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Most Popular Names Norway 2017

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2017
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2018
Previous list:2016
Highest new entries:Joel (new at 142),  Luca (new at 142),  Simen (new at 147),  Caspian (new at 162),  Mateo (new at 162)
Largest rises:Lavrans +95 (now at 97),  Abel +60 (now at 126),  Arthur +47 (now at 124),  Didrik +43 (now at 136),  Loke +35 (now at 136)
Largest falls:Sindre -67 (now at 179),  Michael -54 (now at 179),  Vegard -49 (now at 172),  Fabian -39 (now at 187),  Karl -38 (now at 154)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1Emilup 2Graph
2Oliver Graph
3William    down 2Graph
4Noahup 1Graph
5Eliasup 2Graph
6Henrik Graph
7Jonasup 1Graph
8Tobiasup 2Graph
9Liam Graph
10Isakup 11Graph
11Magnus Graph
12Jakobup 1Graph
13Mathias    down 9Graph
14Olavup 6Graph
15Lucasup 9Graph
16Aksel    down 4Graph
17Johannesup 10Graph
18Håkon    down 2Graph
19Matheo    down 6Graph
19Sebastian    down 3Graph
21Theodor    down 3Graph
22Oskar Graph
23Sanderup 2Graph
24Filipup 6Graph
25Danielup 7Graph
26Benjamin    down 11Graph
27Kasperup 8Graph
28Leon Graph
29Johanup 4Graph
30Mikkelup 1Graph
31Felixup 15Graph
32Alexander    down 3Graph
33Martin    down 14Graph
34Theoup 6Graph
35Adrian    down 12Graph
36Ulrik Graph
37Sigurdup 11Graph
38Even Graph
38Iverup 2Graph
40Adamup 16Graph
40Odinup 4Graph
42Andreas    down 2Graph
43Jacobup 20Graph
43Oscar    down 9Graph
45Hermanup 9Graph
46Ludvig    down 1Graph
47Lukas    down 10Graph
48Markus    down 22Graph
49Sverre Graph
50Julian    down 7Graph
51Sondre    down 1Graph
52Alfred    down 1Graph
53Gabrielup 4Graph
54Fredrik Graph
54Jonathan    down 8Graph
54Mariusup 9Graph
57Erik    down 19Graph
58Leoup 3Graph
59Samuel    down 7Graph
60David Graph
61Gustavup 16Graph
61Kristian    down 2Graph
63Aronup 4Graph
63Ole    down 5Graph
65Leander    down 2Graph
66Vetleup 14Graph
67Brageup 2Graph
68Edvard    down 7Graph
69Maxup 4Graph
70Birkup 18Graph
71Marcusup 9Graph
72Larsup 18Graph
72Ola    down 20Graph
74Aleksanderup 1Graph
74Nikolai    down 11Graph
76Emrikup 7Graph
76Victorup 8Graph
76Viktorup 3Graph
79Albertup 11Graph
80Casper    down 9Graph
81Christian    down 7Graph
81Philip    down 6Graph
83Linusup 12Graph
84Edvinup 22Graph
84Thomasup 5Graph
86Antonup 1Graph
87Dennisup 9Graph
87Jens    down 10Graph
87Jesper    down 15Graph
90Eirik    down 20Graph
91Viljarup 3Graph
92Ludvikup 18Graph
93Henryup 8Graph
94Leviup 18Graph
94Nilsup 11Graph
96Olaiup 3Graph
97Lavransup 95Graph
97Storm    down 29Graph
99Muhammadup 22Graph
100Emilian    down 4Graph
100Trym    down 20Graph
102Elliotup 26Graph
102Kristoffer    down 16Graph
104August    down 12Graph
105Amundup 11Graph
106Nicolai    down 13Graph
107Axelup 5Graph
107Mioup 12Graph
109Georgup 22Graph
109Jan Graph
109Mohammadup 7Graph
112Haakonup 13Graph
113Petter    down 12Graph
114Peder    down 11Graph
115Simon    down 12Graph
115Sivert    down 3Graph
117Ask    down 10Graph
117Jørgenup 5Graph
117Kevin    down 32Graph
117Mats    down 6Graph
121Teodor    down 22Graph
122Mikaelup 15Graph
123Eivindup 14Graph
124Arthurup 47Graph
124Bjørnup 7Graph
126Abelup 60Graph
127Einar    down 29Graph
127John    down 3Graph
127Milian    down 7Graph
127Niklas    down 19Graph
131Peter    down 6Graph
132Eskilup 3Graph
133Hans    down 5Graph
133Mohamedup 1Graph
133Mohammed    down 2Graph
136Didrikup 43Graph
136Lokeup 35Graph
136Trygve    down 1Graph
139Konradup 14Graph
139Thorup 5Graph
141Ibrahimup 3Graph
142Aliup 6Graph
142Joelnew Graph
142Lucanew Graph
142Matiasup 20Graph
142Wilhelm    down 5Graph
147Bastian    down 10Graph
147Nathaniel    down 6Graph
147Simennew Graph
150Haraldup 21Graph
150Omarup 21Graph
152Amir    down 4Graph
152Fillip    down 4Graph
154Ahmedup 29Graph
154Ivarup 29Graph
154Karl    down 38Graph
157Ailoup 1Graph
157Erlend    down 4Graph
157Knut    down 1Graph
157Leonardup 5Graph
157Vebjørnup 14Graph
162Caspiannew Graph
162Håvard    down 15Graph
162Jon    down 34Graph
162Mateonew Graph
166Bendik Graph
166Phillip    down 22Graph
166Syverup 26Graph
169Halvor    down 11Graph
169Hugo    down 14Graph
169Noelup 17Graph
172Robin    down 31Graph
172Tor    down 31Graph
172Vegard    down 49Graph
175Aslak    down 9Graph
176Aaronup 16Graph
176Alvinup 3Graph
176Sigvenew Graph
179Carl    down 13Graph
179Heine    down 8Graph
179Kian    down 8Graph
179Michael    down 54Graph
179Sindre    down 67Graph
184Andersnew Graph
184Joakim    down 28Graph
184Maximiliannew Graph
187Edwin    down 8Graph
187Fabian    down 39Graph
187Helmer    down 29Graph
187Patrick    down 29Graph
187Perup 5Graph
192Antoninew Graph
192Jonew Graph
192Vemund    down 30Graph
195Arian    down 33Graph
195Bonew Graph
195Jakub    down 9Graph
195Josefnew Graph
195Lassenew Graph
195Melvinnew Graph
195Olaf    down 3Graph