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Most Popular Names Norway 2021

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in Norway 2021
Source:SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå)
Following list:2022
Previous list:2020
Highest new entries:Elea (new at 131),  Adele (new at 147),  Bella (new at 160),  Dagny (new at 163),  Eleah (new at 163)
Largest rises:Lily +40 (now at 120),  Thelma +35 (now at 141),  Celina +35 (now at 163),  Ine +35 (now at 129),  Marta +33 (now at 155)
Largest falls:Lisa -63 (now at 186),  Lydia -47 (now at 186),  Vilje -44 (now at 195),  Nikoline -38 (now at 141),  Ava -34 (now at 138)
Note:Spelling variants like Sarah and Sara with separate entries

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1Nora Graph
2Emma Graph
3Oliviaup 1Graph
4Ella    down 1Graph
5Sofieup 1Graph
6Frida Graph
7Ingridup 1Graph
8Adaup 2Graph
9Almaup 6Graph
10Emilie    down 5Graph
11Heddaup 1Graph
12Amalieup 1Graph
13Tiril    down 3Graph
14Sofiaup 3Graph
15Selma    down 6Graph
16Ibenup 12Graph
17Mia Graph
18Astridup 9Graph
19Anna    down 5Graph
20Eva    down 4Graph
21Vildeup 5Graph
22Leah    down 2Graph
23Idaup 1Graph
24Thea    down 3Graph
25Auroraup 4Graph
26Tuvaup 5Graph
27Ellinor    down 2Graph
27Maja    down 8Graph
29Amandaup 7Graph
30Ellieup 22Graph
31Jenny    down 1Graph
32Sara    down 10Graph
33Sagaup 9Graph
34Hedvigup 4Graph
34Sigridup 1Graph
36Marieup 6Graph
37Linnea    down 5Graph
37Live    down 14Graph
39Mieup 19Graph
40Solveigup 2Graph
41Hanna    down 4Graph
42Amelia    down 3Graph
43Julie    down 10Graph
44Milleup 20Graph
45Agnes    down 5Graph
46Hermineup 23Graph
47Lillyup 1Graph
48Eline    down 3Graph
49Oline    down 3Graph
50Hennieup 6Graph
50Juliaup 12Graph
52Mathilde    down 12Graph
53Oda    down 19Graph
54Ylvaup 4Graph
55Maria    down 8Graph
56Sonja    down 1Graph
57Johanneup 10Graph
58Signe Graph
59Eira    down 6Graph
59Josefine    down 10Graph
59Luna    down 3Graph
62Klaraup 15Graph
63Frøyaup 12Graph
64Emily Graph
65Elise    down 14Graph
66Victoria    down 16Graph
67Mari    down 4Graph
68Stellaup 20Graph
69Louiseup 3Graph
70Erleup 15Graph
70Pernilleup 2Graph
72Lea    down 2Graph
73Emilia    down 19Graph
74Tomine    down 2Graph
75Andrea    down 11Graph
75Kaja    down 7Graph
77Mina    down 6Graph
77Ronjaup 6Graph
79Ariaup 10Graph
79Mayaup 20Graph
81Sophia    down 4Graph
82Milaup 30Graph
83Alva    down 25Graph
83Sannaup 28Graph
85Vilmaup 14Graph
86Liv    down 9Graph
87Johannaup 6Graph
87Piaup 25Graph
89Ingeborg    down 14Graph
89Vilja Graph
91Iris    down 9Graph
91Miraup 24Graph
91Novaup 14Graph
94Elidaup 11Graph
94Mathea    down 11Graph
96Hannah    down 19Graph
97Filippa    down 8Graph
97Sunniva    down 8Graph
97Thale    down 1Graph
100Helene    down 19Graph
100Lotteup 8Graph
102Ebba    down 1Graph
102Lykkeup 14Graph
104Lauraup 25Graph
104Synne    down 3Graph
106Elinaup 6Graph
106Isabella    down 21Graph
106Leonoraup 2Graph
109Celine    down 24Graph
110Matildeup 21Graph
110Sarah    down 13Graph
112Corneliaup 7Graph
112Elvira    down 14Graph
112Linaup 19Graph
112Martine    down 18Graph
116Wilma Graph
117Helleup 10Graph
117Maia    down 22Graph
117Maikenup 2Graph
120Albaup 31Graph
120Anneup 7Graph
120Lilyup 40Graph
123Helena    down 4Graph
123Malin    down 4Graph
125Alina    down 2Graph
125Elena    down 17Graph
125Veraup 21Graph
128Embla    down 10Graph
129Ineup 35Graph
129Kaiaup 30Graph
131Eleanew Graph
132Lara    down 1Graph
132Naomiup 32Graph
132Sienna    down 3Graph
135Livaup 4Graph
135Sophieup 29Graph
135Åse    down 30Graph
138Ava    down 34Graph
138Othilieup 8Graph
140Lottaup 11Graph
141Charlotteup 19Graph
141Madelenup 2Graph
141Nellyup 32Graph
141Nikoline    down 38Graph
141Rikke    down 16Graph
141Thelmaup 35Graph
147Adelenew Graph
147Alexandra    down 4Graph
147Ingvildup 17Graph
147Liljaup 26Graph
151Elisabeth    down 12Graph
151Olea    down 5Graph
151Petraup 25Graph
151Tilde    down 12Graph
155Clara    down 24Graph
155Erikaup 5Graph
155Lena    down 24Graph
155Martaup 33Graph
155Nina    down 30Graph
160Ane    down 23Graph
160Bellanew Graph
160Toraup 16Graph
163Celinaup 35Graph
163Dagnynew Graph
163Dinaup 13Graph
163Eleahnew Graph
163Elisanew Graph
163Elsa    down 17Graph
163Miriam    down 3Graph
170Freyaup 6Graph
170Marennew Graph
170Noorup 6Graph
170Viktorianew Graph
174Annienew Graph
174Karoline    down 31Graph
174Millaup 2Graph
177Ellen    down 20Graph
177Emine    down 1Graph
177Hennynew Graph
177Kristine    down 26Graph
181Eivornew Graph
181Evelyn    down 5Graph
181Malenenew Graph
181Olavanew Graph
181Rakel    down 5Graph
186Aylaup 7Graph
186Elsenew Graph
186Lisa    down 63Graph
186Lovise    down 13Graph
186Lydia    down 47Graph
186Maryamnew Graph
186Melissa    down 22Graph
186Ragnhildnew Graph
186Zofianew Graph
195Amiranew Graph
195Arya    down 7Graph
195Diana    down 7Graph
195Livia    down 2Graph
195Mollynew Graph
195Natalienew Graph
195Nellie    down 31Graph
195Nicoline    down 31Graph
195Vilje    down 44Graph