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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2004

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2004
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2005
Previous list:2003
Highest new entries:Jesse (new at 57),  David (new at 62),  Ashton (new at 65),  Brock (new at 69),  Peter (new at 72)
Largest rises:Caleb +49 (now at 50),  Aaron +46 (now at 48),  Isaac +40 (now at 34),  Aidan +36 (now at 55),  Logan +36 (now at 53)
Largest falls:Timothy -37 (now at 99),  Bradley -31 (now at 95),  Kai -27 (now at 95),  Kyle -26 (now at 74),  Jonathan -24 (now at 76)

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1Jackup 1Graph
2Joshua    down 1Graph
3Lachlan Graph
4Thomas Graph
5William Graph
6Jamesup 12Graph
7Ethanup 13Graph
8Samuelup 2Graph
8Daniel    down 2Graph
10Ryanup 3Graph
11Benjamin    down 4Graph
12Nicholas    down 4Graph
13Matthew    down 4Graph
14Luke    down 2Graph
15Liam    down 4Graph
16Jacobup 24Graph
17Alexander    down 1Graph
18Rileyup 27Graph
19Dylanup 20Graph
20Jayden    down 6Graph
21Jakeup 6Graph
22Harrison    down 5Graph
23Oliverup 15Graph
24Cooperup 1Graph
25Max    down 1Graph
26Connor    down 5Graph
27Baileyup 2Graph
28Nathanup 3Graph
29Michael    down 10Graph
30Jordan    down 15Graph
31Noah    down 6Graph
32Jackson    down 5Graph
33Cameron Graph
34Isaacup 40Graph
35Zachary    down 3Graph
36Joseph    down 6Graph
37Blakeup 15Graph
38Adam    down 16Graph
39Harryup 27Graph
40Patrick    down 3Graph
40Mitchell    down 18Graph
42Hayden    down 6Graph
43Joel    down 1Graph
44Anthony    down 3Graph
44Angusup 11Graph
46Andrew    down 12Graph
47Oscarup 27Graph
48Aaronup 46Graph
49Tylerup 30Graph
50Calebup 49Graph
51Christopher    down 16Graph
52Sebastian    down 9Graph
53Loganup 36Graph
54Charlie Graph
55Aidanup 36Graph
56Alex    down 12Graph
57Jessenew Graph
58Christian    down 8Graph
58John    down 11Graph
60Codyup 3Graph
61George    down 1Graph
62Davidnew Graph
62Callum    down 16Graph
64Justin    down 16Graph
65Ashtonnew Graph
66Lucasup 28Graph
66Zac    down 5Graph
68Brandon    down 12Graph
69Hamish    down 11Graph
69Brocknew Graph
71Marcus    down 21Graph
72Peternew Graph
72Flynnnew Graph
74Kyle    down 26Graph
75Charles    down 5Graph
76Jonathan    down 24Graph
76Aidennew Graph
78Henrynew Graph
79Declan    down 21Graph
80Jeremy    down 24Graph
81Ali    down 16Graph
81Brayden    down 11Graph
83Edwardup 7Graph
84Dominic    down 7Graph
84Coreynew Graph
84Elijah    down 7Graph
87Jasonnew Graph
87Toby    down 14Graph
89Ben    down 9Graph
90Brendan    down 3Graph
91Xaviernew Graph
92Jamienew Graph
93Owen    down 9Graph
93Darcynew Graph
95Jaiup 4Graph
95Kai    down 27Graph
95Rhys    down 21Graph
95Bradley    down 31Graph
99Timothy    down 37Graph
99Zane    down 12Graph