adam    down 1Graph
46Jackup 6Graph
47Isaiahup 4Graph
48Juan    down 2Graph
49Luisup 6Graph
50Connor    down 2Graph
51Charles    down 1Graph
52Elijahup 8Graph
53Isaacup 11Graph
54Steven    down 7Graph
55Evanup 2Graph
56Jared    down 2Graph
57Sean    down 1Graph
58Timothy    down 9Graph
59Lukeup 8Graph
60Cody    down 15Graph
61Nathanielup 1Graph
62Alex    down 4Graph
63Sethup 2Graph
64Masonup 7Graph
65Richard    down 4Graph
66Carlos    down 7Graph
67Angelup 6Graph
68Patrick    down 5Graph
69Devin    down 1Graph
70Bryanup 4Graph
71Coleup 4Graph
72Jacksonup 11Graph
73Ian    down 2Graph
74Garrettup 4Graph
75Trevor    down 9Graph
76Jesus    down 6Graph
77Chase    down 1Graph
78Adrianup 1Graph
79Mark    down 10Graph
80Blakeup 4Graph
81Sebastianup 71Graph
82Antonio    down 2Graph
83Lucasup 7Graph
84Jeremy    down 3Graph
85Gavinup 16Graph
86Miguelup 5Graph
87Julianup 25Graph
88Dakota    down 11Graph
89Alejandro    down 1Graph
90Jesse    down 8Graph
91Dalton    down 6Graph
92Bryceup 1Graph
93Tanner    down 6Graph
94Kenneth    down 5Graph
95Stephen    down 9Graph
96Jakeup 1Graph
97Victor    down 3Graph
98Spencer    down 6Graph
99Marcus    down 1Graph
100Paul    down 5Graph
101Brendan    down 5Graph
102Jeremiahup 6Graph
103Xavierup 10Graph
104Jeffrey    down 4Graph
105Tristan    down 6Graph
106Jalenup 66Graph
107Jorge Graph
108Edward    down 5Graph
109Rileyup 18Graph
110Wyattup 21Graph
111Colton    down 2Graph
112Joelup 3Graph
113Maxwell    down 7Graph
114Aidanup 52Graph
115Travis    down 13Graph
116Shane    down 6Graph
117Colinup 2Graph
118Dominic Graph
119Carsonup 37Graph
120Vincentup 1Graph
121Derek    down 7Graph
122Oscar    down 6Graph
123Grantup 5Graph
124Eduardoup 21Graph
125Peter    down 20Graph
126Henryup 4Graph
127Parker    down 3Graph
128Collinup 1Graph
129Haydenup 21Graph
130George    down 7Graph
131Bradley    down 27Graph
132Mitchell    down 21Graph
133Devon    down 8Graph
134Ricardo    down 8Graph
135Shawn    down 18Graph
136Taylor    down 16Graph
137Nicolasup 1Graph
138Gregory    down 16Graph
139Francisco    down 5Graph
140Liamup 1Graph
141Kalebup 18Graph
142Prestonup 20Graph
143Erik    down 4Graph
144Alexisup 3Graph
144Owenup 9Graph
146Omar    down 3Graph
147Diegoup 2Graph
148Dustin    down 15Graph
149Corey    down 14Graph
150Fernandoup 19Graph
151Claytonup 6Graph
152Carterup 27Graph
153Ivan    down 5Graph
154Jadenup 49Graph
155Javierup 5Graph
156Alec    down 24Graph
157Johnathan    down 11Graph
158Scott    down 18Graph
159Manuel    down 4Graph
160Cristian    down 2Graph
161Alanup 3Graph
162Raymond    down 18Graph
163Brett    down 26Graph
164Max    down 3Graph
165Andres    down 11Graph
166Gageup 12Graph
167Mario    down 4Graph
168Dawson    down 32Graph
169Dillon    down 27Graph
170Cesarup 11Graph
171Wesley    down 3Graph
172Levi    down 2Graph
173Jakobup 27Graph
174Chandler    down 23Graph
175Martin    down 2Graph
176Malik    down 11Graph
177Edgar    down 4Graph
178Trentonup 1Graph
179Sergio    down 3Graph
180Josiahup 14Graph
180Nolanup 31Graph
182Marcoup 9Graph
183Peytonup 51Graph
184Harrison    down 2Graph
185Hector    down 2Graph
