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Most Popular Names Norway 2016

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2016
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Aisha (new at 119),  Mila (new at 121),  Ariel (new at 140),  Karen (new at 145),  Lotta (new at 145)
Largest rises:Hennie +56 (now at 73),  Hedvig +54 (now at 129),  Nikoline +49 (now at 131),  Ava +45 (now at 121),  Vera +44 (now at 151)
Largest falls:Silje -75 (now at 183),  Alina -53 (now at 90),  Adele -50 (now at 183),  Karoline -41 (now at 117),  Nathalie -40 (now at 142)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Noraup 1Graph
2Emma    down 1Graph
3Olivia Graph
4Ellaup 1Graph
5Sofie    down 1Graph
6Emilie    down 1Graph
7Ingridup 6Graph
8Anna    down 1Graph
8Sara Graph
10Thea    down 1Graph
11Sofiaup 3Graph
12Tirilup 9Graph
13Ida    down 3Graph
14Mia    down 3Graph
15Aurora Graph
16Fridaup 2Graph
16Linneaup 3Graph
18Julieup 2Graph
19Amalie    down 7Graph
20Jenny    down 4Graph
20Vildeup 2Graph
22Leah    down 5Graph
23Tuvaup 4Graph
24Majaup 1Graph
25Almaup 3Graph
26Amandaup 10Graph
27Astridup 17Graph
28Hedda    down 5Graph
29Lillyup 1Graph
30Maria    down 1Graph
31Mathilde Graph
32Hannaup 2Graph
32Oda    down 8Graph
34Marie    down 8Graph
35Eliseup 5Graph
36Adaup 6Graph
37Victoria    down 4Graph
38Eline    down 3Graph
38Ibenup 12Graph
40Selma    down 8Graph
41Live    down 3Graph
42Minaup 4Graph
43Matheaup 3Graph
43Olineup 18Graph
45Julia    down 5Graph
46Ellinorup 13Graph
47Evaup 9Graph
48Agnesup 4Graph
49Ameliaup 15Graph
50Mille    down 7Graph
51Mari    down 6Graph
52Sagaup 26Graph
52Sigrid    down 2Graph
54Ylvaup 24Graph
55Johanneup 12Graph
55Mie    down 1Graph
57Andrea    down 8Graph
58Martine    down 10Graph
59Celine    down 3Graph
59Emilia    down 7Graph
61Signeup 7Graph
62Pernille    down 3Graph
63Sanna    down 8Graph
64Emily    down 1Graph
65Josefineup 6Graph
66Sarah    down 5Graph
67Alvaup 9Graph
67Solveigup 27Graph
69Kajaup 19Graph
70Hannahup 14Graph
71Isabella    down 15Graph
72Synneup 13Graph
73Hennieup 56Graph
73Livup 8Graph
73Stella    down 9Graph
76Erleup 5Graph
76Malin    down 37Graph
76Mayaup 16Graph
79Sophia    down 11Graph
80Elidaup 10Graph
81Ellieup 7Graph
82Lotteup 11Graph
83Luna    down 2Graph
84Louise    down 9Graph
84Lykke    down 6Graph
86Hermineup 1Graph
86Ronja    down 15Graph
86Sunniva    down 20Graph
89Leonoraup 23Graph
90Alina    down 53Graph
90Maikenup 26Graph
90Viljaup 26Graph
93Marenup 8Graph
94Filippaup 39Graph
94Helene    down 24Graph
96Milla    down 5Graph
97Charlotteup 1Graph
97Eiraup 10Graph
97Johanna    down 12Graph
97Lea    down 1Graph
101Lina    down 5Graph
102Ingeborg    down 29Graph
103Alexandra    down 5Graph
104Klara    down 4Graph
104Tomine    down 2Graph
106Corneliaup 3Graph
106Helenaup 32Graph
108Madelen    down 14Graph
108Sophieup 5Graph
110Elvira    down 36Graph
110Fr√łyaup 3Graph
112Elenaup 7Graph
113Matildeup 6Graph
114Aria    down 12Graph
114Celina    down 5Graph
116Irisup 17Graph
117Anne    down 11Graph
117Karoline    down 41Graph
119Aishanew Graph
119Helle    down 6Graph
121Avaup 45Graph
121Lenaup 2Graph
121Michelle    down 2Graph
121Milanew Graph
121Sonjaup 42Graph
121Tilde    down 19Graph
127Adelen    down 4Graph
127Kristineup 13Graph
129Ane Graph
129Hedvigup 54Graph
131Nikolineup 49Graph
131Pia    down 20Graph
133Isabell    down 4Graph
133Lily    down 10Graph
133Thaleup 8Graph
136Elinaup 12Graph
136Lisa    down 17Graph
136Viktoriaup 38Graph
139Vanessaup 35Graph
140Arielnew Graph
140Natalie    down 17Graph
142Alice    down 19Graph
142Nathalie    down 40Graph
142Siennaup 38Graph
145Carolineup 6Graph
145Isabelleup 12Graph
145Karennew Graph
145Korneliaup 3Graph
145Lottanew Graph
145Novanew Graph
151Elisabeth    down 22Graph
151Laura    down 35Graph
151Lilja Graph
151Maleneup 19Graph
151Veraup 44Graph
156Alida    down 23Graph
156Maliup 29Graph
158Nicoline    down 17Graph
159Dina    down 5Graph
159Elsa    down 26Graph
159Emine    down 2Graph
159Lydiaup 36Graph
159Maiaup 18Graph
159Miriam    down 36Graph
159Nellyup 26Graph
159Rikke    down 8Graph
159Viljeup 11Graph
168Olea    down 2Graph
169Elinnew Graph
169Ineup 26Graph
169Madeleine    down 28Graph
169Mira    down 28Graph
169Rakel    down 24Graph
169Sandra    down 15Graph
175Hennynew Graph
175Lilliup 20Graph
175Nataliaup 10Graph
175Norahnew Graph
175Petranew Graph
180Ingvildup 5Graph
180Matildanew Graph
180Ninanew Graph
183Adele    down 50Graph
183Amina    down 17Graph
183Erika    down 3Graph
183Fatimaup 10Graph
183Karinew Graph
183Melissaup 12Graph
183Silje    down 75Graph
190Ebba    down 27Graph
190Eirilnew Graph
190Lineaup 1Graph
190Naomi    down 20Graph
190Wilma    down 33Graph
195Eanew Graph
195Ellen    down 38Graph
195Kamillanew Graph
195Lovisenew Graph
199Embla    down 4Graph
199Guronew Graph