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Most Popular Names Australia/NSW 2019

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the most populous Australian state of New South Wales 2019
Source:NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Following list:2020
Previous list:2018
Highest new entries:Felix (new at 80),  Luka (new at 85),  Aaron (new at 86),  Elias (new at 86),  Dominic (new at 90)
Largest rises:Arthur +22 (now at 51),  Leon +17 (now at 70),  Jasper +16 (now at 50),  Bodhi +15 (now at 78),  Arlo +15 (now at 44)
Largest falls:Spencer -19 (now at 97),  Charles -19 (now at 82),  Archer -16 (now at 48),  Jaxon -16 (now at 61),  Mason -14 (now at 28)

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1Oliver Graph
2Noahup 1Graph
3William    down 1Graph
4Jack Graph
5Leoup 4Graph
6Lucasup 1Graph
7Henry    down 2Graph
8Thomas    down 2Graph
9Jamesup 2Graph
10Liam    down 2Graph
11Ethanup 1Graph
12Alexander    down 2Graph
13Elijah Graph
14Charlieup 8Graph
15Harrisonup 4Graph
15Hudsonup 10Graph
17Theodoreup 6Graph
18Isaac    down 1Graph
19Hunter    down 3Graph
20Harry    down 5Graph
21Levi    down 1Graph
22Archieup 4Graph
23Jacob    down 5Graph
24Oscar    down 3Graph
25Samuelup 5Graph
26Maxup 1Graph
27Cooperup 2Graph
28Mason    down 14Graph
29Lucaup 11Graph
30Harveyup 12Graph
31Georgeup 1Graph
32Lachlan    down 8Graph
32Sebastianup 5Graph
34Joshua    down 2Graph
35Benjamin    down 7Graph
36Ryan    down 5Graph
37Xavier    down 2Graph
38Danielup 1Graph
39Hugo    down 1Graph
40Adamup 6Graph
40Jaydenup 14Graph
40Logan    down 4Graph
43Louisup 12Graph
44Arloup 15Graph
45Muhammad    down 1Graph
46Finn    down 6Graph
47Jackson    down 4Graph
48Archer    down 16Graph
49Edward Graph
50Jasperup 16Graph
51Arthurup 22Graph
52Austinup 3Graph
52Michaelup 10Graph
54Kai    down 6Graph
55Joseph    down 8Graph
56Rileyup 5Graph
57Ashton    down 6Graph
58Connorup 14Graph
58Eli    down 5Graph
60Aiden    down 11Graph
61Jaxon    down 16Graph
62Carter    down 2Graph
62Lincoln    down 10Graph
64Gabrielup 5Graph
65Jordan    down 7Graph
66Nicholas    down 2Graph
66Zachary    down 9Graph
68Flynnup 9Graph
68Matthewup 2Graph
70Leonup 17Graph
71Christianup 12Graph
72Patrick    down 5Graph
73Angusup 8Graph
74Beauup 2Graph
75Owen    down 4Graph
76Ali    down 12Graph
77Asherup 13Graph
78Bodhiup 15Graph
78Luke    down 3Graph
80Dylan    down 13Graph
80Felixnew Graph
82Charles    down 19Graph
82Judeup 9Graph
82Marcusup 5Graph
85Lukanew Graph
86Aaronnew Graph
86Eliasnew Graph
88Tyler    down 9Graph
89Sonny    down 6Graph
90Dominicnew Graph
91Leonardoup 6Graph
92Reubennew Graph
92Toby    down 13Graph
94Ezranew Graph
94Hamishup 1Graph
94Nathanielup 1Graph
97Johnnew Graph
97Spencer    down 19Graph
99Isaiahnew Graph
99Theonew Graph