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Most Popular Names Norway 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2014
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2015
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Maximilian (new at 149),  Arthur (new at 152),  Mateo (new at 177),  Isac (new at 182),  Morten (new at 182)
Largest rises:Milian +41 (now at 125),  Arian +39 (now at 152),  Vemund +36 (now at 161),  Thor +35 (now at 123),  Olai +35 (now at 97)
Largest falls:Ahmed -54 (now at 195),  Mikael -51 (now at 152),  Endre -45 (now at 182),  Ailo -40 (now at 177),  Erlend -39 (now at 166)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1William Graph
2Emilup 5Graph
3Magnusup 1Graph
4Henrikup 5Graph
5Mathias    down 2Graph
6Oliver    down 4Graph
7Jonasup 1Graph
8Eliasup 3Graph
9Noahup 1Graph
10Liam    down 5Graph
11Sanderup 1Graph
12Akselup 10Graph
13Isakup 1Graph
14Leonup 11Graph
14Tobias Graph
16Sebastian    down 10Graph
17Lucas Graph
18Markusup 22Graph
19Benjamin    down 1Graph
19Daniel    down 6Graph
21Adrian    down 5Graph
21Matheoup 2Graph
23Johannesup 2Graph
24Martin Graph
25Jakob    down 6Graph
26Theodorup 3Graph
27Oskarup 4Graph
28Filip    down 9Graph
29Olavup 8Graph
30Håkon Graph
31Alexander    down 10Graph
32Andreas    down 5Graph
33Kasperup 16Graph
34Odinup 8Graph
34Theoup 1Graph
36Oscarup 2Graph
37Lukasup 2Graph
38Kristianup 5Graph
38Sigurdup 9Graph
40Erik    down 7Graph
40Hermanup 11Graph
40Mikkelup 11Graph
43Marius    down 15Graph
44Even Graph
45Marcus Graph
45Ole    down 10Graph
47Julian    down 15Graph
48Davidup 5Graph
49Johanup 4Graph
49Sondre    down 15Graph
51Jonathan    down 10Graph
52Leander    down 3Graph
53Fredrik    down 8Graph
54Brageup 10Graph
54Gabrielup 2Graph
56Ulrikup 10Graph
57Ludvigup 5Graph
58Felixup 2Graph
58Iver Graph
58Leo    down 11Graph
61Jacob    down 4Graph
62Nikolai    down 3Graph
62Vetleup 6Graph
64Sverreup 4Graph
65Adamup 6Graph
66Aronup 14Graph
67Maxup 8Graph
68Eirik    down 15Graph
69Lars    down 2Graph
70Christianup 3Graph
71Alfredup 10Graph
71Olaup 5Graph
73Edvard    down 12Graph
74Casperup 13Graph
75Trym    down 13Graph
76Aleksander    down 4Graph
77Samuel    down 7Graph
78Emrikup 13Graph
78Gustavup 1Graph
80Kevinup 3Graph
80Thomasup 7Graph
82Linus    down 8Graph
83Kristofferup 8Graph
84Matsup 16Graph
85Victorup 5Graph
86Viljarup 10Graph
87Jesper    down 2Graph
87Philip    down 22Graph
89Anton    down 7Graph
89Storm    down 12Graph
91Viktorup 3Graph
92Simon    down 5Graph
93Dennis    down 9Graph
94Peder    down 16Graph
95Albertup 24Graph
96Augustup 14Graph
97Birk    down 1Graph
97Olaiup 35Graph
99Sivert    down 8Graph
100Teodorup 8Graph
101Askup 21Graph
101Jørgenup 6Graph
101Muhammadup 23Graph
101Nicolai    down 7Graph
105Mioup 25Graph
106Mohammad    down 1Graph
106Sindre    down 8Graph
108Emilian    down 10Graph
108Janup 5Graph
108Nathanielup 1Graph
111Petter    down 25Graph
112Hans    down 7Graph
113Simen    down 10Graph
114Edvinup 4Graph
114Nils    down 2Graph
116Eivindup 25Graph
117Elliotup 30Graph
117Jens    down 14Graph
117Vegardup 16Graph
120Axel    down 19Graph
120Leviup 26Graph
122Peterup 5Graph
123Niklas    down 10Graph
123Thorup 35Graph
125Amundup 5Graph
125Michaelup 1Graph
125Milianup 41Graph
128Håvardup 7Graph
128Ludvik    down 15Graph
128Mohammedup 16Graph
131Einar    down 21Graph
131Haakon    down 12Graph
131John    down 9Graph
134Karlup 29Graph
135Bjørn    down 18Graph
135Georg    down 11Graph
135Konradup 23Graph
138Patrick    down 19Graph
139Christofferup 8Graph
139Jonup 8Graph
141Eskil    down 14Graph
141Robinup 9Graph
143Lokeup 15Graph
143Trygveup 30Graph
145Mohamedup 21Graph
146Caspianup 11Graph
146Henryup 18Graph
148Phillip    down 35Graph
149Maximiliannew Graph
150Erlingup 23Graph
150Matias    down 15Graph
152Arianup 39Graph
152Arthurnew Graph
152Mads    down 19Graph
152Mikael    down 51Graph
156Ali    down 15Graph
156Andersup 17Graph
158Fabianup 6Graph
158Ibrahim    down 21Graph
158Leonardup 15Graph
161Fillip    down 17Graph
161Joakim    down 24Graph
161Vemundup 36Graph
161Vincentup 20Graph
165Vebjørn    down 11Graph
166Carl    down 12Graph
166Edwardup 25Graph
166Erlend    down 39Graph
166Nicholasup 14Graph
166Syver Graph
171Alvin    down 5Graph
171Ivarup 10Graph
171Lucaup 20Graph
171Perup 20Graph
171Ruben    down 19Graph
171Tor    down 19Graph
177Ailo    down 40Graph
177Didrikup 10Graph
177Harald    down 23Graph
177Jonatanup 4Graph
177Mateonew Graph
182Bastianup 15Graph
182Endre    down 45Graph
182Heine    down 32Graph
182Isacnew Graph
182Knutup 5Graph
182Mattisup 5Graph
182Mortennew Graph
182Wilhelm    down 24Graph
190Christophernew Graph
190Isaacnew Graph
192Hugonew Graph
192Lassenew Graph
192Rasmus    down 26Graph
195Abelnew Graph
195Ahmed    down 54Graph
195Alexnew Graph
195Aslaknew Graph
195Jonahnew Graph
195Silasnew Graph