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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2011

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2011
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2012
Previous list:2010
Highest new entries:Flynn (new at 51),  Dominic (new at 85),  Austin (new at 87),  Ryder (new at 93),  Felix (new at 95)
Largest rises:Mason +32 (now at 27),  Sebastian +23 (now at 38),  John +22 (now at 77),  Ali +22 (now at 71),  Beau +21 (now at 50)
Largest falls:Aidan -27 (now at 83),  Cameron -24 (now at 74),  Marcus -23 (now at 72),  Alex -20 (now at 92),  Bailey -17 (now at 64)

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1William Graph
2Lucasup 8Graph
3Lachlanup 3Graph
4Ethanup 4Graph
5Oliver    down 2Graph
6Jack    down 4Graph
7Noahup 1Graph
8Thomas    down 3Graph
9Joshua    down 5Graph
10Cooper    down 3Graph
11Benjaminup 5Graph
12James    down 1Graph
13Jacob Graph
14Samuel    down 2Graph
15Liam    down 1Graph
16Alexander    down 1Graph
17Max Graph
18Charlieup 4Graph
19Isaac    down 1Graph
20Riley Graph
21Jaydenup 7Graph
22Xavierup 4Graph
23Ryan    down 2Graph
24Daniel    down 5Graph
25Tyler    down 2Graph
26Harrisonup 4Graph
27Masonup 32Graph
28Jake    down 4Graph
29Leviup 2Graph
29Harry    down 2Graph
29Oscarup 8Graph
32Matthew    down 8Graph
33Luke    down 1Graph
34Loganup 6Graph
35Michaelup 3Graph
36Nicholas    down 7Graph
37Aiden    down 2Graph
38Sebastianup 23Graph
39Henry    down 5Graph
40Jackson    down 1Graph
41Dylan    down 5Graph
42Haydenup 16Graph
43Joseph    down 2Graph
44Elijahup 1Graph
45Eliup 16Graph
46Blake    down 4Graph
47Archie Graph
47Hunterup 7Graph
49Adam    down 16Graph
50Beauup 21Graph
51Flynnnew Graph
52Connor    down 8Graph
53Zachary    down 2Graph
53Patrickup 13Graph
55Ashton Graph
56Christianup 9Graph
57Georgeup 16Graph
58Finnup 16Graph
59Nathan    down 16Graph
60Nate    down 14Graph
61Angus Graph
62Toby    down 6Graph
63Jordan    down 12Graph
64Bailey    down 17Graph
65Leoup 16Graph
66Anthonyup 1Graph
67Hamish    down 7Graph
68Edward    down 7Graph
68Caleb    down 15Graph
68Andrew    down 1Graph
71Aliup 22Graph
72Marcus    down 23Graph
73Charlesup 10Graph
74Cameron    down 24Graph
74Callum Graph
76Zac Graph
77Johnup 22Graph
77Davidup 11Graph
79Luca    down 12Graph
79Mitchell    down 2Graph
81Kai    down 11Graph
82Lincolnup 12Graph
83Aidan    down 27Graph
84Christopherup 5Graph
85Chaseup 5Graph
85Dominicnew Graph
87Austinnew Graph
88Jonathan    down 4Graph
88Owenup 3Graph
90Hugo    down 4Graph
91Aaron    down 5Graph
92Alex    down 20Graph
93Rydernew Graph
94Jett    down 16Graph
95Felixnew Graph
95Kobynew Graph
95Jaxonnew Graph
95Gabriel    down 15Graph
95Jasper    down 11Graph
100Braxtonnew Graph