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Most Popular Names Norway 2017

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2017
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2018
Previous list:2016
Highest new entries:Vilma (new at 111),  Othilie (new at 138),  Elea (new at 148),  Marte (new at 151),  Isabel (new at 162)
Largest rises:Ebba +66 (now at 124),  Wilma +59 (now at 131),  Sonja +56 (now at 65),  Laura +48 (now at 103),  Silje +45 (now at 138)
Largest falls:Ariel -52 (now at 192),  Michelle -46 (now at 167),  Alice -46 (now at 188),  Lotta -43 (now at 188),  Vanessa -41 (now at 180)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Emmaup 1Graph
2Nora    down 1Graph
3Sofieup 2Graph
4Ella Graph
5Olivia    down 2Graph
6Emilie Graph
7Ingrid Graph
8Fridaup 8Graph
9Anna    down 1Graph
10Almaup 15Graph
10Idaup 3Graph
12Thea    down 2Graph
13Sara    down 5Graph
14Amalieup 5Graph
15Selmaup 25Graph
16Aurora    down 1Graph
17Jennyup 3Graph
17Mariaup 13Graph
19Sofia    down 8Graph
20Mia    down 6Graph
21Heddaup 7Graph
22Majaup 2Graph
22Tiril    down 10Graph
24Leah    down 2Graph
25Ibenup 13Graph
26Tuva    down 3Graph
27Julie    down 9Graph
28Adaup 8Graph
29Linnea    down 13Graph
30Liveup 11Graph
30Vilde    down 10Graph
32Lilly    down 3Graph
32Marieup 2Graph
34Oda    down 2Graph
35Astrid    down 8Graph
35Elineup 3Graph
37Victoria Graph
38Mathilde    down 7Graph
39Hanna    down 7Graph
40Evaup 7Graph
41Amanda    down 15Graph
42Elise    down 7Graph
43Ameliaup 6Graph
44Oline    down 1Graph
44Ylvaup 10Graph
46Sigridup 6Graph
47Josefineup 18Graph
48Ellinor    down 2Graph
49Sagaup 3Graph
49Signeup 12Graph
51Alvaup 16Graph
51Pernilleup 11Graph
53Emiliaup 6Graph
53Johanneup 2Graph
53Mille    down 3Graph
56Agnes    down 8Graph
57Mathea    down 14Graph
58Julia    down 13Graph
59Livup 14Graph
60Mina    down 18Graph
61Sannaup 2Graph
62Mari    down 11Graph
63Andrea    down 6Graph
63Sarahup 3Graph
65Isabellaup 6Graph
65Sonjaup 56Graph
67Hannahup 3Graph
67Lunaup 16Graph
69Emily    down 5Graph
70Ellieup 11Graph
70Solveig    down 3Graph
72Celine    down 13Graph
72Malinup 4Graph
74Erleup 2Graph
75Kaja    down 6Graph
75Martine    down 17Graph
75Viljaup 15Graph
78Mie    down 23Graph
79Sunnivaup 7Graph
80Maya    down 4Graph
81Tomineup 23Graph
82Ronjaup 4Graph
83Leaup 14Graph
84Eiraup 13Graph
84Hermineup 2Graph
86Ariaup 28Graph
86Lotte    down 4Graph
88Ingeborgup 14Graph
89Klaraup 15Graph
90Sophia    down 11Graph
91Johannaup 6Graph
91Louise    down 7Graph
93Leonora    down 4Graph
94Helene Graph
94Hennie    down 21Graph
94Lykke    down 10Graph
97Synne    down 25Graph
98Elenaup 14Graph
99Linaup 2Graph
100Corneliaup 6Graph
101Filippa    down 7Graph
101Maiken    down 11Graph
103Alina    down 13Graph
103Frøyaup 7Graph
103Lauraup 48Graph
103Sophieup 5Graph
107Stella    down 34Graph
108Madelen Graph
109Hedvigup 20Graph
109Helena    down 3Graph
111Elvira    down 1Graph
111Vilmanew Graph
113Alexandra    down 10Graph
113Elida    down 33Graph
113Milla    down 17Graph
116Helleup 3Graph
116Nathalieup 26Graph
118Celina    down 4Graph
118Elinaup 18Graph
118Matilde    down 5Graph
118Milaup 3Graph
118Viljeup 41Graph
123Maren    down 30Graph
124Charlotte    down 27Graph
124Ebbaup 66Graph
126Anne    down 9Graph
126Lena    down 5Graph
126Miraup 43Graph
129Karoline    down 12Graph
129Piaup 2Graph
131Ane    down 2Graph
131Iris    down 15Graph
131Wilmaup 59Graph
134Tilde    down 13Graph
135Adelen    down 8Graph
135Isabell    down 2Graph
135Thale    down 2Graph
138Ava    down 17Graph
138Fatimaup 45Graph
138Lily    down 5Graph
138Miriamup 21Graph
138Othilienew Graph
138Siljeup 45Graph
138Veraup 13Graph
145Ineup 24Graph
145Viktoria    down 9Graph
147Elisabethup 4Graph
148Eleanew Graph
148Kristine    down 21Graph
148Lydiaup 11Graph
151Aminaup 32Graph
151Emineup 8Graph
151Ingvildup 29Graph
151Martenew Graph
151Natalie    down 11Graph
156Aisha    down 37Graph
156Isabelle    down 11Graph
156Maiaup 3Graph
159Lisa    down 23Graph
159Ninaup 21Graph
159Nova    down 14Graph
162Caroline    down 17Graph
162Isabelnew Graph
162Karen    down 17Graph
162Nicoline    down 4Graph
162Nikoline    down 31Graph
167Ellenup 28Graph
167Lineaup 23Graph
167Melissaup 16Graph
167Michelle    down 46Graph
167Nelly    down 8Graph
167Olavanew Graph
173Nataliaup 2Graph
174Claranew Graph
174Elsa    down 15Graph
174Emblaup 25Graph
174Malene    down 23Graph
174Mali    down 18Graph
174Rakel    down 5Graph
180Eaup 15Graph
180Kaianew Graph
180Norah    down 5Graph
180Vanessa    down 41Graph
180Åsenew Graph
185Albanew Graph
185Camillanew Graph
185Petra    down 10Graph
188Alice    down 46Graph
188Lotta    down 43Graph
188Nadianew Graph
188Selinanew Graph
192Adele    down 9Graph
192Alida    down 36Graph
192Amelienew Graph
192Ariel    down 52Graph
192Diananew Graph
192Elisanew Graph
192Esthernew Graph
192Naomi    down 2Graph
192Zuzannanew Graph