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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2002

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2002
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2003
Previous list:2001
Highest new entries:Mason (new at 98),  Rory (new at 99),  Elijah (new at 100)
Largest rises:Sebastian +22 (now at 55),  Aidan +17 (now at 53),  Max +15 (now at 76),  Lucas +13 (now at 69),  Ethan +12 (now at 5)
Largest falls:Bradley -21 (now at 75),  Rhys -18 (now at 90),  Robert -17 (now at 91),  Mark -14 (now at 97),  Justin -14 (now at 70)

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1Joshua Graph
2Lachlanup 1Graph
3Jack    down 1Graph
4Thomas Graph
5Ethanup 12Graph
6Daniel Graph
7James    down 2Graph
8Nicholas    down 1Graph
9Williamup 1Graph
10Benjamin    down 1Graph
11Matthew    down 3Graph
12Liamup 1Graph
13Luke    down 1Graph
14Samuel Graph
15Jacob    down 4Graph
16Ryan Graph
17Dylan    down 2Graph
18Alexanderup 1Graph
19Jaydenup 9Graph
20Jordanup 1Graph
21Nathan    down 3Graph
22Michael    down 2Graph
23Connorup 3Graph
24Mitchell    down 1Graph
24Harrison    down 2Graph
26Rileyup 1Graph
27Jake    down 3Graph
28Blakeup 2Graph
29Jackson Graph
29Zacharyup 4Graph
31Cameron    down 6Graph
32Baileyup 3Graph
33Patrickup 3Graph
34Adam Graph
35Andrew    down 4Graph
35Noahup 9Graph
37Oliverup 6Graph
38Joseph    down 1Graph
39Cooperup 10Graph
40Joelup 1Graph
41Anthony    down 3Graph
42Christopher    down 10Graph
43Kyleup 2Graph
44Angusup 3Graph
45Harryup 3Graph
46Hayden Graph
47Aaron    down 8Graph
48Isaac    down 8Graph
49David    down 8Graph
50Calebup 4Graph
51Tyler Graph
52John Graph
53Aidanup 17Graph
54Callum    down 4Graph
55Sebastianup 22Graph
56Alexup 8Graph
57Seanup 12Graph
58Codyup 6Graph
59Timothy    down 6Graph
60Brandon    down 1Graph
61Jonathan Graph
61Jeremy    down 3Graph
63Christian    down 1Graph
63Jason    down 3Graph
65Declanup 6Graph
66Coreyup 1Graph
66Jesse    down 10Graph
68Georgeup 6Graph
69Lucasup 13Graph
70Peter    down 7Graph
70Justin    down 14Graph
72Marcusup 2Graph
73Loganup 5Graph
73Oscar    down 1Graph
75Bradley    down 21Graph
76Maxup 15Graph
77Brendan    down 11Graph
78Henry    down 10Graph
79Aidenup 6Graph
80Braydenup 6Graph
81Charlieup 3Graph
82Edward    down 1Graph
83Darcyup 6Graph
84Charles    down 5Graph
85Zaneup 10Graph
86Hamishup 2Graph
87Dominicup 5Graph
88Jamieup 6Graph
88Gabrielup 9Graph
90Rhys    down 18Graph
91Robert    down 17Graph
91Jarrod    down 11Graph
93Flynnup 5Graph
94Reece    down 8Graph
94Adrianup 1Graph
96Brockup 3Graph
97Mark    down 14Graph
98Masonnew Graph
99Rorynew Graph
100Elijahnew Graph