186Micahup 9Graph
187Roberto    down 10Graph
188Drew    down 13Graph
189Brady    down 5Graph
189Erickup 4Graph
191Conner    down 6Graph
192Jonahup 5Graph
193Casey    down 22Graph
194Jaydenup 60Graph
195Emmanuelup 21Graph
196Edwinup 8Graph
197Andre    down 7Graph
198Phillip    down 10Graph
199Braydenup 23Graph
200Landon    down 4Graph
201Giovanniup 20Graph
202Bailey    down 35Graph
203Ronald    down 17Graph
204Bradenup 4Graph
205Damianup 15Graph
206Donovanup 4Graph
207Rubenup 2Graph
208Frank    down 21Graph
209Gerardoup 8Graph
209Pedro    down 7Graph
211Andyup 7Graph
212Chanceup 11Graph
213Abrahamup 1Graph
214Calvin    down 2Graph
215Trey    down 26Graph
216Cadeup 9Graph
217Donald    down 25Graph
218Derrick    down 5Graph
219Paytonup 86Graph
220Darius    down 22Graph
221Enriqueup 9Graph
222Keith    down 16Graph
223Raulup 5Graph
224Jaylenup 69Graph
225Troy    down 20Graph
226Jonathon    down 19Graph
227Cory    down 28Graph
228Marcup 7Graph
229Skylerup 2Graph
230Rafael    down 1Graph
231Trentup 6Graph
232Griffin    down 13Graph
233Colby    down 9Graph
234Eliup 47Graph
234Johnny    down 8Graph
236Chad    down 21Graph
237Armando    down 4Graph
238Kobeup 85Graph
239Cadenup 49Graph
239Marcosup 3Graph
241Cooperup 20Graph
242Eliasup 15Graph
243Brenden    down 1Graph
244Israelup 5Graph
245Avery    down 9Graph
246Zaneup 7Graph
247Dante    down 15Graph
248Josue    down 3Graph
249Zackary    down 11Graph
250Allen    down 6Graph
251Mathew    down 24Graph
252Dennis    down 13Graph
253Leonardoup 1Graph
254Ashtonup 23Graph
255Philip    down 15Graph
256Julio    down 4Graph
257Milesup 23Graph
258Damienup 10Graph
259Ty    down 3Graph
260Gustavoup 48Graph
261Drakeup 20Graph
262Jaime    down 21Graph
263Simonup 4Graph
264Jerry    down 18Graph
265Curtis    down 17Graph
266Kameron    down 7Graph
267Lanceup 20Graph
268Brockup 5Graph
269Brysonup 7Graph
270Alberto    down 10Graph
271Dominick    down 6Graph
272Jimmy Graph
273Kadenup 43Graph
274Douglas    down 27Graph
275Gary    down 24Graph
276Brennan    down 6Graph
277Zachery    down 19Graph
278Randy    down 15Graph
279Louis    down 17Graph
280Larry    down 30Graph
281Nickolas    down 17Graph
282Tony    down 17Graph
283Albert    down 14Graph
284Fabianup 5Graph
285Keeganup 15Graph
286Saulup 32Graph
287Danny    down 12Graph
288Tuckerup 7Graph
289Mylesup 24Graph
290Damon    down 5Graph
291Arturo    down 5Graph
292Corbin Graph
293Deandreup 31Graph
294Ricky    down 23Graph
295Kristopher    down 1Graph
296Lane Graph
297Pabloup 9Graph
298Darren    down 15Graph
299Jarrettup 1Graph
299Zion    down 25Graph
301Alfredo    down 17Graph
302Micheal    down 24Graph
303Angeloup 3Graph
304Carl    down 14Graph
305Oliverup 34Graph
306Kyler    down 8Graph
307Tommy    down 9Graph
308Walterup 2Graph
309Dallas    down 6Graph
310Jaceup 26Graph
310Quinn    down 19Graph
312Theodoreup 2Graph
313Graysonup 20Graph
314Lorenzo    down 10Graph
315Joe    down 18Graph
316Arthurup 4Graph
317Bryantup 15Graph
318Brent    down 40Graph
319Romanup 19Graph
320Russellup 5Graph
321Ramon    down 19Graph
322Lawrence    down 10Graph
322Moisesup 21Graph
324Aidenup 149Graph
