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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2014

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2014
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2015
Previous list:2013
Highest new entries:Hamish (new at 84),  Phoenix (new at 96),  Omar (new at 98),  Maxwell (new at 98)
Largest rises:Gabriel +27 (now at 68),  George +21 (now at 33),  Jordan +20 (now at 62),  Nate +19 (now at 53),  Hugo +14 (now at 42)
Largest falls:Braxton -25 (now at 76),  Christian -19 (now at 71),  Jonathan -18 (now at 98),  Chase -16 (now at 75),  Hayden -15 (now at 82)

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1Oliverup 1Graph
2William    down 1Graph
3Noahup 1Graph
4Jack    down 1Graph
5James Graph
6Lucas Graph
7Thomas Graph
8Alexanderup 4Graph
9Ethanup 2Graph
10Liam Graph
11Maxup 9Graph
12Jacob Graph
13Cooper    down 4Graph
14Isaac Graph
15Lachlan    down 7Graph
16Harrisonup 1Graph
17Joshua    down 2Graph
18Samuel    down 2Graph
19Benjamin    down 1Graph
19Mason Graph
21Henryup 2Graph
22Charlie    down 1Graph
23Ryanup 3Graph
24Jayden    down 2Graph
24Daniel Graph
26Oscarup 1Graph
27Harryup 3Graph
27Hunter    down 2Graph
29Leoup 9Graph
30Xavier    down 1Graph
31Elijahup 4Graph
32Sebastianup 2Graph
33Archieup 6Graph
33Georgeup 21Graph
35Jacksonup 1Graph
36Levi    down 8Graph
37Logan    down 4Graph
38Aidenup 7Graph
39Nicholasup 7Graph
40Flynn    down 8Graph
41Riley    down 10Graph
42Tyler    down 5Graph
42Hugoup 14Graph
42Matthew    down 1Graph
45Hudsonup 3Graph
46Michael    down 4Graph
46Edwardup 7Graph
46Zachary    down 3Graph
46Adam    down 3Graph
50Joseph    down 10Graph
51Patrick    down 4Graph
52Dylanup 13Graph
53Nateup 19Graph
54Jake    down 4Graph
54Jaxon    down 5Graph
56Luke    down 1Graph
57Kaiup 12Graph
58Luca Graph
59Archerup 10Graph
59Ashton Graph
61Beauup 1Graph
62Jordanup 20Graph
63Eli    down 6Graph
64Connorup 10Graph
65Marcusup 1Graph
66Aliup 9Graph
67Austinup 9Graph
68Finn Graph
68Gabrielup 27Graph
70Lincoln    down 6Graph
71Christian    down 19Graph
72Jasperup 14Graph
72Nathan    down 13Graph
74Blake    down 11Graph
75Chase    down 16Graph
76Braxton    down 25Graph
77Louisup 1Graph
78Angusup 4Graph
79Dominicup 10Graph
79Muhammad Graph
81Toby    down 9Graph
82Hayden    down 15Graph
83Caleb    down 14Graph
84Baileyup 11Graph
84Hamishnew Graph
86Felix    down 1Graph
87Charles    down 6Graph
87Anthony    down 11Graph
89Owenup 1Graph
90Aaronup 3Graph
90Ryderup 2Graph
92Davidup 1Graph
93John    down 7Graph
94Christopherup 6Graph
94Jesseup 5Graph
96Phoenixnew Graph
97Darcy    down 2Graph
98Jonathan    down 18Graph
98Omarnew Graph
98Maxwellnew Graph