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Most Popular Names New Zealand 2017

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in New Zealand 2017
Source:Department of Internal Affairs - Births, Deaths and Marriages
Series:New Zealand
Following list:2018
Previous list:2016
Highest new entries:Bodhi (new at 75),  Reuben (new at 87),  Owen (new at 90),  Wyatt (new at 93),  Spencer (new at 98)
Largest rises:Theodore +27 (now at 32),  Harvey +23 (now at 62),  Beauden +19 (now at 75),  Oscar +16 (now at 22),  Hudson +15 (now at 58)
Largest falls:Matthew -37 (now at 81),  Tyler -30 (now at 79),  Roman -27 (now at 94),  Connor -26 (now at 54),  Ryan -24 (now at 40)

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1Oliver Graph
2Jack Graph
3Noahup 4Graph
4William    down 1Graph
5Hunterup 1Graph
6James    down 1Graph
7Georgeup 5Graph
8Mason    down 4Graph
9Lucas    down 1Graph
10Arloup 13Graph
11Leo    down 2Graph
12Liam    down 1Graph
13Max    down 3Graph
14Thomas    down 1Graph
15Charlie    down 2Graph
16Cooper    down 1Graph
17Benjamin Graph
18Elijahup 8Graph
19Henryup 7Graph
20Joshuaup 8Graph
20Lachlanup 1Graph
22Oscarup 16Graph
23Ethan    down 6Graph
24Alexanderup 6Graph
25Samuel    down 6Graph
26Carter    down 5Graph
27Jacob    down 2Graph
28Jackson    down 4Graph
29Finnup 3Graph
30Isaacup 5Graph
30Daniel Graph
32Theodoreup 27Graph
33Luke    down 1Graph
34Harrisonup 6Graph
35Harryup 10Graph
35Blake    down 15Graph
37Levi    down 5Graph
37Archie    down 2Graph
39Eli    down 4Graph
40Ryan    down 24Graph
41Rileyup 1Graph
42Lincolnup 4Graph
43Loganup 6Graph
44Luca    down 6Graph
44Austin    down 3Graph
46Archerup 12Graph
47Hugoup 6Graph
48Xavierup 11Graph
48Theoup 13Graph
48Calebup 15Graph
51Joseph    down 5Graph
51Aidenup 6Graph
53Jordanup 14Graph
54Connor    down 26Graph
55Beau    down 9Graph
55Ezraup 10Graph
57Michael    down 8Graph
58Toby    down 5Graph
58Jayden    down 3Graph
58Hudsonup 15Graph
61Nathan    down 18Graph
62Felix    down 10Graph
62Harveyup 23Graph
62Edwardup 12Graph
65Ryder    down 1Graph
65Zacharyup 13Graph
65Braxtonup 4Graph
68Flynnup 3Graph
68Dylan    down 3Graph
70Asherup 6Graph
70Ashtonup 4Graph
70Arthurup 13Graph
73Sebastian    down 12Graph
73Jaxon    down 17Graph
75Beaudenup 19Graph
75Charlesup 4Graph
75Bodhinew Graph
78Graysonup 13Graph
79Tyler    down 30Graph
79Johnup 6Graph
81Matthew    down 37Graph
82Gabrielup 7Graph
82David    down 5Graph
84Patrickup 6Graph
85Leon Graph
85Kingstonup 6Graph
87Reubennew Graph
88Phoenixup 6Graph
88Angus    down 17Graph
90Louis    down 8Graph
90Owennew Graph
90Jasper    down 21Graph
93Wyattnew Graph
94Roman    down 27Graph
95Nixonup 4Graph
96Jake    down 17Graph
96Adam    down 13Graph
98Spencernew Graph
98Jessenew Graph
98Cohennew Graph