325Quentin    down 3Graph
326Tyrese    down 126Graph
327Jay    down 2Graph
328Tristenup 6Graph
329Emanuelup 1Graph
330Salvadorup 16Graph
331Terry    down 16Graph
332Morgan    down 15Graph
333Jeffery    down 24Graph
334Estebanup 34Graph
335Tysonup 20Graph
336Braxton    down 5Graph
337Branden    down 27Graph
337Marvinup 12Graph
339Brodyup 9Graph
340Craig    down 13Graph
341Ismael    down 4Graph
342Rodney    down 21Graph
343Isiah    down 2Graph
344Mauriceup 12Graph
345Marshallup 8Graph
346Ernesto    down 18Graph
347Emilio    down 1Graph
348Brendon    down 19Graph
349Kodyup 8Graph
350Eddie    down 11Graph
351Malachiup 19Graph
352Abelup 15Graph
353Keatonup 1Graph
354Jon    down 9Graph
355Shaunup 22Graph
356Skylarup 18Graph
357Nikolas    down 38Graph
358Ezekielup 17Graph
359Santiagoup 44Graph
360Kendallup 35Graph
361Axelup 438Graph
362Camdenup 76Graph
362Trevon    down 21Graph
364Bobby    down 4Graph
365Conor    down 1Graph
366Jamal    down 31Graph
367Lukas    down 5Graph
368Malcolm    down 2Graph
369Zackery    down 18Graph
370Jayson    down 7Graph
371Javonup 41Graph
372Reginaldup 9Graph
372Zachariahup 11Graph
374Roger    down 16Graph
375Desmond    down 24Graph
376Felixup 11Graph
377Dean    down 12Graph
377Johnathon    down 18Graph
379Quinton    down 6Graph
380Aliup 12Graph
380Davis    down 10Graph
382Gerald    down 3Graph
382Rodrigo    down 21Graph
384Demetriusup 7Graph
385Billy    down 35Graph
386Reneup 14Graph
387Reeceup 29Graph
388Kelvin    down 11Graph
388Leoup 53Graph
390Justice    down 1Graph
391Guillermo    down 4Graph
392Chrisup 4Graph
393Kevonup 396Graph
393Steve    down 3Graph
395Frederick    down 11Graph
396Clayup 6Graph
397Westonup 2Graph
398Dorianup 108Graph
399Hugoup 7Graph
400Orlando    down 18Graph
400Roy    down 7Graph
402Terrance    down 26Graph
403Kaiup 75Graph
404Khalil    down 32Graph
405Graham Graph
406Noelup 13Graph
407Nathanaelup 9Graph
407Willie    down 22Graph
409Terrell    down 40Graph
410Tyroneup 14Graph
411Camron    down 31Graph
412Mauricioup 57Graph
413Amir    down 12Graph
414Darianup 2Graph
414Jarod    down 70Graph
414Nelson    down 10Graph
417Kadeup 13Graph
418Reeseup 40Graph
419Kristian    down 4Graph
420Garretup 17Graph
421Marquis    down 23Graph
421Rodolfo    down 9Graph
423Daneup 5Graph
423Felipeup 33Graph
425Todd    down 31Graph
426Eliannew Graph
426Walkerup 8Graph
428Mateo    down 19Graph
429Jaylonup 25Graph
430Kennyup 14Graph
431Bruce    down 24Graph
432Ezraup 53Graph
433Damionup 17Graph
433Ross    down 47Graph
435Francis    down 5Graph
436Tateup 27Graph
437Byron    down 18Graph
437Reidup 7Graph
437Warrenup 30Graph
440Randall    down 43Graph
441Bennettup 56Graph
442Jermaine    down 9Graph
442Tristonup 14Graph
444Jaquan    down 30Graph
445Harleyup 16Graph
446Jessie    down 38Graph
447Franklin    down 36Graph
448Duncan    down 38Graph
449Charlie    down 23Graph
449Reed    down 26Graph
451Blaineup 74Graph
451Braedenup 71Graph
451Holden    down 21Graph
454Ahmad    down 35Graph
455Issac    down 2Graph
456Kendrick    down 31Graph
457Melvin    down 30Graph
457Sawyerup 23Graph
459Mosesup 26Graph
459Solomon    down 17Graph
