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Most Popular Names Norway 2018

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2018
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2019
Previous list:2017
Highest new entries:Olea (new at 146),  Kornelia (new at 151),  Dina (new at 156),  Rikke (new at 159),  Lilja (new at 163)
Largest rises:Rakel +45 (now at 129),  Adele +41 (now at 151),  Naomi +41 (now at 151),  Elsa +38 (now at 136),  Lotta +37 (now at 151)
Largest falls:Miriam -61 (now at 199),  Natalie -48 (now at 199),  Sophie -45 (now at 148),  Leonora -36 (now at 129),  Mira -33 (now at 159)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Emma Graph
2Nora Graph
3Oliviaup 2Graph
4Emilieup 2Graph
5Ella    down 1Graph
6Amalieup 8Graph
7Fridaup 1Graph
8Sofie    down 5Graph
9Adaup 19Graph
10Miaup 10Graph
11Ingrid    down 4Graph
12Jennyup 5Graph
13Leahup 11Graph
14Anna    down 5Graph
15Sara    down 2Graph
16Alma    down 6Graph
17Heddaup 4Graph
18Tirilup 4Graph
19Sofia Graph
20Thea    down 8Graph
21Aurora    down 5Graph
22Ida    down 12Graph
23Maja    down 1Graph
24Julieup 3Graph
25Tuvaup 1Graph
26Selma    down 11Graph
27Linneaup 2Graph
28Vildeup 2Graph
29Sigridup 17Graph
30Mathildeup 8Graph
31Maria    down 14Graph
32Lilly Graph
33Iben    down 8Graph
34Victoriaup 3Graph
34Amandaup 7Graph
36Astrid    down 1Graph
37Marie    down 5Graph
37Oda    down 3Graph
39Hanna Graph
40Olineup 4Graph
40Sagaup 9Graph
42Juliaup 16Graph
43Live    down 13Graph
44Eva    down 4Graph
45Amelia    down 2Graph
46Agnesup 10Graph
47Elise    down 5Graph
48Eline    down 13Graph
49Kajaup 26Graph
50Ellinor    down 2Graph
51Lunaup 16Graph
52Josefine    down 5Graph
53Ylva    down 9Graph
54Signe    down 5Graph
55Sonjaup 10Graph
56Alva    down 5Graph
56Solveigup 14Graph
58Emilia    down 5Graph
59Ellieup 11Graph
60Johanne    down 7Graph
60Viljaup 15Graph
62Andreaup 1Graph
62Mari Graph
64Mille    down 11Graph
64Mina    down 4Graph
66Pernille    down 15Graph
67Klaraup 22Graph
68Celineup 4Graph
69Emily Graph
69Ingeborgup 19Graph
71Hannah    down 4Graph
72Mathea    down 15Graph
72Martineup 3Graph
72Elenaup 26Graph
75Sarah    down 12Graph
76Hennieup 18Graph
76Johannaup 15Graph
76Stellaup 31Graph
79Liv    down 20Graph
79Sanna    down 18Graph
81Synneup 16Graph
82Ronja Graph
83Lea Graph
84Helenaup 25Graph
85Mie    down 7Graph
85Heleneup 9Graph
87Sunniva    down 8Graph
88Hermine    down 4Graph
89Isabella    down 24Graph
90Sophia Graph
91Maikenup 10Graph
92Eira    down 8Graph
92Frøyaup 11Graph
94Erle    down 20Graph
95Malin    down 23Graph
95Aria    down 9Graph
95Tomine    down 14Graph
95Hedvigup 14Graph
99Filippaup 2Graph
100Maya    down 20Graph
100Louise    down 9Graph
100Lauraup 3Graph
103Lykke    down 9Graph
103Cornelia    down 3Graph
103Avaup 35Graph
106Elidaup 7Graph
107Millaup 6Graph
107Irisup 24Graph
107Ebbaup 17Graph
107Thaleup 28Graph
111Lina    down 12Graph
112Lotte    down 26Graph
112Helleup 4Graph
112Matildeup 6Graph
115Lilyup 23Graph
116Piaup 13Graph
116Eleaup 32Graph
118Mila Graph
118Marenup 5Graph
118Karolineup 11Graph
121Madelen    down 13Graph
121Aneup 10Graph
123Alina    down 20Graph
123Elvira    down 12Graph
123Othilieup 15Graph
126Lena Graph
126Tildeup 8Graph
126Wilmaup 5Graph
129Leonora    down 36Graph
129Rakelup 45Graph
131Vilma    down 20Graph
131Anne    down 5Graph
131Vilje    down 13Graph
131Alexandra    down 18Graph
131Novaup 28Graph
136Celina    down 18Graph
136Elsaup 38Graph
138Nathalie    down 22Graph
138Charlotte    down 14Graph
138Isabell    down 3Graph
141Lisaup 18Graph
141Claraup 33Graph
141Elisabethup 6Graph
141Ingvildup 10Graph
141Nikolineup 21Graph
146Elina    down 28Graph
146Oleanew Graph
148Sophie    down 45Graph
148Maiaup 8Graph
148Kaiaup 32Graph
151Adelen    down 16Graph
151Naomiup 41Graph
151Adeleup 41Graph
151Lottaup 37Graph
151Kornelianew Graph
156Ellenup 11Graph
156Dinanew Graph
156Maliup 18Graph
159Lydia    down 11Graph
159Mira    down 33Graph
159Aliceup 29Graph
159Rikkenew Graph
163Viktoria    down 18Graph
163Kristine    down 15Graph
163Liljanew Graph
163Laranew Graph
167Vera    down 29Graph
167Nina    down 8Graph
167Toranew Graph
170Aisha    down 14Graph
170Siennanew Graph
170Ayanew Graph
170Alidaup 22Graph
170Åsenew Graph
170Melinanew Graph
170Evelynnew Graph
177Ine    down 32Graph
177Ariananew Graph
179Embla    down 5Graph
179Arielup 13Graph
179Zuzannaup 13Graph
179Inganew Graph
183Michelle    down 16Graph
183Amiranew Graph
183Synnøvenew Graph
186Karen    down 24Graph
186Isabelle    down 30Graph
186Malene    down 12Graph
186Vanessa    down 6Graph
186Camilla    down 1Graph
186Maryamnew Graph
186Livianew Graph
186Sandranew Graph
186Thelmanew Graph
186Lananew Graph
186Vårinnew Graph
186Aryanew Graph
186Erikanew Graph
199Miriam    down 61Graph
199Natalie    down 48Graph
199Elisa    down 7Graph
199Petra    down 14Graph
199Sirinew Graph
199Nelianew Graph