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Most Popular Names Norway 2020

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2020
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2021
Previous list:2019
Highest new entries:Aslak (new at 138),  Tor (new at 142),  Falk (new at 146),  Lasse (new at 153),  Bendik (new at 155)
Largest rises:Erling +66 (now at 127),  Michael +59 (now at 134),  Finn +55 (now at 138),  Arthur +45 (now at 74),  Phillip +44 (now at 149)
Largest falls:Luca -54 (now at 179),  Simon -47 (now at 149),  Peter -40 (now at 187),  John -38 (now at 160),  Robin -34 (now at 195)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1Emilup 1Graph
2Oliver    down 1Graph
3Noahup 2Graph
4William Graph
5Liamup 2Graph
6Henrik    down 3Graph
7Eliasup 1Graph
8Magnusup 1Graph
9Johannesup 4Graph
10Jakob    down 4Graph
11Tobiasup 5Graph
12Isak    down 2Graph
13Filipup 6Graph
14Olav Graph
15Sanderup 3Graph
16Aksel    down 5Graph
17Mathiasup 7Graph
18Theodor    down 1Graph
19Jonasup 4Graph
20Benjamin    down 6Graph
21Matheo    down 9Graph
22Alfredup 18Graph
23Adamup 6Graph
24Oskar    down 4Graph
25Håkon    down 4Graph
25Ulrikup 1Graph
27Leonup 2Graph
28Herman Graph
28Theoup 4Graph
30Iverup 8Graph
31Johanup 8Graph
32Leoup 9Graph
32Odinup 25Graph
34Sebastian Graph
35Gustavup 12Graph
36Even    down 3Graph
36Lucas    down 15Graph
36Mikkel    down 11Graph
39Kasper    down 3Graph
40Felix    down 4Graph
41Daniel    down 6Graph
42Erikup 10Graph
42Lukas    down 11Graph
44Jacobup 2Graph
45Sverre    down 1Graph
46Ludvigup 5Graph
47Adrian    down 20Graph
48Martin    down 6Graph
49Markus    down 1Graph
50Samuel    down 2Graph
50Vetleup 5Graph
52Jensup 20Graph
53Julian    down 8Graph
54Brageup 11Graph
55Alexanderup 3Graph
56Gabriel    down 2Graph
57Aronup 14Graph
58Henryup 24Graph
59Edvinup 4Graph
59Sigurd    down 16Graph
59Stormup 25Graph
62Viktorup 27Graph
63Ole    down 1Graph
64Edvardup 2Graph
65Jesperup 14Graph
66Nikolaiup 16Graph
67David    down 3Graph
68Albert    down 9Graph
69Jonathan    down 13Graph
70Emrikup 6Graph
71Oscar    down 21Graph
72Andreas    down 2Graph
73Levi    down 12Graph
74Arthurup 45Graph
75Casper Graph
76Aleksander    down 7Graph
76Kristian    down 3Graph
78Max    down 11Graph
79Victorup 10Graph
80Fredrik    down 12Graph
80Ola    down 27Graph
82Einarup 4Graph
82Larsup 16Graph
84Sondre    down 8Graph
85Anton    down 6Graph
86Christianup 15Graph
86Marius    down 26Graph
86Muhammadup 10Graph
89Augustup 24Graph
90Leander    down 4Graph
90Ludvikup 19Graph
90Nils    down 14Graph
93Birkup 1Graph
94Philip    down 13Graph
95Amundup 3Graph
95Marcus    down 1Graph
95Thomas    down 22Graph
98Askup 8Graph
98Elliot    down 6Graph
98Pederup 20Graph
101Abel    down 5Graph
101Mioup 18Graph
103Trym    down 19Graph
104Viljar    down 1Graph
105Kevin    down 2Graph
105Nicolaiup 26Graph
107Eirik    down 21Graph
107Jørgenup 29Graph
109Axel Graph
109Olai    down 18Graph
111Silasup 23Graph
112Mateoup 9Graph
113Bjørn    down 20Graph
114Dennis    down 1Graph
114Georg    down 7Graph
114Linus    down 11Graph
117Emilianup 5Graph
117Jan    down 17Graph
119Hugoup 15Graph
120Håvardup 10Graph
120Milianup 5Graph
122Mohammad    down 6Graph
122Teodor    down 14Graph
124Lavrans    down 15Graph
125Ailoup 29Graph
125Fillipup 7Graph
127Arianup 34Graph
127Erlingup 66Graph
127Konrad    down 5Graph
127Mohammedup 5Graph
131Eivind    down 6Graph
131Petter    down 22Graph
131Sivert    down 18Graph
134Hans    down 18Graph
134Haraldup 2Graph
134Michaelup 59Graph
134Thorup 13Graph
138Ali    down 2Graph
138Aslaknew Graph
138Finnup 55Graph
138Mikael    down 2Graph
142Helmerup 5Graph
142Ivarup 12Graph
142Knut Graph
142Tornew Graph
146Falknew Graph
146Haakon    down 10Graph
146Jonup 1Graph
149Kristoffer    down 21Graph
149Phillipup 44Graph
149Simon    down 47Graph
149Trygve    down 21Graph
153Eskilup 12Graph
153Lassenew Graph
155Bendiknew Graph
155Ibrahim    down 1Graph
155Karl    down 14Graph
155Vebjørnup 17Graph
155Vegard    down 8Graph
160John    down 38Graph
160Mohamedup 1Graph
160Vemundup 9Graph
163Andersnew Graph
163Boup 21Graph
163Leonard    down 2Graph
163Omar    down 16Graph
163Rayannew Graph
163Teonew Graph
169Bastianup 24Graph
169Caspian    down 12Graph
169Edwin    down 4Graph
169Loke    down 4Graph
169Melvinnew Graph
169Noel    down 22Graph
169Ragnar Graph
169Syver    down 4Graph
169Wilhelm    down 26Graph
169Åsmundnew Graph
179Alexup 8Graph
179Amir    down 7Graph
179Antoniup 8Graph
179Halvorup 14Graph
179Luca    down 54Graph
179Per    down 1Graph
179Sam    down 1Graph
179Vargnew Graph
187Carlnew Graph
187Didrik    down 30Graph
187Matias    down 9Graph
187Milan    down 30Graph
187Peter    down 40Graph
192Colinnew Graph
192Luka    down 20Graph
192Otto    down 8Graph
195Robin    down 34Graph
195Sindre    down 23Graph
195Vincent    down 13Graph
195Wilmernew Graph
199Ivannew Graph
199Karstennew Graph
199Korneliusnew Graph
199Marcelnew Graph
199Severinnew Graph