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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2012

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2012
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Hudson (new at 73),  Archer (new at 92),  Jesse (new at 92),  Muhammad (new at 98),  Darcy (new at 100)
Largest rises:Braxton +49 (now at 51),  Jaxon +42 (now at 53),  Hugo +23 (now at 67),  Chase +22 (now at 63),  Kai +21 (now at 60)
Largest falls:Callum -24 (now at 98),  Ashton -23 (now at 78),  Bailey -21 (now at 85),  David -19 (now at 96),  Zac -18 (now at 94)

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1William Graph
2Lucas Graph
3Oliverup 2Graph
4Noahup 3Graph
5Jackup 1Graph
6Ethan    down 2Graph
7Thomasup 1Graph
7Lachlan    down 4Graph
9Joshua Graph
10Jamesup 2Graph
11Cooper    down 1Graph
11Jacobup 2Graph
13Liamup 2Graph
14Alexanderup 2Graph
15Benjamin    down 4Graph
16Isaacup 3Graph
17Ryanup 6Graph
18Max    down 1Graph
19Danielup 5Graph
20Samuel    down 6Graph
21Charlie    down 3Graph
22Jayden    down 1Graph
23Xavier    down 1Graph
24Masonup 3Graph
25Harrisonup 1Graph
26Tyler    down 1Graph
27Henryup 12Graph
28Harryup 1Graph
29Oscar Graph
30Riley    down 10Graph
31Levi    down 2Graph
32Dylanup 9Graph
33Jake    down 5Graph
33Nicholasup 3Graph
35Hunterup 12Graph
36Logan    down 2Graph
37Jacksonup 3Graph
38Michael    down 3Graph
39Sebastian    down 1Graph
40Beauup 10Graph
41Matthew    down 9Graph
42Archieup 5Graph
43Luke    down 10Graph
44Aiden    down 7Graph
45Blakeup 1Graph
46Flynnup 5Graph
46Patrickup 7Graph
48Leoup 17Graph
48Zacharyup 5Graph
50Elijah    down 6Graph
51Braxtonup 49Graph
52Joseph    down 9Graph
53Eli    down 8Graph
53Jaxonup 42Graph
55Adam    down 6Graph
56Hayden    down 14Graph
57Marcusup 15Graph
58Christian    down 2Graph
59Lucaup 20Graph
60Kaiup 21Graph
61Angus Graph
62Nathan    down 3Graph
63Chaseup 22Graph
63George    down 6Graph
65Connor    down 13Graph
66Edwardup 2Graph
67Hugoup 23Graph
68Charlesup 5Graph
69Jordan    down 6Graph
69Nate    down 9Graph
71Toby    down 9Graph
72Finn    down 14Graph
73Anthony    down 7Graph
73Hudsonnew Graph
75Ali    down 4Graph
76Lincolnup 6Graph
77Mitchellup 2Graph
78Ashton    down 23Graph
78John    down 1Graph
80Andrew    down 12Graph
81Jonathanup 7Graph
82Owenup 6Graph
83Cameron    down 9Graph
84Aidan    down 1Graph
85Hamish    down 18Graph
85Caleb    down 17Graph
85Bailey    down 21Graph
85Gabrielup 10Graph
85Christopher    down 1Graph
90Alexup 2Graph
91Jasperup 4Graph
92Archernew Graph
92Jessenew Graph
94Zac    down 18Graph
95Dominic    down 10Graph
96David    down 19Graph
97Austin    down 10Graph
98Callum    down 24Graph
98Muhammadnew Graph
100Darcynew Graph