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Most Popular Names Norway 2019

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2019
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Nelly (new at 129),  Liva (new at 138),  Henny (new at 142),  Eliana (new at 153),  Emine (new at 157)
Largest rises:Nina +44 (now at 123),  Åse +41 (now at 129),  Vanessa +40 (now at 146),  Embla +37 (now at 142),  Miriam +33 (now at 166)
Largest falls:Milla -59 (now at 166),  Lisa -53 (now at 194),  Ava -50 (now at 153),  Elena -41 (now at 113),  Kaia -37 (now at 185)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Emma Graph
2Nora Graph
3Ellaup 2Graph
4Olivia    down 1Graph
5Adaup 4Graph
6Sofieup 2Graph
7Ingridup 4Graph
8Emilie    down 4Graph
9Amalie    down 3Graph
10Frida    down 3Graph
11Almaup 5Graph
11Vildeup 17Graph
13Tirilup 5Graph
14Mia    down 4Graph
15Anna    down 1Graph
16Selmaup 10Graph
17Hedda Graph
18Sofiaup 1Graph
19Evaup 25Graph
20Jenny    down 8Graph
21Astridup 15Graph
22Sara    down 7Graph
23Aurora    down 2Graph
24Leah    down 11Graph
25Thea    down 5Graph
26Ida    down 4Graph
27Amandaup 7Graph
28Julie    down 4Graph
28Liveup 15Graph
30Linnea    down 3Graph
31Tuva    down 6Graph
32Ibenup 1Graph
32Maja    down 9Graph
34Hannaup 5Graph
35Ellinorup 15Graph
35Lilly    down 3Graph
37Ameliaup 8Graph
38Sagaup 2Graph
39Mathilde    down 9Graph
40Oda    down 3Graph
41Marie    down 4Graph
42Elineup 6Graph
43Sigrid    down 14Graph
44Julia    down 2Graph
45Maria    down 14Graph
46Agnes Graph
46Oline    down 6Graph
48Josefineup 4Graph
49Ellieup 10Graph
50Andreaup 12Graph
51Victoria    down 17Graph
52Mariup 10Graph
53Milleup 11Graph
54Emilyup 15Graph
54Johanneup 6Graph
56Solveig Graph
57Ylva    down 4Graph
58Kaja    down 9Graph
58Signe    down 4Graph
60Luna    down 9Graph
61Ronjaup 21Graph
62Sonja    down 7Graph
63Erleup 31Graph
64Livup 15Graph
65Hedvigup 30Graph
65Pernilleup 1Graph
67Emilia    down 9Graph
67Hennieup 9Graph
67Martineup 5Graph
67Matheaup 5Graph
71Eiraup 21Graph
72Elise    down 25Graph
73Vilja    down 13Graph
74Hannah    down 3Graph
74Mieup 11Graph
76Klara    down 9Graph
77Alva    down 21Graph
77Leaup 6Graph
77Mina    down 13Graph
80Sanna    down 1Graph
81Tomineup 14Graph
82Ebbaup 25Graph
82Ingeborg    down 13Graph
82Isabellaup 7Graph
85Ariaup 10Graph
85Lotteup 27Graph
85Sunnivaup 2Graph
88Sophiaup 2Graph
89Corneliaup 14Graph
89Helene    down 4Graph
89Johanna    down 13Graph
89Louiseup 11Graph
93Frøya    down 1Graph
93Sarah    down 18Graph
95Hermine    down 7Graph
95Milaup 23Graph
97Irisup 10Graph
98Celine    down 30Graph
98Elviraup 25Graph
98Lykkeup 5Graph
101Stella    down 25Graph
101Tildeup 25Graph
103Maya    down 3Graph
104Linaup 7Graph
105Thaleup 2Graph
106Filippa    down 7Graph
107Helena    down 23Graph
108Synne    down 27Graph
109Karolineup 9Graph
109Leonoraup 20Graph
111Elida    down 5Graph
112Rakelup 17Graph
113Elena    down 41Graph
113Laura    down 13Graph
115Othilieup 8Graph
115Wilmaup 11Graph
117Pia    down 1Graph
118Celinaup 18Graph
118Maiken    down 27Graph
118Malin    down 23Graph
118Matilde    down 6Graph
118Vilmaup 13Graph
123Alexandraup 8Graph
123Korneliaup 28Graph
123Ninaup 44Graph
126Lena Graph
126Maiaup 22Graph
126Sophieup 22Graph
129Ane    down 8Graph
129Elea    down 13Graph
129Elsaup 7Graph
129Lily    down 14Graph
129Madelen    down 8Graph
129Maren    down 11Graph
129Miraup 30Graph
129Nellynew Graph
129Åseup 41Graph
138Charlotte Graph
138Livanew Graph
140Adeleup 11Graph
140Nova    down 9Graph
142Alina    down 19Graph
142Clara    down 1Graph
142Emblaup 37Graph
142Hennynew Graph
146Anne    down 15Graph
146Vanessaup 40Graph
148Helle    down 36Graph
148Naomiup 3Graph
150Nikoline    down 9Graph
150Olea    down 4Graph
150Rikkeup 9Graph
153Ava    down 50Graph
153Eliananew Graph
153Elina    down 7Graph
153Ingvild    down 12Graph
157Alidaup 13Graph
157Eminenew Graph
157Liljaup 6Graph
157Veraup 10Graph
161Alice    down 2Graph
161Elisabeth    down 20Graph
161Maleneup 25Graph
161Siennaup 9Graph
161Thelmaup 25Graph
166Ellen    down 10Graph
166Ineup 11Graph
166Milla    down 59Graph
166Miriamup 33Graph
166Nathalie    down 28Graph
171Arielup 8Graph
171Evelyn    down 1Graph
171Lotta    down 20Graph
171Melina    down 1Graph
175Amiraup 8Graph
175Freyanew Graph
175Isabelnew Graph
175Lydia    down 16Graph
175Matildanew Graph
175Vårinup 11Graph
181Diananew Graph
181Dina    down 25Graph
181Lara    down 18Graph
181Petraup 18Graph
185Carolinenew Graph
185Elinnew Graph
185Fatimanew Graph
185Kaia    down 37Graph
185Martanew Graph
185Marthanew Graph
185Natalianew Graph
185Olavanew Graph
185Rebeccanew Graph
194Aisha    down 24Graph
194Albanew Graph
194Esthernew Graph
194Lisa    down 53Graph
194Natalieup 5Graph
194Siljenew Graph
194Tora    down 27Graph