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Most Popular Names Norway 2022

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2022
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:-
Previous list:2021
Highest new entries:Noelle (new at 113),  Millie (new at 128),  Eliana (new at 144),  Vårin (new at 156),  Kornelia (new at 164)
Largest rises:Ayla +42 (now at 144),  Lydia +42 (now at 144),  Evelyn +37 (now at 144),  Nikoline +35 (now at 106),  Henny +33 (now at 144)
Largest falls:Adele -46 (now at 193),  Wilma -40 (now at 156),  Elina -38 (now at 144),  Nina -38 (now at 193),  Dina -34 (now at 197)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Nora Graph
2Emma Graph
3Olivia Graph
4Ella Graph
5Sofie Graph
6Frida Graph
7Ibenup 9Graph
8Ingrid    down 1Graph
9Alma Graph
10Selmaup 5Graph
11Emilie    down 1Graph
12Ada    down 4Graph
13Hedda    down 2Graph
14Astridup 4Graph
15Annaup 4Graph
16Sofia    down 2Graph
17Amalie    down 5Graph
17Leahup 5Graph
19Ellinorup 8Graph
20Auroraup 5Graph
21Hedvigup 13Graph
22Saraup 10Graph
23Tiril    down 10Graph
24Eva    down 4Graph
25Jennyup 6Graph
26Mia    down 9Graph
27Vilde    down 6Graph
28Ida    down 5Graph
29Liveup 8Graph
30Maja    down 3Graph
30Marieup 6Graph
32Ellie    down 2Graph
32Linneaup 5Graph
34Sigrid Graph
35Thea    down 11Graph
36Julieup 7Graph
37Ameliaup 5Graph
37Lunaup 22Graph
39Amanda    down 10Graph
39Solveigup 1Graph
41Tuva    down 15Graph
42Lillyup 5Graph
43Hanna    down 2Graph
44Mie    down 5Graph
45Agnes Graph
45Mathildeup 7Graph
47Hermine    down 1Graph
47Signeup 11Graph
47Ylvaup 7Graph
50Odaup 3Graph
50Oline    down 1Graph
52Emilyup 12Graph
52Hennie    down 2Graph
54Saga    down 21Graph
55Johanneup 2Graph
56Sonja Graph
57Josefineup 2Graph
58Eliseup 7Graph
59Maria    down 4Graph
60Eira    down 1Graph
60Frøyaup 3Graph
60Tomineup 14Graph
63Eline    down 15Graph
64Mille    down 20Graph
65Kajaup 10Graph
66Minaup 11Graph
67Klara    down 5Graph
68Emiliaup 5Graph
69Louise Graph
70Julia    down 20Graph
71Stella    down 3Graph
72Pernille    down 2Graph
73Andreaup 2Graph
74Mari    down 7Graph
75Lea    down 3Graph
76Erle    down 6Graph
77Heleneup 23Graph
78Ronja    down 1Graph
79Victoria    down 13Graph
80Filippaup 17Graph
80Lotteup 20Graph
82Irisup 9Graph
82Livup 4Graph
84Alva    down 1Graph
84Maya    down 5Graph
86Hannahup 10Graph
86Ingeborgup 3Graph
86Novaup 5Graph
89Sanna    down 6Graph
90Lykkeup 12Graph
90Matheaup 4Graph
92Ebbaup 10Graph
92Pia    down 5Graph
94Sarahup 16Graph
94Synneup 10Graph
96Isabellaup 10Graph
96Thaleup 1Graph
98Elviraup 14Graph
98Martineup 14Graph
100Aria    down 21Graph
101Sophia    down 20Graph
102Mila    down 20Graph
103Celineup 6Graph
103Helleup 14Graph
103Leonoraup 3Graph
106Corneliaup 6Graph
106Mira    down 15Graph
106Nikolineup 35Graph
106Vilma    down 21Graph
110Laura    down 6Graph
111Vilja    down 22Graph
111Åseup 24Graph
113Albaup 7Graph
113Johanna    down 26Graph
113Lina    down 1Graph
113Matilde    down 3Graph
113Noellenew Graph
113Sunniva    down 16Graph
119Emblaup 9Graph
119Maiken    down 2Graph
121Anne    down 1Graph
122Elenaup 3Graph
122Helenaup 1Graph
122Maia    down 5Graph
122Tildeup 29Graph
126Elida    down 32Graph
127Madelenup 14Graph
128Avaup 10Graph
128Laraup 4Graph
128Livaup 7Graph
128Millienew Graph
132Kaia    down 3Graph
133Elisabethup 18Graph
133Thelmaup 8Graph
135Alexandraup 12Graph
135Aneup 25Graph
135Elsaup 28Graph
135Sophie Graph
135Vera    down 10Graph
140Claraup 15Graph
140Ine    down 11Graph
140Lily    down 20Graph
140Lotta Graph
144Alina    down 19Graph
144Aylaup 42Graph
144Elea    down 13Graph
144Eliananew Graph
144Elina    down 38Graph
144Evelynup 37Graph
144Hennyup 33Graph
144Lydiaup 42Graph
144Malin    down 21Graph
144Naomi    down 12Graph
144Othilie    down 6Graph
144Sienna    down 12Graph
156Rakelup 25Graph
156Vårinnew Graph
156Wilma    down 40Graph
159Marenup 11Graph
159Ragnhildup 27Graph
161Charlotte    down 20Graph
161Olavaup 20Graph
161Petra    down 10Graph
164Emineup 13Graph
164Ingvild    down 17Graph
164Kornelianew Graph
164Rikke    down 23Graph
168Marta    down 13Graph
168Nelly    down 27Graph
170Alicenew Graph
170Bella    down 10Graph
170Olea    down 19Graph
170Viljeup 25Graph
174Dianaup 21Graph
174Karoline Graph
174Milla Graph
177Aishanew Graph
177Arielnew Graph
177Freya    down 7Graph
177Inanew Graph
177Vanessanew Graph
182Ayanew Graph
182Isabellnew Graph
182Lena    down 27Graph
182Malinew Graph
182Mollyup 13Graph
182Nelianew Graph
182Nicolineup 13Graph
189Amiraup 6Graph
189Lillinew Graph
189Melissa    down 3Graph
189Tora    down 29Graph
193Adele    down 46Graph
193Else    down 7Graph
193Esthernew Graph
193Nina    down 38Graph
197Aminanew Graph
197Dagny    down 34Graph
197Dina    down 34Graph
197Matildanew Graph
197Siljenew Graph
197Synnøvenew Graph