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Most Popular Names USA 1970-1979

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the USA in the 70's (1970 to 1979), based on the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA decades
Following list:1980-1989
Previous list:1960-1969
Highest new entries:Jessica (new at 11),  Erin (new at 39),  Tiffany (new at 42),  Tara (new at 43),  Danielle (new at 46)
Largest rises:Amanda +182 (now at 17),  Nicole +176 (now at 10),  Kristen +121 (now at 72),  Heather +119 (now at 8),  Crystal +115 (now at 37)
Largest falls:Cathy -123 (now at 199),  Wanda -116 (now at 197),  Janice -116 (now at 184),  Annette -101 (now at 176),  Connie -98 (now at 160)

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RankName+/- USA 1960-1969Graph
1Jenniferup 19Graph
2Amyup 33Graph
3Melissaup 30Graph
4Michelleup 5Graph
5Kimberly Graph
6Lisa    down 5Graph
7Angelaup 15Graph
8Heatherup 119Graph
9Stephanieup 36Graph
10Nicoleup 176Graph
11Jessicanew Graph
12Elizabethup 5Graph
13Rebeccaup 28Graph
14Kellyup 16Graph
15Mary    down 13Graph
16Christinaup 56Graph
17Amandaup 182Graph
18Julie Graph
19Sarahup 71Graph
20Laura    down 4Graph
21Shannonup 100Graph
22Christineup 5Graph
23Tammy    down 10Graph
24Tracyup 15Graph
25Karen    down 21Graph
26Dawnup 11Graph
27Susan    down 24Graph
28Andreaup 39Graph
29Tinaup 2Graph
30Patricia    down 24Graph
31Cynthia    down 21Graph
32Lori    down 17Graph
33Rachelup 113Graph
34Aprilup 105Graph
35Mariaup 14Graph
36Wendyup 12Graph
37Crystalup 115Graph
38Stacyup 75Graph
39Erinnew Graph
40Jamieup 110Graph
41Carrieup 91Graph
42Tiffanynew Graph
43Taranew Graph
44Sandra    down 33Graph
45Monicaup 41Graph
46Daniellenew Graph
47Staceyup 56Graph
48Pamela    down 34Graph
49Tonyaup 71Graph
50Saraup 113Graph
51Michele    down 1Graph
52Teresa    down 27Graph
53Denise    down 24Graph
54Jillup 7Graph
55Katherineup 22Graph
56Melanieup 53Graph
57Danaup 25Graph
58Hollyup 71Graph
59Ericanew Graph
60Brenda    down 41Graph
61Deborah    down 49Graph
62Tanyaup 102Graph
63Sharon    down 40Graph
64Donna    down 56Graph
65Ambernew Graph
66Emilynew Graph
67Linda    down 60Graph
68Robin    down 34Graph
69Kathleen    down 37Graph
70Leslieup 1Graph
71Christynew Graph
72Kristenup 121Graph
73Catherine    down 17Graph
74Kristinup 85Graph
75Mistynew Graph
76Barbara    down 55Graph
77Heidiup 45Graph
78Nancy    down 52Graph
79Cheryl    down 51Graph
80Theresa    down 38Graph
81Brandynew Graph
82Aliciaup 87Graph
83Veronicaup 50Graph
84Gina    down 11Graph
85Jacqueline    down 34Graph
86Rhonda    down 42Graph
87Annaup 8Graph
88Renee    down 18Graph
89Megannew Graph
90Tamaraup 10Graph
91Kathryn    down 3Graph
91Melindaup 20Graph
93Debra    down 69Graph
94Sherry    down 39Graph
95Allisonnew Graph
96Valerie    down 27Graph
97Diana    down 34Graph
98Paula    down 44Graph
99Kristinanew Graph
100Ann    down 40Graph
101Margaret    down 48Graph
102Cindy    down 56Graph
103Victoriaup 3Graph
104Jodiup 41Graph
105Natalieup 77Graph
106Brandinew Graph
107Suzanne    down 42Graph
108Kristinew Graph
109Samanthanew Graph
110Beth    down 44Graph
111Tracey    down 13Graph
112Regina    down 28Graph
113Vanessaup 66Graph
114Kristynew Graph
115Carolyn    down 58Graph
116Yolandaup 22Graph
117Deannaup 11Graph
118Carla    down 39Graph
119Sheila    down 60Graph
120Laurie    down 62Graph
121Anne    down 41Graph
122Shelly    down 10Graph
123Diane    down 87Graph
124Sabrinanew Graph
125Janet    down 78Graph
126Katrinanew Graph
127Erikanew Graph
128Courtneynew Graph
129Colleen    down 33Graph
130Carol    down 92Graph
131Julia    down 13Graph
132Jennynew Graph
133Jaimenew Graph
134Kathy    down 94Graph
135Feliciaup 52Graph
136Alisonnew Graph
137Laurennew Graph
138Kellinew Graph
139Leahnew Graph
140Ashleynew Graph
141Kim    down 98Graph
142Traciup 42Graph
143Kristineup 18Graph
144Tricianew Graph
145Joyup 30Graph
146Kristanew Graph
147Karanew Graph
148Terri    down 84Graph
149Sonyaup 21Graph
150Aimeenew Graph
151Natashanew Graph
152Cassandranew Graph
153Bridgetnew Graph
154Anita    down 65Graph
155Karinew Graph
156Nicholenew Graph
157Christienew Graph
158Marie    down 43Graph
159Virginia    down 45Graph
160Connie    down 98Graph
161Martha    down 67Graph
162Carmenup 4Graph
163Stacienew Graph
164Lynn    down 90Graph
165Moniquenew Graph
166Katienew Graph
167Kristienew Graph
168Shelley    down 13Graph
169Sherri    down 76Graph
170Angelnew Graph
171Bonnie    down 84Graph
172Mandynew Graph
173Jodyup 23Graph
174Shawnanew Graph
175Kerrynew Graph
176Annette    down 101Graph
177Yvonne    down 43Graph
178Toni    down 22Graph
179Meredithnew Graph
180Mollynew Graph
181Kendranew Graph
182Joannanew Graph
183Sonianew Graph
184Janice    down 116Graph
185Robynnew Graph
186Brookenew Graph
187Kerrinew Graph
188Sheri    down 46Graph
189Becky    down 54Graph
190Gloria    down 89Graph
191Mindynew Graph
192Tracienew Graph
193Angienew Graph
194Kellienew Graph
195Claudianew Graph
196Ruth    down 79Graph
197Wanda    down 116Graph
198Jeanette    down 26Graph
199Cathy    down 123Graph
200Adriennenew Graph