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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2012

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2013
Previous list:2011
Highest new entries:Lincoln (new at 71),  Jaxson (new at 76),  Asher (new at 84),  Kayden (new at 84),  Jace (new at 93)
Largest rises:Bentley +44 (now at 56),  Parker +41 (now at 44),  Adam +28 (now at 32),  Cooper +26 (now at 65),  Henry +25 (now at 31)
Largest falls:John -34 (now at 81),  Max -30 (now at 81),  Tristan -30 (now at 71),  Tyson -26 (now at 88),  Riley -23 (now at 64)

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1Ethanup 1Graph
2Liam    down 1Graph
3Lucasup 1Graph
4Mason    down 1Graph
5Loganup 2Graph
6Noahup 5Graph
7Alexanderup 3Graph
8Benjamin    down 3Graph
9Jacob    down 3Graph
10Jackup 3Graph
11Owen    down 2Graph
12Ryanup 5Graph
13Danielup 9Graph
13Oliverup 6Graph
15James    down 3Graph
15Nathan    down 7Graph
17Jaydenup 8Graph
18Samuel Graph
19Matthew    down 4Graph
20William    down 4Graph
21Carter    down 7Graph
22Ryderup 1Graph
23Evan Graph
24Calebup 10Graph
24Dylanup 9Graph
24Jackson    down 5Graph
27Aiden    down 2Graph
28Joshua    down 7Graph
29Gavin Graph
30Hunter    down 3Graph
31Henryup 25Graph
32Adamup 28Graph
32Gabriel    down 1Graph
32Nicholasup 20Graph
35Michael    down 5Graph
36Wyattup 10Graph
37Hudsonup 2Graph
38Jaxonup 24Graph
39Blakeup 15Graph
40Connor    down 5Graph
40Marcus    down 8Graph
40Thomasup 5Graph
43Austin    down 15Graph
44Isaac    down 9Graph
44Parkerup 41Graph
46Luke    down 5Graph
47Zachary Graph
48Levi    down 7Graph
49Hayden    down 12Graph
50Andrewup 8Graph
51Brayden    down 4Graph
51David    down 12Graph
51Dominicup 20Graph
51Tyler    down 13Graph
55Nolanup 18Graph
56Bentleyup 44Graph
56Chaseup 6Graph
58Justinup 17Graph
59Elijahup 3Graph
60Cole    down 4Graph
60Eliup 7Graph
60Grayson    down 13Graph
60Leoup 22Graph
64Riley    down 23Graph
65Cooperup 26Graph
65Rylanup 5Graph
67Carson Graph
67Landonup 8Graph
69Charles    down 9Graph
69Kai    down 17Graph
71Aaron    down 13Graph
71Declan    down 17Graph
71Lincolnnew Graph
71Tristan    down 30Graph
75Joseph Graph
76Jaxsonnew Graph
77Sebastianup 5Graph
78Jonathan    down 3Graph
79Nathanielup 3Graph
80Anthonyup 5Graph
81John    down 34Graph
81Jordan    down 19Graph
81Max    down 30Graph
84Ashernew Graph
84Cameron    down 17Graph
84Isaiahup 6Graph
84Kaydennew Graph
88Tyson    down 26Graph
89Kyle    down 16Graph
90Aidan    down 11Graph
91Armaanup 2Graph
91Cohen    down 11Graph
93Jacenew Graph
93Jake    down 2Graph
93Jasonup 6Graph
93Maxwellup 7Graph
97Arjunnew Graph
97Brody    down 2Graph
97Christopher    down 8Graph
97Colton    down 17Graph