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Most Popular Names England+Wales 1984

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in England+Wales 1984, with 1984 as the year of the Eighties
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:1994
Previous list:1974
Highest new entries:Ben (new at 45),  Ashley (new at 49),  Aaron (new at 53),  Liam (new at 56),  Ross (new at 60)
Largest rises:Luke +66 (now at 29),  Ryan +51 (now at 28),  Samuel +39 (now at 43),  Oliver +36 (now at 48),  Thomas +29 (now at 11)
Largest falls:Justin -44 (now at 91),  Brian -36 (now at 87),  Keith -35 (now at 88),  Barry -33 (now at 81),  Adrian -25 (now at 63)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 1974Graph
1Christopherup 5Graph
2Jamesup 5Graph
3David Graph
4Danielup 12Graph
5Michaelup 4Graph
6Matthewup 4Graph
7Andrew    down 3Graph
8Richard    down 3Graph
9Paul    down 8Graph
10Mark    down 8Graph
11Thomasup 29Graph
12Adamup 23Graph
13Robertup 1Graph
14John    down 1Graph
15Lee    down 3Graph
16Benjaminup 18Graph
17Steven Graph
18Jonathanup 2Graph
19Craigup 9Graph
20Stephen    down 9Graph
21Simon    down 13Graph
22Nicholas    down 3Graph
23Peter Graph
24Anthonyup 1Graph
25Alexanderup 18Graph
26Garyup 4Graph
27Ian    down 6Graph
28Ryanup 51Graph
29Lukeup 66Graph
30Jamieup 15Graph
31Stuart    down 7Graph
32Philip    down 3Graph
33Darren    down 18Graph
34Williamup 7Graph
35Garethup 11Graph
36Martin    down 10Graph
37Kevin    down 10Graph
38Scott    down 7Graph
39Dean    down 2Graph
40Josephup 19Graph
41Jason    down 23Graph
42Neil    down 20Graph
43Samuelup 39Graph
44Carl    down 5Graph
45Bennew Graph
46Seanup 10Graph
47Timothy    down 14Graph
48Oliverup 36Graph
49Ashleynew Graph
50Wayne    down 18Graph
51Edwardup 1Graph
52Shaunup 5Graph
53Aaronnew Graph
54Mohammedup 7Graph
55Gavinup 17Graph
56Liamnew Graph
57Nathanup 1Graph
58Alan    down 22Graph
59Graham    down 17Graph
60Rossnew Graph
61Karl    down 11Graph
62Marc    down 8Graph
63Adrian    down 25Graph
64Phillip    down 1Graph
65Patrickup 2Graph
66Lewisnew Graph
67Colin    down 23Graph
68Russell    down 8Graph
69Charlesup 1Graph
70Shane    down 5Graph
71Georgeup 12Graph
72Samnew Graph
73Mathewup 14Graph
74Jacknew Graph
75Rickynew Graph
76Dalenew Graph
77Tony    down 4Graph
78Joshuanew Graph
79Alexnew Graph
80Dominic    down 11Graph
81Barry    down 33Graph
82Leonup 9Graph
83Mohammadnew Graph
84Terryup 9Graph
85Gregory    down 4Graph
86Dannynew Graph
87Brian    down 36Graph
88Keith    down 35Graph
89Antony    down 15Graph
90Kierannew Graph
91Justin    down 44Graph
92Bradleynew Graph
93Jordannew Graph
94Martyn    down 14Graph
95Leighup 3Graph
96Abdul    down 10Graph
97Damiennew Graph
98Stewart    down 10Graph
99Robin    down 24Graph
100Iain    down 22Graph