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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2007

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2007
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2008
Previous list:2006
Highest new entries:Savannah (new at 68),  Alexandra (new at 74),  Alica (new at 76),  Amelie (new at 81),  Victoria (new at 83)
Largest rises:Zara +26 (now at 34),  Eva +25 (now at 38),  Layla +24 (now at 65),  Sofia +24 (now at 61),  Claire +22 (now at 42)
Largest falls:Laura -37 (now at 78),  Kayla -28 (now at 67),  Brooke -25 (now at 79),  Mackenzie -22 (now at 74),  Kaitlyn -21 (now at 98)

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1Isabellaup 6Graph
2Ellaup 1Graph
3Emilyup 1Graph
4Chloe    down 3Graph
5Miaup 3Graph
6Olivia    down 1Graph
7Charlotte    down 5Graph
8Sophieup 1Graph
9Siennaup 1Graph
10Jessica    down 4Graph
11Avaup 6Graph
12Lilyup 2Graph
13Hannah Graph
14Grace    down 2Graph
15Amelia    down 4Graph
16Sarah Graph
17Rubyup 4Graph
17Zoeup 1Graph
19Georgia    down 4Graph
20Emma    down 1Graph
21Jasmine    down 1Graph
22Lucyup 2Graph
23Madisonup 5Graph
24Sophia    down 1Graph
25Chelsea Graph
26Matilda Graph
27Hayley    down 5Graph
28Alyssaup 5Graph
28Laraup 2Graph
30Isabelleup 1Graph
31Hollyup 1Graph
32Maddisonup 1Graph
33Jade    down 6Graph
34Zaraup 26Graph
35Imogenup 3Graph
36Caitlin    down 7Graph
37Elizabeth    down 1Graph
38Evaup 25Graph
39Lillyup 18Graph
40Samanthaup 3Graph
41Bellaup 6Graph
42Claireup 22Graph
43Laurenup 2Graph
44Tahliaup 4Graph
45Scarlettup 21Graph
45Annabelleup 11Graph
47Keira    down 4Graph
47Abigailup 10Graph
49Amy    down 12Graph
50Paige Graph
51Maya    down 2Graph
51Summerup 15Graph
51Kiaraup 20Graph
54Angelina    down 19Graph
55Natalieup 5Graph
55Phoebe    down 16Graph
57Molly    down 12Graph
58Abbey    down 8Graph
59Eliza Graph
60Annaup 18Graph
61Sofiaup 24Graph
62Kate    down 8Graph
63Mikayla    down 10Graph
63Madeleineup 10Graph
65Isabelup 4Graph
65Laylaup 24Graph
67Kayla    down 28Graph
68Amber    down 4Graph
68Ashley Graph
68Savannahnew Graph
71Ellie    down 11Graph
72Rachelup 6Graph
73Gabrielleup 16Graph
74Mackenzie    down 22Graph
74Alexandranew Graph
76Biancaup 9Graph
76Alicanew Graph
78Laura    down 37Graph
79Brooke    down 25Graph
79Alexisup 21Graph
81Amelienew Graph
82Brianna    down 11Graph
83Victorianew Graph
84Stephanie    down 15Graph
85Evienew Graph
85Natashaup 13Graph
87Katie    down 4Graph
87Rebeccaup 10Graph
89Erin    down 4Graph
89Gabriella Graph
89Makayla    down 15Graph
92Alana    down 16Graph
93Madelineup 5Graph
94Liliannew Graph
95Saranew Graph
95Skyenew Graph
97Gemma    down 14Graph
98Kaitlyn    down 21Graph
98Stella    down 9Graph
100Bethanynew Graph