461Sam    down 2Graph
462Jaylinup 49Graph
463Cedricup 13Graph
464Mohammadup 39Graph
465Alvin    down 21Graph
465Beauup 12Graph
467Jordon    down 28Graph
468Elliotup 33Graph
469Lee    down 20Graph
470Darrell    down 42Graph
471Jarred    down 49Graph
471Mohamedup 28Graph
473Davion    down 8Graph
473Wade    down 12Graph
475Tomasup 14Graph
476Urielup 7Graph
477Jaxonup 68Graph
478Deven Graph
478Maximilianup 20Graph
480Rogelioup 12Graph
481Gilberto    down 12Graph
482Ronnie    down 15Graph
483Juliusup 16Graph
484Allan    down 40Graph
485Brayanup 139Graph
485Deshawnup 7Graph
485Joeyup 5Graph
485Terrence    down 26Graph
489Noe    down 2Graph
490Alfonso    down 26Graph
491Ahmedup 33Graph
492Tyree    down 57Graph
493Tyrell    down 42Graph
494Jerome    down 50Graph
495Devan    down 55Graph
495Neil    down 29Graph
497Ramiro    down 22Graph
498Pierceup 78Graph
499Davon    down 15Graph
500Devonte    down 31Graph
500Leon    down 19Graph
502Jamie    down 59Graph
503Adan    down 16Graph
504Eugene    down 32Graph
504Stanley    down 53Graph
506Marlon    down 10Graph
507Quincyup 1Graph
508Leonard    down 34Graph
509Wayne    down 55Graph
510Will    down 6Graph
511Alvaroup 28Graph
512Ernestup 23Graph
513Harry    down 31Graph
514Addison    down 4Graph
515Ray    down 2Graph
516Alonzoup 2Graph
516Jadonup 79Graph
518Jonas    down 12Graph
519Keyshawnup 74Graph
519Rolandoup 31Graph
521Mohammed    down 29Graph
522Tristin    down 11Graph
523Donte    down 6Graph
524Dominique    down 5Graph
524Leonelup 20Graph
526Wilson    down 3Graph
527Gilbert    down 19Graph
528Cobyup 61Graph
528Dangeloup 71Graph
528Kieranup 68Graph
531Colten    down 5Graph
531Keenan    down 40Graph
531Kobyup 28Graph
534Jarrod    down 98Graph
535Tobyup 51Graph
536Dale    down 41Graph
536Dwayneup 15Graph
536Harold    down 22Graph
539Elliott    down 1Graph
540Osvaldoup 2Graph
541Cyrusup 11Graph
542Kolby    down 22Graph
543Sage    down 15Graph
544Colemanup 20Graph
544Declanup 24Graph
546Adolfoup 2Graph
547Ariel    down 43Graph
547Brennenup 27Graph
547Darryl    down 15Graph
547Trace    down 14Graph
551Orion    down 11Graph
551Shamarup 66Graph
553Efrain    down 25Graph
554Keshawnup 43Graph
554Rudy    down 34Graph
556Ulises    down 54Graph
557Darien    down 21Graph
558Braydonup 20Graph
559Ben    down 22Graph
559Vicenteup 14Graph
561Nasirup 9Graph
562Dayton    down 1Graph
563Joaquin    down 23Graph
564Karl    down 31Graph
565Dandreup 55Graph
565Isaiasup 21Graph
567Rylanup 45Graph
567Sterling    down 39Graph
569Cullen    down 4Graph
570Quintin    down 7Graph
571Stefan    down 17Graph
572Brice    down 44Graph
573Lewis    down 58Graph
574Gunnar    down 27Graph
574Humberto    down 17Graph
576Nigel    down 21Graph
577Alfred    down 1Graph
578Agustinup 29Graph
578Asherup 23Graph
580Daquan    down 32Graph
580Eastonup 63Graph
580Salvatoreup 33Graph
583Jaronup 8Graph
584Nathanial    down 39Graph
584Ralph    down 14Graph
586Everett    down 7Graph
587Hudsonup 108Graph
588Tobiasup 4Graph
589Marquise    down 74Graph
590Glenn    down 63Graph
591Antoine    down 23Graph
591Jasperup 43Graph
593Elvis    down 38Graph
593Kane Graph
