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Most Popular Names Canada/BC 2011

Description:Most popular names for female newborns in the Canadian province of British Columbia
Source:BC Vital Statistics Agency
Series:Canada/British Columbia
Following list:2012
Previous list:2010
Highest new entries:Lillian (new at 66),  Ashley (new at 71),  Brielle (new at 72),  Alice (new at 79),  Isabel (new at 81)
Largest rises:Mila +59 (now at 32),  Bella +32 (now at 66),  Victoria +25 (now at 35),  Zoey +24 (now at 63),  Sadie +20 (now at 58)
Largest falls:Annabelle -28 (now at 95),  Sydney -26 (now at 54),  Kaitlyn -25 (now at 56),  Kayla -19 (now at 72),  Kaylee -19 (now at 85)

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1Emmaup 1Graph
2Olivia    down 1Graph
3Sophia    down 1Graph
4Avaup 2Graph
5Chloeup 2Graph
6Emily    down 1Graph
7Isabellaup 1Graph
8Ella    down 6Graph
9Abigailup 2Graph
10Sophie    down 1Graph
11Hannahup 1Graph
11Lily    down 1Graph
13Madisonup 2Graph
14Charlotteup 2Graph
15Brooklyn    down 2Graph
16Grace    down 2Graph
17Avery Graph
18Alexisup 2Graph
19Elizabethup 18Graph
19Haileyup 2Graph
21Miaup 6Graph
22Amelia    down 4Graph
22Maya    down 3Graph
24Zoeup 1Graph
24Claire    down 1Graph
26Isla    down 2Graph
27Anna    down 1Graph
28Sarah    down 7Graph
29Isabelleup 2Graph
30Addisonup 11Graph
30Myaup 4Graph
32Milaup 59Graph
32Sofiaup 7Graph
32Natalieup 7Graph
35Victoriaup 25Graph
36Audreyup 1Graph
37Sienna    down 3Graph
37Stellaup 14Graph
39Taylor    down 10Graph
39Samantha    down 10Graph
41Juliaup 4Graph
42Mackenzie    down 9Graph
43Evelynup 19Graph
44Alexaup 9Graph
45Paigeup 5Graph
46Keiraup 1Graph
46Georgiaup 15Graph
48Jessica    down 6Graph
48Lucyup 8Graph
50Peyton    down 16Graph
50Laurenup 3Graph
50Naomi    down 6Graph
50Paytonup 17Graph
54Sydney    down 26Graph
54Alyssa    down 12Graph
56Alexandraup 3Graph
56Kaitlyn    down 25Graph
58Sadieup 20Graph
58Ariannaup 18Graph
60Scarlettup 2Graph
60Eva    down 13Graph
60Nevaeh    down 15Graph
63Zoeyup 24Graph
63Autumnup 15Graph
65Violet    down 18Graph
66Jasmine    down 10Graph
66Claraup 17Graph
66Makaylaup 1Graph
66Lilliannew Graph
66Bellaup 32Graph
71Ashleynew Graph
72Kayla    down 19Graph
72Briellenew Graph
74Leah    down 18Graph
74Mollyup 1Graph
76Brooke    down 12Graph
76Rubyup 2Graph
76Rachel    down 4Graph
79Jadeup 12Graph
79Alicenew Graph
81Isabelnew Graph
82Layla    down 6Graph
82Quinnup 12Graph
82Gabriella    down 10Graph
85Kaylee    down 19Graph
85Lylanew Graph
85Annikanew Graph
88Kate    down 10Graph
88Sierra    down 1Graph
88Amynew Graph
91Madelinenew Graph
91Elisenew Graph
91Aurora    down 4Graph
91Teagannew Graph
95Savannah    down 12Graph
95Annabelle    down 28Graph
95Morganup 5Graph
95Rebeccanew Graph
95Arianew Graph
95Josephinenew Graph