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Most Popular Names Norway 2016

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2016
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Amir (new at 148),  Vemund (new at 162),  Bendik (new at 166),  Edward (new at 166),  Kian (new at 171)
Largest rises:Karl +45 (now at 116),  Tor +35 (now at 141),  Mohammed +35 (now at 131),  Håvard +30 (now at 147),  Ola +29 (now at 52)
Largest falls:Abel -60 (now at 186),  Alvin -36 (now at 179),  Syver -36 (now at 192),  Mads -34 (now at 166),  Didrik -33 (now at 179)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1William Graph
2Oliver Graph
3Emilup 2Graph
4Mathias Graph
5Noahup 6Graph
6Henrikup 2Graph
7Elias    down 1Graph
8Jonas Graph
9Liam    down 6Graph
10Tobiasup 2Graph
11Magnus    down 4Graph
12Aksel    down 2Graph
13Jakobup 2Graph
13Matheoup 9Graph
15Benjaminup 6Graph
16Håkonup 12Graph
16Sebastian    down 3Graph
18Theodor    down 4Graph
19Martinup 4Graph
20Olavup 7Graph
21Isak    down 2Graph
22Oskarup 9Graph
23Adrianup 2Graph
24Lucasup 2Graph
25Sander    down 9Graph
26Markus    down 2Graph
27Johannes    down 7Graph
28Leon    down 11Graph
29Alexanderup 1Graph
30Filip    down 1Graph
31Mikkelup 12Graph
32Daniel    down 15Graph
33Johan Graph
34Oscarup 10Graph
35Kasper    down 1Graph
36Ulrikup 22Graph
37Lukas    down 2Graph
38Erikup 4Graph
38Evenup 1Graph
40Andreas    down 4Graph
40Iverup 4Graph
40Theo    down 2Graph
43Julian    down 4Graph
44Odinup 12Graph
45Ludvigup 5Graph
46Felix    down 10Graph
46Jonathanup 17Graph
48Sigurd    down 7Graph
49Sverreup 13Graph
50Sondre    down 18Graph
51Alfred    down 2Graph
52Olaup 29Graph
52Samuelup 24Graph
54Fredrik    down 1Graph
54Herman    down 3Graph
56Adam    down 2Graph
57Gabriel    down 10Graph
58Oleup 7Graph
59Kristian    down 15Graph
60David    down 1Graph
61Edvardup 28Graph
61Leo    down 6Graph
63Jacob    down 11Graph
63Leander    down 4Graph
63Marius    down 16Graph
63Nikolaiup 1Graph
67Aronup 11Graph
68Stormup 10Graph
69Brage    down 2Graph
70Eirik    down 13Graph
71Casperup 2Graph
72Jesper    down 2Graph
73Max Graph
74Christianup 10Graph
75Aleksander    down 10Graph
75Philipup 3Graph
77Gustav    down 9Graph
77Jensup 21Graph
79Viktorup 6Graph
80Marcus    down 9Graph
80Trym    down 7Graph
80Vetleup 3Graph
83Emrik    down 12Graph
84Victor    down 2Graph
85Kevinup 3Graph
86Kristofferup 10Graph
87Antonup 8Graph
88Birkup 11Graph
89Thomas    down 30Graph
90Albert    down 4Graph
90Lars    down 21Graph
92Augustup 8Graph
93Nicolai    down 1Graph
94Viljarup 10Graph
95Linus    down 8Graph
96Dennis    down 19Graph
96Emilianup 11Graph
98Einarup 3Graph
99Olaiup 6Graph
99Teodorup 10Graph
101Henryup 9Graph
101Petterup 2Graph
103Peder    down 11Graph
103Simon    down 2Graph
105Nilsup 21Graph
106Edvin    down 15Graph
107Askup 24Graph
108Niklasup 2Graph
109Janup 9Graph
110Ludvikup 3Graph
111Mats    down 4Graph
112Axel    down 20Graph
112Leviup 5Graph
112Sindreup 2Graph
112Sivert    down 22Graph
116Amund    down 6Graph
116Karlup 45Graph
116Mohammad Graph
119Mioup 21Graph
120Milianup 2Graph
121Muhammad    down 24Graph
122Jørgen    down 17Graph
123Vegardup 9Graph
124Johnup 12Graph
125Haakon    down 5Graph
125Michaelup 28Graph
125Peterup 1Graph
128Elliot    down 2Graph
128Hans    down 8Graph
128Jon    down 6Graph
131Bjørnup 17Graph
131Georg    down 9Graph
131Mohammedup 35Graph
134Mohamedup 27Graph
135Eskilup 6Graph
135Trygveup 13Graph
137Bastianup 4Graph
137Eivind    down 1Graph
137Mikael    down 22Graph
137Wilhelmup 29Graph
141Nathaniel    down 19Graph
141Robin    down 15Graph
141Torup 35Graph
144Ibrahim    down 1Graph
144Phillipup 4Graph
144Thorup 17Graph
147Håvardup 30Graph
148Ali    down 10Graph
148Amirnew Graph
148Fabianup 13Graph
148Fillip    down 30Graph
148Vincentup 24Graph
153Erlend    down 5Graph
153Konrad    down 15Graph
155Hugoup 11Graph
156Joakim    down 10Graph
156Knut Graph
158Ailoup 24Graph
158Halvorup 24Graph
158Helmer    down 5Graph
158Patrick    down 23Graph
162Arianup 10Graph
162Leonard    down 6Graph
162Matiasup 10Graph
162Vemundnew Graph
166Aslakup 11Graph
166Bendiknew Graph
166Carl Graph
166Edwardnew Graph
166Mads    down 34Graph
171Alex    down 15Graph
171Arthurup 26Graph
171Harald    down 28Graph
171Heineup 19Graph
171Kiannew Graph
171Lokeup 1Graph
171Omarup 19Graph
171Vebjørnup 16Graph
179Alvin    down 36Graph
179Christoffer    down 26Graph
179Didrik    down 33Graph
179Edwinnew Graph
183Ahmedup 14Graph
183Erling    down 1Graph
183Ivarnew Graph
186Abel    down 60Graph
186Isacnew Graph
186Jakubnew Graph
186Noelnew Graph
186Silas    down 9Graph
186Yusufup 11Graph
192Aaron    down 15Graph
192Arnenew Graph
192Finnnew Graph
192Lavransnew Graph
192Nicholas    down 2Graph
192Olafnew Graph
192Per    down 2Graph
192Stefannew Graph
192Syver    down 36Graph