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Most Popular Names Norway 2022

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in Norway 2022
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:-
Previous list:2021
Highest new entries:Karsten (new at 146),  Otto (new at 156),  Heine (new at 165),  Walter (new at 165),  Alex (new at 173)
Largest rises:Melvin +66 (now at 127),  Erling +39 (now at 142),  Colin +36 (now at 128),  Birk +34 (now at 36),  Arian +32 (now at 161)
Largest falls:Fillip -60 (now at 187),  Haakon -60 (now at 187),  Kristoffer -55 (now at 187),  Phillip -41 (now at 196),  Michael -41 (now at 177)
Note:Spelling variants like Christian and Kristian with separate entries

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1Emilup 2Graph
2Noah    down 1Graph
3Oliver    down 1Graph
4Isak Graph
4Williamup 1Graph
6Jakobup 8Graph
7Liamup 1Graph
8Johannesup 4Graph
9Elias    down 2Graph
10Theodorup 6Graph
11Magnus    down 2Graph
11Tobias    down 2Graph
13Aksel    down 7Graph
14Henrik    down 3Graph
15Olav    down 2Graph
16Ulrikup 8Graph
17Ludvigup 11Graph
17Matheoup 1Graph
19Mathias    down 3Graph
20Filipup 2Graph
21Lucasup 10Graph
22Adam    down 1Graph
23Gustav    down 3Graph
24Oskar    down 10Graph
25Sander    down 7Graph
26Alfred    down 1Graph
27Lukas    down 1Graph
27Theoup 11Graph
29Benjamin Graph
30Jonas    down 8Graph
31Hermanup 1Graph
31Kasper    down 5Graph
33Håkon Graph
34Mikkel    down 5Graph
35Odinup 7Graph
36Birkup 34Graph
36Felixup 2Graph
36Leon Graph
39Johan    down 2Graph
40Even    down 5Graph
40Sebastian    down 6Graph
42Vetleup 3Graph
43Iverup 1Graph
44Leoup 2Graph
45Jensup 2Graph
46Viktorup 9Graph
47Sverre    down 4Graph
48Julianup 2Graph
49Brageup 25Graph
50Gabriel    down 1Graph
50Jacobup 9Graph
52Daniel Graph
53Samuel    down 5Graph
54Adrian    down 14Graph
54Edvinup 9Graph
54Jesperup 22Graph
54Markusup 2Graph
58Albert    down 6Graph
58Aron    down 2Graph
58Martinup 3Graph
61Henryup 17Graph
61Sigurd    down 3Graph
63Edvard    down 4Graph
63Erik    down 12Graph
65Stormup 6Graph
66Andreas    down 1Graph
66Max Graph
66Olaup 1Graph
69Oscar    down 29Graph
70Emrik    down 6Graph
70Leviup 7Graph
72Casperup 3Graph
72Victor    down 1Graph
74Jonathan    down 3Graph
74Mioup 16Graph
74Nils    down 7Graph
77Leanderup 10Graph
78Einarup 5Graph
78Ludvikup 15Graph
80Ole    down 26Graph
81Arthurup 6Graph
82Alexander    down 21Graph
83Davidup 12Graph
83Georgup 8Graph
83Muhammadup 18Graph
86Kristian    down 7Graph
86Sondre    down 6Graph
88Fredrik    down 21Graph
88Philip    down 1Graph
90Ask    down 5Graph
91Anton    down 11Graph
91Lucaup 16Graph
93Bjørnup 4Graph
94Amund    down 9Graph
94Lars Graph
96Abel    down 14Graph
96Elliot    down 5Graph
98Hansup 5Graph
99Simonup 23Graph
99Trymup 23Graph
101August    down 2Graph
101Marius Graph
103Nikolai    down 20Graph
104Aleksander    down 9Graph
105Axelup 6Graph
105Pederup 8Graph
105Silasup 17Graph
108Thomasup 19Graph
109Linus    down 12Graph
109Sivert    down 4Graph
111Christian Graph
112Janup 15Graph
112Mateoup 9Graph
112Mohammadup 29Graph
115Eirik    down 12Graph
115Viljar    down 10Graph
117Teodorup 1Graph
118Harald    down 11Graph
118Lukaup 18Graph
118Olai    down 19Graph
121Helmerup 22Graph
121Hugo    down 14Graph
123Dennis    down 9Graph
124Emilian    down 10Graph
124Milianup 19Graph
126Mikael    down 12Graph
127Melvinup 66Graph
128Colinup 36Graph
128Eivindup 13Graph
128Konradup 20Graph
131Ailoup 28Graph
131Jonup 19Graph
131Kevinup 3Graph
131Lavrans    down 6Graph
135Edwinup 11Graph
135Ivarup 8Graph
135Loke    down 10Graph
135Nicolaiup 20Graph
135Wilhelmup 24Graph
140Mohammedup 30Graph
140Torup 26Graph
142Erlingup 39Graph
142Falk    down 35Graph
142Noelup 17Graph
142Ragnarup 24Graph
146Karl    down 14Graph
146Karstennew Graph
146Peterup 18Graph
149Knut    down 9Graph
150Håvard    down 32Graph
150John    down 4Graph
150Petter    down 14Graph
153Didrikup 28Graph
153Joel    down 5Graph
153Thor    down 35Graph
156Jørgen    down 39Graph
156Marcus    down 29Graph
156Ottonew Graph
156Trygve    down 20Graph
160Milan    down 8Graph
161Ali    down 9Graph
161Arianup 32Graph
161Ibrahimup 20Graph
161Vegard    down 6Graph
165Alvinup 22Graph
165Eskil    down 13Graph
165Finn    down 31Graph
165Heinenew Graph
165Leonardup 5Graph
165Syverup 10Graph
165Vemundup 5Graph
165Walternew Graph
173Alexnew Graph
173Amirnew Graph
173Bendiknew Graph
173Bo    down 23Graph
177Aslakup 10Graph
177Jeppenew Graph
177Matias    down 18Graph
177Michael    down 41Graph
181Mats    down 11Graph
181Niklas Graph
181Omarup 18Graph
184Jakubnew Graph
184Nathanielup 15Graph
184Pernew Graph
187Carlnew Graph
187Emilionew Graph
187Fillip    down 60Graph
187Haakon    down 60Graph
187Kristoffer    down 55Graph
187Rayanup 12Graph
187Yousefnew Graph
194Lasse    down 1Graph
194Lauritznew Graph
196Fabian    down 30Graph
196Halvornew Graph
196Monsnew Graph
196Phillip    down 41Graph
196Robin    down 15Graph
196Sam    down 26Graph
196Vincentnew Graph