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Most Popular Names England+Wales 1974

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in England+Wales 1974, with 1974 as the year of the Seventies
Source:General Register Office (GRO)
Series:England+Wales decades
Following list:1984
Previous list:1964
Highest new entries:Scott (new at 31),  Benjamin (new at 34),  Jamie (new at 45),  Justin (new at 47),  Christian (new at 49)
Largest rises:Jason +75 (now at 18),  Darren +51 (now at 15),  Matthew +42 (now at 10),  Lee +38 (now at 12),  Daniel +37 (now at 16)
Largest falls:Derek -57 (now at 100),  Kenneth -53 (now at 94),  Terence -48 (now at 99),  Raymond -40 (now at 85),  Trevor -38 (now at 76)

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RankName+/- England+Wales 1964Graph
1Paulup 1Graph
2Markup 2Graph
3David    down 2Graph
4Andrew    down 1Graph
5Richardup 5Graph
6Christopherup 5Graph
7Jamesup 12Graph
8Simonup 5Graph
9Michael    down 3Graph
10Matthewup 42Graph
11Stephen    down 4Graph
12Leeup 38Graph
13John    down 8Graph
14Robert    down 5Graph
15Darrenup 51Graph
16Danielup 37Graph
17Steven Graph
18Jasonup 75Graph
19Nicholasup 9Graph
20Jonathanup 7Graph
21Ian    down 13Graph
22Neil Graph
23Peter    down 11Graph
24Stuartup 8Graph
25Anthony    down 11Graph
26Martin    down 8Graph
27Kevin    down 12Graph
28Craigup 32Graph
29Philip    down 9Graph
30Gary    down 14Graph
31Scottnew Graph
32Wayneup 7Graph
33Timothy    down 9Graph
34Benjaminnew Graph
35Adamup 33Graph
36Alan    down 15Graph
37Deanup 7Graph
38Adrian    down 8Graph
39Carl    down 2Graph
40Thomas    down 6Graph
41William    down 12Graph
42Graham    down 16Graph
43Alexanderup 34Graph
44Colin    down 19Graph
45Jamienew Graph
46Garethup 33Graph
47Justinnew Graph
48Barry    down 6Graph
49Christiannew Graph
50Karlup 14Graph
51Brian    down 20Graph
52Edward    down 3Graph
53Keith    down 20Graph
54Marcnew Graph
55Nigel    down 32Graph
56Sean    down 20Graph
57Shaun    down 17Graph
58Nathannew Graph
59Joseph    down 11Graph
60Russell    down 5Graph
61Mohammedup 12Graph
62Jeremy    down 15Graph
63Phillip    down 4Graph
64Damiannew Graph
65Shanenew Graph
66Duncanup 9Graph
67Patrick    down 32Graph
68Julian    down 6Graph
69Dominicup 31Graph
70Charles    down 14Graph
71Marcusnew Graph
72Gavinup 25Graph
73Tony    down 6Graph
74Antony    down 28Graph
75Robin    down 6Graph
76Trevor    down 38Graph
77Glennew Graph
78Iainup 16Graph
79Ryannew Graph
80Martynup 7Graph
81Gregory    down 3Graph
82Samuelnew Graph
83George    down 29Graph
84Olivernew Graph
85Raymond    down 40Graph
86Abdulnew Graph
87Mathewnew Graph
88Stewart    down 5Graph
89Malcolm    down 24Graph
90Garry    down 20Graph
91Leonnew Graph
92Brettnew Graph
93Terry    down 7Graph
94Kenneth    down 53Graph
95Lukenew Graph
96Roger    down 35Graph
97Glenn    down 2Graph
98Leighnew Graph
99Terence    down 48Graph
100Derek    down 57Graph