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Most Popular Names Norway 2019

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2019
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Edwin (new at 165),  Ragnar (new at 169),  Sigve (new at 172),  Nikolas (new at 178),  Sam (new at 178)
Largest rises:Abel +49 (now at 96),  Elliot +47 (now at 92),  Luca +44 (now at 125),  Karl +43 (now at 141),  Silas +41 (now at 134)
Largest falls:Michael -66 (now at 193),  Niklas -50 (now at 169),  Bastian -42 (now at 193),  Mats -34 (now at 143),  Sindre -33 (now at 172)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1Oliver Graph
2Emil Graph
3Henrik Graph
4Williamup 2Graph
5Noah    down 1Graph
6Jakobup 9Graph
7Liam Graph
8Elias    down 3Graph
9Magnus Graph
10Isakup 4Graph
11Aksel    down 1Graph
12Matheoup 11Graph
13Johannes Graph
14Benjaminup 5Graph
14Olavup 6Graph
16Tobiasup 1Graph
17Theodorup 1Graph
18Sander    down 11Graph
19Filipup 2Graph
20Oskarup 2Graph
21Håkonup 6Graph
21Lucas    down 5Graph
23Jonas    down 13Graph
24Mathias    down 12Graph
25Mikkelup 9Graph
26Ulrikup 3Graph
27Adrian    down 3Graph
28Hermanup 12Graph
29Adamup 7Graph
29Leonup 6Graph
31Lukasup 1Graph
32Theoup 4Graph
33Evenup 6Graph
34Sebastian    down 8Graph
35Daniel    down 6Graph
36Felixup 10Graph
36Kasper    down 8Graph
38Iver Graph
39Johan    down 6Graph
40Alfredup 2Graph
41Leoup 7Graph
42Martin    down 17Graph
43Sigurdup 6Graph
44Sverreup 3Graph
45Julianup 10Graph
46Jacobup 7Graph
47Gustavup 5Graph
48Markusup 2Graph
48Samuelup 12Graph
50Oscar    down 7Graph
51Ludvig    down 7Graph
52Erik    down 23Graph
53Olaup 14Graph
54Gabriel    down 10Graph
55Vetle    down 1Graph
56Jonathanup 1Graph
57Odin    down 7Graph
58Alexander    down 18Graph
59Albertup 25Graph
60Mariusup 4Graph
61Leviup 28Graph
62Ole    down 5Graph
63Edvinup 14Graph
64Davidup 1Graph
65Brageup 9Graph
66Edvard    down 3Graph
67Maxup 10Graph
68Fredrik    down 11Graph
69Aleksanderup 7Graph
70Andreas    down 15Graph
71Aron    down 5Graph
72Jens    down 11Graph
73Kristian    down 12Graph
73Thomasup 17Graph
75Casperup 8Graph
76Emrik    down 5Graph
76Nilsup 35Graph
76Sondre    down 7Graph
79Antonup 13Graph
79Jesper    down 7Graph
81Philip    down 11Graph
82Henryup 12Graph
82Nikolai    down 9Graph
84Storm    down 7Graph
84Trymup 4Graph
86Einarup 20Graph
86Eirik    down 6Graph
86Leander    down 19Graph
89Victor    down 5Graph
89Viktor    down 9Graph
91Olai    down 5Graph
92Elliotup 47Graph
93Bjørnup 18Graph
94Birk    down 14Graph
94Marcusup 6Graph
96Abelup 49Graph
96Muhammadup 1Graph
98Amundup 21Graph
98Lars    down 24Graph
100Jan    down 5Graph
101Christian    down 4Graph
102Simonup 7Graph
103Kevinup 13Graph
103Linus    down 2Graph
103Viljar    down 10Graph
106Ask    down 7Graph
107Georgup 12Graph
108Teodor    down 13Graph
109Axel    down 2Graph
109Lavrans    down 8Graph
109Ludvik    down 4Graph
109Petterup 16Graph
113August    down 23Graph
113Dennis    down 27Graph
113Sivertup 23Graph
116Hans    down 2Graph
116Mohammad    down 15Graph
118Peder    down 14Graph
119Arthurup 3Graph
119Mio    down 6Graph
121Mateoup 1Graph
122Emilian    down 6Graph
122Johnup 10Graph
122Konradup 27Graph
125Eivindup 7Graph
125Lucaup 44Graph
125Milianup 20Graph
128Kristofferup 4Graph
128Trygve    down 12Graph
130Håvardup 32Graph
131Nicolai    down 16Graph
132Fillipup 7Graph
132Mohammed    down 10Graph
134Hugoup 15Graph
134Silasup 41Graph
136Ali    down 9Graph
136Haakon    down 9Graph
136Haraldup 3Graph
136Jørgen    down 29Graph
136Mikael Graph
141Karlup 43Graph
142Knutup 9Graph
143Alvinup 17Graph
143Mats    down 34Graph
143Nathaniel    down 16Graph
143Wilhelm    down 12Graph
147Helmerup 32Graph
147Jonup 10Graph
147Noel    down 11Graph
147Omarup 4Graph
147Peterup 4Graph
147Thor    down 15Graph
147Vegardup 21Graph
154Ailoup 33Graph
154Ibrahim    down 9Graph
154Ivarup 15Graph
157Caspian    down 32Graph
157Didrikup 12Graph
157Jakubup 1Graph
157Milanup 12Graph
161Arianup 14Graph
161Leonardup 18Graph
161Mohamed    down 18Graph
161Robin    down 1Graph
165Edwinnew Graph
165Eskil    down 14Graph
165Loke    down 21Graph
165Syver    down 3Graph
169Niklas    down 50Graph
169Ragnarnew Graph
169Vemund    down 7Graph
172Amir    down 10Graph
172Joel    down 14Graph
172Lukaup 20Graph
172Sigvenew Graph
172Sindre    down 33Graph
172Vebjørn    down 10Graph
178Matiasup 18Graph
178Nikolasnew Graph
178Perup 9Graph
178Samnew Graph
182Joakimnew Graph
182Vincentup 5Graph
184Aaronup 12Graph
184Bonew Graph
184Ottonew Graph
187Alex    down 8Graph
187Antoninew Graph
187Hamzanew Graph
187Heinenew Graph
187Josefnew Graph
187Natannew Graph
193Bastian    down 42Graph
193Erlendnew Graph
193Erling    down 6Graph
193Finn    down 18Graph
193Halvorup 3Graph
193Maximiliannew Graph
193Michael    down 66Graph
193Phillip    down 24Graph
193Torbjørnnew Graph