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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2013

Description:Most popular names for male newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2014
Previous list:2012
Highest new entries:Emmett (new at 73),  Ryker (new at 80),  Felix (new at 82),  Robert (new at 88),  Xavier (new at 88)
Largest rises:Jace +39 (now at 54),  Max +32 (now at 49),  Lincoln +28 (now at 43),  Eli +23 (now at 37),  Jordan +22 (now at 59)
Largest falls:Nicholas -45 (now at 77),  Hayden -42 (now at 91),  Blake -37 (now at 76),  Cole -33 (now at 93),  Carson -30 (now at 97)

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1Liamup 1Graph
2Masonup 2Graph
3Ethan    down 2Graph
4Lucas    down 1Graph
5Benjaminup 3Graph
6Logan    down 1Graph
7Williamup 13Graph
8Alexander    down 1Graph
9Oliverup 4Graph
10Noah    down 4Graph
11Jamesup 4Graph
12Jacob    down 3Graph
13Owen    down 2Graph
14Jack    down 4Graph
15Nathan Graph
16Carterup 5Graph
17Daniel    down 4Graph
18Hunterup 12Graph
18Jayden    down 1Graph
20Jacksonup 4Graph
21Samuel    down 3Graph
22Evanup 1Graph
23Jaxonup 15Graph
24Matthew    down 5Graph
25Austinup 18Graph
25Hudsonup 12Graph
27Ryder    down 5Graph
28Isaacup 16Graph
29Aiden    down 2Graph
30Joshua    down 2Graph
31Ryan    down 19Graph
32Connorup 8Graph
32Michaelup 3Graph
34Leviup 14Graph
35Thomasup 5Graph
36Dylan    down 12Graph
37Adam    down 5Graph
37Eliup 23Graph
37Wyatt    down 1Graph
40Gabriel    down 8Graph
41Elijahup 18Graph
41Marcus    down 1Graph
43Lincolnup 28Graph
43Parkerup 1Graph
45Caleb    down 21Graph
45Henry    down 14Graph
47Gavin    down 18Graph
47Zachary Graph
49Andrewup 1Graph
49Maxup 32Graph
51David Graph
52Kaiup 17Graph
53Luke    down 7Graph
54Declanup 17Graph
54Jaceup 39Graph
56Nolan    down 1Graph
57Graysonup 3Graph
57Tyler    down 6Graph
59Jordanup 22Graph
59Leoup 1Graph
61Aaronup 10Graph
61Dominic    down 10Graph
63Landonup 4Graph
64Chase    down 8Graph
65Johnup 16Graph
66Bentley    down 10Graph
66Brayden    down 15Graph
66Jaxsonup 10Graph
69Asherup 15Graph
69Jonathanup 9Graph
69Sebastianup 8Graph
72Cooper    down 7Graph
73Charles    down 4Graph
73Emmettnew Graph
73Josephup 2Graph
76Blake    down 37Graph
77Brodyup 20Graph
77Nicholas    down 45Graph
79Riley    down 15Graph
80Nathaniel    down 1Graph
80Rykernew Graph
82Anthony    down 2Graph
82Cameronup 2Graph
82Coltonup 15Graph
82Felixnew Graph
86Rylan    down 21Graph
86Tysonup 2Graph
88Robertnew Graph
88Xaviernew Graph
90Lindennew Graph
91Hayden    down 42Graph
91Lukasnew Graph
93Cole    down 33Graph
93Jason Graph
93Maxwell Graph
93Silasnew Graph
97Carson    down 30Graph
97Charlienew Graph
97Kayden    down 13Graph
97Tristan    down 26Graph