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Most Popular Names New Zealand 2016

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in New Zealand 2016
Source:Department of Internal Affairs - Births, Deaths and Marriages
Series:New Zealand
Following list:2017
Previous list:2015
Highest new entries:Jasper (new at 69),  Leon (new at 85),  Beauden (new at 94),  Zion (new at 96),  Micah (new at 98)
Largest rises:Arlo +35 (now at 23),  Austin +34 (now at 41),  Jordan +27 (now at 67),  Felix +21 (now at 52),  Quinn +20 (now at 79)
Largest falls:Braxton -35 (now at 69),  Patrick -24 (now at 90),  Fletcher -21 (now at 91),  Flynn -19 (now at 71),  Jayden -17 (now at 55)

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1Oliver Graph
2Jack Graph
3William Graph
4Masonup 2Graph
5James    down 1Graph
6Hunterup 1Graph
7Noahup 4Graph
8Lucasup 6Graph
9Leoup 15Graph
10Maxup 3Graph
11Liam    down 2Graph
12Georgeup 3Graph
13Thomas    down 1Graph
13Charlie    down 5Graph
15Cooperup 5Graph
16Ryanup 1Graph
17Ethanup 2Graph
17Benjamin    down 12Graph
19Samuel    down 3Graph
20Blakeup 7Graph
21Lachlanup 3Graph
21Carter    down 1Graph
23Arloup 35Graph
24Jackson    down 2Graph
25Jacob    down 15Graph
26Henryup 3Graph
26Elijah    down 4Graph
28Joshua    down 2Graph
28Connorup 16Graph
30Daniel    down 2Graph
30Alexander    down 12Graph
32Leviup 11Graph
32Lukeup 3Graph
32Finnup 5Graph
35Isaac    down 5Graph
35Archieup 11Graph
35Eli    down 4Graph
38Luca    down 3Graph
38Oscar    down 6Graph
40Harrisonup 2Graph
41Austinup 34Graph
42Riley    down 4Graph
43Nathanup 9Graph
44Matthewup 13Graph
45Harry    down 4Graph
46Lincoln    down 2Graph
46Joseph    down 13Graph
46Beau    down 8Graph
49Tyler    down 1Graph
49Loganup 6Graph
49Michaelup 9Graph
52Felixup 21Graph
53Toby    down 4Graph
53Hugoup 3Graph
55Jayden    down 17Graph
56Jaxon    down 9Graph
57Aidenup 3Graph
58Archerup 11Graph
59Theodoreup 3Graph
59Xavierup 4Graph
61Sebastianup 5Graph
61Theoup 5Graph
63Caleb    down 12Graph
64Ryder    down 10Graph
65Dylan    down 15Graph
65Ezra    down 5Graph
67Romanup 15Graph
67Jordanup 27Graph
69Jaspernew Graph
69Braxton    down 35Graph
71Flynn    down 19Graph
71Angus    down 1Graph
73Hudsonup 4Graph
74Edwardup 10Graph
74Ashton    down 9Graph
76Asher    down 3Graph
77Davidup 5Graph
78Zachary    down 14Graph
79Quinnup 20Graph
79Jake    down 9Graph
79Charles    down 1Graph
82Louisup 2Graph
83Adam    down 3Graph
83Arthurup 11Graph
85Leonnew Graph
85Harveyup 14Graph
85John    down 7Graph
85Aaron    down 5Graph
89Gabrielup 5Graph
90Patrick    down 24Graph
91Grayson    down 16Graph
91Kingston Graph
91Fletcher    down 21Graph
94Phoenix    down 8Graph
94Beaudennew Graph
96Zionnew Graph
96Alex    down 9Graph
98Micahnew Graph
99Nixon    down 12Graph
99Harley    down 8Graph