593Sidney    down 28Graph
596Ezequiel    down 35Graph
596Tylor    down 53Graph
598Aronup 13Graph
599Dashawn    down 19Graph
599Devyn    down 14Graph
599Mikeup 32Graph
602Silasup 24Graph
603Jaidenup 88Graph
604Jayceup 158Graph
605Deonte    down 16Graph
606Romeoup 75Graph
607Deonup 6Graph
608Cristopherup 130Graph
608Freddyup 1Graph
608Kurt    down 26Graph
611Kolton    down 29Graph
611River    down 52Graph
613Augustup 20Graph
613Roderick    down 25Graph
615Clarence    down 17Graph
615Derick    down 10Graph
617Jamarup 35Graph
617Raphaelup 28Graph
617Rohanup 7Graph
620Kareem    down 11Graph
620Muhammadup 82Graph
622Demarcus    down 16Graph
623Sheldon    down 71Graph
624Caydenup 138Graph
624Markus    down 20Graph
626Lucanew Graph
627Treup 12Graph
628Jamisonup 21Graph
628Jeanup 55Graph
630Rory    down 1Graph
630Titusup 68Graph
632Brad    down 29Graph
632Clintonup 32Graph
632Jaylanup 152Graph
635Emilianoup 236Graph
635Jevonnew Graph
637Julienup 133Graph
638Lamarup 28Graph
639Alonsoup 71Graph
640Cordell    down 70Graph
640Gordonup 12Graph
642Ignacio    down 29Graph
643Jettup 151Graph
643Keonup 28Graph
645Baby Graph
645Cruzup 46Graph
645Rashadup 7Graph
645Tariq    down 63Graph
649Armaniup 34Graph
650Deangelo    down 30Graph
650Miltonup 70Graph
652Geoffrey    down 18Graph
653Elisha    down 22Graph
654Mosheup 5Graph
655Bernard    down 6Graph
656Asaup 31Graph
656Bret    down 76Graph
656Darion    down 17Graph
656Darnell    down 56Graph
656Izaiahup 114Graph
661Irvin    down 9Graph
662Jairoup 66Graph
663Howard    down 26Graph
664Aldoup 74Graph
664Zechariahup 48Graph
666Aydenup 299Graph
666Garrison    down 101Graph
666Normanup 42Graph
666Stuartup 30Graph
670Kellenup 63Graph
670Travonup 6Graph
672Shemarup 171Graph
673Dillan    down 66Graph
673Juniorup 97Graph
675Darriusup 78Graph
675Rhettup 30Graph
677Barry    down 32Graph
677Kamron    down 6Graph
679Judeup 269Graph
679Rigoberto    down 13Graph
681Amariup 33Graph
681Jovan    down 29Graph
683Octavio    down 9Graph
683Perry    down 21Graph
685Kole    down 17Graph
685Misaelup 23Graph
687Hassanup 63Graph
687Jaren    down 74Graph
687Latrell    down 51Graph
687Roland    down 19Graph
691Quintenup 79Graph
692Ibrahimup 24Graph
692Justus    down 27Graph
694Germanup 49Graph
694Gonzaloup 155Graph
694Nehemiahup 171Graph
697Forrest    down 38Graph
697Mackenzie    down 67Graph
699Anton    down 28Graph
699Chazup 51Graph
699Talon    down 25Graph
702Guadalupeup 14Graph
703Antwanup 39Graph
703Austen    down 128Graph
703Brooksup 13Graph
703Conrad    down 86Graph
703Greysonup 20Graph
703Winston    down 45Graph
709Dion    down 72Graph
709Leroy    down 26Graph
709Lincolnup 39Graph
712Earl    down 69Graph
712Jaydonup 159Graph
712Landenup 31Graph
715Gunnerup 23Graph
716Brenton    down 54Graph
716Jefferson    down 88Graph
718Fredrick    down 38Graph
718Kurtis    down 28Graph
718Maximillian    down 42Graph
718Stephan    down 99Graph
718Stone    down 92Graph
723Shannon    down 121Graph
724Shayneup 22Graph
724Stephon    down 101Graph
726Karsonup 232Graph
727Nestor    down 46Graph
728Frankie    down 76Graph
728Gianni    down 5Graph
728Keaganup 91Graph
