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Most Popular Names USA 2010-2019

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the USA in the 10's (2010 to 2019), based on the applications for Social Security Cards
Source:SSA (Social Security Administration)
Series:USA decades
Following list:-
Previous list:2000-2009
Highest new entries:Jaxon (new at 52),  Grayson (new at 56),  Lincoln (new at 73),  Hudson (new at 74),  Mateo (new at 78)
Largest rises:Oliver +157 (now at 28),  Bryson +97 (now at 102),  Elias +97 (now at 96),  Eli +94 (now at 51),  Liam +94 (now at 2)
Largest falls:Sean -120 (now at 186),  Kyle -116 (now at 172),  Brian -112 (now at 174),  Aidan -101 (now at 156),  Bryan -84 (now at 153)

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RankName+/- USA 2000-2009Graph
1Noahup 19Graph
2Liamup 94Graph
3Jacob    down 2Graph
4Williamup 6Graph
5Masonup 42Graph
6Ethanup 2Graph
7Michael    down 5Graph
8Alexanderup 5Graph
9Jamesup 8Graph
10Elijahup 24Graph
11Benjaminup 14Graph
12Daniel    down 7Graph
13Aidenup 41Graph
14Loganup 14Graph
15Jaydenup 36Graph
16Matthew    down 12Graph
17Lucasup 44Graph
18David    down 6Graph
19Jacksonup 23Graph
20Joseph    down 11Graph
21Anthony    down 10Graph
22Samuelup 2Graph
23Joshua    down 20Graph
24Gabrielup 6Graph
25Andrew    down 18Graph
26John    down 8Graph
27Christopher    down 21Graph
28Oliverup 157Graph
29Dylan    down 6Graph
30Carterup 53Graph
31Isaacup 15Graph
32Lukeup 16Graph
33Henryup 69Graph
34Owenup 37Graph
35Ryan    down 20Graph
36Nathan    down 10Graph
37Wyattup 47Graph
38Caleb    down 3Graph
39Sebastianup 41Graph
40Jack Graph
41Christian    down 19Graph
42Jonathan    down 23Graph
43Julianup 31Graph
44Landonup 29Graph
45Leviup 91Graph
46Isaiah    down 2Graph
47Hunter    down 6Graph
48Aaronup 4Graph
49Charlesup 9Graph
50Thomas    down 13Graph
51Eliup 94Graph
52Jaxonnew Graph
53Connor Graph
54Nicholas    down 40Graph
55Jeremiahup 23Graph
56Graysonnew Graph
57Cameron    down 18Graph
58Braydenup 27Graph
59Adrianup 5Graph
60Evan    down 15Graph
61Jordan    down 23Graph
62Josiahup 62Graph
63Angel    down 20Graph
64Robert    down 28Graph
65Gavin    down 15Graph
66Tyler    down 50Graph
67Austin    down 35Graph
68Coltonup 52Graph
69Jose    down 38Graph
70Dominicup 22Graph
71Brandon    down 50Graph
72Ian    down 2Graph
73Lincolnnew Graph
74Hudsonnew Graph
75Kevin    down 42Graph
76Zachary    down 49Graph
77Adam    down 17Graph
78Mateonew Graph
79Jason    down 30Graph
80Chase    down 5Graph
81Nolanup 74Graph
82Aydenup 74Graph
83Cooperup 43Graph
84Parkerup 30Graph
85Xavier    down 4Graph
86Ashernew Graph
87Carsonup 11Graph
88Jacenew Graph
89Eastonnew Graph
90Justin    down 61Graph
91Leonew Graph
92Bentleynew Graph
93Jaxsonnew Graph
94Nathaniel    down 29Graph
95Blake    down 9Graph
96Eliasup 97Graph
97Theodorenew Graph
98Kaydennew Graph
99Luis    down 40Graph
100Tristan Graph
101Ezranew Graph
102Brysonup 97Graph
103Juan    down 46Graph
104Brodyup 49Graph
105Vincentup 11Graph
106Micahup 46Graph
107Milesnew Graph
108Santiagonew Graph
109Cole    down 33Graph
110Rydernew Graph
111Carlos    down 43Graph
112Damianup 48Graph
113Leonardoup 81Graph
114Romannew Graph
115Maxup 33Graph
116Sawyernew Graph
117Jesus    down 45Graph
118Diego    down 41Graph
119Greysonnew Graph
120Alex    down 53Graph
121Maxwellup 13Graph
122Axelnew Graph
123Eric    down 60Graph
124Wesleyup 60Graph
125Declannew Graph
126Giovanniup 43Graph
127Ezekielnew Graph
128Braxtonnew Graph
129Ashton    down 2Graph
130Ivanup 2Graph
131Hayden    down 44Graph
132Camdennew Graph
133Silasnew Graph
134Bryce    down 29Graph
135Westonnew Graph
136Harrisonnew Graph
137Jamesonnew Graph
138Georgeup 5Graph
139Antonio    down 45Graph
140Timothy    down 58Graph
141Kaidennew Graph
142Jonahup 30Graph
143Everettnew Graph
144Miguel    down 49Graph
145Steven    down 66Graph
146Richard    down 56Graph
147Emmettnew Graph
148Victor    down 45Graph
149Kaleb    down 32Graph
150Kainew Graph
150Mavericknew Graph
152Joel    down 30Graph
153Bryan    down 84Graph
154Maddoxnew Graph
155Kingstonnew Graph
156Aidan    down 101Graph
157Patrick    down 60Graph
158Edward    down 27Graph
159Emmanuelup 16Graph
160Judenew Graph
161Alejandro    down 60Graph
162Preston    down 29Graph
163Lucanew Graph
164Bennettnew Graph
165Jesse    down 66Graph
166Colin    down 58Graph
167Jaden    down 74Graph
168Malachiup 20Graph
169Kaden    down 51Graph
170Jaycenew Graph
171Alan    down 36Graph
172Kyle    down 116Graph
173Marcus    down 58Graph
174Brian    down 112Graph
175Rykernew Graph
176Grant    down 38Graph
177Jeremy    down 67Graph
178Abelnew Graph
179Riley    down 72Graph
180Calvinnew Graph
181Brantleynew Graph
182Caden    down 70Graph
183Oscar    down 60Graph
184Abrahamup 8Graph
185Brady    down 66Graph
186Sean    down 120Graph
187Jake    down 81Graph
188Tuckernew Graph
189Nicolas    down 50Graph
190Mark    down 79Graph
191Amirnew Graph
192Averynew Graph
193Kingnew Graph
194Gaelnew Graph
195Kenneth    down 74Graph
196Bradley    down 23Graph
197Caydennew Graph
198Xandernew Graph
199Grahamnew Graph
200Rowannew Graph