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Most Popular Names Norway 2015

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2015
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2016
Previous list:2014
Highest new entries:Alice (new at 123),  Alida (new at 133),  Kornelia (new at 148),  Kristina (new at 154),  Ellen (new at 157)
Largest rises:Alina +126 (now at 37),  Ellie +75 (now at 88),  Klara +59 (now at 100),  Miriam +57 (now at 123),  Leona +55 (now at 145)
Largest falls:Linea -70 (now at 191),  Hedvig -68 (now at 183),  Viktoria -68 (now at 174),  Isabell -54 (now at 129),  Marte -53 (now at 195)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Emma Graph
2Nora Graph
3Oliviaup 11Graph
4Sofie Graph
5Ellaup 3Graph
5Emilie    down 2Graph
7Anna    down 2Graph
8Saraup 4Graph
9Thea    down 3Graph
10Ida Graph
11Miaup 5Graph
12Amalieup 1Graph
13Ingrid    down 6Graph
14Sofiaup 8Graph
15Auroraup 9Graph
16Jennyup 2Graph
17Leahup 2Graph
18Frida    down 3Graph
19Linnea    down 8Graph
20Julie    down 11Graph
21Tiril Graph
22Vilde    down 5Graph
23Heddaup 1Graph
24Odaup 5Graph
25Maja    down 2Graph
26Marieup 1Graph
27Tuvaup 1Graph
28Almaup 8Graph
29Maria    down 3Graph
30Lillyup 4Graph
31Mathilde    down 11Graph
32Selmaup 3Graph
33Victoria    down 3Graph
34Hannaup 3Graph
35Eline    down 2Graph
36Amandaup 5Graph
37Alinaup 126Graph
38Live Graph
39Malinup 4Graph
40Elise    down 9Graph
40Juliaup 4Graph
42Adaup 17Graph
43Milleup 6Graph
44Astridup 8Graph
45Mariup 6Graph
46Mathea Graph
46Mina    down 8Graph
48Martine    down 1Graph
49Andreaup 9Graph
50Ibenup 21Graph
50Sigrid    down 5Graph
52Agnes    down 4Graph
52Emiliaup 13Graph
54Mie    down 22Graph
55Sannaup 22Graph
56Celine    down 14Graph
56Eva    down 1Graph
56Isabella    down 3Graph
59Ellinorup 2Graph
59Pernille    down 19Graph
61Olineup 9Graph
61Sarah    down 6Graph
63Emily    down 14Graph
64Amelia    down 1Graph
64Stellaup 21Graph
66Sunnivaup 2Graph
67Johanne    down 7Graph
68Signe    down 15Graph
68Sophia    down 7Graph
70Helene    down 2Graph
71Josefineup 2Graph
71Ronja    down 7Graph
73Ingeborgup 2Graph
74Elviraup 15Graph
75Louiseup 20Graph
76Alva    down 21Graph
76Karolineup 22Graph
78Lykkeup 1Graph
78Sagaup 3Graph
78Ylvaup 9Graph
81Erleup 14Graph
81Livup 14Graph
81Lunaup 33Graph
84Hannah    down 19Graph
85Johanna    down 4Graph
85Synne    down 13Graph
87Hermine    down 22Graph
88Ellieup 75Graph
88Kajaup 3Graph
90Elida    down 4Graph
91Milla    down 2Graph
92Maya    down 8Graph
93Lotte    down 19Graph
94Madelen    down 2Graph
94Solveig    down 17Graph
96Lea    down 4Graph
96Linaup 46Graph
98Alexandraup 34Graph
98Charlotteup 11Graph
100Klaraup 59Graph
101Maren    down 2Graph
102Ariaup 48Graph
102Nathalie    down 15Graph
102Tilde Graph
102Tomineup 26Graph
106Anne    down 14Graph
107Eira    down 1Graph
108Siljeup 45Graph
109Celina    down 10Graph
109Corneliaup 1Graph
111Piaup 27Graph
112Leonoraup 9Graph
113Fr√łyaup 15Graph
113Helleup 15Graph
113Sophie    down 3Graph
116Lauraup 16Graph
116Maikenup 3Graph
116Vilja    down 12Graph
119Elena    down 16Graph
119Lisaup 2Graph
119Matilde    down 20Graph
119Michelleup 31Graph
123Adelenup 40Graph
123Alicenew Graph
123Lena    down 40Graph
123Lily    down 6Graph
123Miriamup 57Graph
123Natalie    down 13Graph
129Ane    down 50Graph
129Elisabethup 12Graph
129Hennie    down 8Graph
129Isabell    down 54Graph
133Adele    down 12Graph
133Alidanew Graph
133Elsaup 9Graph
133Filippa    down 12Graph
133Iris    down 16Graph
138Helena    down 32Graph
138Othilieup 25Graph
140Kristineup 2Graph
141Madeleineup 15Graph
141Miraup 47Graph
141Nicolineup 51Graph
141Thaleup 39Graph
145Angelica    down 3Graph
145Leonaup 55Graph
145Rakelup 14Graph
148Elina    down 10Graph
148Kornelianew Graph
148Melinaup 44Graph
151Caroline    down 47Graph
151Lilja    down 41Graph
151Rikke    down 19Graph
154Dinaup 5Graph
154Kristinanew Graph
154Sandra    down 39Graph
157Ellennew Graph
157Emine    down 29Graph
157Isabel    down 38Graph
157Isabelleup 14Graph
157Vilma    down 36Graph
157Wilmaup 35Graph
163Ebbaup 8Graph
163Rebekkaup 21Graph
163Sonja    down 31Graph
166Amina    down 13Graph
166Avanew Graph
166Mollynew Graph
166Olea    down 3Graph
170Ariananew Graph
170Malene    down 32Graph
170Naomiup 18Graph
170Viljeup 10Graph
174Camillaup 2Graph
174Vanessa    down 15Graph
174Viktoria    down 68Graph
177Henriette    down 45Graph
177Maia    down 14Graph
177Olavanew Graph
180Erikaup 20Graph
180Nikoline    down 27Graph
180Sienna    down 38Graph
183Evelynup 1Graph
183Hedvig    down 68Graph
185Ingvild    down 14Graph
185Mali    down 43Graph
185Natalianew Graph
185Nellyup 15Graph
185Runanew Graph
185Thelmanew Graph
191Amiranew Graph
191Linea    down 70Graph
193Elisanew Graph
193Fatima    down 16Graph
195Embla    down 53Graph
195Inenew Graph
195Ingernew Graph
195Lillinew Graph
195Lydia    down 39Graph
195Marte    down 53Graph
195Melissa    down 37Graph
195Unanew Graph
195Vera    down 11Graph