728Tristian    down 5Graph
732Dimitri    down 56Graph
732Kory    down 45Graph
732Zakaryup 37Graph
735Donavan    down 76Graph
735Dravenup 26Graph
735Jameson    down 5Graph
738Cliftonup 9Graph
738Darylup 18Graph
740Emmettup 69Graph
741Cortez    down 43Graph
741Destin    down 34Graph
741Jamariup 113Graph
744Dallin    down 17Graph
744Estevan    down 34Graph
744Gradyup 31Graph
747Davinup 39Graph
747Santos    down 45Graph
749Marcel    down 108Graph
750Carlton    down 22Graph
750Dylon    down 28Graph
750Mitchel    down 67Graph
753Clifford    down 133Graph
754Syedup 177Graph
755Adonisup 34Graph
755Dexterup 1Graph
757Keyonup 147Graph
757Reynaldo    down 41Graph
759Devante    down 72Graph
760Arnoldup 49Graph
760Clark    down 37Graph
760Kasey    down 84Graph
760Sammyup 2Graph
760Thaddeusup 65Graph
765Glenup 15Graph
765Jarvis    down 64Graph
765Nickup 12Graph
768Garettup 81Graph
768Infant    down 210Graph
768Keanuup 68Graph
768Kenyonup 213Graph
768Ulysses    down 126Graph
773Dwight    down 82Graph
773Kentup 26Graph
775Denzelup 56Graph
775Lamont    down 55Graph
777Houston    down 15Graph
777Layne    down 21Graph
779Darin    down 83Graph
779Jordenup 20Graph
781Anderson    down 14Graph
781Kaydenup 214Graph
783Khalidup 95Graph
784Antonyup 65Graph
784Deondreup 98Graph
784Ellisup 52Graph
784Marquez    down 71Graph
788Ariup 6Graph
788Cornelius    down 74Graph
790Austyn    down 141Graph
790Brycenup 165Graph
792Abramup 36Graph
792Remington    down 62Graph
794Braedonup 106Graph
794Reuben    down 61Graph
796Hamzaup 29Graph
796Ryderup 120Graph
796Zaireup 40Graph
799Terence    down 69Graph
800Guyup 5Graph
800Jamel    down 95Graph
800Kelly    down 14Graph
800Tevin    down 155Graph
804Alexandro    down 18Graph
804Jordy    down 54Graph
804Porterup 54Graph
804Trever    down 48Graph
808Darioup 26Graph
808Jackie    down 1Graph
808Judahup 96Graph
808Kevenup 11Graph
808Raymundo    down 25Graph
813Cristobalup 165Graph
813Josef    down 76Graph
813Parisup 58Graph
816Colt    down 27Graph
816Giancarloup 3Graph
818Rahulup 76Graph
818Savion    down 83Graph
820Deshaunup 45Graph
820Josh    down 31Graph
820Korey    down 118Graph
823Gerardup 42Graph
823Jacobyup 38Graph
823Lonnie    down 48Graph
823Reillyup 42Graph
823Seamus    down 24Graph
828Don    down 13Graph
828Giovannyup 121Graph
828Jamilup 137Graph
828Kristoferup 30Graph
828Samirup 85Graph
833Bennyup 93Graph
833Dominik    down 51Graph
833Finnnew Graph
833Jannew Graph
837Caleup 66Graph
837Irvingup 158Graph
837Jaxsonup 87Graph
837Kaidennew Graph
841Marcelo    down 22Graph
841Nico    down 62Graph
841Rashawnup 53Graph
841Vernon    down 85Graph
845Aubrey    down 17Graph
845Gavenup 104Graph
845Jabari    down 2Graph
845Sincerenew Graph
849Kirk    down 114Graph
849Maximusnew Graph
849Mikel    down 34Graph
852Davonte    down 3Graph
852Heath    down 82Graph
852Justyn    down 53Graph
852Kadinup 123Graph
856Aldenup 129Graph
856Keltonup 60Graph
858Brandan    down 105Graph
858Courtney    down 59Graph
860Camrenup 75Graph
860Dewayneup 28Graph
860Elmerup 26Graph
863Darrin    down 65Graph
863Darrionup 68Graph
863Duane    down 2Graph
