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Most Popular Names Norway 2015

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2015
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2016
Previous list:2014
Highest new entries:Helmer (new at 153),  Milan (new at 156),  Alan (new at 161),  Ferdinand (new at 166),  Aaron (new at 177)
Largest rises:Abel +69 (now at 126),  Fillip +43 (now at 118),  Bastian +41 (now at 141),  Alex +39 (now at 156),  Mikael +37 (now at 115)
Largest falls:Håvard -49 (now at 177),  Arthur -45 (now at 197),  Mohammed -38 (now at 166),  Thor -38 (now at 161),  Mio -35 (now at 140)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1William Graph
2Oliverup 4Graph
3Liamup 7Graph
4Mathiasup 1Graph
5Emil    down 3Graph
6Eliasup 2Graph
7Magnus    down 4Graph
8Henrik    down 4Graph
8Jonas    down 1Graph
10Akselup 2Graph
11Noah    down 2Graph
12Tobiasup 2Graph
13Sebastianup 3Graph
14Theodorup 12Graph
15Jakobup 10Graph
16Sander    down 5Graph
17Danielup 2Graph
17Leon    down 3Graph
19Isak    down 6Graph
20Johannesup 3Graph
21Benjamin    down 2Graph
22Matheo    down 1Graph
23Martinup 1Graph
24Markus    down 6Graph
25Adrian    down 4Graph
26Lucas    down 9Graph
27Olavup 2Graph
28Håkonup 2Graph
29Filip    down 1Graph
30Alexanderup 1Graph
31Oskar    down 4Graph
32Sondreup 17Graph
33Johanup 16Graph
34Kasper    down 1Graph
35Lukasup 2Graph
36Andreas    down 4Graph
36Felixup 22Graph
38Theo    down 4Graph
39Evenup 5Graph
39Julianup 8Graph
41Sigurd    down 3Graph
42Erik    down 2Graph
43Mikkel    down 3Graph
44Iverup 14Graph
44Kristian    down 6Graph
44Oscar    down 8Graph
47Gabrielup 7Graph
47Marius    down 4Graph
49Alfredup 22Graph
50Ludvigup 7Graph
51Herman    down 11Graph
52Jacobup 9Graph
53Fredrik Graph
54Adamup 11Graph
55Leoup 3Graph
56Odin    down 22Graph
57Eirikup 11Graph
58Ulrik    down 2Graph
59David    down 11Graph
59Leander    down 7Graph
59Thomasup 21Graph
62Sverreup 2Graph
63Jonathan    down 12Graph
64Nikolai    down 2Graph
65Aleksanderup 11Graph
65Ole    down 20Graph
67Brage    down 13Graph
68Gustavup 10Graph
69Lars Graph
70Jesperup 17Graph
71Emrikup 7Graph
71Marcus    down 26Graph
73Casperup 1Graph
73Max    down 6Graph
73Trymup 2Graph
76Samuelup 1Graph
77Dennisup 16Graph
78Aron    down 12Graph
78Philipup 9Graph
78Stormup 11Graph
81Ola    down 10Graph
82Victorup 3Graph
83Vetle    down 21Graph
84Christian    down 14Graph
85Viktorup 6Graph
86Albertup 9Graph
87Linus    down 5Graph
88Kevin    down 8Graph
89Edvard    down 16Graph
90Sivertup 9Graph
91Edvinup 23Graph
92Axelup 28Graph
92Nicolaiup 9Graph
92Pederup 2Graph
95Anton    down 6Graph
96Kristoffer    down 13Graph
97Muhammadup 4Graph
98Jensup 19Graph
99Birk    down 2Graph
100August    down 4Graph
101Einarup 30Graph
101Simon    down 9Graph
103Petterup 8Graph
104Viljar    down 18Graph
105Jørgen    down 4Graph
105Olai    down 8Graph
107Emilianup 1Graph
107Mats    down 23Graph
109Teodor    down 9Graph
110Amundup 15Graph
110Henryup 36Graph
110Niklasup 13Graph
113Ludvikup 15Graph
114Sindre    down 8Graph
115Mikaelup 37Graph
116Mohammad    down 10Graph
117Leviup 3Graph
118Fillipup 43Graph
118Jan    down 10Graph
120Haakonup 11Graph
120Hans    down 8Graph
122Georgup 13Graph
122Jonup 17Graph
122Milianup 3Graph
122Nathaniel    down 14Graph
126Abelup 69Graph
126Elliot    down 9Graph
126Nils    down 12Graph
126Peter    down 4Graph
126Robinup 15Graph
131Ask    down 30Graph
132Madsup 20Graph
132Vegard    down 15Graph
134Simen    down 21Graph
135Patrickup 3Graph
136Eivind    down 20Graph
136John    down 5Graph
138Aliup 18Graph
138Konrad    down 3Graph
140Mio    down 35Graph
141Bastianup 41Graph
141Eskil Graph
143Alvinup 28Graph
143Haraldup 34Graph
143Ibrahimup 15Graph
146Didrikup 31Graph
146Joakimup 15Graph
148Bjørn    down 13Graph
148Caspian    down 2Graph
148Erlendup 18Graph
148Phillip Graph
148Trygve    down 5Graph
153Christoffer    down 14Graph
153Helmernew Graph
153Michael    down 28Graph
156Alexup 39Graph
156Knutup 26Graph
156Leonardup 2Graph
156Milannew Graph
156Syverup 10Graph
161Alannew Graph
161Fabian    down 3Graph
161Karl    down 27Graph
161Mohamed    down 16Graph
161Thor    down 38Graph
166Anders    down 10Graph
166Carl Graph
166Ferdinandnew Graph
166Hugoup 26Graph
166Mohammed    down 38Graph
166Wilhelmup 16Graph
172Arian    down 20Graph
172Loke    down 29Graph
172Matias    down 22Graph
172Vincent    down 11Graph
176Tor    down 5Graph
177Aaronnew Graph
177Aslakup 18Graph
177Håvard    down 49Graph
177Luca    down 6Graph
177Silasup 18Graph
182Ailo    down 5Graph
182Erling    down 32Graph
182Halvornew Graph
182Jonatan    down 5Graph
182Mattis Graph
187Joelnew Graph
187Vebjørn    down 22Graph
189Rasmusup 3Graph
190Endre    down 8Graph
190Heine    down 8Graph
190Lasseup 2Graph
190Nicholas    down 24Graph
190Nicolasnew Graph
190Omarnew Graph
190Per    down 19Graph
197Ahmed    down 2Graph
197Arthur    down 45Graph
197Isaac    down 7Graph
197Mateo    down 20Graph
197Nicklasnew Graph
197Yusufnew Graph