863Maverick    down 54Graph
863Nikhil    down 48Graph
863Sonnyup 41Graph
869Abdullah    down 91Graph
869Chaim    down 26Graph
869Nathenup 2Graph
869Xzaviernew Graph
873Bronsonup 99Graph
874Efren    down 55Graph
874Jovaniup 66Graph
874Phoenixup 39Graph
874Reagan    down 69Graph
878Blazenew Graph
878Luciano    down 69Graph
878Royceup 48Graph
878Tyrek    down 180Graph
878Tyshawnup 22Graph
883Deontae    down 25Graph
883Fidelup 33Graph
883Gaigenew Graph
883Gideonnew Graph
887Adennew Graph
887Neal    down 62Graph
887Ronaldo    down 217Graph
890Princeup 59Graph
890Rickey    down 81Graph
892Deion    down 139Graph
892Denver    down 130Graph
892Matteoup 48Graph
895Benito    down 41Graph
895Londonnew Graph
895Samsonup 45Graph
898Bernardo    down 10Graph
898Raven    down 89Graph
898Simeonup 37Graph
898Turner    down 104Graph
902Carloup 83Graph
902Gino    down 37Graph
902Johan    down 66Graph
902Rockynew Graph
902Ryleynew Graph
907Domenicup 6Graph
907Hugh    down 58Graph
907Trystannew Graph
910Emerson    down 16Graph
910Trevionup 48Graph
912Heriberto    down 221Graph
912Joannew Graph
912Marques    down 128Graph
912Raheem    down 84Graph
912Tyreek    down 81Graph
912Vaughnup 4Graph
918Clint    down 53Graph
918Nash    down 170Graph
920Mariano    down 84Graph
920Myron    down 16Graph
922Ladarius    down 44Graph
922Lloyd    down 107Graph
922Omariup 18Graph
925Keshaunnew Graph
925Pierreup 1Graph
925Rick    down 21Graph
925Xander    down 1Graph
929Eliseoup 52Graph
929Jeff    down 25Graph
931Bradly    down 9Graph
931Freddie    down 77Graph
931Kavonnew Graph
931Mekhi    down 137Graph
931Sabastiannew Graph
931Sheaup 18Graph
937Dannew Graph
938Adrienup 57Graph
938Alessandro    down 50Graph
938Isai    down 95Graph
938Kiannew Graph
938Maximilianonew Graph
938Paxton    down 44Graph
938Rasheednew Graph
945Amosup 27Graph
945Blaise    down 57Graph
945Brodienew Graph
945Donnie    down 41Graph
945Isidronew Graph
945Jaedennew Graph
945Javionnew Graph
945Jimmie    down 84Graph
945Johnnie    down 102Graph
945Kennedy    down 41Graph
945Tyrique    down 178Graph
956Andreas    down 68Graph
956Augustus    down 21Graph
956Jalon    down 12Graph
956Jamirnew Graph
956Valentin    down 56Graph
961Korbin    down 90Graph
961Lawsonnew Graph
961Maximnew Graph
964Fred    down 183Graph
964Herbert    down 9Graph
966Brunonew Graph
966Donavonup 12Graph
966Javontenew Graph
969Ean    down 25Graph
969Kamrennew Graph
969Rowanup 19Graph
972Alek    down 28Graph
972Brandyn    down 141Graph
972Demarco    down 86Graph
975Hernan    down 26Graph
976Alexzandernew Graph
976Bo    down 152Graph
976Branson    down 45Graph
976Brennon    down 105Graph
976Genaro    down 18Graph
976Jamarcus    down 11Graph
982Aricup 6Graph
982Barrett    down 100Graph
982Rey    down 17Graph
985Braiden    down 10Graph
985Brant    down 142Graph
985Dontae    down 91Graph
985Harveynew Graph
985Jovany    down 27Graph
985Kalenew Graph
985Nicklausnew Graph
985Zandernew Graph
993Dillion    down 115Graph
993Donnellnew Graph
993Kylan    down 1Graph
993Treyvon    down 72Graph
993Vincenzonew Graph
998Daynenew Graph
998Francesco    down 17Graph
998Isaaknew Graph